Sun into Aquarius: Shifting

800px-Jheronimus_Bosch_023Last night I dreamt that I was at Cobweb Designs, the gallery in our local village where I do consultations and help out in the shop. Of course being a dream it has metamorphosed into a different reality; I have visited this place before in nightly sojourns. It is a bigger store, more open to a cobbled street, full of people. This is a prosperous venue with a bevy of paid staff.

This transformation is not reflected in my space which in reality is a beautifully appointed room. I am directed to my clients who are twin boys with a physical disability that makes there bodies wasted, twisted and weak. They are young men probably about 18 years old and have been ushered into one of two egg shaped modules where I apparently do my readings. I look in on them and it is a stale, green felt environment, musty with mildew. Disgusted, I usher them out planning to use the other egg which evaporates and so we settle on a bed to do the tarot reading. These young men are eager even when I haven’t got my usual deck and have to struggle with large unfamiliar cards which I choose randomly. The designs are very intricate and colourful. It takes me time to translate them from my old deck and discuss the meaning. The twins have no trouble identifying them as we excitedly explore their potential. Our location constantly changes. Sometimes we are surrounded by their peers who jeer at their weirdness, sometimes we are around a campfire lost in time or amongst the trees on my property. We lose ourselves in the possible world we are creating via the mind expanding promise of the cards.

On waking I recognise that these twins, represented the Aquarian portion of my Gemini self. This is the so called higher mind: alien, genius, visionary – not quite physically grounded in our present world, connected to a different drum beat and inventing the future that in time will become manifest and accepted as normal. These are the folk that whisper to us in Elvish or deliver alien messages from their journey around the cosmos. They pour the electrified water from their urn which kickstarts us into a better world.

Since 21-12 I have felt the energy shifting from the downloads we have received over recent years to a solid grounding in the energy of the earth. I have never felt as rooted and held by the mother as I have over this last month. This has provided a grounding, a solid security of belonging and a desire to serve the planet and an  awareness that the work of Capricorn is to serve our connection to the changing earth. Now in Aquarius we are more likely to perceive the waterfall of light energy pouring over us from  the Aquarian urn, which must be located in the galactic centre.

Sometime during the Capricorn cycle I stumbled upon a Youtube clip which presented a new theory of the Earth. This has fascinated me, regularly playing over in my mind. It rejects the idea of continental drift, proposing instead that the earth is expanding. That the earth started out as a solid marble of land and as it grew the land broke apart forming the continents and the gaps filled with water that became our oceans. I must say I rather like the idea of the heavy denseness being magically filled with transparent glistening water. The solid reality becomes looser, more flexible and iridescent with shine and shimmer. Water absorbs everything, taking the form of whatever it comes in contact with. It is where life is conceived and born. It takes the imprint of light and is able to bring potential to full term. It is this light-seed that Aquarius implants in the next sign. Pisces watery womb carries the Aquarian imprint and nurtures matrixes of other dimensions and unknown futures.

Towards the end of Capricorn, Venus triggered the Uranus/Pluto square by first squaring Uranus and then joining Pluto. This has been a strange time of sudden events and intense and erratic changes of the energy. I have noticed environments being full and alive with celebration, quickly empty, as if all the air has been sucked out and the streets turn into a ghostly town. These shifts happen during the day, turning on a dime. People describe losing inspiration, feeling empty, deciding to give up. They are puzzled because they have shifted from being so connected and uplifted. Then its all gone, a mere memory.

I see Pluto is working away in his underground kingdom clearing more and more of what holds us to our known reality. It is doing the emptying like a deep vortex sucking out all that is old and decayed. Uranus is now reinforced by Aquarius filling the space with high pulsating light, still a little out of reach for the vibrational range of our senses. Together they are creating a void in our normal range of perception and yet we are birthing new senses that can still detect what is happening all around us. The egg that has contained us like in my dream has become too small and putrid – we need to break out into new visions and new surroundings.

