Virgo Sun: Our Unique Gift

Can you feel it?…the luscious joy?… the good vibrations coming down and filling your body? I am feeling so good lately. Yes, I have aches, anxiety and fear but on the whole I just get distracted by the overwhelming feeling of wellbeing. Am I insane? Probably. Do I care? Not one iota.

Mmmm, this doesn’t sound like the energy of Virgo that gets such a bad wrap. Critical, complaining, disempowered Virgo, lying prostrate. No, this Virgo feels great and wonders why you don’t. Virgo is the Earth. The container for everything manifest and potentially manifest on this wonderful planet of ours. She lies embraced by her lover, the universe. Everything is possible. Virgo adores this latency and is devoted to it. She offers up her virgin body to take that potential and make it visible. She is not interested in the laws of man or even the laws of the pantheon of gods. Her path is to take the inspiration that she has conceived, carry it and give birth. It is her passion play to take this unmanifest and find the wherewithal to gift it to anyone that will appreciate the brilliance of her conception. This is tricky. It has never been done before. There are no guidelines; no ‘how to’s.’  Still she is determined to find a way. She needs time to solve this conundrum. She experiments and makes mistakes. She analyses the shortcomings of her results. She cares for the fledgling idea, protecting it and using unorthodox methods until she is able to achieve her end.  She serves all beings with the providence of her creation. If she appears irritable at your questioning or your well meaning advice, it is because only she knows the importance of the tiny notion growing inside her. She is impatient with the distraction from her purpose.

Virgo is the Goddess, Demeter, who allows the Earth to become barren while she grieves for the loss of her daughter. She will not accept that her progeny will no longer reside on the surface for everyone to enjoy. Demeter retires from the world whilst she finds a way to resurrect and redeem this situation. She will not obey the judgement of Zeus. No one on Earth needs to accept the loss of their progeny, their gift to eternal life. Demeter withdraws from the company of the gods whilst she seeks the path to be reunited with her offspring and thereby allowing immortality for everyone. As she struggles with her dilemma everyone experiences the grief of her loss because it affects them all. Eventually a solution is found, she claims her power and is able to deliver Persephone from the underground realm of death.  In celebration of her success everyone benefits. The planet is clothed in spring. Harmony is restored.

In the Southern Hemisphere, Virgo stands as the portal between winter and spring. By the time we reach Libra the balance has been regained. The earth is once again fertile. In the Northern Hemisphere the summer is drawing to an end and Virgo offers Libra a plentiful harvest that will provide sustenance for the winter. In each passage through Virgo we develop more skills, we open more paths to abundance, and we build more rainbow bridges between the unmanifest non-physical realm and the world that we occupy.

That joy that I am experiencing at this time is the feeling of light entering my fecund body, fertilising me with new energy. Externally, there may appear to be no resolutions to our insistent problems, however I can feel the sap rising. How exciting to be honoured once again with the seed of the new. I have no idea yet how we will deliver this new resolution, bountiful and beautifully realised. My work is to be the container of this light. Ensure that is finds its way through to delivery. Then it becomes a sacrament available to all.

Last cycle we had the Sun passing through Leo and reminding us of who we really are beyond these earthly raiments of obligation. The New Moon at the beginning of this present cycle was also in Leo and we had our, ‘Excuse me… while I kiss the sky’ moment. Now we have moved into Virgo and are pregnant with our personal desire.

Whatever, apparently irresolvable problems that are plaguing you, remember they are just for you. Embrace them with expectation. Out of the power and generosity of Leo, this is your personal endowment. Allow it to be, carry it with pride, ignore the naysayers and watch it grow. Be gentle with yourself and rest often. You are creating something that has never existed. This quandary that you carry is the diamond seed that will light the way to a better world.

Image: ‘Breath of Gaia’ by Josephine Wall


Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse and Venusian Solar Transit: Re-accessing the Heart’s Desire

Full Moon Over Venus by Martin MaddoxLets face it, the Goddess of Love, whatever her title, is a whore! She is ruthless and gets what she wants. The heart wants what the heart wants. She doesn’t honour wedding vows. She is the hidden mischievous one who causes wars.

