Leo Full Moon- Contact

We have been walking for a while; up hill and down dale. With the Capricorn New Moon we have just taken that last little climb to the peak of the mountain. Welcome. Sit down. This place is very comfortable. Rest your staff across your knees. At the New Moon I had the opportunity to recognise my work had value and it felt wonderfully fulfilling. It is good to take pause from the journey and see all that has been achieved on the road. My! How far we have come.

Over this time and particularly at the full moon I have met several Kings of Pentacles. These are men and women who have mastered their domain. They are confident and easy. They have no doubt about their ability and have nothing to prove. No need to boast or sell their mastery. They know what they can do and they love it. Prosperity comes naturally, they have fulfilled their promise. Life is good and they are content. Now they pause, firmly planted on their mountain throne, surveying the scenery.

What a view it is! At this height there is nothing to impede our vision. We can see 360 degrees laid out all around; where we have come and what lays before us. There are many great mountains, some with other masters viewing their realm. Before us lies kingdoms we have yet to travel; heroes climbing unknown peaks, rivers, oceans, people residing in valleys contemplating what path may best serve their talent. From here we can consider the cosmos and choose a star to follow next. Before us lies all the potential and as yet uncreated possibilities.

At this radiant Full Moon we can sit at leisure and let the Leo light allow full awareness of our true and abundant power. The eagles soar at this great height; their clarity offers glimpses of exquisite detail in the tapestry that extends in every direction.

The voyager that has laboured up this mountain over the last  year can feel secure in their achievement. It took courage, faith and perseverance to get this far. Now as we rest up in the firmament, we are participating in the dreaming. The Aboriginal people respect the Rainbow Serpent that lies before them and through participation in the dreaming they honour the laws of creation.

This last weekend at the Leo Full Moon we have engaged in a community dreaming, We are delighted in the panorama we have called up. This snake forms the rainbow bridge that links us to next year. There is no need for tarot or astrology, tell yourself the story of your weekend. This dreaming contains all the decisions, directions and guidance to follow the path of your tribe as you conjure up the heights that will become your next mastery. This weekend was the wormhole that leads to the future. Remember the movie, Contact, when Jodie Foster entered her Merkaba-shaped contraption and visited with another dimension. No-one at home base saw her leave, she bi-located into another time and space but only she knew the journey she had taken.No-one noticed she had left. Like Alice down the rabbit-hole, you also visited another place.

Now you have a crystal ball in your hand. What dreams did you have? Who did you see, contact or think about? Who thought of you? These are your travelling companions. What are the stories that played out around you? Alan used an ancient wooden ladder and climbed its apex to change the globes, bringing light into new parts of our cosmos previously dark. Susan and I excavated layers of fabric to discover a cedar hexagon table. A two dimensional Merkaba on which we created a diorama of the Mad Hatter’s tea party, whilst an unknown King told us of his passion for the mathematical language of financial management. Visitors were drawn to our creation but as in ‘Contact,’ the people with us didn’t notice the transformation that dominated the landscape. Stained glass treasure boxes arrived, worthy of a priestess of Avalon. Bec shared an abundant vision of a world that provided healthy produce for everyone and stunned us with how much she had already mastered. We farewelled the French couple that shared our lives over the last nine months, creating new Ley lines between worlds.

A crystal ball actually did arrive and I looked into it expecting to see my future.This weekend we were given sight. Look into that clear orb and see what you have created and what you are manifesting. You have a view of all that is before you. Take the prescience, see the details, play with it, polish the jewels and the path forward will be well lit. This is an opportunity to become conscious of your vision. Write it, paint it, anchor it, whatever is your way; make a touchstone. It will be capstone that will hold your new castle in place.We are going to have the most amazing year and be stunned by our creation.

Soon we will need to descend from our lofty height. We will begin pruning, ploughing, planting and tending. The work is ahead of us but at this moment we already hold the harvest in our hands. We are watching the worker ants toiling in the valley. The candle that lit the flame in your heart has become a phallus impregnating the land.

To all of those who participated in my life over the last year, those that have been sharing this Moon cycle and people who I have touched and who have touched me over the last 48 hours; you are my comrades on this journey. Thank you for being part of my life and this vista we are calling into being.

We are singing up a new world with every step, following the song we have written in our heart. Next year we will meet on that peak, way over there, feeling fulfilled and ready to take a new flight of fancy.

A stranger came in for a reading. I learnt nothing of her life. As she left she stated warmly and confidently, ‘I will see you next year.’ Something about her authority surprised me, my heart flew open and my body shivered in excitement.  Yes, my loves, I will see you next year!

Image: A Generation of Vipers’ By Lindsey Carr