Aries New Moon- Creating the New World

Minnie Dibdin Spooner - The Land of Counterpane - The Golden Staircase - 1906-1I wrote this about ten hours before the Aries New Moon was exact. This was several days ago. I usually wait for the experience and then report my findings and therefore left this post aside to see what else would unfurl. I should have realised that Aries, always impatient, would rush on to the next adventure, never to return. I post it now belated but intact, an ode to all that this cycle is launching.

I awoke on the morning of the  New Moon and thought, ‘It is all me! This world I am participating in is all generated by me.’ Lying in the dark as the dawn light started to recreate the world around me, I pondered my recent experiences and felt sure I had put this world together piece by piece.

Every thought I have, every little desire  generated by my wondering, wandering imagination appears throughout my day in every form. Poof! A new acquaintance appears that I am sure I have known for eons, an old friend will provide me with manifestations of my perceptions, and a found object will lead me into a fresh chapter. This is my kind of life, I am a mere child, living and unravelling a world of treasure everyday.

There are so many theories of realities out there and I like to keep across them and play with the ideas and not worry too much about what is true. I am a Gemini, a scientist exploring, a journalist reporting and happy with the plethora of phenomena that I can wonder about without the need to pin down reality into a single truth. It is fun to tackle the part of the puzzle before me and allow another bit to come randomly when it will. This is  what keeps it play.

I report my experiences, filling my journals with vignettes. The more I engage and imagine, the more I find my medium doesn’t lie in hieroglyphs on the page but manifests like magic all around me. The stories are played out through people I meet by chance and dramas find their resolution and explode into original dioramas.

Observing all these idle musings coming to pass, I realise that somehow I do create my reality and I am loving how creative I am getting. From the matrix of my mind I am populating my Earth with flora, fauna, people and treasures. I set up grooves with problems I feel I must resolve and total surprises have me racing home to report the miracles I have stumbled across today.

Where do I reside outside of the fantasy that I live within? I am not sure that I really care. I am happy here in the world of my illusion. As a child I was fascinated with Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem ‘The Land of Counterpane’. He was a sickly child and bed bound he built a world from his imagination on the quilt that kept him warm. This idea has become the way I live, redrawing my world, happy living my fantasy. I love living on this cutting edge as I allow my ideas to flow out of the ribbon of my imagination.

This year I have been playing with manifesting from my heart. Living with more love and joy, seeking a deeper intimacy that allows me to find that my centre can always get deeper and yet connect to the variety of magical creatures I meet in daily life. I am becoming tuned into this open vulnerable state and getting better at allowing myself to stay and trust in the present moment. I am recognising quicker when I have wandered off into anxiety and dis-ease. It is the mind which attempts to rush forward and see if the path ahead is safe, without realising that it alone is responsible for manifesting the possibility of failure and ruin at every turn. I reallocate the worrisome one to stand guard in case I slip into an old feeling state that forgets who is creating the delusion. In this faithful servant I have an early warning system of uneasiness before it creates serious damage. I can then wrap this runaway child in love and gentleness and find a new expression that allows us both to love the adventure of quelling the doubt. This universe is safe and perfect for us all to be who we are.

This is the new part that I am bringing in to play at the beginning of this zodiac year. The courage to trust in my perceptions, to claim my own authority, to recognise this world that I am living in is of my own creation and therefore I am the emperor here. There are no wild things that are not my wild things. The only punishing rulers who have power over me are my fears. Everything, the good, the bad and the ugly, is of my invention. Here I can discover quests and expeditions, enjoying that I sometimes forget  what I have orchestrated. I may stumble into a jungle filled with awesome beasts and appreciate the tremulous interactions with these renegade parts of my soul, as I rediscover how much fun it is to have daring adventures. My Aries Knight loves being ready, saddled up with courage to head in once more on his quest to find the holy grail.

And so as I woke on this Aries New Moon I knew I was heading out again on a journey of discovery into strange, as yet undiscovered lands of my imagination. I have a longing in my heart to establish a new kingdom where old and young are following their passions, revealing their talents and wowing me with possibilities. I have created this world and populated it with every thought and whim. With every passing revery when I have thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool?’ and ‘What if’, something has burst into being to surprise me when least expected, each individual whim has bought into being a possibility that never existed before. Now this is paradise to me. I am a tourist in my own land, learning that nothing is quite as it seems. Whatever dimension I have woken into and what pain and pleasure may befall me, I am thrilled once more to lift up my lance and rush forth into unfamiliar enchantments.

Image: Minnie Dibbin Spooner, ‘The Land of Counterpane’

New Moon in Pisces – A Creation Story

Flight_to_Home_webYesterday’s Pisces New Moon introduces the last stage of pregnancy where we are heavy with the potential of the impending newborn. The heavenly maternity room is very crowded this year, the Sun and Moon are sharing their birthing stool with a retrograde Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron; all in Pisces chamber, waiting to be transmuted for another voyage round the zodiac.  This is the time of waiting. We are tuned in to the inner dimensions, wondering what the new will be. Are we ready? Have we prepared? Everything from the old annual cycle that will not survive the transition needs to be wound up and released.

