Aries New Moon- Creating the New World

Minnie Dibdin Spooner - The Land of Counterpane - The Golden Staircase - 1906-1I wrote this about ten hours before the Aries New Moon was exact. This was several days ago. I usually wait for the experience and then report my findings and therefore left this post aside to see what else would unfurl. I should have realised that Aries, always impatient, would rush on to the next adventure, never to return. I post it now belated but intact, an ode to all that this cycle is launching.

I awoke on the morning of the  New Moon and thought, ‘It is all me! This world I am participating in is all generated by me.’ Lying in the dark as the dawn light started to recreate the world around me, I pondered my recent experiences and felt sure I had put this world together piece by piece.

Every thought I have, every little desire  generated by my wondering, wandering imagination appears throughout my day in every form. Poof! A new acquaintance appears that I am sure I have known for eons, an old friend will provide me with manifestations of my perceptions, and a found object will lead me into a fresh chapter. This is my kind of life, I am a mere child, living and unravelling a world of treasure everyday.

There are so many theories of realities out there and I like to keep across them and play with the ideas and not worry too much about what is true. I am a Gemini, a scientist exploring, a journalist reporting and happy with the plethora of phenomena that I can wonder about without the need to pin down reality into a single truth. It is fun to tackle the part of the puzzle before me and allow another bit to come randomly when it will. This is  what keeps it play.

I report my experiences, filling my journals with vignettes. The more I engage and imagine, the more I find my medium doesn’t lie in hieroglyphs on the page but manifests like magic all around me. The stories are played out through people I meet by chance and dramas find their resolution and explode into original dioramas.

Observing all these idle musings coming to pass, I realise that somehow I do create my reality and I am loving how creative I am getting. From the matrix of my mind I am populating my Earth with flora, fauna, people and treasures. I set up grooves with problems I feel I must resolve and total surprises have me racing home to report the miracles I have stumbled across today.

Where do I reside outside of the fantasy that I live within? I am not sure that I really care. I am happy here in the world of my illusion. As a child I was fascinated with Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem ‘The Land of Counterpane’. He was a sickly child and bed bound he built a world from his imagination on the quilt that kept him warm. This idea has become the way I live, redrawing my world, happy living my fantasy. I love living on this cutting edge as I allow my ideas to flow out of the ribbon of my imagination.

This year I have been playing with manifesting from my heart. Living with more love and joy, seeking a deeper intimacy that allows me to find that my centre can always get deeper and yet connect to the variety of magical creatures I meet in daily life. I am becoming tuned into this open vulnerable state and getting better at allowing myself to stay and trust in the present moment. I am recognising quicker when I have wandered off into anxiety and dis-ease. It is the mind which attempts to rush forward and see if the path ahead is safe, without realising that it alone is responsible for manifesting the possibility of failure and ruin at every turn. I reallocate the worrisome one to stand guard in case I slip into an old feeling state that forgets who is creating the delusion. In this faithful servant I have an early warning system of uneasiness before it creates serious damage. I can then wrap this runaway child in love and gentleness and find a new expression that allows us both to love the adventure of quelling the doubt. This universe is safe and perfect for us all to be who we are.

This is the new part that I am bringing in to play at the beginning of this zodiac year. The courage to trust in my perceptions, to claim my own authority, to recognise this world that I am living in is of my own creation and therefore I am the emperor here. There are no wild things that are not my wild things. The only punishing rulers who have power over me are my fears. Everything, the good, the bad and the ugly, is of my invention. Here I can discover quests and expeditions, enjoying that I sometimes forget  what I have orchestrated. I may stumble into a jungle filled with awesome beasts and appreciate the tremulous interactions with these renegade parts of my soul, as I rediscover how much fun it is to have daring adventures. My Aries Knight loves being ready, saddled up with courage to head in once more on his quest to find the holy grail.

And so as I woke on this Aries New Moon I knew I was heading out again on a journey of discovery into strange, as yet undiscovered lands of my imagination. I have a longing in my heart to establish a new kingdom where old and young are following their passions, revealing their talents and wowing me with possibilities. I have created this world and populated it with every thought and whim. With every passing revery when I have thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool?’ and ‘What if’, something has burst into being to surprise me when least expected, each individual whim has bought into being a possibility that never existed before. Now this is paradise to me. I am a tourist in my own land, learning that nothing is quite as it seems. Whatever dimension I have woken into and what pain and pleasure may befall me, I am thrilled once more to lift up my lance and rush forth into unfamiliar enchantments.

Image: Minnie Dibbin Spooner, ‘The Land of Counterpane’

Gemini Lunar Eclipse: Vision Quest

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Such is my self-talk during this wild ride I find myself on. The current cycle started with the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio  and signals an intense time. The Sun has moved into Sagittarius and I hear the universe, like a demanding audience, calling out…more! more! more! No wonder Sagittarius is all about riding, whether it is horses, roller coasters or thermal currents as we fly across the ravine. So yes…Whoa! Not the… Whoa! of ‘slow down please’ (although I could get my breath), but the stoner Whoa! of ‘How about that, man! Wicked sick!’

Sagittarius is about expansion and speed as we ride into foreign lands. Scorpio is about death and the transformation of the old. It demands release, prising our white knuckled grip from the edge of the cliff creating free fall. There is nothing that can be done, except have faith that Sagittarius can carry us forth into the unknown land. Be optimistic and trust that all will be okay.

