Sun in Taurus & Scorpio Lunar Eclipse- Grounding the Fire

cows-india-diwali_48268_990x742In my last post at the Aries New Moon, I relished the idea that I was creating my own world. Since then I have become a stunned spectator as I witness my intention cause a slipstream where universes collide. Soon after the New Moon, Pluto turned retrograde and I seemed to be internalising the activities of my outer environment. My mind would catch hold of someone else’s drama and have me play it over and over. This is an old sign that I have been externally focussed for too long and have become entangled in things that are not my concern. This is a valuable early warning signal. It is time to ground the fire or suffer burn out. My body responds to the intensity overload with nausea and I just have to sit quietly in the murkiness waiting for the invading parasite to recognise it no longer resides on fertile turf and allow it to dissipate.

Venus moved in to Taurus and allowed a peace to return. All the fun of Aries activity needs its balance in periods of Venusian ease. I recognised how long it was since I had had a break and how I didn’t want my passion to turn sour from being overdriven. I decided to distract myself with different activities and leave my astrology and work aside. ‘A change is as good as a holiday’ proved itself accurate and time and space became more expansive as my mind was relieved by the sensuosity of my body.

I’d wake with happiness and feel gratitude that there was no need for striving. Stretch and relax.  Autumn is well established here and as cold creeps over the windowsill, I linger a little longer in the warm comfort of my lover’s body before I am called to go out and seek the white egret that has appeared on my walks. In fine Taurean style, I milk it!

The Sun follows Venus into Taurus  and the diversionary rest has worked its magic. Mercury aligns with Uranus in Aries and new ideas and possibilities stimulate me now that Pluto has released some of the grit that was jamming the works. It has been intent  on allowing redundant concepts to leave, in order to keep that which truly serves me. There is now rich compost for the ideas of Aries to gain traction and grow.  A new world is being created with new physics. My mind is being blown in radical ways and I feel I am stepping off the reservation and rebuilding my perception of what is possible. My mind is undergoing a rewrite, a full operating system overhaul.

My body , rested and refreshed is exploding with energy. The desire to implement the revolutionary ideas of Mercury/Uranus is strong. I am keen to develop habits that support the manifestation and maintenance of this cutting edge consciousness. This doesn’t sound like Taurus’ unwillingness to change but it must be remembered that once committed, the bull takes the pioneering sensibility of Aries and then starts digging the foundations to ensure they have some substance that will last for the long haul.

I stumbled upon a quote from Buckminster Fuller that captured my imagination. ‘You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change things you must build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.’  When something like this captures me I paste it in every page of my journal, in order for the thought to become a part of my daily rhythm. At first this expressed the desire of Aries but now that we are in Taurus it strikes me that it is the beast of burden that will be responsible for the building the new reality.

Aries has certainly planted seeds. I have been itching for a fresh start, a new way. I have been inexplicably excited. Mars joined the Sun in Taurus and I received a text saying another offer had been made on our property. I look up from the phone and see the white Goshawk is staring down at me from the telephone lines.  As reluctant as my Taurus Moon is to leave the wonders of its home, we know that Aries fiery inspiration is beginning to take root on the material plane. The cows and sheep in the surrounding meadows, the hawk and I know we are witnessing the old at the fulcrum point where it shape shifts into a new endeavour. This convergence in nature reassures the bull that this is a safe universe and we can solidly put our weight behind this new creation.

Today is the Scorpio Full Moon eclipse and I am fully engaged in evaluating what will be committed to the bonfire that Aries has started and what form the future phoenix my take.

Image: Cows, India by Mariajoseph Johnbasco These cows took refuge from the noise of crackers exploding during the Diwali festival. They found peace on the road.

Sagittarius New Moon: Mission Accomplished

imagesWhen the Gemini Moon was eclipsing the Sun, I felt the need to create a new vision for the future. It became apparent that this was to fill the need to be connected to something that would carry me on. I needed a lifeline to hold whilst riding the roller coaster that life had become. I felt like a drunk rolling home with only that slender thread to pull me through. The Scorpio Moon manifested as an energy vortex with an intense undertow. All that was no longer needed was being sucked away. Often I felt like I was on my belly  in the mud, holding on to that slender filament as I inched forward with sheer determination to stay the course. Finally, the fibre began to be pulled by wild horses through the eye of the needle that was the 12-12-12 portal.