Pisces has no boundaries and if we are very quiet we can feel the new life stirring within us. So far it is unseen, however, we know intimately this new life that is being conjured; we requested this  when weary of the old ways. Now there is a growing excitement and impatience to finally meet our creation in the material dimension. Each year we go through the ritual of this shift.  We disappear into Pisces’ womb, dissolving all we know to be us, in order to be resurrected  for another spiral around the zodiac.

The passage is always the same, yet different like we have entered a parallel universe. I keep getting the image and music from the film, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ where the gorilla discovers he can use a bone from a dinosaur’s skeleton to break things down. Pisces has been breaking down all that is old and redundant in us. Once the gorilla has completed his task he flings the bone away and it spirals into the sky where it becomes transformed into a space station, existing in another millennia. Each new discovery takes us irrevocably forward and we create the future.

This line up in Pisces has been building for several weeks. I have been getting insights and intuitions about what I am birthing and what I will eventually manifest. When I am alone I am having fun, ‘chilling’ and dreaming up how things could be. Enjoying reveries as I stand in the peaceful waters of the river, just being here now. Allowing… then I fall into an old mistake; I feel that in order to birth this beautiful vision I have to make something happen. I need to go out and take action to change my environment and to involve others in the change.

Hah! As if going and talking to the midwife is going to have any influence on when and who my baby is? Old beliefs come up that it is my responsibility to make the new happen. If I can get the midwife on board with my vision then the baby would appear- just as I  have seen her in my dreams. Such a sense of urgency and anxiety. Surely if I am unable to convince the midwife then my creation won’t manifest.

When we are faced with a lot of Pisces it is an automatic reaction to find a way to contain it and try and make sense of it. It is easy to crossover to the fish’s opposite sign and harness some Virgo qualities. There is a temptation to take vague ephemera and try to pin it down and turn it into discrete chunks that we can order and manage.  Virgo often suffers from feelings of inadequacy when faced with the cosmic visions of Pisces. She feels her job is critical. She must tackle the present in order to manifest the future. She gets anxious and starts to micro-manage the inevitable. Time and time again she learns that like a virgin, her job is to do nothing.

My dream is already a seed in the womb. It has its own life. I am merely the host, the container. The birth will happen all in good time. The creation will grow in its own way. I can sweat it all I like, but such activity is redundant. Now is the time to detach from what has been growing the last few months. The baby has been conceived. It now has it’s own life. The laws of nature will take its course and we need only enjoy allowing the alchemy to unfold. Pisces dreamlike state is a solitary trance and it is a joy to be present at the delivery of something that has never existed before. This is a magic time to attune to what is within.

The Moon and Mars move into Aries today. As the old drifts away we begin to get a little clarity.  We can use energy to prepare the nursery. The Sun will join Mars in eight days and that will be the point of separation from the cosmic waters we have been floating in, sometimes drowning. The next cycle will be the time of action when the new babe and its commands will be the centre of our world. Then all our energy will go to meeting its needs as it thrusts itself into the physical. Born again into activity, there will be little time then for reflection. Luckily the heroic quest of manifestation is infectious. We will be infatuated, hypnotised by love and not begrudge the demands the mewling infant makes of us.


Image: ‘Transformation’ Robin de Lavis. I recommend visiting her exquisite site to see more of her creations.


Sagittarius New Moon: Mission Accomplished

imagesWhen the Gemini Moon was eclipsing the Sun, I felt the need to create a new vision for the future. It became apparent that this was to fill the need to be connected to something that would carry me on. I needed a lifeline to hold whilst riding the roller coaster that life had become. I felt like a drunk rolling home with only that slender thread to pull me through. The Scorpio Moon manifested as an energy vortex with an intense undertow. All that was no longer needed was being sucked away. Often I felt like I was on my belly  in the mud, holding on to that slender filament as I inched forward with sheer determination to stay the course. Finally, the fibre began to be pulled by wild horses through the eye of the needle that was the 12-12-12 portal.

As things were moving fast and at times the work was upside down the main focus for me was to surrender to the flow. Much of the time the ride was ecstatic with energy from some otherworldly source filling my body ever more consistently with fiery light. Still the more it did so the more grief would rise up from the dark depths of hell that has often been our experience of life on earth. That is where the Sagittarian faith has proved invaluable. The body became a contortionist, the face disfigured with rising stress yet the Sagittarius enthusiasm for a new world ensured one held fast to the gossamer thread pulling us all through the birthing canal into the next dimension.

While the Scorpio Moon cycle came to a close over the last week, we were in the thick of hay baling season on our property. As anyone who has experienced this season would know, the mercury is high on the thermometer and yet the race is on to get the hay in, before the heat is relieved by the inevitable build up of rain. This season had the added drama of the baler breaking down and the stop/start of trying to keep things on track over several days. Life was in slow motion and with each step the landscape was transfigured with its own crude crop circles.

One of my favourite comedic sequences is the opening of the Hitchcock parody, ‘High Anxiety.’ We follow Mel Brook’s character as he disembarks from a plane and makes his way through the airport. There is loud dramatic music and all sorts of covert and threatening activities going on around him. Finally, he exits and as the doors slide closed the music suddenly stops and there is silence. He pauses and exclaims, ‘What a dramatic airport!’