There is an aspect of terror in Sagittarius’ exhilarating ride. Everything is changing and we know not what to. I am reminded of the brilliant BBC series, “The Ascent of Man’ by Jacob Bronowski. He depicts the shift of man from nomad into agricultural settlements. We can imagine the peaceful farmer looking across quiet plains noting a ball of dust in the distance. It expands into a marauding horde of invaders descending on his village. The shock and noise of the hooves, the speed and the action were unknown until horse-riding was mastered. The  rural settlement is helpless against the inevitable progress of change. Horses have aided us ever since, transforming what we have been able to achieve. However, for the reluctant settler, it is little wonder that end times are represented by ‘The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.’

Tonight is the Gemini Lunar Eclipse. Unlike the red of  a total eclipse this is a subtle penumbral eclipse where the radiant Moon is only slightly shaded as the shadow of earth falls across its surface. The Sun, Earth and Moon are all aligned. The Sagittarian Sun is shining its life-giving vision on the Earth which is in Gemini, illuminating and communicating what is possible in our current experience of life. For a moment this insight is able to quell the chattering anxiety of fixed beliefs that our subconscious Moon has hoarded as true facts. At this full moon our conscious Gemini mind has the opportunity to discern new knowledge.

One thing that I have become aware of over the last week is how bloated I feel. Bloated with a sudden weight gain, bloated with too much to do and bloated with much information that I do not know how to digest. Sagittarius is known for expanded girth but I believe that happens before its promptings are acted upon. The sheer movement, fire and energy must soon use all that stored fuel. It is all just grist for the journey ahead. Tonight and over the following days of the Full Moon, look out for that breakthrough idea that gives clarity to all the randomness that Gemini has collected in its learning journey.

In the north you have harvest festivals and Thanksgiving celebrations. In Australia, school is out for the holidays. My daughter and her friends are no longer gathering in study groups. Now the newly freed hordes are lighting bonfires of celebration. It is holiday time. Freedom and travel is possible now before they feel the need to settle into Capricorn’s realities.

Sagittarius is generally goal orientated. It is searching for a truth and meaning for life. When people asked where we are going once we sell our house I have not had an answer. I have been aware that one doesn’t know what is on the other side of the ravine. I have been content with this not knowing, trusting the future will arrive in its own time.  Now I feel this lack of direction is part of the overall bloat. We are in Sagittarius and it is time for a vision quest. I am the warrior brave going alone into the wilderness in order to find the soul’s course. Listen to the whispers of the Earth’s guidance as it reawaken’s consciousness that has been stored deep within. As the Luminaries line up with our planet, seize the knowledge when it comes. The gift that you receive may yet be symbolic and still require deciphering. Even so clasp it to your heart, polish it tenderly and place it in the night sky. Sagittarius is the story teller. Let your vision take the diverse treasure that Gemini’s curiosity has revealed to you and weave it into your personal tale.

As you imagine and visualise and verbalise your new story, in time you will believe the new story, and when that happens, the evidence will flow swiftly into your experience.


This Gemini Full Moon is the smallest of the year. How apt when Sagittarius’ target is found in the distance. Gemini gives us an opportunity to gain clarity and become conscious. Mercury, its ruler has now turned direct adding to our ability to see clearly. The vision we receive at this time is the star that will light our way through a mysterious landscape to the promise that will make this journey worthwhile.

Hi ho…and may we all be happy campers.

Image:  Galloping Horse

Series: The Ascent of Man Jacob Bronowski

Dark Moon in Cancer: Love Is All We Need

I have attempted to write several times since my last post over a week ago. They have been grizzles that I haven’t wanted to inflict on others or have rung empty and hollow. I have wondered whether I can get my flow back again.

I have been very aware of this journey through Cancer and its accompanying outer planet transits. As the Sun travels through each sign of the zodiac, I feel the qualities of  each archetype come alive in my own experience.  In Gemini my light was out there and I made connections with so many wonderful people: readers, fellow bloggers, friends, clients, family, peers, authorities, radicals, light workers. So many  fellow travellers. Towards the end of my Gemini play I began to feel overwhelmed and it was time to re-enter the safety of my shell. I could feel my own yearnings and the desires of others. I began to feel swamped by fears and pain. I felt over-sensitive. It began to be difficult to face others. I needed a cover to shelter from all the emotions. I could feel all their pain and their need for nurture. How can I nurture? I am not enough. My own feelings of lack built a wall around me. Sensitive to the pain of my neighbours I was shell shocked, stunned and unable to move forward.

Fear of lack is all pervasive. There is never enough: money, food, love, care, understanding, light, warmth, comfort, safety. How can we survive? How can we be sustainable? How can I contribute when when my family are struggling with the same concerns. There is so little coming in and each purchase needs to be measured and prioritised.

I kept singing to myself one of my favourite childhood songs, ‘Wouldn’t it be Loverly?’

“All I want is a room somewhere,

Far away from the cold night air,

With one enormous chair

Oh wouldn’t it be loverly?”

So what to do with my shell shock? Protect, retire, become shell locked. Do I withdraw all available energy to try to protect my own sensibility? This means being unavailable for all those that I love. I become crabby, distant and sullen for a time while space and regeneration happens and energy from the core becomes available once again. To have enough energy beyond fatigue to give to those I love. How can one expand the shell to include my family? I love my family and my friends and I am failing them by walling off my love. I know the sensitive Cancer heart that feels and wishes to give safety and succour to all. How do I expand my shell to protect all life on Earth? How does one remain as love in the face of the fear and hopeless despair?

When I get back in touch with my self after being sheltered from external demands I know what I have withdrawn is my loving heart. This heart wants release and to express it’s everlasting shining joy and hope. Why do I wait for the cavalry to come when I know my power is within? What am I protecting?…my love!  Am I afraid to love? To express love is to be vulnerable. What dark tale of fear is this? My power lies in my love and yet I lock it away afeared that it will be rejected. I have come in with the awesome open heart of a child yet I fear that expressing, caring and just being in love will attract so much hurt.  Shame, guilt, anger, resentment, suffering and so many poisons that it is better to lock it away in a box.

