New Moon in Pisces – A Creation Story

Flight_to_Home_webYesterday’s Pisces New Moon introduces the last stage of pregnancy where we are heavy with the potential of the impending newborn. The heavenly maternity room is very crowded this year, the Sun and Moon are sharing their birthing stool with a retrograde Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron; all in Pisces chamber, waiting to be transmuted for another voyage round the zodiac.  This is the time of waiting. We are tuned in to the inner dimensions, wondering what the new will be. Are we ready? Have we prepared? Everything from the old annual cycle that will not survive the transition needs to be wound up and released.

Pisces has no boundaries and if we are very quiet we can feel the new life stirring within us. So far it is unseen, however, we know intimately this new life that is being conjured; we requested this  when weary of the old ways. Now there is a growing excitement and impatience to finally meet our creation in the material dimension. Each year we go through the ritual of this shift.  We disappear into Pisces’ womb, dissolving all we know to be us, in order to be resurrected  for another spiral around the zodiac.

The passage is always the same, yet different like we have entered a parallel universe. I keep getting the image and music from the film, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ where the gorilla discovers he can use a bone from a dinosaur’s skeleton to break things down. Pisces has been breaking down all that is old and redundant in us. Once the gorilla has completed his task he flings the bone away and it spirals into the sky where it becomes transformed into a space station, existing in another millennia. Each new discovery takes us irrevocably forward and we create the future.

This line up in Pisces has been building for several weeks. I have been getting insights and intuitions about what I am birthing and what I will eventually manifest. When I am alone I am having fun, ‘chilling’ and dreaming up how things could be. Enjoying reveries as I stand in the peaceful waters of the river, just being here now. Allowing… then I fall into an old mistake; I feel that in order to birth this beautiful vision I have to make something happen. I need to go out and take action to change my environment and to involve others in the change.

Hah! As if going and talking to the midwife is going to have any influence on when and who my baby is? Old beliefs come up that it is my responsibility to make the new happen. If I can get the midwife on board with my vision then the baby would appear- just as I  have seen her in my dreams. Such a sense of urgency and anxiety. Surely if I am unable to convince the midwife then my creation won’t manifest.

When we are faced with a lot of Pisces it is an automatic reaction to find a way to contain it and try and make sense of it. It is easy to crossover to the fish’s opposite sign and harness some Virgo qualities. There is a temptation to take vague ephemera and try to pin it down and turn it into discrete chunks that we can order and manage.  Virgo often suffers from feelings of inadequacy when faced with the cosmic visions of Pisces. She feels her job is critical. She must tackle the present in order to manifest the future. She gets anxious and starts to micro-manage the inevitable. Time and time again she learns that like a virgin, her job is to do nothing.

My dream is already a seed in the womb. It has its own life. I am merely the host, the container. The birth will happen all in good time. The creation will grow in its own way. I can sweat it all I like, but such activity is redundant. Now is the time to detach from what has been growing the last few months. The baby has been conceived. It now has it’s own life. The laws of nature will take its course and we need only enjoy allowing the alchemy to unfold. Pisces dreamlike state is a solitary trance and it is a joy to be present at the delivery of something that has never existed before. This is a magic time to attune to what is within.

The Moon and Mars move into Aries today. As the old drifts away we begin to get a little clarity.  We can use energy to prepare the nursery. The Sun will join Mars in eight days and that will be the point of separation from the cosmic waters we have been floating in, sometimes drowning. The next cycle will be the time of action when the new babe and its commands will be the centre of our world. Then all our energy will go to meeting its needs as it thrusts itself into the physical. Born again into activity, there will be little time then for reflection. Luckily the heroic quest of manifestation is infectious. We will be infatuated, hypnotised by love and not begrudge the demands the mewling infant makes of us.


Image: ‘Transformation’ Robin de Lavis. I recommend visiting her exquisite site to see more of her creations.


Virgo Full Moon: Containing Light

Hp7part1Most days since the Sun has entered Pisces there has been a fog lying on the river. It must be a fog of humidity because the river is warm and the days are hot. Immersing myself in that water has been sweet surrender for a tired body. It is a quiet realm, three black cygnets float nervously in the mist and my trusty heron sits sentinel on the log. Such peace and silence as my soul finds rest in this nebulous space that could carry me to Avalon. The walk home is full of birds leading me here and there, off my usual track. I am pioneering a wieldy trail of trees that I visit and pay my respects. This time before everyone is fully awake is for living between worlds. How gracious and resplendent is a life amongst the spheres!

It is the Virgo Full Moon which, at its best can be the container of this other space, pregnant until the time is right to birth the Christos light. I find myself lost in suggestions of meaning. It then emerges so crystal clear that I feel like the shell of a bell; just happy to be struck and to follow the sound as it resonates and ripples like the water when I enter it. I am reaching out to unseen worlds and holding them in the hope that they can be birthed and survive in a land of contrasts.