In the stillness between the 12-12-12 portal and the the exact time of the New Moon I watched as the door was closed on the hay shed and the last ute disappeared down the drive. Ahhh, it is done! Each year the land gets shorn of her flowing tresses, leaving the yellow stubble of summer on the fields. I get immense satisfaction knowing that horses will be surviving on this gift of sustenance from the freely forming grasses of mother earth.

How does it feel to have those doors close on the past, whilst waiting the few hours for the New moon to kick in? At first I just feel stunned, shell shocked. Nothing seems to have changed, my body felt worse if anything. Then the slow creep of something new…. relief…chillin’ was the word that kept coming to mind. Whew!…chillin’ now and it is quiet and delicious. I laughed when I visited the pages of my favourite, fellow astrological blogger, Gneiss Moon. In her lovely homage to Uranus to celebrate it moving direct, she uses one word, chillin’. I love that we are all connected, no matter where on the planet we reside. We tap into the same universal experience and use the same words and metaphors to communicate how we are doing.

As the Moon and the Sun aligned with each other in Sagittarius, I emerged from fog and was able to start defining with clarity what this new world may be. The last Scorpio cycle was such a prolonged period of honouring and saying goodbye to life as I have known it. Time became meaningless. Now the thread of vision I have clung to so fervently becomes something with which I can sew and create. With so much baggage released I am free to generate my heart’s desire. Together the Sun and the Moon set over the water and I sketched designs for a new life; content and inspired.

This morning as I wake I kept making circles in my mind. I am the centre and the circle forms around me. It reminds me of working with a horse. You hold a loose rope as the large beast circles around, responding to your commands. The horse, the human both connected, intently focussed on learning and executing new behaviours. Together they create a future. The Centaur has set his goal and is seeking its manifestation.

We have passed through our rebirthing in Scorpio. Sagittarius is future focussed. Uranus has been retrograde since July, filling us with visions of the new without any experience of external change. It has now turned direct and we can follow our revelations out into the world. Mercury has completed its journey over the terrain it retrograded through. It now takes its message into new territory. Nothing can stop us now, we have entered the future.

In my mind’s eye I took the compass and made more circles on the rim of the first with the edge dissecting the centre point and on and on until the whole Earth is covered with the flowers of life.

I know that we have all been intent on following our true essence through the swamps and quicksand of this past eon. We have finally made it through. All of us are creating from our centre. The planet is rejoicing as a crystalline matrix has been formed by the collective dreaming.

Woo hoo! ‘Shine on all you, Crazy Diamonds.’



Image: Crystal Light Matrix of Gaia

Film: I couldn’t find a clip for the opening sequence of High Anxiety. This is an excerpt of the dramatic airport and this is the trailer.

News: There is a lovely synchronicity as NASA publishes new images of the Earth lit up at night.

Libra New Moon: Clear and Connected

On the day of the Libra New Moon I had set aside time for writing and posting on these pages. I felt grounded and ready for the task ahead of me. Since Saturn has moved into Scorpio, I have felt delightfully centred and uncharacteristically ready for whatever job is before me. It has been great to feel this concentrated focus. I had a few notes jotted down, my pen poised and then the phone rang. There were people at ‘Cobweb Designs,’ the gallery I work from, that have a pressing desire to have consultations with me. Wonderful! I drop everything and slip into town to make lovely new connections.

Now, a couple of days later I return to task. My life has been a whirlwind of consultations, social engagements, phone calls, quality time with my partner, my daughter, friends and the community. Welcome to Libra New Moon. It is not a time for musing alone in your room but a time of connection to others. Even when we had a free moment, the real estate agent had someone to show through our home. We would evacuate the premises and find somewhere luscious to sit in the sun with beverage in hand.

At the last New Moon in Virgo I spoke of it being my personal New Year, as the Sun emerged into my First House and began a new cycle around my chart. I felt like I could expect the unexpected. When the Sun moved into Libra I spoke of us all emerging from our personal journey and looking around to discover we were in an exquisite garden full of other beings. In Libra we are thrilled by the beauty all around and are happy to take time out to discover another person with different experiences and therefore, another perspective on life.

It is a time to fall in love. Libra rules aesthetics and freed from our own concerns it is a thrill to see the beauty in another. I have been talking for a while about us raising our vibrations by bringing more light into our life. Libra has been fulfilling this promise as the landscape has been putting on an extravagant display. I swear there is more light which is experienced as many rainbows and  intense colours in the panorama. As I drive around on outings I often feel moved to pause and drink it all in. Who can help but fall in love with life?

When the Sun and Moon are fused together at a  New Moon, the Moon is obscured by the radiance of the Sun. This time is always the beginning of a new monthly chapter. It is, however, unclear what will emerge from this joining, as we are so blinded by the light, we have yet to see what will be born. There is always something conceived that will grow rapidly and be revealed fully at the Full Moon.

Each cycle is born out of the last. In the Virgo cycle our house was put on the market. Everything was cleaned and fixed in order to be presented well. Libra is about making decisions and once made we are freed up. We no longer have to carry the burden of both sides of the choice.  A commitment is made and our work is halved.