In Greek mythology Paris was given the task to judge the fairest Goddess of all. Aphrodite/Venus offered him the love of the most beautiful woman in the world. She failed to mention that this woman, Helen, was married. Paris chose Aphrodite as the fairest goddess and Helen’s infidelity caused the Trojan War which rent asunder the ancient world. This war destroyed his homeland and caused death and mayhem for everyone involved.

Venus is about what we love, what we value and yet we usually feel we are not deserving or worthy enough and inhibit the access to our true desire. Somehow what we value is not quite kosher. No wonder the Christian Church has made the Virgin Mary their primary female deity. She of the pure and peaceful blue robes representing heaven can never be tainted. What hope for Magdalene with her green robes and her earthly passions. Whore!

Helen left her husband for a pretty toy boy and caused a war. Whore!

Eve listen to the snake and got us all thrown out of paradise. Whore!

Hephaestus caught Aphrodite breaking her marriage vows with Ares. Whore!

We have given the Goddess of Love such a bad rap. A  judgement has been made about our strongly felt passions; they must surely be the whisperings of the devil. In doing so we condemn desire, love and passion to the shadow realm of our souls, our dirty secret. We have attached shame to heart felt love because we fear the chaos that will be unleashed from the power and ecstasy we feel. Our joy will surely bring pain and devastation to those we love. We want happiness for ourselves and for our children and yet we fear what achieving success could bring. To temper the power of the feminine we have fragmented her into many facets from which we have to choose. In fact our problems start when we select  just one archetype to whom we will swear allegiance.  We are presented with a Virgin Goddess to nurture the pure Christ who will die on the Cross for our suffering.  We renounce true yearnings whilst we struggle to contain ourselves in passionless half lives.

Remember the story of the goddess,Demeter and her daughter, Kore. The maiden is in her sexual prime when she is abducted by a lustful Hades and becomes Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. Here their sexual union becomes another buried secret. Demeter, the nurturing mother nature, is bereft by the loss of  her young, vital daughter. She is now barren. Disempowered by her grief she takes domestic work and attempts to nurture immortality for the babe in her care. She  becomes recalcitrant, not pliable or pure enough, she is later culturally superseded by the Virgin Mary.

Today we have a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Neptune turns retrograde and tomorrow Venus will be visible moving across the face of the Sun. This transit will not be repeated for over one hundred years. For a day Sleeping Beauty will awaken and join with her prince.

Noble Sagittarius is the seeker of the truth in our society. He desires to know the one truth that he can then codify into laws, that uphold a standard that can deliver us from evil. This can then become the code we all live by. He is Moses coming down from the mountain with the commandments that he has received from his conversations with God. These are the wisdoms that dictate the possible dangers of following our passion. Sagittarius is certain of the value of his truth and enforces it as  law so we can create a civil society. However, for every wise and law abiding centaur there seems to be a herd that follow their animal passions and wreak havoc with rape, pillage and drunken violence in order to satisfy their repressed lust..

Gemini is the child that learns the values of her society. We curiously meet the neighbours and discover how they live. This is where we learn the facts of our community. We see how others are coping with the laws of the land. It is fascinating to go into our friends houses and see that everyone interprets the rules in different ways. We investigate the differing interpretations in our neighbour’s houses, often witnessing the centaurs partying around the barbecue. We are taught the judgements of the society and the secrets of lapsed rules. We see how every person finds ways to accommodate or suppress their innate desires with a wide variety of methods. Sometimes we gasp in horror at the perceived perversions of others and at other times we giggle joyfully at the harmless misdeeds.  The way things are done in our own home is different. All this variety is thrilling. We are relieved by the many transgressions from the norms drummed into us by pious authority and moral sterility. Gemini listens to the stories of the people and witnesses the many ways the regulations are bent. These little amoralities are the hidden deals between the agreed values attributed to the good of the nation and the Venusian desires that play out behind closed doors.

