Sun into Aries – Creating New Possibilities

5615801606_bf01c7e7f2_bThere is a…’ finally we are here feeling’ to this Equinox.  We have been swimming deep in Pisces ocean for so long there is a sense of  joy at the prospect of coming up for breath and emerging into a fresh round of the Sun moving through the zodiac. I know I am excited and enthusiastic to begin a new quest; a new journey around the signs. I have been dreaming this moment since the Cancer Full Moon when the Sun was at the top of the Capricorn mountain, content after his climb; looking forward and wondering what to begin at the years’s new birth in Aries.

Aries is the point where we start to create our world. No wonder there is excitement. Here we are at the beginning of our journey and now it is up to us. We can see the path laid out before us and we have the thrilling anticipation of pulling a rabbit out of the hat.  This is the time of birthing something that has never existed before. Whoo hoo! I am all of a sudden jumping into the physical ‘here and now’ of action rather than the sleepy dreamlike space I have been in for some time. I am ready to finally step up and take care of some physical realities in order to embark on this journey of creation. It is lovely to get my hands dirty in some practical tasks. Mercury has gone direct again, Mars is happy moving forward in its natural home of Aries. The mind is clear and the will is engaged. My schedule is full of work to do. Can I pull it off?… I feel capable and psyched to try.

This is birth energy and of course with each new birth is a separation. No more cruising in a watery womb, reflecting on the cosmos. We are committed. It is the time for action that propels us forward. We have had the luxury of dreaming up what could be possible and now in Aries we have become aligned with that possibility and have the thrill of seeing it manifest as we journey around the zodiac.

This will be a daring adventure as we create what hasn’t existed before. We may embark on concrete things like a change of residence or a plan to travel, a new job or start an exercise program. It may be something quite nebulous like the opening of our heart, the birthing of an idea or a new behaviour. We are talking about having a year to create something. We have an appointment at the end of December to once again sit on our mountain and feel content viewing how far we have come. A moment to celebrate what we have achieved. Whether large or small we know that it will be an accomplishment mastered along the path of our life. We now have the opportunity to enter this process deliberately, conscious of what we would like to manifest.

In my Astrology Group we have been playing with the Ascendant since the Pisces New Moon and have been getting some interesting insights.  The Ascendant in our Natal Chart, (also known as the rising sign), is that part of our sky which is coming over the Eastern horizon  at our birth. It is the lens through which we view life and with which others see us. It is the way we approach things and therefore how we start our projects. Its energy is naturally akin to Aries, the beginning of the zodiac.

This is the point of change and in this time in our history we are wondering what change means. I recognise for the first time that the word Ascendant has the same root as ascension. Ascension according to my on-line dictionary is the process of rising to an important position or a higher level and comes from the Middle English referring to the ascent of Christ.

Each time we touch on our Ascendant energy we are undergoing a shift in dimension. According to the Law of Attraction, what we focus on and believe to be real is exactly what we create. As the Ascendant describes the world as we see it, it is setting up our playground and therefore the world as we experience it. As we approach others, so they respond to us. Our Ascendant is the starting point on the game board of life. Each time we pass go we have the opportunity to change the way we play the game.

I love that in tracking astrology we have so many new beginnings. There are new moons, new signs and birthdays. We have many planets at different stages in their cycle. When two or more planets occupy the same degree of the zodiac, they are in conjunction and are embarking on a new phase in their relationship. Whenever anything passes the Ascendant, a new cycle starts. Life is always beginning, shifting, having a makeover. These are intoxicating times when we can turn on the head of a pin and devise a whole new MO for our life.

As we shift from Pisces into Aries we are carrying our dreamtime into the physical dimension which we create as we go.  We can allow the way we perceive reality to create our environment for us and respond accordingly…. or we can shift our perception and generate a new world. The choice is ours.

Over the last year I have taken my introverted self out of my journals and shared my experiences with the world. I have been writing my blog for over a year now and my whole life has changed. I have started my astrology group. I have always been the listener, keeping private my own stories, now I relish sharing them. Where I once feared ridicule, I have now discovered the delight of being accepted by others. What a miracle!

This year I intend to maintain what I have started, finding ways to remain at ease as I am carried by my always faster flowing stream. As I have been more out in the world, I have neglected some of the mundane earthly pleasures. I am returning to practical activities and rediscovering the joys of taking care of hearth and home.  Also over the last year I have found my relationship with nature has expanded in ways I didn’t think was possible. This year I aspire to let myself pierce the secure shell of my perceptual reality and allow more experiences of otherworldly possibilities.

There is an idea that every time we make a choice, parallel universes spring up. An aspect of ourself takes the alternate routes and explores the other possibilities. On some level, perhaps in our sleeping state we commune with the myriad versions of us that are constantly expanding the multi-verses.  What an opportunity to co-create and develop constantly a more magnificent and magical realm.