During Capricorn I have sat with the mother amongst the Pine trees connecting to the rhythm of her heartbeat. The last few days since the Sun has moved into Aquarius I have walked on waking. A gumtree called to me, alive with flowers, bees and ants. This tree alone amongst a grove of upright companions was in full bloom. Like the twins in my dream it was different; it had twisted its natural upright shape to form an almost horizontal spiral, angling itself away from the shade of its companions and out into the light.

On the river beach I close my eyes in meditation and when I open them I feel giddy. The expanse of water in front of me reveals its underwater world in patches, the changeable surface reflects dancing light in different ways and are sometimes fully eclipsed by the misty clouds.  The sand forms many tidal patterns and pebbles flow out in different directions. So many worlds exposed all at once is disorientating. I can feel everything moving, altering, shifting. My feet are no longer on solid ground as everything re-arranges. Whilst we are inundated with the light energy of this sign we have a window into the new world. Let yourself  be immersed in possibility,  you are being seeded by the light that will create its own reality as we birth and grow throughout the year.


Image: ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ Heronimus Bosch


Scorpio Solar Eclipse: Standing on the Brink

Sometimes I get asked where my writing comes from and how long I ponder it. There is a part of me whispering sweet thoughts and lovely words all the time. Composing their exquisite little explosions in my mind. Often this murmuring happens in that delicious state between sleep and waking. The schedule for my posts is set by the movements in the heavens. Sometimes my mortal self writes down the words and other times it makes breakfast and drives the daughter to public transport. My Mercury Retrograde post rode the bus into Hobart. Isn’t that just like Mercury?

This morning I lay in bed naked, spooning with my sleeping partner. Oh my! My back against his solid chest, my bottom comfortable in the seat he proffers, my thighs weightless against his, my calves hanging from his knees and my feet find rest on his footstools. Bliss! I think of giant stone pharaohs in the warm desert sun sitting on their thrones through the millenniums. Not such a bad fate.

There is nothing calling me to get up. I reflect over the last hectic month. It started with a Libra New Moon, I was happily making connections with others, enjoying being taken out of myself. As the Sun moved into Scorpio and the Moon grew full, the weather got wilder and life became an exhilarating ride. Scorpio likes to know it is alive and by living on the edge, knowing all could soon be finished, makes each breath exquisite. Libra connects us to others via relationships whilst Scorpio merges completely, not knowing where one begins or the other ends.

Mercury is now retrograde and retracing its steps over the path it has trodden since October the 18th and the Moon is waning into Darkness before it eclipses the Sun tomorrow. I find myself reviewing what I have merged with over the years, trying to unpick the seams to discover who I am now.

In Scorpio there is always a release of the redundant or the outgrown. There is much that is completing at this time, some stuff just has to go in order to move forward. Death, transformation, quantum shifts, evolutionary jumps; this is what is demanded of us. Trouble is that standing in this world we cannot grasp what lies ahead. We just have to jump and trust our instincts.

For me, everything is shifting. A week ago my daughter turned 18 and is now legally an adult, or in her words:

 I can legally sue someone, adopt a child, change my name, rent a port-a-potty, get a divorce, purchase R rated movies and go to jail. Oh and pubs.

My Scorpio Princess has become a Queen. She is now sitting her final exams and will be free to design her own life, here on in.

In Libra I was so happy being out in the world with others that I began to wonder whether I had satisfied the needs of my introverted self and was free to socialise with ease. Scorpio with its deep emotion disabused me of that notion. I had a period of feeling very space deprived as the moon was waning. I longed for time living alone. I realised that at this juncture with Kafka, all grown up and  our home on the market, anything was possible.

John and I entertained the possibility of living apart. We have been together for 34 years, maybe it is time to experience something else. It was amazing to discuss this so calmly. There was no rejection of what is, just consideration of what could be.

Somewhere within me this conversation was taboo. It was a boundary, an inner ring-pass-not. Magically, with this discussion, an inner space opened and I felt completely free. Together we were able to discuss our needs and yearnings more honestly, allowing more to be put on the table. We are unlikely to go our separate ways, still it is good to know that we can be open to anything.