As we resolved the issue of putting our house on the market there were unexpected Libran payoffs. Our home is de-cluttered, spruced up and beautifully presented. We are enjoying living in a calm and harmonious environment. The decision was made, the work done and there is splendour to be enjoyed. It is like being on holiday; we are able to dwell in the now.

This liberty has allowed the freedom to focus on being myself with others. The stress of choice gone I have the space to fully enjoy whatever connection comes my way.  The more joy and peace I experience the more I love what I do and the more I commit to my vocation.  I am feeling the clarity that comes from resolution. I am able to devote myself to connection, fully immersed in engagement with another.

This New Moon has introduced a faster pace of life which has been facilitated through the good work of the last six months. At night I arrive home, tired but fulfilled. I am looking forward to seeing how this new chapter unfolds.


Image: Thomas Cole’s ‘The Picnic’


Virgo New Moon in a Changing World

I haven’t written much as I have felt the desire to stay contained. I have been learning heaps but am not ready to release it or reveal it. The containment of Virgo combined with the fact that the 12th House is a hidden realm has meant that what I experience has been too ineffable to communicate. I am still finding ways to register what I am experiencing let alone expressing it to others.

I was beginning to wonder whether I would write a post again. Contained and hidden is not a good recipe for maintaining a blog.

Thankfully time moves on and the Sun has re-emerged into the first house and the Moon has moved into Libra. I can now present myself (First House) to others (Libra). I am very grateful to all those that check my site for a new post and thank you for your patience.  My commitment is to follow the energy and sometimes that disappears into an inner rabbit-hole or in keeping with the current energy perhaps a wormhole is a better description.

On the 18/19th of September we have the second exact square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Are y’all feeling it? On one hand, there are the blissful downloads of insights, filling the body with hope of the possibility that something wonderful is beginning. This is a brave new world unlike anything that we have seen before. Everyday there are whispers of new technologies, new movements that can resolve our impossible problems. One can feel the courage, the insight, the power before us to create a reality that is beneficial for us all. On the other hand, we have the rug pulled from under us as nothing seems to change. Our problems are still here and seem insurmountable. The Masters of War are rattling their sabres, unrest is in the winds and the ‘powers that be’ are holding on with a vice-like grip. This is the stress of two realities. Am I going to stand up for a shiny new idealistic realm where all can be free? Or am I going to bunker down and take defensive action to protect my family in a crumbling world? Do we accept the established but flawed status quo, known as reality, or do we stand up for something that supports the value of each individual and their unique contribution?  It can be extreme but squares, especially ones as powerful as this, feel intense and irresolvable. It seems each position is demanding decisive action and we have to appease both the mighty God of the Underworld with a sacrifice and the Sky God with his call for heroic action.

I have been learning heaps but have not been ready to release it.  I am still finding ways to register what I am experiencing let alone conveying it to others.  I regularly feel the energy and the joy carousing through my body which feels expanded and huge. I feel as if I sit above the experiences of life, my consciousness held in another dimension. I love this state and commit to maintaining it as much as possible. I set the intention at the last New Moon to practise  daily meditation.  Setting up new daily routines and habits are a good use of Virgo energy. I look forward to this time because I know how good I feel afterwards. Daily dwelling in these realms make them more real for me. One of the Virgoan tasks is to take some of the ethereal otherworldly realms of Pisces and anchor it into daily reality.

Part of this process for me has been to become conscious and aware of energy and light in my environment. With my expanded sense of self I am aware of more. Time and space transform and with practise it becomes easier to fully inhabit a moment without losing consciousness. As a result I have increased my awareness of the different dimensions, the structure of the earth, and our role within it. Some of this is learnt but more than this is the new sureness of inner knowing. Neptune is currently in its natural home of Pisces making this otherworldly energy more available to everyone. I have been devoted to making the nonphysical realms more conscious. Virgo rules the cognitive state and given the current strength of the outer planets we can make what is normally hidden from a mundane world, more accessible.

This awareness of light energy has altered the way I view our material situation, however that situation still exists and becomes a polarity in its own right. As one appears to be feeling quite full bodied within a nonphysical realm, one also experiences great density on the physical realm. We have put our house on the market, taking one step into the unknown after another. The movement towards something long resisted, provides its own release and flows easily resulting in a satisfying sense of achievement. Meanwhile, everything about our home glistens. The river and its environs are magnificent as we take our daily walk. The winds of the Equinox have started, creating wonderfully wild weather. Everything is in flux and oh, so beautiful.

All my journeying through Virgo and now with the New Moon I have emerged into my  personal New Year as the Sun begins a new journey around my chart. This annual cycle will contain two exact hits of the Uranus Pluto square, now and in May 2013. There will be a radical (Uranus) transformation (Pluto) of life as we know it. I feel as if I am in the grip of this global process. There seems to be no way to see beyond the present as the changes that we are experiencing are inevitable and unknown. We are undergoing a paradigm shift and it is difficult to divine what may happen when you are still within the old paradigm. Anything is possible. Expect the unexpected. While the changes are emerging as the Sun crosses my natal ascendant, I can expect that this time next year everything will have changed for the world and for me.