Image: Pan’s Balls by The Prince of Centraxis

New Moon in Aquarius: The Fool on the Hill

Fool On The Hill - Beatles Songbook Vol.1Now the seed is planted in the sign of Aquarius for the Moon’s next spin around the planet. The Capricorn King of the last post had sat, well grounded on the top of his mountain, with a 360 view of the Aquarius perspective. He could see it all: his story, the past he had tread, all the possible destinations he could embrace… these formed a tapestry at his feet. In a moment of well earned repose, everything was available, everything was known.

As this cycle moved into its dark moon phase the forests across our river burst in to flame. The river is two kilometres wide. We could still sit safely as we watched the past being swept away. It was dramatic, our usual silence broken by sirens and water carrying helicopters which poured liquid on the blazing earth. A new view for the king, not so clear anymore. All eyes on the sky as smoke obscured our sight.

The new age has now arrived. The King has morphed into the fool on the hill. In this new kingdom I am no longer sure of my body. Aquarius sees very far, its intuitive perception entering new realms where the body is unable to follow. I have consistently injured myself. I stubbed my toe. I fell. I got bitten and burnt. It seems I have lived in some other dimension and my sweet body is the loyal dog that keeps calling me back. All my injuries are on my left, tethering me in place lest I slip away completely.

In the wider world as if to confirm my King’s new foolish status, crippled King Richard III’s skeleton is verified as genuine through DNA testing. It had been retrieved from his final resting place underneath a car park in the English Midlands! A reminder that corrupt and evil elites do have an end.

My morning walks in nature are magical and mediative affairs; they are full of flights of fancy. I play with my compass, checking directions. I am regularly shocked to find that North, which usually points to ‘Sleeping Beauty’, now has moved to the Southwest and points to the Hartz Mountains. How could this be? I am convinced that when I commune with the outdoors at this time I have actually stepped into another world that sits across ours like a Vesica Piscis. When my mind intervenes I can swirl my compass around  in an infinity sign, again and again until it finally returns to the established coordinates of my 3D reality. I feel the choice is available to live in either realm. I can remain asleep like the princess or go with my heart. No wonder foolish me keeps losing her footing.

My Capricorn King thought he was safe watching the fires from his amphitheatre on my verandah. Next morning with fires still smouldering I did my usual walk. I found the dry summer grass around the house scattered with burnt black leaves. The long slender blades of the gums, and the fine filigree of bracken and fern; perfectly formed and so fragile that when picked up they fall apart. Treasures from the heart of the inferno flung out via the thermals to land in my space, messengers from distant dramas.

As I follow this marvellous trail of black, a vivid orange Monarch butterfly takes flight around me. When she lands and closes her wings she disappears, morphing into a grey leaf. I walk towards her and again she takes flight. This butterfly is often called the Wanderer because of her remarkable migratory patterns. They are known to take journeys of thousands of miles, laying eggs en-route ensuring several generations become involved in their odyssey.

And so we find ourself now in the next cycle with the Aquarius New Moon that took place last Saturday or Sunday. The King got a clear view of the possible journeys and a variety of timelines. He was old. A new generation will be there to fulfil the potential of the future. He tied a swag on to his staff for the Fool to carry. It is full of objects from the past that one day will be useful. He led me to the edge and whispered, ‘Go forth!’ I see the promise from my perch at the ravine. Is it possible to fly like the blackened leaves, the butterfly and the birds? To just ride the thermals to the other side. I feel unsure. We are still in Aquarius. Can’t I just stay and sort these ideas out awhile? Maybe if I polish them they will shine and like Aladdin’s lamp a genii will do the work for me. A magic carpet will appear to take me where I know I am going.

This New Moon marks the opening of the Chinese Year of the Snake. The snake speaks of new knowledge and hidden power. Already the visions seen from the mount are beginning to appear in my life. What was latent is starting to coalesce. Can’t I sit and conjure longer? No, life goes on, the King’s mature breadth of vision belongs to the past. I feel so ignorant, stumbling as I descend. My magic carpet is the snake and I slip and slide down the mountainside. The world is rearranging around me. I need time to get comfortable with the old world dissolving. Still this child that I am, knows of the promise. Soon snake and I will be ready to shed our skin and allow the fresh, new world to emerge for all to see.


Image: The Fool on the Hill, Cover of Beatle’s Songbook Volume 1

Sun into Aquarius: Shifting

800px-Jheronimus_Bosch_023Last night I dreamt that I was at Cobweb Designs, the gallery in our local village where I do consultations and help out in the shop. Of course being a dream it has metamorphosed into a different reality; I have visited this place before in nightly sojourns. It is a bigger store, more open to a cobbled street, full of people. This is a prosperous venue with a bevy of paid staff.