As things were moving fast and at times the work was upside down the main focus for me was to surrender to the flow. Much of the time the ride was ecstatic with energy from some otherworldly source filling my body ever more consistently with fiery light. Still the more it did so the more grief would rise up from the dark depths of hell that has often been our experience of life on earth. That is where the Sagittarian faith has proved invaluable. The body became a contortionist, the face disfigured with rising stress yet the Sagittarius enthusiasm for a new world ensured one held fast to the gossamer thread pulling us all through the birthing canal into the next dimension.

While the Scorpio Moon cycle came to a close over the last week, we were in the thick of hay baling season on our property. As anyone who has experienced this season would know, the mercury is high on the thermometer and yet the race is on to get the hay in, before the heat is relieved by the inevitable build up of rain. This season had the added drama of the baler breaking down and the stop/start of trying to keep things on track over several days. Life was in slow motion and with each step the landscape was transfigured with its own crude crop circles.

One of my favourite comedic sequences is the opening of the Hitchcock parody, ‘High Anxiety.’ We follow Mel Brook’s character as he disembarks from a plane and makes his way through the airport. There is loud dramatic music and all sorts of covert and threatening activities going on around him. Finally, he exits and as the doors slide closed the music suddenly stops and there is silence. He pauses and exclaims, ‘What a dramatic airport!’

In the stillness between the 12-12-12 portal and the the exact time of the New Moon I watched as the door was closed on the hay shed and the last ute disappeared down the drive. Ahhh, it is done! Each year the land gets shorn of her flowing tresses, leaving the yellow stubble of summer on the fields. I get immense satisfaction knowing that horses will be surviving on this gift of sustenance from the freely forming grasses of mother earth.

How does it feel to have those doors close on the past, whilst waiting the few hours for the New moon to kick in? At first I just feel stunned, shell shocked. Nothing seems to have changed, my body felt worse if anything. Then the slow creep of something new…. relief…chillin’ was the word that kept coming to mind. Whew!…chillin’ now and it is quiet and delicious. I laughed when I visited the pages of my favourite, fellow astrological blogger, Gneiss Moon. In her lovely homage to Uranus to celebrate it moving direct, she uses one word, chillin’. I love that we are all connected, no matter where on the planet we reside. We tap into the same universal experience and use the same words and metaphors to communicate how we are doing.

As the Moon and the Sun aligned with each other in Sagittarius, I emerged from fog and was able to start defining with clarity what this new world may be. The last Scorpio cycle was such a prolonged period of honouring and saying goodbye to life as I have known it. Time became meaningless. Now the thread of vision I have clung to so fervently becomes something with which I can sew and create. With so much baggage released I am free to generate my heart’s desire. Together the Sun and the Moon set over the water and I sketched designs for a new life; content and inspired.

This morning as I wake I kept making circles in my mind. I am the centre and the circle forms around me. It reminds me of working with a horse. You hold a loose rope as the large beast circles around, responding to your commands. The horse, the human both connected, intently focussed on learning and executing new behaviours. Together they create a future. The Centaur has set his goal and is seeking its manifestation.

We have passed through our rebirthing in Scorpio. Sagittarius is future focussed. Uranus has been retrograde since July, filling us with visions of the new without any experience of external change. It has now turned direct and we can follow our revelations out into the world. Mercury has completed its journey over the terrain it retrograded through. It now takes its message into new territory. Nothing can stop us now, we have entered the future.

In my mind’s eye I took the compass and made more circles on the rim of the first with the edge dissecting the centre point and on and on until the whole Earth is covered with the flowers of life.

I know that we have all been intent on following our true essence through the swamps and quicksand of this past eon. We have finally made it through. All of us are creating from our centre. The planet is rejoicing as a crystalline matrix has been formed by the collective dreaming.

Woo hoo! ‘Shine on all you, Crazy Diamonds.’



Image: Crystal Light Matrix of Gaia

Film: I couldn’t find a clip for the opening sequence of High Anxiety. This is an excerpt of the dramatic airport and this is the trailer.

News: There is a lovely synchronicity as NASA publishes new images of the Earth lit up at night.