Image: Earth and the Moon seen from the stratosphere. Nasa

Leo New Moon: Keys to the Asylum

The Sun has been in Leo for a while and now the Moon has joined the Sun to start a new cycle. As I mentioned in my last post my Leo is buried in the 12th House. Today as I sit to write I pause to rush ahead and see when it will re-emerge into my First House. This is my personal New Year where the Sun begins a new spiral around my chart. I discover this won’t happen till next New Moon.

Phew… I am surprised. It feels like I have already been here for so long.  The rest of the chart is dedicated to our experience on Earth and this incarnation. This house takes us outside of time and space into a realm of what is possible beyond the veil. I happily dwell in this infinite space beyond time.

Whilst here I have been immersed in a tarot. My extended conversation with the cards has been providing me with clear insights that I have found valuable to clarify where I am. Recognising how many thoughts I was getting on paper I had the idea of sharing it with you.  It is too voluminous for a post so I am considering making it available as a document I can send to anyone interested. I just need to get my head around mechanics. This may be an outcome of this next cycle.

The New Moon is the time we birth something into our experience. In the last week I have been committing to a regular meditation process where I open myself to the higher realms in a less ad hoc way than previously.  It resonates with the expanded self I wish to integrate with more in my daily life. Whilst exploring this otherworldly terrain I am preoccupied with the much touted Ascension process that many believe the planet is undergoing. If what we think about is what becomes manifest then a 5D world is a shoo-in.

As the Sun travels through Leo, its natural home, I question once again, “Who am I?”…I am woman. I am mother, I am a partner. I am an astrologer, a counsellor, a healer. I am an introvert. I am a loner. I am a writer, a poet. I am a liberationist and also, a libertarian. I am a sensualist, a scholar, a thinker. I am a historian, a scientist, a futurist. I am a child, a star-seed, a light being. I am Pleiadian. I am Demeter. I am mercurial.  I am a Gemini, a Taurus and a Virgo. I am irreverent and irrelevant, a non-believer. I am one small spark in the chaos of infinity. I have many bodies and they each have their own identity. There are so many possible answers that ricochet around providing many ways to play.

The twelfth house is often referred to as the House of our Undoing. My 3D life is being unpicked. I should be scrambling to find solutions to our financial conundrum. This New Moon will see us surrendering. We will put our beloved property on the market. The Sun and the Moon are lining up with my natal Pluto and triggering the sacrifice that Pluto, transiting my 4th House of Home, appears to be demanding. It feels totally unreal. We have no sense of the future or where this action will take us.

I sometimes wonder about the pain of violent death: witches burnt at stake, torture. How can they endure? (Remember the Sun and Moon are lined up with my Pluto, the dark God of the Underworld.) I wonder if they get to escape the bounds of the body and dwell in a pain-free space. Tucked away in the hidden realm of the Twelfth House I feel deliriously happy, maybe delusional. I can do no more but surrender and trust. I feel wonderful. Energy floods my soul, sparks of light crack open my dense carapace. I dream in the arms of angels.

I wonder about who I am and what is happening in this world. Is it true we are really awakening from Plato’s cave and emerging into a new level of existence? When I was studying to be a Flower Essence practitioner, a friend said that she didn’t know whether it was possible for flowers to work in this way.  She went on to say it did not matter. The idea is beautiful and such ideas need to be supported.

That insight opened a space for me that I have called up many times. I wish to live in a world of peace, love and joy. I have chosen to believe that we are all perfect and that we all have magical powers. What we have to offer is what we love. The Twelfth House represents the asylum. That place where we keep hidden those that are living in another reality. I may be insane, but like Julian Assange, I seek asylum, a safe respite from this dense matrix. Julian is a player, messing with the powers that keep us belief bound in a reality that we dislike.

I tend to keep my own rebellion hidden in the Twelfth House. This is after all the House of Martyrs. There is another Leo myth of Phaeton, the human son of Apollo. He pleaded with his father for the keys of the chariot. Apollo used this fine vehicle to carry the Sun across the sky. Phaeton was an inexperienced driver. First, he drove too low and burnt the Earth and then correcting his course drove too high and the ground began to freeze. Zeus,the God of Law saw the havoc this teenage driver was causing and struck him down with a thunderbolt. This is another cautionary tale warning us not to go beyond the well worn tracks of those in charge.

The fear of being insane and making mistakes tends to cause my human self to remain in the accepted stultifying structure. I retreat into introversion because I don’t accept the dominant reality but do not have the courage to defy it. Uranus in Aries is challenging us to try something new. Maybe what is being born in this Lunation Cycle is a time of shedding the confines of the human machine and embracing the chariot of my star-being. There are so many crazy, brave people propounding other possibilities. Next New Moon when I step across my Ascendant into the House of Identity I may be wearing shiny new robes.