There is the cautionary tale of Pandora who with Gemini curiosity opened the box and let out all the evils of the world. Is this why we return to our shell in Cancer? Maybe the truth is that she was not a bad child but another courageous heroine. She turned the lock and allowed all those evils to be released. Pandora was left with hope and that is all we need. I emerge vulnerable from my shell.

Today I feel released from my self imposed prison. I have no answers. I do not know how we will be delivered from our fears. I am afraid of rejection. I am afraid that the tribe will throw me out for my weakness and my tears.  I do not know how to protect my loved ones but keeping myself separate from them will not help.

I am sure that we are all powerful beyond our comprehension. The little self that we protect is a lie. We lock away our greatness in the cage of fear. Today I trust the wisdom of the ages, love is enough! Cancer and the Moon that rules her represents the masses. What if each gloriously vulnerable human self could open up and stand in the love that they feel so much. How amazing would our species be?  If each and everyone of us let the light of love shine through the crystalline containers of our tears; the Earth washed and refreshed, would light up and the dark shadows would find no place to hide.


Music: Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?

Image: I am not sure who photographed this iridescent crab but it can be found on this site, with lots of other wonderful photos.

Gemini: The Alpha and Omega

Gemini shows once again how she does things in two’s as we have another New Moon in this sign. This time it is opposite the centre of the Milky Way. We can see how this foray through Gemini, the lightest of signs, has been all about aligning with the light. We have been constantly  bombarded with radiance from the cosmos. The Sun has been featured over this cycle with two eclipses and the rare Venus transit. Also there have been large amounts of Solar flare activity. So much so that here at the bottom of the world in my Tasmanian neighbourhood we have been experiencing the Aurora Australis which is the southern equivalent to the Aurora Borealis.

What does light do? It releases the dark. As we have been completing the last Moon cycle I have felt emotions, old behaviours and physical symptoms come up in me. I tell myself they are emerging in order to disappear in the comfort of a shining embrace.

To aid this process of casting the old into a cleansing bonfire Chiron, the wounded healer has turned retrograde allowing the buried pain and trauma of the past to re-emerge into our awareness. At the same time Jupiter moved into Gemini for its year long sojourn through this sign, expanding the light further to support the clearing of the wounds we offer up via Chiron.

Another pairing of light and dark is the Uranus/Pluto square whose arrival we have sensed for so long. It is finally becoming exact for the first of seven contacts. As Pluto is exposing all the hidden frailties and corruption in our financial and government systems, Uranus is eagerly opening them up to the masses to see what was once hidden. Over the next few years more and more secrets and shortcomings will be brought into the light of day and everyone will get the opportunity to intuit sparkling ideas that resolve age-old problems.

Gemini loves patterns and I see the two new moons, one at the beginning of the sign and another at the end, being echoed in our global environment. The fate of our economy seems to lie with the outcome of the Greek election. Funny given how Greece is considered the birthplace of democracy and the beginning of Western Civilisation. Is this just a co-incidence? Are we being presented with the Alpha and Omega of our current age.

Another example  is 9/11. This event was hailed as world changing from the moment it happened and ushered in our current era. Astrologers consider this a Gemini /Sagittarius event symbolised by the Twin Towers. At this time Pluto was in Sagittarius opposing Saturn in Gemini. Now 2012 is much prophesied as being another turning point in history. Now Pluto has moved on to Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn. In 2001 there was a physical attack on the World Trade Centre, a symbol of the financial system.   Today we are not certain that the Global Economy can survive the current woes without radical transformation. More and more we ask if our world is sustainable. Ironically there is more and more data being exposed about the facts surrounding  9/11. This in itself triggers a loss of faith in the ruling elites.

Mercury, the God of information is trawling the underworld for the buried secrets of accepted history in many areas. What is being uncovered challenges what has been considered inviolable truths of the ages.

Many of us are experiencing this on a personal level. Aspects of life that we have considered permanent are coming to an end. We seem to be standing in a place of total unknowing. What will the future bring? The problems are beyond us. We do not have the answers.  We have to trust that, as we dismantle what is old and no longer working, radical new solutions will appear from  outside our familiar world. We are offering ourselves for a makeover and we do not yet know what will be required. Gemini is full of questions and happily tolerates that the answers are awaiting discovery.

Tomorrow is the Solstice. Here in the Southern Hemisphere we experience our shortest day and in the North you experience the longest. Once again we are tied together by our duality, twins reflecting each other. The Solstice marks the Sun moving into Cancer. Cancer rules our tribe, our family and where we are rooted. Here we are born and nurtured in the nest. We create our haven and eventually we die taking our place amongst the ancestors allowing the  next generation to sustain the race. In Cancer we have ‘the cradle of civilisation’. Here is the Alpha and the Omega.

In Gemini I felt more congruent with myself and happily expanded out into my environment. I connected and communicated with an array of people and  am now feeling scattered by too much activity.  I woke one morning with the image that I was no longer a body but instead just cells, all vibrating in a random pile. I was both excited and awed.

I have been touched by so many wonderful people lately and I now welcome the opportunity to move into Cancer. I feel the need to nest and nurture all who I gathered around me. In all my activity I have acquired an expanded family in which I would love to secure my sense of belonging.