The Sun, Moon and Saturn are currently in Scorpio. Saturn defines the limits of the reality we have agreed to accept in this incarnation. The Uranus square Pluto that defines our current time are urging us to break with pre-existent boundaries. I personally feel like I am standing at the edge of my current life ready to jump off the cliff. I have no idea what lies ahead but I am prepared to embark on the adventure.

Many feel this call for a new world. Tomorrow is the Scorpio New Moon. Normally, the Sun is so bright that the Moon is not visible when they are joined. The seed of the cycle is obscured till it is displayed at the full moon. This time there will be an eclipse where the Moon will overshadow the Sun. This will be visible over much of the east coast and top of Australia as well as across the Pacific to Chile. Whatever we birth tomorrow we are capable of seeing it for a moment when the Sun’s glare is obscured by our lunar satellite.

Mercury has regressed back to the Sagittarius/Scorpio cusp. It is possible that as we stand, hand in hand with the Sun, Moon and Saturn at the edge of the Scorpio abyss that Mercury can relay a message back from our future.

Meanwhile my present moment is exquisite. Gaia is resplendent all around me. My daughter, is still my beautiful daughter and this will never change. I lie in my lover’s arms. This is utopia, the New World is right here. Time may go on but the present is eternal.

Image: My Scorpio Princess, Kafka.

Sun into Libra: Emerging into a New World

It is now six months since the Sun started its new cycle in Aries at the last Equinox. Its heroic journey began as it emerged, a seed from the other-dimensional womb of Pisces.

Each year the Sun presents us with a new incarnation to be birthed. Its journey begins in the dark below the horizon of the astrological chart. In the beginning we are only conscious of this earthly realm and like the seed need to follow our inner instincts to grow and fulfil the promise of the potential contained within Aries. In Taurus, the seed appears to remain intact and solid but way beneath the surface, it drops roots into the soil, knowing that that it cannot survive unless securely established. Gemini explores the environment, gathering variety and nutrients from the soil. Cancer takes in the nutrients and nurtures the softening seed not allowing anything to alter until the life inside is strong enough for the journey ahead. Finally, in Leo the call to the light is strong and the shoot breaks out of its seed home and issues forth leaving the shell behind. After the initial flourish, it is up to Virgo to push the shoot through the layers of soil, gathering experience and strength for the journey ahead, ensuring  the plant has all it needs to manifest into the glare of the wider world, the garden. Ta dah!

In Libra the bud lifts its head above the horizon of the astrological chart and opens to the world around. Here we forget the underground kingdom and the journey we have taken. We lose ourself in the abundance of beauty and creation all around. This is no longer the journey of the single seed but the awareness that the garden is full of other growing specimens. All around beings abound in all their amazing, beautiful diversity. In Libra we fall in love with the beauty in the bounty of colour, light, shape, and smell. Who knew there was so much to appreciate beyond our inner world?

The Sun has moved into Libra marking the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere and the Autumn Equinox in the North. This is the beginning of our full participation in an external world.

We emerge after our six month inner journey of self-awareness. Survival and self-definition completed, we are able to become conscious of others. Ready to blossom we now lose ourself in the new world of possibility that is opening up. At this half yearly point, we want to join the party, let our fragrance be shared. It is time for some wooing and some co-creation, forgetting ourselves in the joy and the celebration of finding others. We are the beholder of beauty. Finally, with some confidence in who we are, there is no longer need to hold our ground and resist difference until we feel secure. We can now look at another without concern for our own survival. We fall in love with the assurance that we are alive and have something to offer and something to receive.

Secure in our uniqueness we can meet another in their different perfection and agree to work together.  No longer looking at our environment to divine who we are in its midst. Now we can see the other objectively and just appreciate them as they are.  This is where polarities become most conscious and allow us to step on the bridge and meet another in the middle.  There is fun to be had in  sharing. We have wonderful conversations as we explore, magnify, and affirm the glory of our companions. Together we can gift our talents to the whole.