Sun in Sagittarius: Heading into an Unseen World

I give up. I let go of all resistance. Scorpio has bought me here and I release trying any more. It is no longer up to me. I turn myself over to allow some other vehicle to get me across the ravine. Nothing is appropriate anymore. I have gone beyond the bounds of my control. This is a foreign land and it seems I have no means to pay the ferryman.

I am reminded of the Carolyn Joyce Carty quote:

I love you and I would never leave you.

During your times of trial and suffering

when you see only one set of footprints,

it was then that I carried you.

Something higher than my little self must take the reins now. I really do not know. Please guide me in this new land.

So what is my ‘Waterloo?’ The usual boogeyman. The cash coming in no longer covers the bills demanding payment. Our shuffling dance with a collapsing financial strategy is now exhausted.This is our time of reckoning. Our mortgage is due next week and as our options run out, our imagination takes a darker turn.

It is an anathema to me to talk about such realities on these pages.  Sagittarius is about truth and it seems remiss to deny the practical realities of the moment. And yet what the Centaur seeks is something far away. The goal they pursue is not in the familiarity of everyday. With boundless enthusiasm they follow the unknown over all terrains, having faith that they will capture their target. Every day I don this wisdom and allow knowing to be revealed to me. I get regular assurance of this magic formula. It is in my nature to have faith in a utopian future. I believe in the good that resides within all those I meet, despite the trouble they may feel finding it for themselves.

Sagittarius is perceived as half human, half horse.  We rely so much on the natural instincts of the  animal to carry us to the promised land. It is up to that beast of burden to bear the load of everyday realities and to survive the journey. The human aspect urges us on, always believing in a better place.

Right now that our financial solutions are elusive, it is difficult to determine what the future holds. What we hoped to avoid, but feared, is here now. The animal appears paralysed in the glare of headlights. The bills cannot be paid by moths in the purse. It is surreal how the habitual self just expects everything to go on. As we use what is in the pantry, the items are transferred to the shopping list with full expectation that they will be replaced. I am reminded of when we kept horses; it always baffled me that Spring was the starvation season. All the fields are locked up for the green grass to transform into hay. If the planning has not covered unexpected  emergencies, the winter stores are depleted and the horses start looking skeletal. Likewise, growing vegetable patches are not producing and the blossoming trees have not yet produced fruit. When the landscape appears the most abundant there is no food.

As the Sun leaves Scorpio, the sign of Death and enters Sagittarius, the sign of Unknown Lands, it trines Neptune in Pisces.  Truly, all I seem to be able to do now is sleep. This is not quite accurate because when I arise from slumber, I feel amazing; cleansed and bubbling with energy.  I have been infused with high spirits and appreciation for the moment. I am grateful for the ever present now which is full of the beauty of Gaia and the pleasure of gorgeous people. I have the soothing peace of a dog at my feet. I feel love profoundly. The lushness of Spring is reflected in my life. After a while fear of lack creeps in and once again I allow myself to float off into Neptune’s realm escaping Saturn’s boundary for a little time in respite care.

Sagittarius is part animal and right now I feel its primal call. I wish to fly away with the ravens that are all around me. They soar, majestically around my home and are still cawing in the town where I work. Even in the city I follow their flight across the facade of the buildings and watch them roost on the roof. The Raven is considered a shapeshifter carrying healing energy from distant lands. They represent the potent magic that lies in the void where all knowledge resides. This bestows on us a responsibility to walk in the light, maintaining our integrity and holding the highest intentions for all whom we serve.

We are currently in the magical time between worlds that was heralded by the Scorpio Solar Eclipse and now without coin for Charon I follow the Sun into the new territory that Sagittarius is pioneering. I know that here in the Southern lands, Spring holds the promise of harvest. In the Autumnal North the bounty is being laid down for the winter months. Though there is much that I am ignorant of, I do know that anything is possible in the New World.

Image: Raven


Scorpio Solar Eclipse: Standing on the Brink

Sometimes I get asked where my writing comes from and how long I ponder it. There is a part of me whispering sweet thoughts and lovely words all the time. Composing their exquisite little explosions in my mind. Often this murmuring happens in that delicious state between sleep and waking. The schedule for my posts is set by the movements in the heavens. Sometimes my mortal self writes down the words and other times it makes breakfast and drives the daughter to public transport. My Mercury Retrograde post rode the bus into Hobart. Isn’t that just like Mercury?