Gemini is the child who learns the facts of his world. He absorbs the  incongruence between the espoused values and the contradictory actions of everyone around. Gemini understands this duality and hence the symbol of two pillars. As children we learn to present the face the world demands. The face that is closer to the truth is role played in the backyard games with the other kids.These peers become the next generation that will adapt the laws to accommodate a broader perspective to the despair of the elders who perceive a loosening of morals.

The children understand that when we are exhorted to follow our bliss, the hidden message is to do that after we take care of the expectations of the society. It is at this point we recognise the necessity to conform to a norm when we walk out the front door. What floats our boat is kept for the bad twin to indulge in after hours.

Now the Sun, the Moon and Venus are lining up with the centre of the galaxy. There is a desire for change. We really do wish to line up with the truth. This truth is not the truth of the 1% that we have been conforming to for so long. We now wish to align with the truth of the 99%. We know our value has been all tied up and creamed off by rules that are neither fair nor truthful. We know that everyone is unique and that love cannot be homogenised. We are feeling the love for the individual and we no longer wish for everyone to relegate their love to the cesspool of shame. As a society we are embracing love which is not confined to gender, race, religion or lifestyle choice. Gemini loves the variety and knows that it is all valuable and infinitely more interesting. It wants to celebrate the truth in everyone’s stories not just the chosen mouthpieces of an old code. Venus knows ‘the heart wants what the heart wants’. When we recognise this is possible without condemning each other to shame then maybe we will allow the virgin and the lover to co-exist and accept the amazing creativity that can be born of this alignment. We do not have to choose one goddess to worship but can embrace our multifaceted selves and align with our true value.

As Venus retrogrades over the face of the Sun in full view, she is allowing us the opportunity to resurrect our desires, gather up our loves and live a life full of value and passion.

Image: Full Moon Over Venus by Martin Maddox

The Gemini Eclipse – Ascension Anyone?!!

I am a Gemini. Does anyone else smart at the qualities that people throw at you when they discover your sun sign? I feel offended when I am accused of being fickle and two faced. I have Sun, Venus and Ceres in Gemini with Saturn, the planet of authority, responsibility and limitation, opposing them from the third house. It seems I have taken on Saturn’s approbation and disapproval of my Mercurial nature. My Virgo Ascendant and Taurus Moon weigh in to ground some of that Gemini whimsy. It may feel more comfortable but not always so merry. I have been horrified to be thought of as a party girl, social butterfly or light weight…no way! I am one of those that will get defensive for other notorious Gemini’s like Marilyn Monroe. ‘She is a great comedienne! You need intelligence to pull such timing and wit!’

I remember when I was first with my partner, I started playing the fool, pulling faces and generally mucking around. I was shocked and amazed at my levity and very delighted. I think at that point I knew I had found a safe haven with someone I could frolic with irreverently.

Still, no matter how often I indulged in childlike behaviour, I always felt it would not be condoned by the ‘real world.’ My core qualities were those I could not openly value causing a rift between my private and public self. Gemini is after all a sign of duality. Therein lies a feeling of alienation from my neighbours, of not belonging, because of my naturally errant ways.

My Gemini Sun has therefore, always felt eclipsed, which brings me to the subject of this post- the Solar Eclipse in Gemini. We have a day more in the Taurus energy before quite suddenly the New Moon and the Eclipse coincides at zero degrees Gemini. Anyone who has been reading my posts over the last Sun/Moon cycle through Taurus would have witnessed and likely felt for themselves, my ‘sinking into the earth’ sensation, slowing down almost to a standstill. Over the last few days my sleep has been very heavy and when I wake I have experienced my consciousness as almost physical, taking effort to pull my awareness up through my body where it had been captured by slothful slumber. Everything has been very sensate. Now the Sun will move into the bright light of Gemini and the Moon will shift from its dark slumber and will embrace the golden orb so enthusiastically, that for a time it will blot out the Sun’s bright light allowing the dross to be burnt off in a ring of fire.