It is now that we are ascending. It is time to show the hidden self that we have been nurturing. There is no need for self-assertion because we are self-assured. Forget about ourselves and celebrate the beauty we see in another; we no longer journey alone. There is no resistance. Beware of the media that tells you how to fear with its reports of constant unrest outside your domain. Check in with your heart. Rely on the logic of your personal observations and intuition. Trust the appreciation and the admiration that you feel for another. It is now time to support peace. The “I” has become “We”.  Viva la difference!

Gaia has shifted into another peaceful dimension and is asking us to join her. We are celebrating the sacred marriage. There is compassion for all that we are and the ability to step gracefully into this new open dance. Have faith the Virgin Goddess has completed her work, she has delivered perfection, and hands us on to Aphrodite to be mesmerised by the magnificence of other creations. Our heart is full and we yearn to connect.

Playing for the Future

I feel so bathed in loving energy and my heart is filled with appreciation.This cycle started with the loving Cancer New Moon urging retreat and self-care to balance the over-extended self. How grateful I am for the energies persuading me to rest and stay within.

Soon after this urging the Sun entered Leo and signalled the time to play fully. To lay our cares aside and replenish at the shining light of our Source. My Leo is in the hidden and withdrawn 12th House of the collective spirit. For me there can be no greater play than communing with myself and by so doing finding I have the whole and the many as my playmate. I took time out, to meditate, withdraw and let the cares fall away. I returned to my core to discover what truly matters to me. What do I value? Peace and joy. A beautiful expression of the happiness of the Sun-filled Leo child and the peace of the 12th house where we let go of all striving.

As each external requirement fell away I became clearer about how I wish to live in the world or without. As I breathed in this new freedom, meeting my responsibilities became easier. When there is peace in the heart, life just lifts you through its tumult and you go with the pleasure of the ride. This is preferable to occupying that mental space where, white knuckled, I sit on the very edge of the self, wide-eyed and fearful. Instead I employed that vigilant self to detect where I was receiving energy; to inform my consciousness and to celebrate the deliciousness. Whoosh! Let’s feel the flow.

Now the twelfth house is not necessarily a light place and over this cycle some events have been cause for jelly-like quivering . I have had to square up to some harsh realities. (Uranus and Pluto are still facing off, relentless in their demand for a changing of the guard.) Still my commitment to Leo exultation and the desire to remain at the centre of the universe allowed me to tackle serious threats to the wellbeing of my family with a smile. Happiness is a choice.

This is living in 3D, a co-creative space of continual expansion. How can I handle this complexity? How can we all handle this complexity? There is much in this universe and I am only beginning to learn to play with the pieces. I meet every moment with the fresh eyes of a child! This approach allows timeless space to surround every view. I sense the thrill as I must reach for ingenuity.  There is the realisation that every conundrum is an atom waiting to be split. Its power will be revealed as possibility untold.

The Moon is a couple of days past the Last Quarter and we are still in its evaluating energy. It is time to weigh up where we have been over the last three weeks or more. Recognise what has been achieved and what areas of life are now demanding attention.

I am finding the Leo Sun has been revealing where I really want to play in life. Shining its light into the heart of desire and whispering that maybe, I am the unique one that can bring this vision into being. Truly heartfelt ideas are coming through.

I am in awe of the grandness of my royal vision. My inner child has no doubt that when I grow up I will be Queen. My human self knows that I have to surrender what in my present life does not belong to this brilliance.

The New Moon in Leo is six days away and some of the possibilities that are now only being sensed will be conceived. When the Sun moves on to Virgo in about ten days we will be called to put away childish things and prepare ourself for the awesome changes this new babe will demand from us. Right now there is still time to dance with the magic fairy dust of fertilisation.


Image:The Crock of Gold’ by Thamas Mackenzie 1926

Sun into Leo: Claiming our Birthright

Today the Sun moves out of sensitive Cancer and into playful Leo.