I have been watching all the Harry Potter movies lately. Pisces rules movies. They provide a space of magic and creativity in a dreamlike world where we can escape our daily toil. J.K. Rowling has four planets in Virgo in the 12th house including the Moon and Venus. Perfect for creating form from the fantasy of Pisces.

As a baby, Harry receives a lightning shaped scar on his forehead  inflicted by the evil Voldemort. This is reminiscent of the insight we received in Aquarius of a potential that we can nurse into being. In Pisces this promise remains gestating; unconscious in the mundane world of Virgo. The muggle world and the magic world has redemption in its midst but must rely on Harry’s dangerous journey through seven books to realise the promise of his birth. Meanwhile, he is caught between the ignorance of the muggles  and the malicious intent of the Dark Lord .

Each of us is left alone to develop the skill and consciousness that will realise our dream. We can rely on goodwill and assistance from our allies in the magical realms. They can help but are impotent in actually fulfilling the task that is our special mission.

At the Virgo Full Moon we become conscious of the undertaking before us and recognise some of the magical tools we have to assist us on our mission. Invisibility cloaks, marauder’s maps, allies and animal messengers are all useful but essentially it is up to us to develop the consciousness and wit to achieve our goals. Like Harry we are the seeker and that path remains ours alone.

But essentially we are getting ahead of ourself. We can glimpse the elation and the peace that comes from the promise of redemption whilst we contemplate the possibilities of Pisces. Often though, as we recognise the enormity of the task, we experience the contrast of our vision with the reality of the mundane world. We feel as if a dementor has consumed our joy and left us in a state of depression. This is the danger of becoming lost in the formless world of Pisces. We need to remember our Patronus, created by the positiveness within and conjure it into our days to survive the passage through Pisces with our sanity intact.

As we were approaching the Full Moon last night I participated in my annual ritual of watching the Academy Awards. This is the one time of the year that I watch TV, a look in at the muggle world. I have always loved this event as it reminds me of a childhood  sharing in my father’s joyous love of movies. Like the ‘Mirror of Erised’ in Harry Potter it transports me to a happy time. I generally am able to ignore what the reality of the awards may be, to share in the glamour of the film industry and their glorious fulfilment in having their creative projects appreciated.

Last night, however, I was able to recognise how much I have dwelt in my own magical world since last year. My original glee at the novelty of network TV and their commercials soon wore thin as I became impatient with how little appeared to have changed. The main event itself seemed to have retrograded into the 50’s. I have always had a political sensibility and yet I have become so conscious of this time being a transitioning point in the affairs of the planet that I experienced shock at the austerity of the programming fed to the masses. I felt the lacklustre fare that was offered was straight from the McCathy Era, a propaganda machine for rattling sabres of a hidden power base. I have seen this before but have also seen the courage of some within this circle to deliver a different message. I perceived this was sadly missing from yesterday’s awards.

I felt the despair of a dementor’s attack which was leading me to paranoia. That is the other energy of Pisces touched on in my last post. This is the dissolving. Tears of grief or sensitivity can come up at any time to wash away the remnants of the past. These sudden cutting moments of Virgo’s critical acuity are painful but are to be embraced. It is only by knowing what you don’t want with such clarity that we become committed to the heroic journey of change. Only then can the enchanted domain we yearn for be created. Sometimes it is good to hollow out that old shell so we can fill it with the resounding call of our Patronus. The beautiful light made manifest in the etheric will banish the dark and we receive another tool, a visionary torch that will light our way.


Image: El Patronus de Snape



Sun in Capricorn: Rebirthing with Mother Earth

makidadaThat birth canal that I have been sliding down this last month has finally had a serendipitous conclusion. My good friend’s Lakota Sweat Lodge partner had reappeared from time overseas. How could I resist the offer of such a ceremony on the eve of the Capricorn Ingress and the much fabled 21-12 Portal? This was the first opportunity I have had to participate in this form of ceremony. My Taurus Moon reticence was masterfully overcome by my friend sidling up beside me and telling her stories and working through her own process. I felt no personal coercion. As she sorted through each point of organisation in her mind, a concern of mine would evaporate. Finally as our afternoon together drew to a close another friend asked whether I was going to participate. I checked within and found I had no reservations, just a resounding…Yes! All anxiety had been transmuted into excitement.

This point in itself was totally magical for me. My Capricorn friend and I have been entwined on a spiritual journey for several years now. She came in with Saturn transiting my Ascendant indicating a time of disciplined transformative work. I am sure the feeling has been mutual as my natal Saturn sits on her Ascendant.