This morning I lay in bed naked, spooning with my sleeping partner. Oh my! My back against his solid chest, my bottom comfortable in the seat he proffers, my thighs weightless against his, my calves hanging from his knees and my feet find rest on his footstools. Bliss! I think of giant stone pharaohs in the warm desert sun sitting on their thrones through the millenniums. Not such a bad fate.

There is nothing calling me to get up. I reflect over the last hectic month. It started with a Libra New Moon, I was happily making connections with others, enjoying being taken out of myself. As the Sun moved into Scorpio and the Moon grew full, the weather got wilder and life became an exhilarating ride. Scorpio likes to know it is alive and by living on the edge, knowing all could soon be finished, makes each breath exquisite. Libra connects us to others via relationships whilst Scorpio merges completely, not knowing where one begins or the other ends.

Mercury is now retrograde and retracing its steps over the path it has trodden since October the 18th and the Moon is waning into Darkness before it eclipses the Sun tomorrow. I find myself reviewing what I have merged with over the years, trying to unpick the seams to discover who I am now.

In Scorpio there is always a release of the redundant or the outgrown. There is much that is completing at this time, some stuff just has to go in order to move forward. Death, transformation, quantum shifts, evolutionary jumps; this is what is demanded of us. Trouble is that standing in this world we cannot grasp what lies ahead. We just have to jump and trust our instincts.

For me, everything is shifting. A week ago my daughter turned 18 and is now legally an adult, or in her words:

 I can legally sue someone, adopt a child, change my name, rent a port-a-potty, get a divorce, purchase R rated movies and go to jail. Oh and pubs.

My Scorpio Princess has become a Queen. She is now sitting her final exams and will be free to design her own life, here on in.

In Libra I was so happy being out in the world with others that I began to wonder whether I had satisfied the needs of my introverted self and was free to socialise with ease. Scorpio with its deep emotion disabused me of that notion. I had a period of feeling very space deprived as the moon was waning. I longed for time living alone. I realised that at this juncture with Kafka, all grown up and  our home on the market, anything was possible.

John and I entertained the possibility of living apart. We have been together for 34 years, maybe it is time to experience something else. It was amazing to discuss this so calmly. There was no rejection of what is, just consideration of what could be.

Somewhere within me this conversation was taboo. It was a boundary, an inner ring-pass-not. Magically, with this discussion, an inner space opened and I felt completely free. Together we were able to discuss our needs and yearnings more honestly, allowing more to be put on the table. We are unlikely to go our separate ways, still it is good to know that we can be open to anything.

The Sun, Moon and Saturn are currently in Scorpio. Saturn defines the limits of the reality we have agreed to accept in this incarnation. The Uranus square Pluto that defines our current time are urging us to break with pre-existent boundaries. I personally feel like I am standing at the edge of my current life ready to jump off the cliff. I have no idea what lies ahead but I am prepared to embark on the adventure.

Many feel this call for a new world. Tomorrow is the Scorpio New Moon. Normally, the Sun is so bright that the Moon is not visible when they are joined. The seed of the cycle is obscured till it is displayed at the full moon. This time there will be an eclipse where the Moon will overshadow the Sun. This will be visible over much of the east coast and top of Australia as well as across the Pacific to Chile. Whatever we birth tomorrow we are capable of seeing it for a moment when the Sun’s glare is obscured by our lunar satellite.

Mercury has regressed back to the Sagittarius/Scorpio cusp. It is possible that as we stand, hand in hand with the Sun, Moon and Saturn at the edge of the Scorpio abyss that Mercury can relay a message back from our future.

Meanwhile my present moment is exquisite. Gaia is resplendent all around me. My daughter, is still my beautiful daughter and this will never change. I lie in my lover’s arms. This is utopia, the New World is right here. Time may go on but the present is eternal.

Image: My Scorpio Princess, Kafka.

Taurus Full Moon – Experiencing Exhilaration

Here we are in the grip of the Taurus Full Moon and it feels like a wild ride. Colonic irrigation comes to mind. This therapy clears the accumulated matter that remains stuck in our bowels, poisoning the bloodstream that carries our vitality. As a result great energy is released from a burden that no longer needs to be supported. A local therapist actually does a swift trade with brides. They come and get cleaned out and actually lose weight instantly ensuring a good fit for the white wedding dress and enough vivacity to ride the tumult of the wedding season. This last New Moon was in Libra, the sign of the wedding day and now with the Sun in Scorpio. This is a thrilling example of how signs interact in a positive manner. After the marriage vows are exchanged, witnessed and celebrated the couple retire behind closed doors. Scorpio moves in to consummate the bond beyond the airy romantic contract into the visceral depths where bodily fluids merge and blood binds us deeply.