As we have utilised the light to clear out the falsehoods and dysfunction of the old we have expanded to see Gaia as our home and  the Solar System, even the Galaxy, as our neighbourhood. We  are seeing how tenuous economies and governments are.  We are becoming brothers and sisters of the light who are working to secure a sustainable environment for all. This next cycle is about securing that safe nest in our personal lives and for our global family in this evolving world.

Image: Luis Falero, Twin Stars, 1881.

The Owl

Dave WattsYesterday I was tired, feeling a contraction from too much going on, invading my body and laying a heavy apathy over my emotions. Later I was returning home in the dark when I saw something in the middle of the road. I pulled up beside it. It was an owl, less than a metre away.  It didn’t move. I wound down my window and spoke lovingly to it. It turned its head and locked its penetrating eyes on me. It felt like forever, as our orbs exchanged light and my heart stirred from numbness to aching presence. My monkey mind became concerned the owl may be injured and as if in answer the bird took flight. As it flew away all the clarity of feather and colour disappeared and it seemed that a black owl shape was rent through the fabric of reality as it moved across the dark landscape.

Today is the Last Quarter Moon, a time of review before we enter the next cycle. During this time the Moon starts to disappear from our night sky.  At the moment the darkness is made even more potent by the Uranus/Pluto square which is almost exact. After being held in it’s thrall for so long we are finally looking the foreboding beast in the eye. What is darkness if not a perfect foil for seeing the light?

This Gemini cycle started with the Solar Eclipse and its ring of fire. Record numbers took to the streets in the Northern Hemisphere and gazed at the sky, bringing the cosmos into the consciousness of all.  Those of us without a front row seat gobbled up the stunning pictures flooding our networks. Gemini has to do things in two (or more) and the skies didn’t fail us following this stunning spectacle with  the rare Venus transit across the Sun. Once more millions tuned in as Venus, the radiant jewel, turned dark against the brightness of our Solar source of energy and life. It seems both our feminine principles of Moon Mother and Venus Lover have taken a bath in the light to wash clean the debris that has soiled our Earthly perceptions of the passive, intuitive feminine polarity of all things. (Personally I have experienced toxins coming out through my skin marring my Venus beauty. 😉 )

Many of us have gathered together to enjoy these global events, laying aside our concerns and allowed ourselves to be taken up with joyful curiosity for things that lay outside our familiar environment. This month we recognised our neighbourhood of the inner Solar System.

Gemini rules the local environment, neighbours, communication and learning. After Taurus we have learnt our worth and feel secure to turn our focus outward to find  what exists beyond us. I found I challenged my introverted self this month to be continually out and about in my local environment meeting and interchanging with lots of people. The marketplace is a Gemini environment where we exchange our value through interaction. I put myself on the market in an effort  to redress the financial shortfall that presented itself insistently during the Taurus cycle. I went for interviews and increased the astrology and tarot I do in the local community. I finally got around to starting an Astrology Gathering in my town where people can come together to learn, share and exchange ideas on my favourite subject. My Gemini is in the 9th House and so my desire is to exchange of thoughts and ideas with the world. The wonderful world wide web has been such a gift for me. I am thrilled to have people from 55 countries visit my blog. I am finding so many international neighbours that share my interests and I get to have so many scintillating conversations, sparking ideas with a growing number of people who are taking residence in my heart. I even embraced Facebook this month, updating my static site and expanding my friends. I am also attracting more on-line astrology consultations participating in a global marketplace.. Everything is expanding.

The Gemini quality has saturated my month. I have been fuelled with the child-like delight of so much joyous contact and exploration. I have been immersed in all kinds of writing, learning, listening, driving, sharing, playing; all Gemini. Now as the Moon enters its dark period of review I am beginning to feel the giddiness of the ride I have been on and desire to slow down. My awareness this month has been about light. I have been able to fill myself with high vibrations and sense in my body where there has been resistance and sound it out. It has been exciting maintaining a speed that I have not experienced for some time. Now I know a new energy will be knocking on our doors as we move into Cancer. The one thing about light is that everything grows. After awhile we feel we have to clear the weeds to make  our new garden. The question is how can I maintain this new expanded level of operating when it is no longer my focus? The contraction I started to feel yesterday comes from a growing anxiety about how I can  go on participating in my expanded environment.

As we move into this Last Quarter Moon, Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, triggers the Uranus/Pluto square by opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus. It is turning away from the distractions we have had in our inner solar system back to the heavyweight game of the slower planets that are here for the long haul through our changing times. Mercury is questioning once more, after much needed light relief, “How do we solve the problems of the old in order to bring a new more enlightened way of being for all that share this planet?” We know Uranus will bring many sparks of  unseen possibilities into the dark backdrop Pluto is providing. Mercury, faster, sharper and delighted by new playmates is waiting by to catch and bring out the ideas in a way we can articulate and share..

At the same time Jupiter is embarking on a year long journey through Gemini giving hope that we can run with the expanded environment and benefit from the sharing of our discoveries.

The owl can see in the dark. With those deep penetrating orbs of eyes he reveals the energy that resides there, plenty of electricity to maintain all our circuits. As he freely flies away, the blackness of his form reveals how tenuous this surface reality is and how much wisdom is available if we are prepared to go beyond known form into the darkness from whence everything emerges. For all of us that seem to be facing  a fearful future, take heart, we have been bathed in light and as we keep stepping bravely into the unknown, the light is always with us.


Image: ‘Southern Boobook Owl’ photographed by Dave Watts

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse and Venusian Solar Transit: Re-accessing the Heart’s Desire

Full Moon Over Venus by Martin MaddoxLets face it, the Goddess of Love, whatever her title, is a whore! She is ruthless and gets what she wants. The heart wants what the heart wants. She doesn’t honour wedding vows. She is the hidden mischievous one who causes wars.