Mercury, the God of the mind, is the only planet that can dart around and go safely to places where the other gods cannot. He can enter the underworld and negotiate for the release of those held there. He is capable of tricks that allow him to conceal his whereabouts by appearing to turn backwards. My Gemini self is much amused as her ruling planet displays these antics during this eclipse. Mercury’s trickster qualities come in when the path of the full eclipse can be viewed over Southwest China and Japan on the 21st of May. It then travels over the Pacific crossing the International Dateline so it arrives in the USA on the day before on 20th May. (Much mirth at mercurial magic :D) It enters the USA at the California/Oregon border and travels in full fire through to Texas. And so the Messenger God does double duty going back in time to rescue us from whatever paralysing dilemma we have been experiencing in the underworld during the Dark Moon in Taurus.

As I matured I began to really appreciate the value of my Sun sign. What I was judging as lightweight and bubble-headed, I now perceive as de-light-ful. What I perceived as feather-brained I, now see as nonjudgemental, more like the feather that is used to measure the purity of the heart in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I appreciate and engage curiously with whatever I encounter, allowing it to be the perfection that it is, no matter how contradictory. I am curious to know, and without preconceptions allow the paradox to lead me into further discovery. I have learnt to value my lightness and know that it is a gift I have to share with others. At my best I become the light-bearer bringing good vibes and the tinkle of joy wherever my essence may shine.

This Gemini Eclipse promises to bring light to our underworld wanderings, illuminating the path of ascension to our rightful place amongst the stars.

Image: FredericLeighton-The Return of Persephone (1891) Here we see Mercury/Hermes returning Persephone to her mother, Demeter on the surface after her abduction into the underworld. A perfect echo of this eclipse.

Scorpio Full Moon- The Bare Essentials

Tomorrow is the Full Moon in Scorpio and we are packing and flying to Melbourne.  My partner’s mother is having a minor operation and we will be there to offer  moral support and care. In my case, the Moon in Scorpio will take me away from our comfortable Taurean setting in the countryside and have three people squeezed into a one bedroom flat, sleeping on the floor. All routines will be broken. Scorpio does like to break things up, releasing the familiar and provide an intense experience of the unknown.

Over the last year I have established very comfortable routines. I have the mornings to myself to write, to read and to generally meditate. I nurture myself with a delicious breakfast, my dog snores at my feet. I was sent a lovely quote the other day.

“My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.” – Edith Wharton.

The epitome of grounded Taurean comfort. Bliss!

I learnt that introverts need solitude to recharge their energy, and have since claimed the mornings as mine, guilt-free. I emerge in the afternoon with great energy to honour appointments and participate in the world. This form of self-care has made me ‘one contented babe’ and my general effectiveness has risen accordingly.

Scorpio likes to shake things up a little and take away your crutches to show you what you are really made of . This travel is a perfect manifestation of ripping away my securities and seeing how I fare. I will get the opportunity to live life as it comes to me, rejuvenating my energy in the moment. It is true, I have become too attached to my habits, feeling as if they are essential to my wellbeing. Life is about change and my future is unknown. This Moon will be a gentle reminder of what I am capable of and will allow me to see what treasures may be available if I allowed myself to shake up my cocoon a little.

My mother in law and I have in common my lovely man – her son, and also a Taurus Moon. Both of us will be breaking our regular pattern and merging to find a new form of nurture. She is the perfect hostess and has always generously fed us and taken care of our needs as much as we allow. This time I have the opportunity to return her abundant hospitality and make her comfortable in a situation that is challenging. An operation no matter how minor and liberating is not something we welcome. Scorpio rules surgery.

This will be the first time we will travel without our daughter. This was unconsciously foreshadowed in my last post when I discussed the myth of Persephone’s abduction. Now here we are at the Full Moon with Demeter, the mother being separated from her daughter. I love how everything is reflected in life.