Our temperaments and our style are very different and yet we held fast with the glue of mutual respect. I chaffed often yet, remarkably never fell prey to my normal pattern of just disappearing. At every point, we remained together with gentle patience. Her enthusiastic Sagittarian persona received an education in handling a stubborn, resistant and recalcitrant Taurus Moon. She has graduated with honours at this time. My moon felt so safe and nurtured that the decision was easy. I feel tears of gratitude at being honoured and seen as my human self felt totally free to make up my own mind in my own time.

Ho, mitakuye oyas’in, Susan Fullmoon-Rising.

Once committed to this process I felt such a whoosh of excitement. The only Taurus fear remaining was the earthy concern about managing my bodily functions throughout the extended period of the sweat. My stomach often participates in conversations at inopportune times and the fact that the home toilet became blocked was a sign this fear needed to be addressed. My Virgo Ascendant provided the most obvious way forward by cutting out the few toxins in my diet and concentrating on light pure foods. A detox headache over the period did little to dent my childish glee at the coming adventure. My christmas was coming early.

The universe threw a curve ball in the wee hours of the day of the Lodge. I was woken by a call from my daughter who had been randomly beaten by a stranger. She was however, being well cared for by her friends and had no desire to come home. They kept her awake in case of concussion till the morning and she slept throughout the day. She was due home at the same time as I was leaving for my Ceremony. We embraced in the street. She teasingly complained that she was returning to her mother’s arms only to be abandoned. We both understood that this was a momentous moment where she was releasing me from the personal bonds of motherhood to engage in a more transpersonal version of the same energy.

The Sweat Lodge was an amazing experience of entering the womb of the earth and releasing all of the past, then to be reborn again into her embrace with the moon and the sky delivering a rain of refreshment on my steaming body.

I woke for the Solstice, highly energised and have remained that way since. At the end of the day my daughter wasn’t feeling any better and decided that maybe she should see a doctor. No-one was available that late on a Friday in our isolated outpost at the end of the world. We travelled into the city to visit ER at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

This date had been 26,000 odd years in coming, an emergency waiting room was not the location I had planned. It may have been a great venue, Grand Central for the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse but not where I expected to be for a download of other dimensional ascension energies.

Capricorn likes to keep us firmly connected to earthbound energy. The prior evening I had been contained within the earth sweating profusely in the dark for several hours. Now I was in the full glare of fluorescent lights, surrounded by people patiently nursing the private dramas that created whatever bodily affliction had bought them there. This trial lasted for six hours, taking us through the solstice point and into the new day and the new world. Capricorn was keeping me firmly situated in the accepted reality.

When we arrived the tone was set by two African girls, happily playing hand tag. I was delighted and jokingly said maybe we could follow suit and an impromptu flash mob could be created by our wounded compatriots. I wasn’t brave enough to manifest this fantasy. The idea did make light of our situation. My daughter and I felt a solidarity emerge from our shared experience. The longer the wait, the more absurd the situation, the more her curiosity was piqued and a stubborn persistence set in to stay the course and see where it led.

Our fellow patients were ennobled by their circumstances, each developing a dignity and beauty that sprung from the intensity of their situations. Compassion and silent camaraderie emerged from the humbling frailty of  human bodies. Pain was forgotten in the face of another’s suffering, the children in particular caused us to lose our personal concerns in a desire to offer respite. In this situation nothing further was to be done. In the release from effort, space was made for life to shine through.

We were in the outer chamber, waiting entry into an inner sanctum where some form of relief was expected. The Solstice point was passed in this place. We felt content with expanding hearts and continuously rising energy. I had always hoped to spend this time with my daughter and I suspect we would not have created a space as meaningful or joyous. Soon after the moment was marked we were finally accepted into a clinic area.

For several more hours we were able to enjoy the spectacle of medical staff in scrubs rushing around like ants, doing their best to administer to the injured. In our cubicle we had a little more privacy and were unable to contain our mirth at the surreal environment that we were all participating in. It has been a long, long time since I have giggled so uncontrollably for so long. Finally, my daughter was examined, declared to have a mild concussion, given a simple painkiller and dismissed.

This is Capricorn at its best, accepting the road of hardship and the problems that beset the journey but persisting through every step of the journey until finally at the top of the mountain, a vista of relief is revealed. At this point our goal has been achieved and one world flips into another. Capricorn can then revert to childlike joy. Pan likes playing his tricks.

It is done, we have arrived and life is good… I wish you all an exquisite holiday season.


Image: ‘Colour Purple’ Movie poster


Libra New Moon: Clear and Connected

On the day of the Libra New Moon I had set aside time for writing and posting on these pages. I felt grounded and ready for the task ahead of me. Since Saturn has moved into Scorpio, I have felt delightfully centred and uncharacteristically ready for whatever job is before me. It has been great to feel this concentrated focus. I had a few notes jotted down, my pen poised and then the phone rang. There were people at ‘Cobweb Designs,’ the gallery I work from, that have a pressing desire to have consultations with me. Wonderful! I drop everything and slip into town to make lovely new connections.