Cancer New Moon: Adjusting to the Light

From the album: ƸӜƷ•°*””*°•.ƸӜƷ•°*””*°•ƸӜƷ•°*””*°•.ƸӜƷ•°*””*°• By L'incanto d'amore dei poeti estintiI have been stressed the last few days and haven’t been able to occupy my life. Maybe that is another call of the Occupy Movement – to occupy our lives and our world. I feel like we have been ghosts within our own reality; we have not been fully alive to the pleasures of our incarnation. We are uncomfortable in our life, our bodies, our work and our relationships. We are uncomfortable in our skin. This is not why we incarnated. We are not condemned to life.  We are here to pursue our passions, know pleasure and live joyously. We are each uniquely talented, equally valuable.

Yet we do not embrace life because we haven’t felt the safety of our place on earth. We have censored our desires and longings and they have been relegated to whispers. Our true self comes to us from left field using surprise to attract our attention. “I love this.”  “Wouldn’t it be nice…”  “ If only I could do this all the time!”

I long to be fully contained and accepted by myself. Fully incarnated and hearing that quiet, still voice. This is Cancer. I have written my Cancer New Moon post many times. They have been okay but don’t quite gel. I write and write. I have done more writing for this post than any other. The deadline has come and gone and still I haven’t wanted to post. Old prototypes litter my pages, stillborn and rejected. I start again, over and over.

Other work has piled up. I have not responded to many e-mails from clients, friends and family that I like to stay connected with. I have felt hopeless about that. I have become overwhelmed and paralysed. I have had massive mood swings and come to the conclusion that you cannot write Cancer.

I have spent time alone and out in nature and felt euphoric and centred, becoming a wildly empowered love machine. I have felt insane with giggly joy.

Here at the bottom of the world it is winter and the days are short. It is cold and gets dark early. The euphoria of solitude dissipates in the face of things left undone. I miss my deadlines. I become afraid that the stress will make me sick. I am aware of others succumbing to winter colds and flu.

I accept I can only protect myself at this point. I am intent on living, feeling the passion wanting to burst out. I do not want to be taken out of this glorious game. The only thing I can do is take care of my own needs. Keep tending to my own joy. I must allow my empty vessel to fill up again. I let it all go. Let the tears come. Allow myself to let others down while I replenish. Peace. I free myself to be the baby. I am sorry. I am helpless. Leave me alone and I will return.

I remember all the Cancer’s I have known. How often they fret and worry over their amazing works. Others are waiting for them to release their grip on their creations. They know they cannot comply. Both art and artist, mother and baby need to be ready for the onslaught of demands and expectations the world will place on them.

When I was a new mother and I instinctively knew to protect my baby from the hustle and bustle of the external world during her first weeks on Earth. She was too fragile for the harshness of artificial environments; of supermarkets, traffic and fluorescent lights. Crowds were out of bounds. I didn’t want to expose her to emotions gone awry, where the energy of fear and random stress escaped the bounds of weary humans coping with their daily responsibilities.

There is a time that a baby needs to develop a protective sheath whilst she acclimatises to being in a body on Earth. The mother needs to replenish her strength after giving birth and allow her baby to be the only recipient of her love. It is just the same for Cancer.

At this New Moon we are strengthening ourselves for re-entry in the world. We have experienced many cosmic vibrations in the last couple of months. We have had stunning eclipses, Venus’s transit across the face of the Sun, massive Solar flares and Uranus and Pluto becoming exact. We have been bombarded with much light and we are changing.

As we manage this transmutation, our bodies are releasing old density stored over Eons. The Earth is adjusting to a new reality. We are vulnerable whilst we experience the unknown. We need to find a centre, rediscover ourselves and nurture this new state of being. Take this time to remember who you are. The Sun will move into Leo in a couple of days and we will want to shine our light in the world. Meanwhile… wait in Cancer’s protective arms and allow the timing to come naturally.


Image: I share this cosy picture from the Facebook album: ƸӜƷ•°*””*°•.ƸӜƷ•°*””*°•ƸӜƷ•°*””*°•.ƸӜƷ•°*””*°•

Gemini: The Alpha and Omega

Gemini shows once again how she does things in two’s as we have another New Moon in this sign. This time it is opposite the centre of the Milky Way. We can see how this foray through Gemini, the lightest of signs, has been all about aligning with the light. We have been constantly  bombarded with radiance from the cosmos. The Sun has been featured over this cycle with two eclipses and the rare Venus transit. Also there have been large amounts of Solar flare activity. So much so that here at the bottom of the world in my Tasmanian neighbourhood we have been experiencing the Aurora Australis which is the southern equivalent to the Aurora Borealis.

What does light do? It releases the dark. As we have been completing the last Moon cycle I have felt emotions, old behaviours and physical symptoms come up in me. I tell myself they are emerging in order to disappear in the comfort of a shining embrace.

To aid this process of casting the old into a cleansing bonfire Chiron, the wounded healer has turned retrograde allowing the buried pain and trauma of the past to re-emerge into our awareness. At the same time Jupiter moved into Gemini for its year long sojourn through this sign, expanding the light further to support the clearing of the wounds we offer up via Chiron.

Another pairing of light and dark is the Uranus/Pluto square whose arrival we have sensed for so long. It is finally becoming exact for the first of seven contacts. As Pluto is exposing all the hidden frailties and corruption in our financial and government systems, Uranus is eagerly opening them up to the masses to see what was once hidden. Over the next few years more and more secrets and shortcomings will be brought into the light of day and everyone will get the opportunity to intuit sparkling ideas that resolve age-old problems.