In Greek mythology Paris was given the task to judge the fairest Goddess of all. Aphrodite/Venus offered him the love of the most beautiful woman in the world. She failed to mention that this woman, Helen, was married. Paris chose Aphrodite as the fairest goddess and Helen’s infidelity caused the Trojan War which rent asunder the ancient world. This war destroyed his homeland and caused death and mayhem for everyone involved.

Venus is about what we love, what we value and yet we usually feel we are not deserving or worthy enough and inhibit the access to our true desire. Somehow what we value is not quite kosher. No wonder the Christian Church has made the Virgin Mary their primary female deity. She of the pure and peaceful blue robes representing heaven can never be tainted. What hope for Magdalene with her green robes and her earthly passions. Whore!

Helen left her husband for a pretty toy boy and caused a war. Whore!

Eve listen to the snake and got us all thrown out of paradise. Whore!

Hephaestus caught Aphrodite breaking her marriage vows with Ares. Whore!

We have given the Goddess of Love such a bad rap. A  judgement has been made about our strongly felt passions; they must surely be the whisperings of the devil. In doing so we condemn desire, love and passion to the shadow realm of our souls, our dirty secret. We have attached shame to heart felt love because we fear the chaos that will be unleashed from the power and ecstasy we feel. Our joy will surely bring pain and devastation to those we love. We want happiness for ourselves and for our children and yet we fear what achieving success could bring. To temper the power of the feminine we have fragmented her into many facets from which we have to choose. In fact our problems start when we select  just one archetype to whom we will swear allegiance.  We are presented with a Virgin Goddess to nurture the pure Christ who will die on the Cross for our suffering.  We renounce true yearnings whilst we struggle to contain ourselves in passionless half lives.

Remember the story of the goddess,Demeter and her daughter, Kore. The maiden is in her sexual prime when she is abducted by a lustful Hades and becomes Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. Here their sexual union becomes another buried secret. Demeter, the nurturing mother nature, is bereft by the loss of  her young, vital daughter. She is now barren. Disempowered by her grief she takes domestic work and attempts to nurture immortality for the babe in her care. She  becomes recalcitrant, not pliable or pure enough, she is later culturally superseded by the Virgin Mary.

Today we have a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Neptune turns retrograde and tomorrow Venus will be visible moving across the face of the Sun. This transit will not be repeated for over one hundred years. For a day Sleeping Beauty will awaken and join with her prince.

Noble Sagittarius is the seeker of the truth in our society. He desires to know the one truth that he can then codify into laws, that uphold a standard that can deliver us from evil. This can then become the code we all live by. He is Moses coming down from the mountain with the commandments that he has received from his conversations with God. These are the wisdoms that dictate the possible dangers of following our passion. Sagittarius is certain of the value of his truth and enforces it as  law so we can create a civil society. However, for every wise and law abiding centaur there seems to be a herd that follow their animal passions and wreak havoc with rape, pillage and drunken violence in order to satisfy their repressed lust..

Gemini is the child that learns the values of her society. We curiously meet the neighbours and discover how they live. This is where we learn the facts of our community. We see how others are coping with the laws of the land. It is fascinating to go into our friends houses and see that everyone interprets the rules in different ways. We investigate the differing interpretations in our neighbour’s houses, often witnessing the centaurs partying around the barbecue. We are taught the judgements of the society and the secrets of lapsed rules. We see how every person finds ways to accommodate or suppress their innate desires with a wide variety of methods. Sometimes we gasp in horror at the perceived perversions of others and at other times we giggle joyfully at the harmless misdeeds.  The way things are done in our own home is different. All this variety is thrilling. We are relieved by the many transgressions from the norms drummed into us by pious authority and moral sterility. Gemini listens to the stories of the people and witnesses the many ways the regulations are bent. These little amoralities are the hidden deals between the agreed values attributed to the good of the nation and the Venusian desires that play out behind closed doors.

Gemini is the child who learns the facts of his world. He absorbs the  incongruence between the espoused values and the contradictory actions of everyone around. Gemini understands this duality and hence the symbol of two pillars. As children we learn to present the face the world demands. The face that is closer to the truth is role played in the backyard games with the other kids.These peers become the next generation that will adapt the laws to accommodate a broader perspective to the despair of the elders who perceive a loosening of morals.

The children understand that when we are exhorted to follow our bliss, the hidden message is to do that after we take care of the expectations of the society. It is at this point we recognise the necessity to conform to a norm when we walk out the front door. What floats our boat is kept for the bad twin to indulge in after hours.

Now the Sun, the Moon and Venus are lining up with the centre of the galaxy. There is a desire for change. We really do wish to line up with the truth. This truth is not the truth of the 1% that we have been conforming to for so long. We now wish to align with the truth of the 99%. We know our value has been all tied up and creamed off by rules that are neither fair nor truthful. We know that everyone is unique and that love cannot be homogenised. We are feeling the love for the individual and we no longer wish for everyone to relegate their love to the cesspool of shame. As a society we are embracing love which is not confined to gender, race, religion or lifestyle choice. Gemini loves the variety and knows that it is all valuable and infinitely more interesting. It wants to celebrate the truth in everyone’s stories not just the chosen mouthpieces of an old code. Venus knows ‘the heart wants what the heart wants’. When we recognise this is possible without condemning each other to shame then maybe we will allow the virgin and the lover to co-exist and accept the amazing creativity that can be born of this alignment. We do not have to choose one goddess to worship but can embrace our multifaceted selves and align with our true value.

As Venus retrogrades over the face of the Sun in full view, she is allowing us the opportunity to resurrect our desires, gather up our loves and live a life full of value and passion.

