Incubating a Dream

We are now a few days away from the Full Moon of our Pisces New Moon Cycle and it is timely to reflect on some of my experience this cycle. As appropriate for the amorphousness of Piscean energy, experience is  too strong a word. What transpires is internal and the surface provides little hint of what is happening under the water. In reflecting on your Pisces cycle you are looking for deep unarticulated resonances. 

At the New Moon I had a dream. Dreams at this time are always great indicators of the cycle and as Pisces also rules dreams it is a double banger. In my dream I was totally focussed on dealing with what was before me – writing and my blog. There was a level of anxiety as there seemed too many details so I just focussed on my writing. Then, like in a movie the dream panned back from above and the scene around me slowly came into focus. I was sitting comfortably on a huge deck with space all around me. As the perspective continued to expand I was able to see I was a small dot on this huge ship that was slowly but surely carrying me forward. 

I felt a flood of reassurance and safety. I knew that as I focussed on what I loved there was no need for anxiety as much greater forces were moving me in the same direction. I needed only to enjoy my play. I was a particle doing my perfect work as the whole moved effortlessly forward. If I made a mess of things it would not matter to the ship. This is a huge relief to one who always feels responsible. Big breath.

Astrology Mon Ami was born at this time and has been the main focus of my thoughts and energies. It has been an intention for a long time to start a blog and I felt I no longer wished to procrastinate.  With a delightful flourish of focussed energy like the girl on the ship I threw the site together and published. 

It felt magical and that was reflected in my experience with the possum. Things happened around me and although beyond my normal scope they were handled effortlessly. This was an adventure and I was in the flow. This has been so exciting for me. I am very grateful to you who have read my posts.

Pisces is a time of gestation. It is hidden and in the womb. A strange time to launch something. The possum is a perfect symbol of what I have done. She is a marsupial and as such gives birth to a tiny fetus-like offspring which instinctively climbs up the mother’s belly and enters the dark safety of the pouch where it is further nourished and grown. Come to think of it, the mother possum is like the ship carrying the fragile life safely forward. Pisces  contains everything and is the incubator of our dreams, allowing them to grow in an environment that ensures they are safe till ready. You may like to reflect what dream you are nourishing till it is ready to stand alone.

It has been 10 days since I have embarked on this creation. As the camera has panned back I have been exploring the environment that I have entered. I have been defining the space. First, I concentrated on getting some material in the form of posts. Ideas flooded my consciousness and then I had to make some sense of what my mission is with the site. Practical considerations like how many posts, how often. Maybe once a week, maybe two. 

My view expanded as my first post was completed, ideas and desires tumbled in and the reality of manifestation in time became apparent. This medium is huge. Patience! Allow the moments to unfurl, allow my everything to reveal with perfect timing. I have claimed a New Moon to start and this journey will go through each sign with its unique offerings before it returns to Pisces in a year and be ready for another spiral. So many adventures ahead.

The Full Moon is approaching and we can see it revealed in the greater light of consciousness. The Sun has maintained its steady journey through Pisces like the ship gliding through the deep  waters of this oceanic sign. The Moon meanwhile moves rapidly through the signs seeding the creation with the feelings that it will meet again and again as it flows through the cycle of birth to maturity and beyond. 

As the Moon has grown from invisibility to lighting up the night landscape, I have started to explore the world of blogs. I claimed a space in this virtual reality as effortlessly as becoming pregnant can be and now I realise I am a part of a world that is as unfamiliar to me as parenthood was when I held my baby in my arms. I must say I am excited. The world I have encountered as an idle consumer looks quite different through the eyes of this mother who wants her baby to become a magnificent expression of her potential.


Image: The Dream Ship

“Within the New Moon’s Silver Boat on Slumber Sea”
From an Irish Lullaby by Alfred Perceval Graves
Painting by Robert Lawson. Designer magazine, March 1921