This transformation is not reflected in my space which in reality is a beautifully appointed room. I am directed to my clients who are twin boys with a physical disability that makes there bodies wasted, twisted and weak. They are young men probably about 18 years old and have been ushered into one of two egg shaped modules where I apparently do my readings. I look in on them and it is a stale, green felt environment, musty with mildew. Disgusted, I usher them out planning to use the other egg which evaporates and so we settle on a bed to do the tarot reading. These young men are eager even when I haven’t got my usual deck and have to struggle with large unfamiliar cards which I choose randomly. The designs are very intricate and colourful. It takes me time to translate them from my old deck and discuss the meaning. The twins have no trouble identifying them as we excitedly explore their potential. Our location constantly changes. Sometimes we are surrounded by their peers who jeer at their weirdness, sometimes we are around a campfire lost in time or amongst the trees on my property. We lose ourselves in the possible world we are creating via the mind expanding promise of the cards.

On waking I recognise that these twins, represented the Aquarian portion of my Gemini self. This is the so called higher mind: alien, genius, visionary – not quite physically grounded in our present world, connected to a different drum beat and inventing the future that in time will become manifest and accepted as normal. These are the folk that whisper to us in Elvish or deliver alien messages from their journey around the cosmos. They pour the electrified water from their urn which kickstarts us into a better world.

Since 21-12 I have felt the energy shifting from the downloads we have received over recent years to a solid grounding in the energy of the earth. I have never felt as rooted and held by the mother as I have over this last month. This has provided a grounding, a solid security of belonging and a desire to serve the planet and an  awareness that the work of Capricorn is to serve our connection to the changing earth. Now in Aquarius we are more likely to perceive the waterfall of light energy pouring over us from  the Aquarian urn, which must be located in the galactic centre.

Sometime during the Capricorn cycle I stumbled upon a Youtube clip which presented a new theory of the Earth. This has fascinated me, regularly playing over in my mind. It rejects the idea of continental drift, proposing instead that the earth is expanding. That the earth started out as a solid marble of land and as it grew the land broke apart forming the continents and the gaps filled with water that became our oceans. I must say I rather like the idea of the heavy denseness being magically filled with transparent glistening water. The solid reality becomes looser, more flexible and iridescent with shine and shimmer. Water absorbs everything, taking the form of whatever it comes in contact with. It is where life is conceived and born. It takes the imprint of light and is able to bring potential to full term. It is this light-seed that Aquarius implants in the next sign. Pisces watery womb carries the Aquarian imprint and nurtures matrixes of other dimensions and unknown futures.

Towards the end of Capricorn, Venus triggered the Uranus/Pluto square by first squaring Uranus and then joining Pluto. This has been a strange time of sudden events and intense and erratic changes of the energy. I have noticed environments being full and alive with celebration, quickly empty, as if all the air has been sucked out and the streets turn into a ghostly town. These shifts happen during the day, turning on a dime. People describe losing inspiration, feeling empty, deciding to give up. They are puzzled because they have shifted from being so connected and uplifted. Then its all gone, a mere memory.

I see Pluto is working away in his underground kingdom clearing more and more of what holds us to our known reality. It is doing the emptying like a deep vortex sucking out all that is old and decayed. Uranus is now reinforced by Aquarius filling the space with high pulsating light, still a little out of reach for the vibrational range of our senses. Together they are creating a void in our normal range of perception and yet we are birthing new senses that can still detect what is happening all around us. The egg that has contained us like in my dream has become too small and putrid – we need to break out into new visions and new surroundings.

During Capricorn I have sat with the mother amongst the Pine trees connecting to the rhythm of her heartbeat. The last few days since the Sun has moved into Aquarius I have walked on waking. A gumtree called to me, alive with flowers, bees and ants. This tree alone amongst a grove of upright companions was in full bloom. Like the twins in my dream it was different; it had twisted its natural upright shape to form an almost horizontal spiral, angling itself away from the shade of its companions and out into the light.

On the river beach I close my eyes in meditation and when I open them I feel giddy. The expanse of water in front of me reveals its underwater world in patches, the changeable surface reflects dancing light in different ways and are sometimes fully eclipsed by the misty clouds.  The sand forms many tidal patterns and pebbles flow out in different directions. So many worlds exposed all at once is disorientating. I can feel everything moving, altering, shifting. My feet are no longer on solid ground as everything re-arranges. Whilst we are inundated with the light energy of this sign we have a window into the new world. Let yourself  be immersed in possibility,  you are being seeded by the light that will create its own reality as we birth and grow throughout the year.