Image: Full Moon Over Venus by Martin Maddox

New Year, New Me

It was my birthday yesterday and I have been playing around with my Solar Return chart. This is a chart that you can draw up of the transiting sky as the Sun returns to the exact degree of your natal Sun. The chart represents your intention or focus for the coming year. It can provide another layer of information for us.

Astrologers have many ways of gathering information that reflects our ongoing personal dynamics. We have the Natal Chart showing us the energy we  carry for our entire life. Transits express the sky as it is at any point in time.  They can trigger experiences when they resonate with aspects of our being by aligning with qualities we were born with, or by being so foreign to our innate qualities that we feel impelled to adjust our normal responses. Then we have progressions which show how we evolve and unfold on an inner level  over time. They map the process of the seed as it transforms into the unique individual potential.

Compared to the swathe of time involved in these tools, a solar return just visits and focusses the energy for a year. It is like a subscription you get given for your birthday that lasts a year and then stops. One year you may get National Geographic and be filled with beautiful photos and wondrous stories of the world, next year you follow fashion with Vogue. You never lose what you gleaned or the sensibilities that the year added to your cache of experience, but it is transitory.

I don’t normally play much with the Solar Return but this year it has captured my imagination. In my post The Elephant I spoke about the transit that is defining our times. This is Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. The energy of this connection can be expressed in many ways and at this moment I am looking at it as the future versus the past. Many philosophies at the moment are urging we relinquish the past as irrelevant to the future. ‘Today is the first day of the rest of our life’ was a popular quote from the sixties the last time Uranus and Pluto came together. We are all powerful, free beings who can create what we desire as long as we don’t get stuck in the beliefs of the current reality. If we focus on what is or what was we will just create more of the same. This idea is very different from the alternate wisdom that states that ‘history repeats itself’ and it is only by an intimate knowledge of what came before that we can create change. We are encouraged to be fully steeped in the full tradition of a discipline we wished to operate in before breaking with the past to find a new approach. The Capricorn view is that effective progress is only possible by ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ that came before us.

I have been weighing this conundrum for awhile. On the one hand, our birth chart offers a wonderful resource and map for self knowledge and becoming. On the other it can become a sticky web of self definition and outmoded concepts getting in the way of  the free and true birth of a unique individual. Gemini, the energy we are experiencing, is the sign of paradox. This contributes to their reputation for being fickle or amoral. Today the twins may agree with your proposal as sound; tomorrow they may be equally excited by contradicting ideas. The one thing Gemini knows is there is not one truth but an infinitely giddy array of truths to discover and gleefully play with.

Recently I came across someone who claimed to be a walk-in. That is a soul who has inhabited an existing body in adulthood. This concept takes the idea of no past to new levels. If one was to draw a horoscope for such a being, when were they born? The birth of the body or the birth of the soul? Delicious Gemini questions, truth is irrelevant.

Now with my Solar Return I see the possibility of inhabiting it in a totally new way. What if I embraced it? Usually when you read transits or progressions, you place the circle of the natal chart in the centre and read the other energies in relation to this core. For a Solar Return it is suggested that you place it in the middle and the natal chart around.

For the first time I am considering becoming this new chart, living with its wisdoms and energies. I would be like an actor assuming a new role. I have butterflies at the possibilities. What would it be like to be this new person born in the now? Isn’t this the question we are all asking in this time of change? What if? What if my Gemini Sun was in the fourth instead of the ninth? What if I became comfortable with my shining self like a Leo Moon and approach life with the visionary zeal of an Aquarian instead of the cautious containment of my Virgo Ascendant.

OMG…really embrace the new?…I have goosebumps!



Image: The album cover of ‘Brain Salad Surgery’ by Emerson, Lake and Palmer illustrated by H.R. Giger

 ‘Today is the first day of the rest of our life’  attributed to Charles Dederich

‘History repeats itself’ Anonymous, popularised in the mid 1800

‘If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants.’ Isaac Newton

The Gemini Eclipse – Ascension Anyone?!!

I am a Gemini. Does anyone else smart at the qualities that people throw at you when they discover your sun sign? I feel offended when I am accused of being fickle and two faced. I have Sun, Venus and Ceres in Gemini with Saturn, the planet of authority, responsibility and limitation, opposing them from the third house. It seems I have taken on Saturn’s approbation and disapproval of my Mercurial nature. My Virgo Ascendant and Taurus Moon weigh in to ground some of that Gemini whimsy. It may feel more comfortable but not always so merry. I have been horrified to be thought of as a party girl, social butterfly or light weight…no way! I am one of those that will get defensive for other notorious Gemini’s like Marilyn Monroe. ‘She is a great comedienne! You need intelligence to pull such timing and wit!’

I remember when I was first with my partner, I started playing the fool, pulling faces and generally mucking around. I was shocked and amazed at my levity and very delighted. I think at that point I knew I had found a safe haven with someone I could frolic with irreverently.

Still, no matter how often I indulged in childlike behaviour, I always felt it would not be condoned by the ‘real world.’ My core qualities were those I could not openly value causing a rift between my private and public self. Gemini is after all a sign of duality. Therein lies a feeling of alienation from my neighbours, of not belonging, because of my naturally errant ways.