Now, a couple of days later I return to task. My life has been a whirlwind of consultations, social engagements, phone calls, quality time with my partner, my daughter, friends and the community. Welcome to Libra New Moon. It is not a time for musing alone in your room but a time of connection to others. Even when we had a free moment, the real estate agent had someone to show through our home. We would evacuate the premises and find somewhere luscious to sit in the sun with beverage in hand.

At the last New Moon in Virgo I spoke of it being my personal New Year, as the Sun emerged into my First House and began a new cycle around my chart. I felt like I could expect the unexpected. When the Sun moved into Libra I spoke of us all emerging from our personal journey and looking around to discover we were in an exquisite garden full of other beings. In Libra we are thrilled by the beauty all around and are happy to take time out to discover another person with different experiences and therefore, another perspective on life.

It is a time to fall in love. Libra rules aesthetics and freed from our own concerns it is a thrill to see the beauty in another. I have been talking for a while about us raising our vibrations by bringing more light into our life. Libra has been fulfilling this promise as the landscape has been putting on an extravagant display. I swear there is more light which is experienced as many rainbows and  intense colours in the panorama. As I drive around on outings I often feel moved to pause and drink it all in. Who can help but fall in love with life?

When the Sun and Moon are fused together at a  New Moon, the Moon is obscured by the radiance of the Sun. This time is always the beginning of a new monthly chapter. It is, however, unclear what will emerge from this joining, as we are so blinded by the light, we have yet to see what will be born. There is always something conceived that will grow rapidly and be revealed fully at the Full Moon.

Each cycle is born out of the last. In the Virgo cycle our house was put on the market. Everything was cleaned and fixed in order to be presented well. Libra is about making decisions and once made we are freed up. We no longer have to carry the burden of both sides of the choice.  A commitment is made and our work is halved.

As we resolved the issue of putting our house on the market there were unexpected Libran payoffs. Our home is de-cluttered, spruced up and beautifully presented. We are enjoying living in a calm and harmonious environment. The decision was made, the work done and there is splendour to be enjoyed. It is like being on holiday; we are able to dwell in the now.

This liberty has allowed the freedom to focus on being myself with others. The stress of choice gone I have the space to fully enjoy whatever connection comes my way.  The more joy and peace I experience the more I love what I do and the more I commit to my vocation.  I am feeling the clarity that comes from resolution. I am able to devote myself to connection, fully immersed in engagement with another.

This New Moon has introduced a faster pace of life which has been facilitated through the good work of the last six months. At night I arrive home, tired but fulfilled. I am looking forward to seeing how this new chapter unfolds.


Image: Thomas Cole’s ‘The Picnic’


Virgo New Moon in a Changing World

I haven’t written much as I have felt the desire to stay contained. I have been learning heaps but am not ready to release it or reveal it. The containment of Virgo combined with the fact that the 12th House is a hidden realm has meant that what I experience has been too ineffable to communicate. I am still finding ways to register what I am experiencing let alone expressing it to others.

I was beginning to wonder whether I would write a post again. Contained and hidden is not a good recipe for maintaining a blog.

Thankfully time moves on and the Sun has re-emerged into the first house and the Moon has moved into Libra. I can now present myself (First House) to others (Libra). I am very grateful to all those that check my site for a new post and thank you for your patience.  My commitment is to follow the energy and sometimes that disappears into an inner rabbit-hole or in keeping with the current energy perhaps a wormhole is a better description.

On the 18/19th of September we have the second exact square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Are y’all feeling it? On one hand, there are the blissful downloads of insights, filling the body with hope of the possibility that something wonderful is beginning. This is a brave new world unlike anything that we have seen before. Everyday there are whispers of new technologies, new movements that can resolve our impossible problems. One can feel the courage, the insight, the power before us to create a reality that is beneficial for us all. On the other hand, we have the rug pulled from under us as nothing seems to change. Our problems are still here and seem insurmountable. The Masters of War are rattling their sabres, unrest is in the winds and the ‘powers that be’ are holding on with a vice-like grip. This is the stress of two realities. Am I going to stand up for a shiny new idealistic realm where all can be free? Or am I going to bunker down and take defensive action to protect my family in a crumbling world? Do we accept the established but flawed status quo, known as reality, or do we stand up for something that supports the value of each individual and their unique contribution?  It can be extreme but squares, especially ones as powerful as this, feel intense and irresolvable. It seems each position is demanding decisive action and we have to appease both the mighty God of the Underworld with a sacrifice and the Sky God with his call for heroic action.