Gemini loves patterns and I see the two new moons, one at the beginning of the sign and another at the end, being echoed in our global environment. The fate of our economy seems to lie with the outcome of the Greek election. Funny given how Greece is considered the birthplace of democracy and the beginning of Western Civilisation. Is this just a co-incidence? Are we being presented with the Alpha and Omega of our current age.

Another example  is 9/11. This event was hailed as world changing from the moment it happened and ushered in our current era. Astrologers consider this a Gemini /Sagittarius event symbolised by the Twin Towers. At this time Pluto was in Sagittarius opposing Saturn in Gemini. Now 2012 is much prophesied as being another turning point in history. Now Pluto has moved on to Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn. In 2001 there was a physical attack on the World Trade Centre, a symbol of the financial system.   Today we are not certain that the Global Economy can survive the current woes without radical transformation. More and more we ask if our world is sustainable. Ironically there is more and more data being exposed about the facts surrounding  9/11. This in itself triggers a loss of faith in the ruling elites.

Mercury, the God of information is trawling the underworld for the buried secrets of accepted history in many areas. What is being uncovered challenges what has been considered inviolable truths of the ages.

Many of us are experiencing this on a personal level. Aspects of life that we have considered permanent are coming to an end. We seem to be standing in a place of total unknowing. What will the future bring? The problems are beyond us. We do not have the answers.  We have to trust that, as we dismantle what is old and no longer working, radical new solutions will appear from  outside our familiar world. We are offering ourselves for a makeover and we do not yet know what will be required. Gemini is full of questions and happily tolerates that the answers are awaiting discovery.

Tomorrow is the Solstice. Here in the Southern Hemisphere we experience our shortest day and in the North you experience the longest. Once again we are tied together by our duality, twins reflecting each other. The Solstice marks the Sun moving into Cancer. Cancer rules our tribe, our family and where we are rooted. Here we are born and nurtured in the nest. We create our haven and eventually we die taking our place amongst the ancestors allowing the  next generation to sustain the race. In Cancer we have ‘the cradle of civilisation’. Here is the Alpha and the Omega.

In Gemini I felt more congruent with myself and happily expanded out into my environment. I connected and communicated with an array of people and  am now feeling scattered by too much activity.  I woke one morning with the image that I was no longer a body but instead just cells, all vibrating in a random pile. I was both excited and awed.

I have been touched by so many wonderful people lately and I now welcome the opportunity to move into Cancer. I feel the need to nest and nurture all who I gathered around me. In all my activity I have acquired an expanded family in which I would love to secure my sense of belonging.

As we have utilised the light to clear out the falsehoods and dysfunction of the old we have expanded to see Gaia as our home and  the Solar System, even the Galaxy, as our neighbourhood. We  are seeing how tenuous economies and governments are.  We are becoming brothers and sisters of the light who are working to secure a sustainable environment for all. This next cycle is about securing that safe nest in our personal lives and for our global family in this evolving world.

Image: Luis Falero, Twin Stars, 1881.

The Gemini Eclipse – Ascension Anyone?!!

I am a Gemini. Does anyone else smart at the qualities that people throw at you when they discover your sun sign? I feel offended when I am accused of being fickle and two faced. I have Sun, Venus and Ceres in Gemini with Saturn, the planet of authority, responsibility and limitation, opposing them from the third house. It seems I have taken on Saturn’s approbation and disapproval of my Mercurial nature. My Virgo Ascendant and Taurus Moon weigh in to ground some of that Gemini whimsy. It may feel more comfortable but not always so merry. I have been horrified to be thought of as a party girl, social butterfly or light weight…no way! I am one of those that will get defensive for other notorious Gemini’s like Marilyn Monroe. ‘She is a great comedienne! You need intelligence to pull such timing and wit!’

I remember when I was first with my partner, I started playing the fool, pulling faces and generally mucking around. I was shocked and amazed at my levity and very delighted. I think at that point I knew I had found a safe haven with someone I could frolic with irreverently.

Still, no matter how often I indulged in childlike behaviour, I always felt it would not be condoned by the ‘real world.’ My core qualities were those I could not openly value causing a rift between my private and public self. Gemini is after all a sign of duality. Therein lies a feeling of alienation from my neighbours, of not belonging, because of my naturally errant ways.

My Gemini Sun has therefore, always felt eclipsed, which brings me to the subject of this post- the Solar Eclipse in Gemini. We have a day more in the Taurus energy before quite suddenly the New Moon and the Eclipse coincides at zero degrees Gemini. Anyone who has been reading my posts over the last Sun/Moon cycle through Taurus would have witnessed and likely felt for themselves, my ‘sinking into the earth’ sensation, slowing down almost to a standstill. Over the last few days my sleep has been very heavy and when I wake I have experienced my consciousness as almost physical, taking effort to pull my awareness up through my body where it had been captured by slothful slumber. Everything has been very sensate. Now the Sun will move into the bright light of Gemini and the Moon will shift from its dark slumber and will embrace the golden orb so enthusiastically, that for a time it will blot out the Sun’s bright light allowing the dross to be burnt off in a ring of fire.