Visiting this myth over the last week had me researching (also ruled by Scorpio) other underworld myths. One has been Inanna’s descent into the underworld to visit her sister, Ereshkigal, who was mourning her  husband’s death. On her journey, there were seven gates to pass through.  At each gate something was taken away from her so that she eventually arrived completely naked.

What can be released this Full Moon that allows you to become more authentically you?

On the plane we are only taking carry-on luggage. Inanna took: turban, wig, necklace, dress, pectoral, mascara, ring and measuring rod.  Mmm, I need to go and decide, what are the bare essentials for my trip to another world.



Image: Full moon rising… by Michael Ward –


Going to Ground

At the Pisces New Moon I began writing Astrology Mon Ami.  Despite the diffuseness of Pisces I managed to communicate with the collective psyche and get my words on-line. Then we had the pioneering Aries cycle. I was taken outside myself in an exciting way, full of new inspiration, energy and ideas. Now, we are in Taurus, the sign of my Moon, my home, in the eighth house of transformation and zilch! I have nothing to say. My Mercury, the planet of communication is here, tied to my Moon. Together, in fine Taurean fashion, they have decided to have a little lie down. Just sit around and smell the flowers.

Now, this brings to mind my favourite Greek myth. My ‘go to’ myth whenever I need guidance or understanding, the story of Demeter and Persephone.  In Homer’s ‘Hymn to Demeter’ we start with Persephone, ‘the one with the delicate ankles’ out picking flowers in her field when Hades, god of the underworld abducts her, taking her to his underground kingdom. Usually in this myth I associate with Demeter, her mother, ‘she who glories in the harvest’. Today I recognise that when I have my Taurean ‘lie down’ in the Eighth House (ruled by Pluto/Hades) the ground shifts below me and I sink deep into the nether regions. I am Persephone, claimed by the Earth.

Mercury, the ruler of my chart also gets pulled down into the depths. And so I lose my voice. This can happen literally as in laryngitis. More often I see it play out as a symptom of introversion. Recently I have been celebrating that with the discovery of writing this blog; I have found a way to communicate with others, without the need to find words in the moment of conversation. Now I feel time’s weight as I find no inclination to post. Still,  I feel an urgency to maintain contact with the outer world, in order to honour my commitments. I have journaled extensively but found that the script is too unpicked to make any coherent sense to another. Demeter’s role is to keep the Earth fertile providing food for its inhabitants. In her grief stricken search for her missing daughter she is unable to maintain her creative role and the ground becomes barren.

The strength of Mercury in this position is the capacity for research as the mind goes deep. It follows questions to the bowels of a subject, always seeking the thread that will lead it to mine treasure, and bring to the surface a gem of polished insight. This I have been doing as well; excavating, following the vein that may lead me to Pluto’s treasure chest. There is so much pure potential down here, awaiting discovery.

In Greek Myth, Hermes/Mercury is the only God who can go into the realm of the dead and return to the surface. Cutting to the final scenes of our story, this messenger is sent from the Gods above to negotiate with Hades for Persephone’s return. My Mercury is not yet there. Maybe at the full moon there may be some light, meanwhile the First Quarter Moon in Leo will happen in the next day or two and maybe I will gain some light from this Sun.

As I lie here with laptop on knees I look out over our field which climbs a hill. I can see the trees growing on the horizon. I realise I am far below them. My environment echoes my musings. Here I am, comfortable in my repose below the roots; seeking under~ standing.

This post reflects my personal journey because of the unique position of my Taurus Moon and Mercury in my chart. It may or may not have resonances for you. In a Taurus Moon we can see where we have slowed to rest. What seeds are you tending that were born in the last cycle? What are you valuing? What is important to you that you do not want to lose? How are you claiming your value in the world around you? This is where you identify what is yours and how much your talents are worth. There is treasure where your Taurus is found, waiting for you to utilise it.




Image: I have not been able to find the artist for this image. The link I offer here is of a beautiful site with art and writings associated with the subject of myth and Persephone