In my environment the Full Moon season has been full on, requiring total dedication to the present moment in order to manage the ride. My house has been  filled with 18 year olds, coughing and wheezing with a flu that seems to be everywhere. They have merged together in a diligent effort to complete assignments and cram for their final exams. The education year ends before christmas in Australia and exams start in a fortnight. The state of high drama they are expressing is very apt for the Scorpio season. In a way it does feel like life and death for them as the next few weeks are vital. The exams loom large claiming to determine the outcome of their education and the direction of their future. The house then empties leaving silence and a messy chaos in its wake. No sooner is everything cleaned and order re-established than they return without warning. It is a welcome and infectious exuberance.

Personally, I have been busy as well, with an increase in consultations calling me into the local village where I work from. A couple of days ago the weather was crazy. Spring weather shifts suddenly into wild winds and torrential downfalls, even a hail storm that turned the landscape white for over an hour. Physically, the body mirrored the weather with aches and pains which were only relieved by soothing sleep.

This period culminated in an uncharacteristic hissy fit  where years of frustration and rage poured out of my surprised mouth and onto my shocked partner. Something vile was released in that Munch-like scream and then all sanity was dissolved in tears and wild sobbing, easing into sacred slumber. Whew! I emerged next morning feeling exhilarated. The weather now amazing, balmy winds and perfect warmth. Light and colour continuing to intensify all around. Are my eyes getting clearer or are we all being polished into glowing jewels?

I felt much better but I was not alone. During the wild weather people filled the cafes in town but the feeling wasn’t one of happy socialising. It felt more like a manic compacting into these spaces, in order to find desperately needed nourishment and nurture. Now, the energy has shifted from huddle to outflow. People seem ecstatic and openly generous. Spring has finally truly come with this full moon. In the gallery we were surprised after a long season of closely guarded wallets, customers were cavalier in filling their baskets with treasure, as if they were no longer concerned about where the next coin would come from. Taurus shows us what we love and people were valuing the creative efforts all around them. Conversation and laughter flowed. A loved one only had to admire a trinket and it was gifted to them. I am reminded that Scorpio is shared resources and finally we seem free to believe in abundance. Trust, appreciation, joy, flow; this is what we long for. I had released something evil in me and I wonder how many others have cleared some lurking ghoul?

As I step back from my personal experience of being carried by ebb and flow and view what is happening around the planet, the whooshing I am feeling all around me seems to have collected in one almighty mother! Hurricane Sandy is barrelling down on the city perceived as the centre of the world, and possibly affecting the US elections. A man-made city threatened by ‘Frankenstorm,’ as the media has christened it. Makes you wonder how much nature was involved in its birth!

Over the pond in the United Kingdom another Scorpio squall has been released with allegations exposing the late Jimmy Saville’s involvement in extensive child sexual abuse. It appears that if the stopper is removed and the investigation dives deep, a pedophile ring will be exposed with tentacles in many powerful places.

This Full Moon has flowing aspects to Pluto in Capricorn, this would allow for movement of the essential power in our society from where it has long been abducted and buried. I am reminded of the  poisonous Hydra of ancient Greece. She was a water beast with many heads whose stinking breath was toxic and polluted the environment all around. Every time our hero, Hercules cut off a head, two grew back. It was by sinking to his knees and raising her out of the muddy depths of her home that he was able to expose her to the light. It was then possible to cut off her weakened heads and cauterise each wound preventing the regrowth of her infection.

Everywhere forceful dynamics are on the loose. They are too intense for our human selves to contain or control. We proceed by combining our shared resources, supporting each other in riding it courageously. We face our Hydra, allowing her to dissipate her energy, healing the wounds and clearing the resulting debris. Our passion that was once siphoned off by unseen contamination can be reclaimed. The Taurus Moon can reveal our true talents hidden in the treasure trove of the water dragon.


Image: High Tide Coastal Flooding by Ellie Crystal

Sun In Scorpio: Yowchi Mama!