I have been learning heaps but have not been ready to release it.  I am still finding ways to register what I am experiencing let alone conveying it to others.  I regularly feel the energy and the joy carousing through my body which feels expanded and huge. I feel as if I sit above the experiences of life, my consciousness held in another dimension. I love this state and commit to maintaining it as much as possible. I set the intention at the last New Moon to practise  daily meditation.  Setting up new daily routines and habits are a good use of Virgo energy. I look forward to this time because I know how good I feel afterwards. Daily dwelling in these realms make them more real for me. One of the Virgoan tasks is to take some of the ethereal otherworldly realms of Pisces and anchor it into daily reality.

Part of this process for me has been to become conscious and aware of energy and light in my environment. With my expanded sense of self I am aware of more. Time and space transform and with practise it becomes easier to fully inhabit a moment without losing consciousness. As a result I have increased my awareness of the different dimensions, the structure of the earth, and our role within it. Some of this is learnt but more than this is the new sureness of inner knowing. Neptune is currently in its natural home of Pisces making this otherworldly energy more available to everyone. I have been devoted to making the nonphysical realms more conscious. Virgo rules the cognitive state and given the current strength of the outer planets we can make what is normally hidden from a mundane world, more accessible.

This awareness of light energy has altered the way I view our material situation, however that situation still exists and becomes a polarity in its own right. As one appears to be feeling quite full bodied within a nonphysical realm, one also experiences great density on the physical realm. We have put our house on the market, taking one step into the unknown after another. The movement towards something long resisted, provides its own release and flows easily resulting in a satisfying sense of achievement. Meanwhile, everything about our home glistens. The river and its environs are magnificent as we take our daily walk. The winds of the Equinox have started, creating wonderfully wild weather. Everything is in flux and oh, so beautiful.

All my journeying through Virgo and now with the New Moon I have emerged into my  personal New Year as the Sun begins a new journey around my chart. This annual cycle will contain two exact hits of the Uranus Pluto square, now and in May 2013. There will be a radical (Uranus) transformation (Pluto) of life as we know it. I feel as if I am in the grip of this global process. There seems to be no way to see beyond the present as the changes that we are experiencing are inevitable and unknown. We are undergoing a paradigm shift and it is difficult to divine what may happen when you are still within the old paradigm. Anything is possible. Expect the unexpected. While the changes are emerging as the Sun crosses my natal ascendant, I can expect that this time next year everything will have changed for the world and for me.

Image: Earth and the Moon seen from the stratosphere. Nasa

Virgo Sun: Our Unique Gift

Can you feel it?…the luscious joy?… the good vibrations coming down and filling your body? I am feeling so good lately. Yes, I have aches, anxiety and fear but on the whole I just get distracted by the overwhelming feeling of wellbeing. Am I insane? Probably. Do I care? Not one iota.

Mmmm, this doesn’t sound like the energy of Virgo that gets such a bad wrap. Critical, complaining, disempowered Virgo, lying prostrate. No, this Virgo feels great and wonders why you don’t. Virgo is the Earth. The container for everything manifest and potentially manifest on this wonderful planet of ours. She lies embraced by her lover, the universe. Everything is possible. Virgo adores this latency and is devoted to it. She offers up her virgin body to take that potential and make it visible. She is not interested in the laws of man or even the laws of the pantheon of gods. Her path is to take the inspiration that she has conceived, carry it and give birth. It is her passion play to take this unmanifest and find the wherewithal to gift it to anyone that will appreciate the brilliance of her conception. This is tricky. It has never been done before. There are no guidelines; no ‘how to’s.’  Still she is determined to find a way. She needs time to solve this conundrum. She experiments and makes mistakes. She analyses the shortcomings of her results. She cares for the fledgling idea, protecting it and using unorthodox methods until she is able to achieve her end.  She serves all beings with the providence of her creation. If she appears irritable at your questioning or your well meaning advice, it is because only she knows the importance of the tiny notion growing inside her. She is impatient with the distraction from her purpose.

Virgo is the Goddess, Demeter, who allows the Earth to become barren while she grieves for the loss of her daughter. She will not accept that her progeny will no longer reside on the surface for everyone to enjoy. Demeter retires from the world whilst she finds a way to resurrect and redeem this situation. She will not obey the judgement of Zeus. No one on Earth needs to accept the loss of their progeny, their gift to eternal life. Demeter withdraws from the company of the gods whilst she seeks the path to be reunited with her offspring and thereby allowing immortality for everyone. As she struggles with her dilemma everyone experiences the grief of her loss because it affects them all. Eventually a solution is found, she claims her power and is able to deliver Persephone from the underground realm of death.  In celebration of her success everyone benefits. The planet is clothed in spring. Harmony is restored.

In the Southern Hemisphere, Virgo stands as the portal between winter and spring. By the time we reach Libra the balance has been regained. The earth is once again fertile. In the Northern Hemisphere the summer is drawing to an end and Virgo offers Libra a plentiful harvest that will provide sustenance for the winter. In each passage through Virgo we develop more skills, we open more paths to abundance, and we build more rainbow bridges between the unmanifest non-physical realm and the world that we occupy.

