Virgo Full Moon: Containing Light

Hp7part1Most days since the Sun has entered Pisces there has been a fog lying on the river. It must be a fog of humidity because the river is warm and the days are hot. Immersing myself in that water has been sweet surrender for a tired body. It is a quiet realm, three black cygnets float nervously in the mist and my trusty heron sits sentinel on the log. Such peace and silence as my soul finds rest in this nebulous space that could carry me to Avalon. The walk home is full of birds leading me here and there, off my usual track. I am pioneering a wieldy trail of trees that I visit and pay my respects. This time before everyone is fully awake is for living between worlds. How gracious and resplendent is a life amongst the spheres!

It is the Virgo Full Moon which, at its best can be the container of this other space, pregnant until the time is right to birth the Christos light. I find myself lost in suggestions of meaning. It then emerges so crystal clear that I feel like the shell of a bell; just happy to be struck and to follow the sound as it resonates and ripples like the water when I enter it. I am reaching out to unseen worlds and holding them in the hope that they can be birthed and survive in a land of contrasts.

I have been watching all the Harry Potter movies lately. Pisces rules movies. They provide a space of magic and creativity in a dreamlike world where we can escape our daily toil. J.K. Rowling has four planets in Virgo in the 12th house including the Moon and Venus. Perfect for creating form from the fantasy of Pisces.

As a baby, Harry receives a lightning shaped scar on his forehead  inflicted by the evil Voldemort. This is reminiscent of the insight we received in Aquarius of a potential that we can nurse into being. In Pisces this promise remains gestating; unconscious in the mundane world of Virgo. The muggle world and the magic world has redemption in its midst but must rely on Harry’s dangerous journey through seven books to realise the promise of his birth. Meanwhile, he is caught between the ignorance of the muggles  and the malicious intent of the Dark Lord .

Each of us is left alone to develop the skill and consciousness that will realise our dream. We can rely on goodwill and assistance from our allies in the magical realms. They can help but are impotent in actually fulfilling the task that is our special mission.

At the Virgo Full Moon we become conscious of the undertaking before us and recognise some of the magical tools we have to assist us on our mission. Invisibility cloaks, marauder’s maps, allies and animal messengers are all useful but essentially it is up to us to develop the consciousness and wit to achieve our goals. Like Harry we are the seeker and that path remains ours alone.

But essentially we are getting ahead of ourself. We can glimpse the elation and the peace that comes from the promise of redemption whilst we contemplate the possibilities of Pisces. Often though, as we recognise the enormity of the task, we experience the contrast of our vision with the reality of the mundane world. We feel as if a dementor has consumed our joy and left us in a state of depression. This is the danger of becoming lost in the formless world of Pisces. We need to remember our Patronus, created by the positiveness within and conjure it into our days to survive the passage through Pisces with our sanity intact.

As we were approaching the Full Moon last night I participated in my annual ritual of watching the Academy Awards. This is the one time of the year that I watch TV, a look in at the muggle world. I have always loved this event as it reminds me of a childhood  sharing in my father’s joyous love of movies. Like the ‘Mirror of Erised’ in Harry Potter it transports me to a happy time. I generally am able to ignore what the reality of the awards may be, to share in the glamour of the film industry and their glorious fulfilment in having their creative projects appreciated.

Last night, however, I was able to recognise how much I have dwelt in my own magical world since last year. My original glee at the novelty of network TV and their commercials soon wore thin as I became impatient with how little appeared to have changed. The main event itself seemed to have retrograded into the 50’s. I have always had a political sensibility and yet I have become so conscious of this time being a transitioning point in the affairs of the planet that I experienced shock at the austerity of the programming fed to the masses. I felt the lacklustre fare that was offered was straight from the McCathy Era, a propaganda machine for rattling sabres of a hidden power base. I have seen this before but have also seen the courage of some within this circle to deliver a different message. I perceived this was sadly missing from yesterday’s awards.

I felt the despair of a dementor’s attack which was leading me to paranoia. That is the other energy of Pisces touched on in my last post. This is the dissolving. Tears of grief or sensitivity can come up at any time to wash away the remnants of the past. These sudden cutting moments of Virgo’s critical acuity are painful but are to be embraced. It is only by knowing what you don’t want with such clarity that we become committed to the heroic journey of change. Only then can the enchanted domain we yearn for be created. Sometimes it is good to hollow out that old shell so we can fill it with the resounding call of our Patronus. The beautiful light made manifest in the etheric will banish the dark and we receive another tool, a visionary torch that will light our way.


Image: El Patronus de Snape