I have taken my own advice from my Cancer in New Moon post and have let go of the stress of responding to any of my ‘should’s and must do’s.’ I have walked in nature, had naps when required, sat with nothing pending and been with my family. I have spent time alone, remembering who I am and what I want from life.

I feel such humbling gratitude for all the caring comments and best wishes that I have received from others including all my friends out there in the blogosphere. I realise that one of the gifts of Cancer is the humility one feels when you can no longer stoically go on alone and have to humbly receive care and tolerance for your dependent state. I have had a history of lousy periods that would blight my grand ventures out in the world and leave me retired to bed,  a foetal mess. At these times I noticed I would become very maudlin feeling huge waves of love and gratitude for my loved ones. Whoosh! The reward for this abject state was an opening of my delicate heart causing it to be robust and full.  What a glorious gift I receive when I finally let go and just allow myself to be loved for the imperfect being that I am.

As the Sun continues on its journey around the zodiac we are reminded once again the glorious magic of its eternal cycle. In Cancer we feel and become so sensitive that we are unsure how we can possibly survive. In our vulnerability we understand love, gratitude and who our family is. We learn there are always others that accept us in our imperfection. Sometimes there is nothing for us to offer in return but an open heart. Naked and deeply flawed we return to who we truly are, beyond all effort to try and earn our keep. We discover our birthright. We are now Leo, radiant and sovereign, free to be ourself, newborn and ready to shine our undiminished light into the world.

…Yippee! Let’s play.


Image: This exquisite photograph appeared in Gail Cunningworth Dell’s photos on Facebook. Gail posted it with this quote-

“Part of this experience involves your being able to say to a person who is dying, “You are loved. You are beautiful. You are like a newborn babe, going into another realm. Release now anyone, and everything, that is a burden to you. Release everything and know that you have lived your life to the fullest. There is no judgment on you. Go in peace, put a smile on your face, and release any judgments you hold. Relax, and allow your life to have meaning as you embark on the next phase of your identity.”

― Barbara Marciniak, Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library

Taurus New Moon- Delighting Times

Today, the Moon and the Sun come together in Taurus for the  next chapter of our story. The Aries seed has begun sprouting. Towards the end of the Aries cycle I found myself exploring more and more energy work. I was on fire with the potential of higher vibrations and the thrill of where they could take me. I found myself exploring the promise of new territories in opening up our human potential.

Whilst pioneering this joyous energy I found I was continually being called back to earth to deal with the mechanics of my environment, which didn’t seem to be coping as well with the increasing energy. I mean this literally. My watch stopped, no it hasn’t, yes it has. Not the battery, it needs a mechanical overhaul. I have lost all sense of time. My car, supposedly all fixed, seems to be having trouble recharging the battery and so regularly needs a jump start. Fridge fan going crazy. Water pump thumping and spurting. Electricity pulsing. Computer cords powering up only sometimes. Blender… internet connection….showers…Too many things to take seriously. I keep needing to go outside to ground myself and ramp up my energy to maintain my equilibrium.

I have had the pleasure of meeting lots of cheery Aries or Mars in Virgo types; men that fix things! I am in awe of their clear rational explanation of how things work as they proceed to make them better. However I have had to resort to a more esoteric explanation of why things… don’t work, do, don’t work …all at once. Speedy Mercury has returned to Fiery Aries and has been moving closer to Electric Uranus whilst forming a tense aspect (inconjunct) with direct Mars, taking deliberate steps forward in Fix It Virgo. As I am developing my own ability to have more and more energy vibrating through me, the mechanics of my world seem to be dealing with the same challenges. Lots of recharging required.