That joy that I am experiencing at this time is the feeling of light entering my fecund body, fertilising me with new energy. Externally, there may appear to be no resolutions to our insistent problems, however I can feel the sap rising. How exciting to be honoured once again with the seed of the new. I have no idea yet how we will deliver this new resolution, bountiful and beautifully realised. My work is to be the container of this light. Ensure that is finds its way through to delivery. Then it becomes a sacrament available to all.

Last cycle we had the Sun passing through Leo and reminding us of who we really are beyond these earthly raiments of obligation. The New Moon at the beginning of this present cycle was also in Leo and we had our, ‘Excuse me… while I kiss the sky’ moment. Now we have moved into Virgo and are pregnant with our personal desire.

Whatever, apparently irresolvable problems that are plaguing you, remember they are just for you. Embrace them with expectation. Out of the power and generosity of Leo, this is your personal endowment. Allow it to be, carry it with pride, ignore the naysayers and watch it grow. Be gentle with yourself and rest often. You are creating something that has never existed. This quandary that you carry is the diamond seed that will light the way to a better world.

Image: ‘Breath of Gaia’ by Josephine Wall


Taurus New Moon- Delighting Times

Today, the Moon and the Sun come together in Taurus for the  next chapter of our story. The Aries seed has begun sprouting. Towards the end of the Aries cycle I found myself exploring more and more energy work. I was on fire with the potential of higher vibrations and the thrill of where they could take me. I found myself exploring the promise of new territories in opening up our human potential.

Whilst pioneering this joyous energy I found I was continually being called back to earth to deal with the mechanics of my environment, which didn’t seem to be coping as well with the increasing energy. I mean this literally. My watch stopped, no it hasn’t, yes it has. Not the battery, it needs a mechanical overhaul. I have lost all sense of time. My car, supposedly all fixed, seems to be having trouble recharging the battery and so regularly needs a jump start. Fridge fan going crazy. Water pump thumping and spurting. Electricity pulsing. Computer cords powering up only sometimes. Blender… internet connection….showers…Too many things to take seriously. I keep needing to go outside to ground myself and ramp up my energy to maintain my equilibrium.

I have had the pleasure of meeting lots of cheery Aries or Mars in Virgo types; men that fix things! I am in awe of their clear rational explanation of how things work as they proceed to make them better. However I have had to resort to a more esoteric explanation of why things… don’t work, do, don’t work …all at once. Speedy Mercury has returned to Fiery Aries and has been moving closer to Electric Uranus whilst forming a tense aspect (inconjunct) with direct Mars, taking deliberate steps forward in Fix It Virgo. As I am developing my own ability to have more and more energy vibrating through me, the mechanics of my world seem to be dealing with the same challenges. Lots of recharging required.

How does all this relate to our Taurus New Moon? Today we start on a new journey. Taurus feels the need to slow down. It knows all those Aries energies may be wasted; spurted out on barren ground. Taurus will ensure they remain fertilised. She desires to ground, maintain and make certain nothing is lost. Taurus is not interested in always focussing forward, she wishes to engage the present moment. She knows that craziness lies in forever rushing  without stopping to smell the roses, lie on the grass and fully indulge the senses. Taurus asks us to take some time out, assess where we are, celebrate all that we have and ensure that what was planted is growing. Everything has its own energy and its own will to fulfil it’s potential. Time to take pleasure in letting things be.

Aries was the time for activations. Taurus is the time for allowing what was born to become.  Everything has been born for a reason and has worth and value in the scheme of things. They need to find a home in our body and in our life.

I find myself wanting to explore energy in more concrete forms. I feel drawn to play with crystals and essential oils. I want to enjoy flowers and the beauty of nature. Colour. Birdsong.  It is time for massages and some sweet loving. Naps. Time to re-acquaint myself with delicious food and drink. To breathe and sigh…ahhh…mmm. Yum.

I am creating beautiful music with the earth, here now!




Image: This illustration “Satellite” by David Burk illustrates the straddling of energy beautifully.

Mars in Training

Yesterday I fell into one of those depressive funks. I have had the urge to take action to do something like write this post but instead have chosen to just have it go around in my head.  A bit like trying to find the end of the sticky tape that has become invisible on the roll. I have felt wonderful of late,  my energy being uplifted and feeling complete in my self in a way I have rarely felt. It has been delicious. I have been purring contentedly like the proverbial cat with cream. Now I am in a dark tank of stagnant water with no sense of where the sides are. There is hope though. I know that in getting this post out I will have restored order and returned to a sense of personal competency.