Mercury, the God of the mind, is the only planet that can dart around and go safely to places where the other gods cannot. He can enter the underworld and negotiate for the release of those held there. He is capable of tricks that allow him to conceal his whereabouts by appearing to turn backwards. My Gemini self is much amused as her ruling planet displays these antics during this eclipse. Mercury’s trickster qualities come in when the path of the full eclipse can be viewed over Southwest China and Japan on the 21st of May. It then travels over the Pacific crossing the International Dateline so it arrives in the USA on the day before on 20th May. (Much mirth at mercurial magic :D) It enters the USA at the California/Oregon border and travels in full fire through to Texas. And so the Messenger God does double duty going back in time to rescue us from whatever paralysing dilemma we have been experiencing in the underworld during the Dark Moon in Taurus.

As I matured I began to really appreciate the value of my Sun sign. What I was judging as lightweight and bubble-headed, I now perceive as de-light-ful. What I perceived as feather-brained I, now see as nonjudgemental, more like the feather that is used to measure the purity of the heart in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I appreciate and engage curiously with whatever I encounter, allowing it to be the perfection that it is, no matter how contradictory. I am curious to know, and without preconceptions allow the paradox to lead me into further discovery. I have learnt to value my lightness and know that it is a gift I have to share with others. At my best I become the light-bearer bringing good vibes and the tinkle of joy wherever my essence may shine.

This Gemini Eclipse promises to bring light to our underworld wanderings, illuminating the path of ascension to our rightful place amongst the stars.

Image: FredericLeighton-The Return of Persephone (1891) Here we see Mercury/Hermes returning Persephone to her mother, Demeter on the surface after her abduction into the underworld. A perfect echo of this eclipse.

Going to Ground

At the Pisces New Moon I began writing Astrology Mon Ami.  Despite the diffuseness of Pisces I managed to communicate with the collective psyche and get my words on-line. Then we had the pioneering Aries cycle. I was taken outside myself in an exciting way, full of new inspiration, energy and ideas. Now, we are in Taurus, the sign of my Moon, my home, in the eighth house of transformation and zilch! I have nothing to say. My Mercury, the planet of communication is here, tied to my Moon. Together, in fine Taurean fashion, they have decided to have a little lie down. Just sit around and smell the flowers.

Now, this brings to mind my favourite Greek myth. My ‘go to’ myth whenever I need guidance or understanding, the story of Demeter and Persephone.  In Homer’s ‘Hymn to Demeter’ we start with Persephone, ‘the one with the delicate ankles’ out picking flowers in her field when Hades, god of the underworld abducts her, taking her to his underground kingdom. Usually in this myth I associate with Demeter, her mother, ‘she who glories in the harvest’. Today I recognise that when I have my Taurean ‘lie down’ in the Eighth House (ruled by Pluto/Hades) the ground shifts below me and I sink deep into the nether regions. I am Persephone, claimed by the Earth.

Mercury, the ruler of my chart also gets pulled down into the depths. And so I lose my voice. This can happen literally as in laryngitis. More often I see it play out as a symptom of introversion. Recently I have been celebrating that with the discovery of writing this blog; I have found a way to communicate with others, without the need to find words in the moment of conversation. Now I feel time’s weight as I find no inclination to post. Still,  I feel an urgency to maintain contact with the outer world, in order to honour my commitments. I have journaled extensively but found that the script is too unpicked to make any coherent sense to another. Demeter’s role is to keep the Earth fertile providing food for its inhabitants. In her grief stricken search for her missing daughter she is unable to maintain her creative role and the ground becomes barren.

The strength of Mercury in this position is the capacity for research as the mind goes deep. It follows questions to the bowels of a subject, always seeking the thread that will lead it to mine treasure, and bring to the surface a gem of polished insight. This I have been doing as well; excavating, following the vein that may lead me to Pluto’s treasure chest. There is so much pure potential down here, awaiting discovery.

In Greek Myth, Hermes/Mercury is the only God who can go into the realm of the dead and return to the surface. Cutting to the final scenes of our story, this messenger is sent from the Gods above to negotiate with Hades for Persephone’s return. My Mercury is not yet there. Maybe at the full moon there may be some light, meanwhile the First Quarter Moon in Leo will happen in the next day or two and maybe I will gain some light from this Sun.

As I lie here with laptop on knees I look out over our field which climbs a hill. I can see the trees growing on the horizon. I realise I am far below them. My environment echoes my musings. Here I am, comfortable in my repose below the roots; seeking under~ standing.

This post reflects my personal journey because of the unique position of my Taurus Moon and Mercury in my chart. It may or may not have resonances for you. In a Taurus Moon we can see where we have slowed to rest. What seeds are you tending that were born in the last cycle? What are you valuing? What is important to you that you do not want to lose? How are you claiming your value in the world around you? This is where you identify what is yours and how much your talents are worth. There is treasure where your Taurus is found, waiting for you to utilise it.




Image: I have not been able to find the artist for this image. The link I offer here is of a beautiful site with art and writings associated with the subject of myth and Persephone