How does all this relate to our Taurus New Moon? Today we start on a new journey. Taurus feels the need to slow down. It knows all those Aries energies may be wasted; spurted out on barren ground. Taurus will ensure they remain fertilised. She desires to ground, maintain and make certain nothing is lost. Taurus is not interested in always focussing forward, she wishes to engage the present moment. She knows that craziness lies in forever rushing  without stopping to smell the roses, lie on the grass and fully indulge the senses. Taurus asks us to take some time out, assess where we are, celebrate all that we have and ensure that what was planted is growing. Everything has its own energy and its own will to fulfil it’s potential. Time to take pleasure in letting things be.

Aries was the time for activations. Taurus is the time for allowing what was born to become.  Everything has been born for a reason and has worth and value in the scheme of things. They need to find a home in our body and in our life.

I find myself wanting to explore energy in more concrete forms. I feel drawn to play with crystals and essential oils. I want to enjoy flowers and the beauty of nature. Colour. Birdsong.  It is time for massages and some sweet loving. Naps. Time to re-acquaint myself with delicious food and drink. To breathe and sigh…ahhh…mmm. Yum.

I am creating beautiful music with the earth, here now!




Image: This illustration “Satellite” by David Burk illustrates the straddling of energy beautifully.

As the Earth Revolves Around the Sun

Tomorrow the Sun enters Aries and restarts the journey around the Zodiac. In my last post I suggested you look back over the year and see what ideas may have bloomed for you as the months elapsed. I have been doing this for myself and my review is the subject of this post.

I started in the present. What do I feel I have achieved? This is  easy as the intention this Moon cycle was to get my WordPress site up and here I am writing a post on this very blog.

By going back a year, we are looking at the Sun’s journey to this point. Does where you are now have anything to do with your Sun sign? My Sun sign is Gemini and  I am excited to see how this spiral has furthered my writing. Writing is associated with Gemini.

The Sun in our chart represents a heart’s desire. We are not born fully equipped with our zodiac sign’s qualities necessarily but an intention to explore the areas represented by the quality of our Sun sign. A sign carries much more than one quality or expression. There are many other ways of expressing Gemini but over this year my writing has been in focus.

I can look back over a lifetime which has faithfully led me to realising this particular aspect of Self.

As a child I wrote naturally and happily. In my teens this writing was formalised in chronicles that tracked my emerging independence. As I took on adult responsibility these journals were forever a refuge of my private yearning. I always felt I was a writer but never had a subject I felt worthy of sharing with others.

Later my notebooks developed some purpose as I wanted to keep a record of how the planets in the sky reflected my own experience or vice versa.  As I became interested in flower essences, my scribblings continued as a research tool documenting case studies of clients and myself.

After reading Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’ I took on the discipline of  ‘Morning Pages’, three pages of random writing a day. My spiral notebooks and fountain pen were my treasures as I  watched the words pour out and my bookshelves fill up.

I tried computer journalling but it wasn’t the same. That is until Christmas 2011, when my beloved gave me a macbook. This wondrous tool was no larger than my diaries and with a 10 hour battery just as portable. My time became split between my notebooks and my mac.

This leads us to the Pisces Sun period a year ago and the transition into our review year. My pages for the Pisces period of 2011 are full of joy and appreciation for the magnificent life I was living. I was aware that a period of my life had ended as my daughter entered college. Up to this point we had been home educating (another expression of Gemini). My longing now was to participate more fully in my world. I was aware that I was full and wanted to share more of myself.

As the Sun started its new journey through the signs, I was surprised to be drawn to an on-line journal, Per Se. It looked just like a moleskin diary. The pages turn like a book. I could experiment with different fonts. Best of all I could add images and articles off the net. I could track the news and other things that were not easy to copy so comprehensively in my paper journals. I could add audio and video. My last paper entry was at the end of Aries 2011 as the old was replaced with the new.  Funnily enough as I stored my last journal, it took the last space in my bookcase. An era had ended.

I was totally hooked on this new resource and spent much of the Taurus and Gemini months playing with its new multi-dimensionality. Through my journal notes in May the desire to be a writer was being whispered in the pages.