My Gemini Sun has therefore, always felt eclipsed, which brings me to the subject of this post- the Solar Eclipse in Gemini. We have a day more in the Taurus energy before quite suddenly the New Moon and the Eclipse coincides at zero degrees Gemini. Anyone who has been reading my posts over the last Sun/Moon cycle through Taurus would have witnessed and likely felt for themselves, my ‘sinking into the earth’ sensation, slowing down almost to a standstill. Over the last few days my sleep has been very heavy and when I wake I have experienced my consciousness as almost physical, taking effort to pull my awareness up through my body where it had been captured by slothful slumber. Everything has been very sensate. Now the Sun will move into the bright light of Gemini and the Moon will shift from its dark slumber and will embrace the golden orb so enthusiastically, that for a time it will blot out the Sun’s bright light allowing the dross to be burnt off in a ring of fire.

Mercury, the God of the mind, is the only planet that can dart around and go safely to places where the other gods cannot. He can enter the underworld and negotiate for the release of those held there. He is capable of tricks that allow him to conceal his whereabouts by appearing to turn backwards. My Gemini self is much amused as her ruling planet displays these antics during this eclipse. Mercury’s trickster qualities come in when the path of the full eclipse can be viewed over Southwest China and Japan on the 21st of May. It then travels over the Pacific crossing the International Dateline so it arrives in the USA on the day before on 20th May. (Much mirth at mercurial magic :D) It enters the USA at the California/Oregon border and travels in full fire through to Texas. And so the Messenger God does double duty going back in time to rescue us from whatever paralysing dilemma we have been experiencing in the underworld during the Dark Moon in Taurus.

As I matured I began to really appreciate the value of my Sun sign. What I was judging as lightweight and bubble-headed, I now perceive as de-light-ful. What I perceived as feather-brained I, now see as nonjudgemental, more like the feather that is used to measure the purity of the heart in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I appreciate and engage curiously with whatever I encounter, allowing it to be the perfection that it is, no matter how contradictory. I am curious to know, and without preconceptions allow the paradox to lead me into further discovery. I have learnt to value my lightness and know that it is a gift I have to share with others. At my best I become the light-bearer bringing good vibes and the tinkle of joy wherever my essence may shine.

This Gemini Eclipse promises to bring light to our underworld wanderings, illuminating the path of ascension to our rightful place amongst the stars.

Image: FredericLeighton-The Return of Persephone (1891) Here we see Mercury/Hermes returning Persephone to her mother, Demeter on the surface after her abduction into the underworld. A perfect echo of this eclipse.

Venus, In Flagrante Delicito

Venus, the planet of love, has turned retrograde.

Over the last few weeks I have recognised the signature of many Goddesses playing out in the world around me. I have been immersed in this energy and found myself too fey to engage Mercury, the God of language, to communicate my discoveries in the strange misty lands where I dwell. Venus is now flowing with Saturn, the God of commitment and so I stir to express this journey in time and express how this is playing out in life.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus, the sign we have been buried in over this past month. She is Aphrodite in Greek myths, and was married to Hephaestus, the lame blacksmith to the Gods. He was not valued due to his deformity but manages to redeem himself with a genius for invention, creating magnificent things in his forge. Thus, where we feel inadequate and  lacking is often the stimulus we require, to spark the desire that produces our true gifts. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’

Hephaestus’ creations are greatly valued by the Gods and Aphrodite herself adores beautiful things. Although the smithy is a worthy provider. Aphrodite is not sexually enamoured with her husband and lusts after Ares/Mars. Beautiful, golden Venus is always able to attract whatever she desires.

The cuckold, Hephaestus goes to work and creates a fine net of golden filaments and uses it to trap Aphrodite and Ares ‘in fragrante delicito’  much to the bemusement of the Gods.

During the retrograde phase, Venus aligns with the Sun and disappears from our night sky. She cannot be seen because her light is swallowed by the Sun’s radiance. This is a  time when our Venusian desires are captured by Hephaestus’ golden net and are ready to be exposed in a way we cannot normally see when seduced by Venus’s delicious allure.  Eventually Venus will be reborn as the Morning or Dawn Star, pregnant with the Sun’s seed ready for another cycle round that great orb.

Venus  went retrograde on the 15th May at 23 degrees Gemini and will continue to move backwards, (or so it seems from Earth), till she reaches 7 degrees Gemini and recommences her forward movement on June the 28th. She will then cover the same ground till she returns to  23 degrees on the 21st of July and having absorbed her inner experience moves on with a new sense of divine purpose.

We are already versed in the themes of Venus’ absence from our sky as she has already travelled this ground since April 12th when she  was at 7 degrees Gemini. Going back to review this period I find my Mars in Training post. In this I spoke about Mars finally moving direct as Pluto moves retrograde. It is only now with Hephaestus’ net that I can see that Venus was also present in this meeting. It seems Mars and Venus, the archetypal male and female lovers were actually having an illicit meeting at this time. Pluto, the underworld God of sex, shadow and secrets was present, indicating the nature of their merger.

Hephaestus and the inhabitants of Olympus may be well amused at my unconsciousness. I tell the story in that post of my detached participation in my friend’s medicine circle.  I was unaware at the time that I was participating in a Dawn Star circle. I was conscious of the presence of Venus at the time but thought it  lay simply in the gifts that I contributed to the altar; pink roses and crabapples. Also a Taurean maiden that sat beside me. We actually sat in the East as we ignorantly mimicked the Morning Star.  It was only later that it dawned on me that  the whole event was dedicated to the Goddess of Love in her many guises. This event heralded the entry of Sun and Moon in Taurus.  Since this time there has been a sinking in and honouring of many Goddess archetypes in my life. I have felt absorbed by the Earth as I have been steeped in the Goddess stories that echo in my life.

Venus is in Gemini at this time and I associate Gemini with teenagers, as they venture out from their families to engage and explore with increased independence. During this time I have had the honour of hearing many tales of first loves, infatuations, sudden break-ups and betrayals. Through them I recognise the delicate touch or fragrant desire of Aphrodite, intensifying as she is absorbed by the Sun.