Today we are at the Last Quarter Moon on our Aries journey. Here we reach the review point. Time to see what was born at the New Moon and came to fruition at the Full moon a week ago. What has been achieved and what will be saved for future cycles?

On this day a bigger cycle is reaching a turning point as well. Mars, the planet of action, energy and personal desire is finally turning direct after a prolonged period of being retrograde. This is a period where Mars seems to go backward in the sky, an illusion caused by our vantage point from Earth rather than the true centre of the solar system, the Sun.  As it slows in its apparent backward movement and turns forward it appears stationary in the sky. I seem to reflect this so well, feeling unable to move yet feeling the energy build up inside till I feel I will  implode. My description is inappropriately intense possibly because as Mars becomes direct, Pluto, the Lord of the Underground, has turned retrograde and so there is a bit of an undertow happening beneath the feet.

This is a time for review and we have plenty of dates to deal with. You may reflect on the Moon Cycle of the last three weeks as well as the Mars cycle.  It turned retrograde at 23 degrees Virgo on  January 24 and went back over ground that we had been covering since the  November16, 2011. If you like to understand where you are in cycles you may wish to go back to how you felt at this time because it was the beginning of Mars’ run on this circular track. Many of you may have been conscious of the 11/11/11 date last year when many people tuned in to the global energy. In reflecting on your personal journey, see what was happening then and what links there are to now.  Mars was at 3 degrees Virgo, then and now.

At that time I had many things going full speed ahead and taking me more and more out into the world. I had recently taken mundane work in a local cafe to make ends meet. I was relieved to be giving myself more time to become financially secure in what I truly loved doing. My ambition was to do what I love with the expectation that the money will follow. Virgo is a time when we are doing the hard yakka to develop our skills and often having to do what we can to survive as we have yet to feel competent in our true calling.

A friend and I who had been working closely together were planning a series of workshops to start during this time. I was finding myself increasingly scattered and frustrated in this partnership. I felt we were not communicating well and I was unable to articulate my viewpoint. I sensed I was not being heard. I became  passive aggressive, often lashing out offensively in order to assert my viewpoint. My poor friend was feeling bewildered and hurt. It felt like we were forcing something to birth that was not yet ready. My friend is very extroverted and seemed baffled by my introversion. I tried to explain our different styles of operating and thinking but she perceived it as being over controlled and felt she just needed to jolly me out of resistance.

At the same time I had joined a wonderful on-line community where I was posting my writing for the first time. The other members were very supportive of my introverted self and I was expressing it fully for the first time.  I felt seen and I was ecstatic. My friend intended to read my posts but her life had no space or time  for this activity. Our workshops were scheduled and I felt out of alignment. We were arguing about content as Mars was going over this degree. I returned home to be at the side of my dying pet sheep. The next day my car aqua-planned into a bank, the first car accident I have ever had in several decades of driving. That night I had a very intense dream starring my friend. We then decided to cancel the workshops.

Mars rules Aries the Ram and thereby my sheep. It also rules cars and movement. It rules arguments especially between opposing viewpoints. It indicates where we stand up for who we are. Obviously this period was well marked by Mars for me. It was the beginning of a journey where I have become more and more aligned with being who I am and how I wish to live my life. Expressing my own energy has become a central concern;  I have embraced my own operating style and become more confident in my  way of being. Much of this period has been involved in repairing my car and changing the basis of my relationship with my friend, so we are both stronger in ourselves.

As Mars began revisiting this same energy I read a blog and watched a TED talk on introversion bringing this issue back into my consciousness. I have been thrilled that my friend has developed the confidence to put on her own workshop. I attended this a couple of days ago. She was in her element, I felt out of mine. That is perfectly okay. I have since that time started this blog and know this to be my milieu. Our friendship is much stronger, we recognise our differences and respect each others strengths. Now I feel we stand side by side forming a congruent continuum rather than the tug of war we were experiencing.

Mars will now be going direct and we can finally experience forward momentum. This particular movement has not yet completed as we will have one more victorious sweep over this terrain, really laying the path down till the 19 June.  Then Mars finally escapes beyond 23 degrees Virgo and starts pioneering new ground. So all the digging, refining and aligning we have experienced over the last five months has created ground well prepared to ensure our true energy can be congruently and fully utilised.  We will be in possession of our full power.

Image:  ‘Mars’ by Diego Velazquez 1639-41 A rare moment of Mars in repose that suitably reflects the retrograde energy.

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Virgo Full Moon: Preparing for Pisces Potential

The period of the Virgo Full Moon has now past and my intention is to review what happened for me and to encourage you to ponder on how this energy is reflected in your ongoing story.

I often find Full Moons very hectic and this was no exception. Most of the busyness was mundane, full of everyday management issues.  I had work shifts serving in a local hotel cafe. It was a Labour Day long weekend and so very busy as many tourists were having their last holiday before the autumn/fall settles into wintry cold.  I enjoyed the big influx as I discovered how competent I have become in this new field of employment.