It dawned on me that it was just a step to taking my writings on line and I came up with a name, Astrology Mon Ami. Cancer saw things get bogged down as I tried to  get a site and faltered over the technical details. I was not yet ready to create this new home. My domain name was registered though.

I committed to a thousand words a day clarifying my ideas, learning to remain steady despite other commitments . Through Leo my creativity expanded and in Virgo I wrote through illness, travel and taking on more employment to get us through lean times. These are the crisis times and yet I still nurtured my love and expanded my ability.

In Libra my commitment became a knowing and contented waiting. I had become merged with my becoming. It changed how I interacted with the world. I was self assured, happy, radiant, confident. People responded to me differently and me to them.

In Scorpio the transformation was complete, the universe stepped in and I got an invite to the Boundless Living Challenge, a ning site that was being revived after a hiatus. What joy, I could  post my blogs in a safe community of the most generous and beautiful people. Not only was I able to have a space to write but miraculously I had the most fantastic audience to read and encourage me. My writing was published in Sagittarius. You cannot imagine how heart opening this experience has been for me. I added images. Through Capricorn I grew in confidence. In Aquarius I was celebrating my belonging to a new global community.

Finally in a pause between challenges I have reached this Pisces Moon Cycle and jumped out completely into the public sphere launching my blog, Astrology Mon Ami.

Now I feel that writing has become my profession. I maintain both blogs and enjoy participating in both communities. I love to read and comment on other peoples work and I love to write my own. I feel so fortunate. I love my life.

This has been the Sun’s passage through my year. When I look back at my tentative beginnings, wondering how I was going to expand into the world, I would never have dreamt of such perfect fulfilment.

How exciting to have another year before me now, where will it take us?

 Image: Louis XIV dans Lully’s Le Ballet de la Nuit 1653 

Midwife to the Full Moon

This is a short post for those following their Pisces Moon Cycle. We are nearing the Virgo Full Moon. The Sun is still in Pisces and is day by day, step by step building the dream we conceived at that time. Meanwhile, the Moon has moved through the Zodiac signs and now reaches Virgo, the opposite sign to Pisces.  Pisces is the womb of the gestating dream emerging out of the unconscious. Virgo is the midwife that will help bring the dream into manifestation.

Virgo seeks to create order out of the chaos of the Pisces unconscious.  Each sign has its opposite that is the other end of the stick. Where Pisces is the unconscious, Virgo is conscious. Where Pisces is aware we are all connected, Virgo discerns the discrete detail. While Pisces is everything, Virgo is contained. It is Virgo’s role to take the dream and make it a practical reality. Virgo serves the dream by taking care of its needs so it will survive in our everyday existence.

We are now in the energy of the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon and you may wish to reflect on what you felt was bubbling up at the New Moon. See what ideas you want to contain and nurse into your everyday reality. What routines are you setting up? Are there systems that you are rearranging to accommodate this new desire? How are you preparing for the birth of this dream? What new skills do you wish to develop in order to support it? As we observe our journey we will hear the whispers that answer these questions.

Virgo has a reputation for being critical when in reality it is trying to create the safest environment to birth the delicate and vulnerable. At this Full Moon it is worth being aware of that inner critic without succumbing to despair at the enormity of the task.

Virgo is witnesses the nebulousness of the Pisces domain. She knows the power of a small shift that  allows a whole new reality to manifest as the story unfolds. She is the facilitator of discrete moments that deliver you the outcome you desire. When you look back  you can see how seemingly random actions provide perfect steps to the present. The Full Moon is the time to answer the prompting that calls you take up a new skill, clear out a space, integrate a new habit or set up a daily schedule. You are now preparing the nursery for the birth of your dream.


Image:  ‘Scheherazade’ Brigid Marlin 
Today I was lucky enough to discover the beautiful work of artist, Brigid Marlin. The image perfectly displays the Virgo energy bringing the Pisces creativity into the world we are familiar with. Scheherazade told stories that delighted a King, saved a sister and live on in the imaginations of generation after generation.
See more of Brigid’s work