In Libra we emerged into the wider world and discovered other gorgeous people. We forgot ourselves and found heavenly bliss in the eyes of others. The princess gets her prince and lives happily ever after…right?

There is harmony and peace and all I want is a taste of the devil realms. Yowchi Mama!!! Desire, desire, desire; lead me astray.

Power, energy, sex, gimme! I feel ripe and ready to erupt. What is my choice? … to repress or let loose… implode or explode! Whatever – as long as life is being lived. This world has become hum drum. I am hum drum. I know how much better things can be. There is so much that we have accepted as “just the way things are.”  We can all see how illogical what exists has become. Every man and his dog could make a fist of a fairer system. I have lots of ideas but when faced with the mediocrity of living, my energy dies, I curl up and sleep in the hope of escaping to more exciting realms. What is, obscures what could be. What if we lived and were alive; vitally, powerfully alive!

Welcome to Scorpio. What stops this wanton desire from becoming all that it can be, greedily eating life?  The whispers of fear, of course. If we succumb and run wild with abandonment,  surely we will hurt and betray the ones we love. Those caring bonds of Libra are true and have led to this powerful experience of deep and potent joy.

I am fuelled with ecstatic energy. I can see how I could change things way beyond the generally accepted limitations. Instead I become overwhelmed. It appears I am afraid of my own power. Why? I do not know how to direct it. My vision is greater than the boundaries of my human self. I need to become bigger. I need to pool my resources with others. We need to merge.

Other fears arise. What if my vision is mistaken, people could invest and lose out because of my dreams. I could trample my loved ones by unleashing my potency. This need to merge everything creates the spectre of death. My passion for transformation somehow betrays our shared vows. The relationship could end. Others could lose by having faith in me. They could be hurt. There is so much at stake. Passion is often forbidden. We can pursue the alien inside us begging to be born, but the danger is that we destroy everything we now love.

Here we are caught in the dilemma of Scorpio. How do we put out the fires that lead to the destruction of all that is? Sex, drugs, rock and roll? Anything to mop up the unrealised energy. When I was younger I was a social smoker until I saw how sucking in smoke subdued me. I realised that intense social discourse led quickly to intimacy. Such powerful energy arises when we connect to another even momentarily. I didn’t know what to do within the appropriate rules of social behaviour. I could dance in the streets, lead charismatic revolts or inhale a cigarette and have another sip. It seemed safer to allow the energy to dissipate into incoherent ramblings everyone would forget.

In Pisces addiction is about escaping reality. The Scorpion displaying destructive behaviour needs to have their power harnessed.  We don’t want to lose an opportunity to have them transform the apparently irreconcilable problems that face us.

Scorpio demands we let go of attachment and throw the ballast that hinders us overboard. Our talents need to operate full throttle in tandem with others. Nothing can be resolved if we remain caught in our conditioned little self. In Scorpio we are called to unleash the being that we know is there but are afraid to reveal.

How often in flights of fantasy have you had a vision of what could be if only you weren’t squeamish about stepping fully into your power and breaking with the rules of convention. On some level you know how irresistible your vision, charismatically realised would be to others. It could change the world.

The energy gained from releasing this potential is as formidable and as destructive as splitting the atom. That means your loved ones and yourself will not survive in your current state. Everything will change and you are terrified that you may stuff it up, though not for your own sake. Death is a risk you are prepared to take. But you cannot ask someone you love to make that sacrifice. How could you live with that knowledge?

This is the crazy making choice of Scorpio. The chains of current life are stultifying but by instigating change all life could be destroyed. No wonder Scorpions often accept reputations as some out of control psychopath. It seems easier to create the required chaos wilfully and forcefully than to explain its necessity to the people you love. The egg is always broken in order to merge into the omelet.

2012 is in its final months. Uranus is demanding the freedom of the new in Aries. Pluto is undermining the outworn societal structures in Capricorn. Saturn in Scorpio is putting its weight behind the necessity of a shift. Now the Sun is adding our personal will for something more potent to emerge and calling us to dive deep into our desires.

Yowchi Mama, bring it on.


Image: Beluga White Whale. I chose this whale because of its extraordinary effort at self-transformation in an apparent attempt to communicate with humans. See the accompanying clip.


