Sun in Taurus & Scorpio Lunar Eclipse- Grounding the Fire

cows-india-diwali_48268_990x742In my last post at the Aries New Moon, I relished the idea that I was creating my own world. Since then I have become a stunned spectator as I witness my intention cause a slipstream where universes collide. Soon after the New Moon, Pluto turned retrograde and I seemed to be internalising the activities of my outer environment. My mind would catch hold of someone else’s drama and have me play it over and over. This is an old sign that I have been externally focussed for too long and have become entangled in things that are not my concern. This is a valuable early warning signal. It is time to ground the fire or suffer burn out. My body responds to the intensity overload with nausea and I just have to sit quietly in the murkiness waiting for the invading parasite to recognise it no longer resides on fertile turf and allow it to dissipate.

Venus moved in to Taurus and allowed a peace to return. All the fun of Aries activity needs its balance in periods of Venusian ease. I recognised how long it was since I had had a break and how I didn’t want my passion to turn sour from being overdriven. I decided to distract myself with different activities and leave my astrology and work aside. ‘A change is as good as a holiday’ proved itself accurate and time and space became more expansive as my mind was relieved by the sensuosity of my body.

I’d wake with happiness and feel gratitude that there was no need for striving. Stretch and relax.  Autumn is well established here and as cold creeps over the windowsill, I linger a little longer in the warm comfort of my lover’s body before I am called to go out and seek the white egret that has appeared on my walks. In fine Taurean style, I milk it!

The Sun follows Venus into Taurus  and the diversionary rest has worked its magic. Mercury aligns with Uranus in Aries and new ideas and possibilities stimulate me now that Pluto has released some of the grit that was jamming the works. It has been intent  on allowing redundant concepts to leave, in order to keep that which truly serves me. There is now rich compost for the ideas of Aries to gain traction and grow.  A new world is being created with new physics. My mind is being blown in radical ways and I feel I am stepping off the reservation and rebuilding my perception of what is possible. My mind is undergoing a rewrite, a full operating system overhaul.

My body , rested and refreshed is exploding with energy. The desire to implement the revolutionary ideas of Mercury/Uranus is strong. I am keen to develop habits that support the manifestation and maintenance of this cutting edge consciousness. This doesn’t sound like Taurus’ unwillingness to change but it must be remembered that once committed, the bull takes the pioneering sensibility of Aries and then starts digging the foundations to ensure they have some substance that will last for the long haul.

I stumbled upon a quote from Buckminster Fuller that captured my imagination. ‘You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change things you must build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.’  When something like this captures me I paste it in every page of my journal, in order for the thought to become a part of my daily rhythm. At first this expressed the desire of Aries but now that we are in Taurus it strikes me that it is the beast of burden that will be responsible for the building the new reality.

Aries has certainly planted seeds. I have been itching for a fresh start, a new way. I have been inexplicably excited. Mars joined the Sun in Taurus and I received a text saying another offer had been made on our property. I look up from the phone and see the white Goshawk is staring down at me from the telephone lines.  As reluctant as my Taurus Moon is to leave the wonders of its home, we know that Aries fiery inspiration is beginning to take root on the material plane. The cows and sheep in the surrounding meadows, the hawk and I know we are witnessing the old at the fulcrum point where it shape shifts into a new endeavour. This convergence in nature reassures the bull that this is a safe universe and we can solidly put our weight behind this new creation.

Today is the Scorpio Full Moon eclipse and I am fully engaged in evaluating what will be committed to the bonfire that Aries has started and what form the future phoenix my take.

Image: Cows, India by Mariajoseph Johnbasco These cows took refuge from the noise of crackers exploding during the Diwali festival. They found peace on the road.

Gemini Lunar Eclipse: Vision Quest

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Such is my self-talk during this wild ride I find myself on. The current cycle started with the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio  and signals an intense time. The Sun has moved into Sagittarius and I hear the universe, like a demanding audience, calling out…more! more! more! No wonder Sagittarius is all about riding, whether it is horses, roller coasters or thermal currents as we fly across the ravine. So yes…Whoa! Not the… Whoa! of ‘slow down please’ (although I could get my breath), but the stoner Whoa! of ‘How about that, man! Wicked sick!’

Sagittarius is about expansion and speed as we ride into foreign lands. Scorpio is about death and the transformation of the old. It demands release, prising our white knuckled grip from the edge of the cliff creating free fall. There is nothing that can be done, except have faith that Sagittarius can carry us forth into the unknown land. Be optimistic and trust that all will be okay.