To participate more consciously in your Venus retrograde journey, go back to my Mars in Training post or employ other markers of the time to trigger your memories. Discover what trysts you were engaged in and what dance has led you to this eve. We have the opportunity to tend the garden we have planted over this period as Venus and her true desires resonate on an inner level. With Venus in Gemini I see the opportunity for love’s hi-jinx to play some out of season Midsummer’s Nights Dream with us all, as we succumb to Oberon’s love potion. Like the characters in this play we may find the object of our love surprising.


… as I finish this post I receive a bouquet of red roses on behalf of my daughter. A Venusian token of appeasement from a thwarted lover.

And so the play continues …


‘Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,

And therefore is wing’d Cupid painted blind.’



‘And those things do best please me,

That do befall preposterously.’



Image: ‘Scene From A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Titania and Bottom’ by Edwin Henry Landseer (1802–1873)

As the Earth Revolves Around the Sun

Tomorrow the Sun enters Aries and restarts the journey around the Zodiac. In my last post I suggested you look back over the year and see what ideas may have bloomed for you as the months elapsed. I have been doing this for myself and my review is the subject of this post.

I started in the present. What do I feel I have achieved? This is  easy as the intention this Moon cycle was to get my WordPress site up and here I am writing a post on this very blog.

By going back a year, we are looking at the Sun’s journey to this point. Does where you are now have anything to do with your Sun sign? My Sun sign is Gemini and  I am excited to see how this spiral has furthered my writing. Writing is associated with Gemini.

The Sun in our chart represents a heart’s desire. We are not born fully equipped with our zodiac sign’s qualities necessarily but an intention to explore the areas represented by the quality of our Sun sign. A sign carries much more than one quality or expression. There are many other ways of expressing Gemini but over this year my writing has been in focus.

I can look back over a lifetime which has faithfully led me to realising this particular aspect of Self.

As a child I wrote naturally and happily. In my teens this writing was formalised in chronicles that tracked my emerging independence. As I took on adult responsibility these journals were forever a refuge of my private yearning. I always felt I was a writer but never had a subject I felt worthy of sharing with others.

Later my notebooks developed some purpose as I wanted to keep a record of how the planets in the sky reflected my own experience or vice versa.  As I became interested in flower essences, my scribblings continued as a research tool documenting case studies of clients and myself.

After reading Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’ I took on the discipline of  ‘Morning Pages’, three pages of random writing a day. My spiral notebooks and fountain pen were my treasures as I  watched the words pour out and my bookshelves fill up.

I tried computer journalling but it wasn’t the same. That is until Christmas 2011, when my beloved gave me a macbook. This wondrous tool was no larger than my diaries and with a 10 hour battery just as portable. My time became split between my notebooks and my mac.

This leads us to the Pisces Sun period a year ago and the transition into our review year. My pages for the Pisces period of 2011 are full of joy and appreciation for the magnificent life I was living. I was aware that a period of my life had ended as my daughter entered college. Up to this point we had been home educating (another expression of Gemini). My longing now was to participate more fully in my world. I was aware that I was full and wanted to share more of myself.

As the Sun started its new journey through the signs, I was surprised to be drawn to an on-line journal, Per Se. It looked just like a moleskin diary. The pages turn like a book. I could experiment with different fonts. Best of all I could add images and articles off the net. I could track the news and other things that were not easy to copy so comprehensively in my paper journals. I could add audio and video. My last paper entry was at the end of Aries 2011 as the old was replaced with the new.  Funnily enough as I stored my last journal, it took the last space in my bookcase. An era had ended.

I was totally hooked on this new resource and spent much of the Taurus and Gemini months playing with its new multi-dimensionality. Through my journal notes in May the desire to be a writer was being whispered in the pages.

It dawned on me that it was just a step to taking my writings on line and I came up with a name, Astrology Mon Ami. Cancer saw things get bogged down as I tried to  get a site and faltered over the technical details. I was not yet ready to create this new home. My domain name was registered though.

I committed to a thousand words a day clarifying my ideas, learning to remain steady despite other commitments . Through Leo my creativity expanded and in Virgo I wrote through illness, travel and taking on more employment to get us through lean times. These are the crisis times and yet I still nurtured my love and expanded my ability.

In Libra my commitment became a knowing and contented waiting. I had become merged with my becoming. It changed how I interacted with the world. I was self assured, happy, radiant, confident. People responded to me differently and me to them.

In Scorpio the transformation was complete, the universe stepped in and I got an invite to the Boundless Living Challenge, a ning site that was being revived after a hiatus. What joy, I could  post my blogs in a safe community of the most generous and beautiful people. Not only was I able to have a space to write but miraculously I had the most fantastic audience to read and encourage me. My writing was published in Sagittarius. You cannot imagine how heart opening this experience has been for me. I added images. Through Capricorn I grew in confidence. In Aquarius I was celebrating my belonging to a new global community.

Finally in a pause between challenges I have reached this Pisces Moon Cycle and jumped out completely into the public sphere launching my blog, Astrology Mon Ami.

Now I feel that writing has become my profession. I maintain both blogs and enjoy participating in both communities. I love to read and comment on other peoples work and I love to write my own. I feel so fortunate. I love my life.

This has been the Sun’s passage through my year. When I look back at my tentative beginnings, wondering how I was going to expand into the world, I would never have dreamt of such perfect fulfilment.

How exciting to have another year before me now, where will it take us?

 Image: Louis XIV dans Lully’s Le Ballet de la Nuit 1653