Saturn in Libra: Celebrate Your Story

Tomorrow Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline, moves into Scorpio. That is 5th-6th October depending on where in the world you reside. This planet describes the boundaries of our personal world and takes two and a half years to move through a sign. The journey begins with a sense of inadequacy as Saturn points out one’s shortfalls and demands a commitment to a process of continuous improvement. It aims to build solid foundations and  develop competencies to fulfil the purpose we feel compelled to contribute to society. Saturn is a stern taskmaster but if obeyed provides the exquisite satisfaction that comes from overcoming daunting challenges.

Astrology tends to push us forward into the future, there are always new energies to assimilate. With Saturn there are new tasks to fulfil and burdens to carry.  As Steven King wrote “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Saturn does lighten up as he matures. The beginning of his journey may seem overwhelming but once he achieves what he set out to do, he becomes a supportive and playful ally.  Now there is a unique opportunity to pause and survey the landscape as Saturn completes his sojourn in Libra.

Saturn rules the past and it is worthwhile seeing what you have been focussing on over this time. Where has your attention been? What has been your work? What have you been disciplining yourself to do? What skills and competencies have you developed to progress your life? What have you been aiming at?

Over this time you have become disciplined in some area that has been well integrated into your routine. It has been offering its own inherent satisfaction. Some of the examples I have been hearing from others are strict adherence to musical practise, discovering a love for Pilates bodywork, acquiring new work responsibilities, and adjusting to a changed relationship.  Joy is experienced at the thrill of a new level of mastery. “I did this!” Even so the satisfaction is tentatively expressed as Saturn is always aware of how much still needs to be done. Looking back you see how far you have come in shifting previous obstacles.

One element that emerges is the present difficulty in maintaining the discipline. The motivation is no longer there. Saturn rules fear and loss. As determination starts to dissipate, the individual expresses concern that they will lose hard won ground if they do not continue. This is two and a half years of effort and no-one wants to throw it all away. Perhaps a plateau has been reached since it has been a while since there has been a good return on investment.

I propose that this dwindling interest is the completion of the Saturn in Libra task. It doesn’t mean that this will disappear from our life, just that it becomes a more balanced part of our daily routine. We have achieved what we needed and  a new challenge will be identified as Saturn enters Scorpio. If we wish to move forward in life some other aspect will require our unwavering attention.

There is a moment between cycles where we can stand upright and celebrate what we have achieved. Tomorrow we will need to pick up a new rock and develop new muscles as we identify our task for the period ahead.

Cronus is the Greek god that is equated with Saturn. His father, Ouranos, was dissatisfied with the children he created with Gaia and in disgust hid them away in the womb of the Earth. Gaia found it painful containing all her babies forever. She was disturbed that her offspring could never emerge and live life. She  entreated Cronus to overthrow his father and free his siblings. The son castrated Ouranos with a sickle and became the ruler of a Golden Age with his wife, Rhea.

Given his history Cronus was acutely aware that one day he would be overthrown by his offspring. To overcome this fate he took to consuming his children and containing them safely within his own body. Rhea, like Gaia before her was distressed by the loss of her children and tricked him by wrapping a boulder in swaddling clothes. He promptly accepted the rock as his son and swallowed it whole. When this boy, Zeus, had grown into a young man he returned to his father’s domain and forced Cronus to regurgitate his brood. Cronus was banished from the kingdom and Zeus took his place as the new father of the Gods.

This multi-generational myth is rich with meaning that we can apply to the story of  our life. Today I am interested in how history tends to repeat itself. Saturn rules the past and karma; it has an acute understanding of this dynamic.  We can see that as the events rerun there are some alterations. Ouranos was castrated and died, Cronus was overthrown and banished, a more lenient fate. With each turn of the wheel, the plot is similar but also improved. Things evolve.

In our personal journey, the planet Saturn takes about 29.5 years to travel around the Zodiac. For those of us who have been hanging around this “mortal coil” for some time, we will have experienced Saturn in Libra more than once. I have been having some fun with my clients, seeing how our own history has played out.