There is an aspect of terror in Sagittarius’ exhilarating ride. Everything is changing and we know not what to. I am reminded of the brilliant BBC series, “The Ascent of Man’ by Jacob Bronowski. He depicts the shift of man from nomad into agricultural settlements. We can imagine the peaceful farmer looking across quiet plains noting a ball of dust in the distance. It expands into a marauding horde of invaders descending on his village. The shock and noise of the hooves, the speed and the action were unknown until horse-riding was mastered. The  rural settlement is helpless against the inevitable progress of change. Horses have aided us ever since, transforming what we have been able to achieve. However, for the reluctant settler, it is little wonder that end times are represented by ‘The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.’

Tonight is the Gemini Lunar Eclipse. Unlike the red of  a total eclipse this is a subtle penumbral eclipse where the radiant Moon is only slightly shaded as the shadow of earth falls across its surface. The Sun, Earth and Moon are all aligned. The Sagittarian Sun is shining its life-giving vision on the Earth which is in Gemini, illuminating and communicating what is possible in our current experience of life. For a moment this insight is able to quell the chattering anxiety of fixed beliefs that our subconscious Moon has hoarded as true facts. At this full moon our conscious Gemini mind has the opportunity to discern new knowledge.

One thing that I have become aware of over the last week is how bloated I feel. Bloated with a sudden weight gain, bloated with too much to do and bloated with much information that I do not know how to digest. Sagittarius is known for expanded girth but I believe that happens before its promptings are acted upon. The sheer movement, fire and energy must soon use all that stored fuel. It is all just grist for the journey ahead. Tonight and over the following days of the Full Moon, look out for that breakthrough idea that gives clarity to all the randomness that Gemini has collected in its learning journey.

In the north you have harvest festivals and Thanksgiving celebrations. In Australia, school is out for the holidays. My daughter and her friends are no longer gathering in study groups. Now the newly freed hordes are lighting bonfires of celebration. It is holiday time. Freedom and travel is possible now before they feel the need to settle into Capricorn’s realities.

Sagittarius is generally goal orientated. It is searching for a truth and meaning for life. When people asked where we are going once we sell our house I have not had an answer. I have been aware that one doesn’t know what is on the other side of the ravine. I have been content with this not knowing, trusting the future will arrive in its own time.  Now I feel this lack of direction is part of the overall bloat. We are in Sagittarius and it is time for a vision quest. I am the warrior brave going alone into the wilderness in order to find the soul’s course. Listen to the whispers of the Earth’s guidance as it reawaken’s consciousness that has been stored deep within. As the Luminaries line up with our planet, seize the knowledge when it comes. The gift that you receive may yet be symbolic and still require deciphering. Even so clasp it to your heart, polish it tenderly and place it in the night sky. Sagittarius is the story teller. Let your vision take the diverse treasure that Gemini’s curiosity has revealed to you and weave it into your personal tale.

As you imagine and visualise and verbalise your new story, in time you will believe the new story, and when that happens, the evidence will flow swiftly into your experience.


This Gemini Full Moon is the smallest of the year. How apt when Sagittarius’ target is found in the distance. Gemini gives us an opportunity to gain clarity and become conscious. Mercury, its ruler has now turned direct adding to our ability to see clearly. The vision we receive at this time is the star that will light our way through a mysterious landscape to the promise that will make this journey worthwhile.

Hi ho…and may we all be happy campers.

Image:  Galloping Horse

Series: The Ascent of Man Jacob Bronowski

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse and Venusian Solar Transit: Re-accessing the Heart’s Desire

Full Moon Over Venus by Martin MaddoxLets face it, the Goddess of Love, whatever her title, is a whore! She is ruthless and gets what she wants. The heart wants what the heart wants. She doesn’t honour wedding vows. She is the hidden mischievous one who causes wars.

In Greek mythology Paris was given the task to judge the fairest Goddess of all. Aphrodite/Venus offered him the love of the most beautiful woman in the world. She failed to mention that this woman, Helen, was married. Paris chose Aphrodite as the fairest goddess and Helen’s infidelity caused the Trojan War which rent asunder the ancient world. This war destroyed his homeland and caused death and mayhem for everyone involved.

Venus is about what we love, what we value and yet we usually feel we are not deserving or worthy enough and inhibit the access to our true desire. Somehow what we value is not quite kosher. No wonder the Christian Church has made the Virgin Mary their primary female deity. She of the pure and peaceful blue robes representing heaven can never be tainted. What hope for Magdalene with her green robes and her earthly passions. Whore!

Helen left her husband for a pretty toy boy and caused a war. Whore!

Eve listen to the snake and got us all thrown out of paradise. Whore!

Hephaestus caught Aphrodite breaking her marriage vows with Ares. Whore!