Virgo rules skill development, mundane work, labour, service, routine, competence.

The Full Moon fell on my Pisces partner’s birthday and was the first time in a couple of decades that I was taken away from him on his birthday. This was a perfect opportunity for a birthday season. I was unsure what to get him that was personal for his birthday. He had already purchased the main gifts he wanted. I ventured on a shopping expedition handing the finding of the perfect gift to the universe. I was immediately lead to a perfect pair of brown suede shoes. He has been desiring brown shoes for a long time but been unable to find the right pair. We had a wonderful pre-birthday celebration dinner at a new restaurant-bar. We also attracted free drinks something that has become a synchronistic regular on his birthday. In between my work shifts we have had lovely celebrations as a family and the birthday was joyous despite the separation.

Pisces rules allowing the universe to lead, shoes, separation, alcohol and in my case love for my partner as it falls on my house of partnership.

What started at the New Moon was ‘Astrology Mon Ami.’ Everyday I do something towards this, writing, planning, learning about managing a site. At the Full Moon I have listened to a few tutorials and seminars learning more about how to manage blogs. I find a large world opening up. I am excited about the potential and motivated to do the step by step actions and processes that will over time lead to a unique and magnetic presence in this virtual world. What was seeded at the New Moon is now starting to reveal its potential. I feel heavily pregnant with possibility, eager to greet my new creation. I am inspired by a huge vision that I sense but cannot as yet articulate. This is my Pisces potential and my Virgo discernment will allow me to acquire what is needed for successful delivery.

This reminds me of a dream I had on the night of the Full Moon. I was taken in the night to an unremarkable shack on the seashore. Once inside though, I was shocked to find a huge cathedral-like architecture space with all the luxury appointments one could desire. There were many people that welcomed me that were professionals in  their fields. I felt huge reassurance that I was going to be supported on my quest and felt great gratitude, wonder and love.

This Virgo/Pisces Full Moon is the last of the old zodiac cycle. When we reach the Aries New Moon, a new cycle will be birthed that will take us through the year and into the next. There are 11 days left of this transitional time. Nurture what you feel growing inside and let go of what no longer serves you. This period combined with other astrological indicators happening at this time will be the most introspective period of the year. Outward action may feel frustrated, so recognise it as a gift of time to better prepare for the coming arrival.

Image: ‘Super Moon Over Port Phillip Bay’ photographed by Lester Hunt. This wonderful photo was taken at last years Virgo Full Moon. I love how the moon is being fished out of the Pisces ocean.

Midwife to the Full Moon

This is a short post for those following their Pisces Moon Cycle. We are nearing the Virgo Full Moon. The Sun is still in Pisces and is day by day, step by step building the dream we conceived at that time. Meanwhile, the Moon has moved through the Zodiac signs and now reaches Virgo, the opposite sign to Pisces.  Pisces is the womb of the gestating dream emerging out of the unconscious. Virgo is the midwife that will help bring the dream into manifestation.

Virgo seeks to create order out of the chaos of the Pisces unconscious.  Each sign has its opposite that is the other end of the stick. Where Pisces is the unconscious, Virgo is conscious. Where Pisces is aware we are all connected, Virgo discerns the discrete detail. While Pisces is everything, Virgo is contained. It is Virgo’s role to take the dream and make it a practical reality. Virgo serves the dream by taking care of its needs so it will survive in our everyday existence.

We are now in the energy of the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon and you may wish to reflect on what you felt was bubbling up at the New Moon. See what ideas you want to contain and nurse into your everyday reality. What routines are you setting up? Are there systems that you are rearranging to accommodate this new desire? How are you preparing for the birth of this dream? What new skills do you wish to develop in order to support it? As we observe our journey we will hear the whispers that answer these questions.

Virgo has a reputation for being critical when in reality it is trying to create the safest environment to birth the delicate and vulnerable. At this Full Moon it is worth being aware of that inner critic without succumbing to despair at the enormity of the task.

Virgo is witnesses the nebulousness of the Pisces domain. She knows the power of a small shift that  allows a whole new reality to manifest as the story unfolds. She is the facilitator of discrete moments that deliver you the outcome you desire. When you look back  you can see how seemingly random actions provide perfect steps to the present. The Full Moon is the time to answer the prompting that calls you take up a new skill, clear out a space, integrate a new habit or set up a daily schedule. You are now preparing the nursery for the birth of your dream.


Image:  ‘Scheherazade’ Brigid Marlin 
Today I was lucky enough to discover the beautiful work of artist, Brigid Marlin. The image perfectly displays the Virgo energy bringing the Pisces creativity into the world we are familiar with. Scheherazade told stories that delighted a King, saved a sister and live on in the imaginations of generation after generation.
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