This has been the second time around for me. The last time I met my partner (Libra). We were fully committed (Saturn) to our relationship. Before this I was living a gypsy-style life. Now I had to face reality and find a place in the mainstream. I found myself trapped in a dead end  and demeaning job as a telephonist in a basement shared with many other women. My self-esteem took a major hit and like the mythical offspring, I felt trapped. My partner had his own issues and I realised that I would have to engineer my escape from the dungeon alone. I became the Union Rep and had to learn all the conditions of service. I realised I was entitled to study leave and returned to university. As my confidence increased I became more of an authority in the environment. Later when the exchange was being closed down, I was able to step into my power and negotiate new jobs with greatly improved conditions for the other telephonists and myself.

This time around I am coming out of a period tucked away in the country, where I home-educated my daughter. As Saturn re-entered Libra I needed to return to society and find a new role. The world of work has greatly changed in my absence. I have been faced with taking low paid manual work that is no reflection of my skills. My true desire has been to establish my own practice as a life coach using astrology, tarot and flower essences. I have a long history in these areas but since the environment has changed I have undergone further study to establish mainstream credibility. Step by step, I have extended my reach establishing this blog, giving lessons, providing consultations and expanding my client base.

The stories are very similar. The first time around I am a young adult finding a role for myself in the world. This time I emerge again after motherhood with a renewed desire to share my talents with others. Reviewing these journeys gives me clarity and a firm foundation for moving into Scorpio.

I recommend you look at your passage through Libra and congratulate yourself for how far you have come. Soon new demands will distract you as your nose returns to the grindstone.

The dates for Saturn in Libra are:

November 2009- April 2010, August 2010-October 2012

If you have been around the block before the previous dates are:

December 1950-November 1953

October 1980-August 1983


Happy sleuthing. I would love to hear about your discoveries.



Image: California Storm: Sisyphus Gives Up by Damian Dovarganes




Scorpio Full Moon- The Bare Essentials

Tomorrow is the Full Moon in Scorpio and we are packing and flying to Melbourne.  My partner’s mother is having a minor operation and we will be there to offer  moral support and care. In my case, the Moon in Scorpio will take me away from our comfortable Taurean setting in the countryside and have three people squeezed into a one bedroom flat, sleeping on the floor. All routines will be broken. Scorpio does like to break things up, releasing the familiar and provide an intense experience of the unknown.

Over the last year I have established very comfortable routines. I have the mornings to myself to write, to read and to generally meditate. I nurture myself with a delicious breakfast, my dog snores at my feet. I was sent a lovely quote the other day.

“My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.” – Edith Wharton.

The epitome of grounded Taurean comfort. Bliss!

I learnt that introverts need solitude to recharge their energy, and have since claimed the mornings as mine, guilt-free. I emerge in the afternoon with great energy to honour appointments and participate in the world. This form of self-care has made me ‘one contented babe’ and my general effectiveness has risen accordingly.

Scorpio likes to shake things up a little and take away your crutches to show you what you are really made of . This travel is a perfect manifestation of ripping away my securities and seeing how I fare. I will get the opportunity to live life as it comes to me, rejuvenating my energy in the moment. It is true, I have become too attached to my habits, feeling as if they are essential to my wellbeing. Life is about change and my future is unknown. This Moon will be a gentle reminder of what I am capable of and will allow me to see what treasures may be available if I allowed myself to shake up my cocoon a little.

My mother in law and I have in common my lovely man – her son, and also a Taurus Moon. Both of us will be breaking our regular pattern and merging to find a new form of nurture. She is the perfect hostess and has always generously fed us and taken care of our needs as much as we allow. This time I have the opportunity to return her abundant hospitality and make her comfortable in a situation that is challenging. An operation no matter how minor and liberating is not something we welcome. Scorpio rules surgery.

This will be the first time we will travel without our daughter. This was unconsciously foreshadowed in my last post when I discussed the myth of Persephone’s abduction. Now here we are at the Full Moon with Demeter, the mother being separated from her daughter. I love how everything is reflected in life.

Visiting this myth over the last week had me researching (also ruled by Scorpio) other underworld myths. One has been Inanna’s descent into the underworld to visit her sister, Ereshkigal, who was mourning her  husband’s death. On her journey, there were seven gates to pass through.  At each gate something was taken away from her so that she eventually arrived completely naked.

What can be released this Full Moon that allows you to become more authentically you?

On the plane we are only taking carry-on luggage. Inanna took: turban, wig, necklace, dress, pectoral, mascara, ring and measuring rod.  Mmm, I need to go and decide, what are the bare essentials for my trip to another world.



Image: Full moon rising… by Michael Ward –