We have given the Goddess of Love such a bad rap. A  judgement has been made about our strongly felt passions; they must surely be the whisperings of the devil. In doing so we condemn desire, love and passion to the shadow realm of our souls, our dirty secret. We have attached shame to heart felt love because we fear the chaos that will be unleashed from the power and ecstasy we feel. Our joy will surely bring pain and devastation to those we love. We want happiness for ourselves and for our children and yet we fear what achieving success could bring. To temper the power of the feminine we have fragmented her into many facets from which we have to choose. In fact our problems start when we select  just one archetype to whom we will swear allegiance.  We are presented with a Virgin Goddess to nurture the pure Christ who will die on the Cross for our suffering.  We renounce true yearnings whilst we struggle to contain ourselves in passionless half lives.

Remember the story of the goddess,Demeter and her daughter, Kore. The maiden is in her sexual prime when she is abducted by a lustful Hades and becomes Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. Here their sexual union becomes another buried secret. Demeter, the nurturing mother nature, is bereft by the loss of  her young, vital daughter. She is now barren. Disempowered by her grief she takes domestic work and attempts to nurture immortality for the babe in her care. She  becomes recalcitrant, not pliable or pure enough, she is later culturally superseded by the Virgin Mary.

Today we have a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Neptune turns retrograde and tomorrow Venus will be visible moving across the face of the Sun. This transit will not be repeated for over one hundred years. For a day Sleeping Beauty will awaken and join with her prince.

Noble Sagittarius is the seeker of the truth in our society. He desires to know the one truth that he can then codify into laws, that uphold a standard that can deliver us from evil. This can then become the code we all live by. He is Moses coming down from the mountain with the commandments that he has received from his conversations with God. These are the wisdoms that dictate the possible dangers of following our passion. Sagittarius is certain of the value of his truth and enforces it as  law so we can create a civil society. However, for every wise and law abiding centaur there seems to be a herd that follow their animal passions and wreak havoc with rape, pillage and drunken violence in order to satisfy their repressed lust..

Gemini is the child that learns the values of her society. We curiously meet the neighbours and discover how they live. This is where we learn the facts of our community. We see how others are coping with the laws of the land. It is fascinating to go into our friends houses and see that everyone interprets the rules in different ways. We investigate the differing interpretations in our neighbour’s houses, often witnessing the centaurs partying around the barbecue. We are taught the judgements of the society and the secrets of lapsed rules. We see how every person finds ways to accommodate or suppress their innate desires with a wide variety of methods. Sometimes we gasp in horror at the perceived perversions of others and at other times we giggle joyfully at the harmless misdeeds.  The way things are done in our own home is different. All this variety is thrilling. We are relieved by the many transgressions from the norms drummed into us by pious authority and moral sterility. Gemini listens to the stories of the people and witnesses the many ways the regulations are bent. These little amoralities are the hidden deals between the agreed values attributed to the good of the nation and the Venusian desires that play out behind closed doors.

Gemini is the child who learns the facts of his world. He absorbs the  incongruence between the espoused values and the contradictory actions of everyone around. Gemini understands this duality and hence the symbol of two pillars. As children we learn to present the face the world demands. The face that is closer to the truth is role played in the backyard games with the other kids.These peers become the next generation that will adapt the laws to accommodate a broader perspective to the despair of the elders who perceive a loosening of morals.

The children understand that when we are exhorted to follow our bliss, the hidden message is to do that after we take care of the expectations of the society. It is at this point we recognise the necessity to conform to a norm when we walk out the front door. What floats our boat is kept for the bad twin to indulge in after hours.

Now the Sun, the Moon and Venus are lining up with the centre of the galaxy. There is a desire for change. We really do wish to line up with the truth. This truth is not the truth of the 1% that we have been conforming to for so long. We now wish to align with the truth of the 99%. We know our value has been all tied up and creamed off by rules that are neither fair nor truthful. We know that everyone is unique and that love cannot be homogenised. We are feeling the love for the individual and we no longer wish for everyone to relegate their love to the cesspool of shame. As a society we are embracing love which is not confined to gender, race, religion or lifestyle choice. Gemini loves the variety and knows that it is all valuable and infinitely more interesting. It wants to celebrate the truth in everyone’s stories not just the chosen mouthpieces of an old code. Venus knows ‘the heart wants what the heart wants’. When we recognise this is possible without condemning each other to shame then maybe we will allow the virgin and the lover to co-exist and accept the amazing creativity that can be born of this alignment. We do not have to choose one goddess to worship but can embrace our multifaceted selves and align with our true value.

As Venus retrogrades over the face of the Sun in full view, she is allowing us the opportunity to resurrect our desires, gather up our loves and live a life full of value and passion.

Image: Full Moon Over Venus by Martin Maddox