Image: ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ Heronimus Bosch


Balsamic Moon- Space Between Years

pine treeI am trying to capture my waking thoughts as I felt impelled to write a post for the final closing of 2012. How arbitrary time is! Can we really measure that which is always swirling around us. In the last few days during the Third Quarter Moon we have released the cycle we have been engaged in over the last month.Today we enter the timeless space known as the Balsamic Moon.  This is a place where the old has died and the new hasn’t quite commenced. It is a gap for dreaming; an opening between worlds; a vortex of attraction.

A headline on the news service caught my attention. ‘People stranded as roller coaster comes to a standstill’ It seems the ‘Green Lantern’ at Movie World lost power for a short while, leaving people high, mid-momentum. He he. I have been using the roller coaster as a metaphor for the wild ride through the birth canal we have experienced over this Sagittarian New Moon cycle, which will be completed in the next few days. It is the final closing of 2012 and has taken us through the much anticipated 21-12 date of the Mayan Calendar.

This period has taken me through many deep experiences, dramatic happenings and delightful celebrations. I have been so busy that I have learnt to stay present in the spacious moment. In the past, I have been guilty of criticising my Sagittarian comrades. They are always so excited about some amazing happening and use their boundless marketing skills to entice me to join them. When I enquire a week later, how that life altering event went, they look blankly at me, having completely forgotten. ‘Oh, that is old news!’ ‘Harrumph!’ I think to myself, ‘it is a good thing I didn’t enlist.’ Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic, and are generally very fortunate. With their natural enthusiasm and their eye on the future, they were born to manifest using the Law of Attraction. They appear to fall on their feet every time. Now, as I have been exploring this energy over the current cycle I realise it is such a blessed place. I think inhabiting the moment fully and joyfully as one is rushing headlong into the next, is a perfect way to live life. I apologise for my negative opinion. Rush on and I will do my best to adopt this marvellous quality for myself.  I have Saturn in Sagittarius opposite my Sun and tend to experience all that play as work and wonder where I will get the reserves of energy to manage it all.

Now, as we have moved into Capricorn, all that fire has indeed turned into work. My tiny island state of Tasmania has been on fire since last Friday. Many people have lost their homes. The wilderness is burning uncontrolled and over a 100,000 hectares of pristine land has been lost. My home and river valley has been thick with smoke, funnelled here from other places. The high temperatures have now ignited hundreds of fires on the Australian mainland which fire fighters are desperately trying to control, ahead of another week of extreme temperature and wild winds. Ironically the temperature has now dropped in Tasmania and there is snow on the mountains. Hopefully that inhibits the fires in our Heritage areas.

As this Moon cycle which started in 2012, finally draws to an end so does the energy of that year. This current pause point before the Capricorn New Moon on the 11-12 January is therefore a closing of the year, as well as the moon cycle.

It has been a wonderful year for me, full of expansion. I have emerged from a relatively reclusive period of my life and realised my dream of writing. Now I have a world wide audience. I have taken my inner space and shared it with outer space.

As a result my community of friends has expanded hugely. It is hard to believe most of the people in my life now weren’t there over a year ago. Again I experience the timeless quality. It does not feel as if I have found new friends, instead I have reconnected to those that were always there. I feel very grateful for my expanded family.

This connection is not just confined to the human species. My walks along the mighty Huon River connect me to the water and provides me with so many encounters of finned, furred and feathered friends that constantly open my heart. Since the Sweat Lodge I participated in earlier in the cycle, as the Sun moved into Capricorn, I make it my morning practice to sit in the Pine Grove on our property. I commune with the trees and feel the Mother under my feet. As I  participate in the stillness, the thriving life around me emerge; plants, insects, birds and animals reveal themselves in the detail. Each day there are unique experiences and abundant gifts.

In 2012 I learnt to live deeper, wider, higher than I have ever done before. Here I am standing in the eye of the needle, straddling the pause point between worlds. I feel as if I am stepping into a vortex of potential that is 2013. I am excited and expectant that this new year will carry me to places I have yet to imagine. I am looking forward to meeting you all there.


Image: Red Pine #307 by Eugene Vandal

Cancer Full Moon: Connecting with my Tribe

129101345_full-moon-shines-through-mist-of-erupting-geyser-Today it was difficult to pull myself out of my slumber. I have been dreaming of friends from long ago and mixing them up with new friends barely arrived and imperceptibly claiming a place in my heart. It was delicious having all those bonds activated again. So many people made an appearance and the tone was of mutual respect, love, lots of laughter and a fair amount of celebration. No wonder I didn’t want to pull myself awake. These are Cancer Full Moon dreams, full of memories of my tribe. I am the White Wolf mama collecting together her clan, touching base, recognising heart connections – past, present and future.

It has been an amazing year for extending my clan. I feel so at home in my world now, wherever I am. I have had so many lovely people come into my life. Friendships that have sprung up outside of time and place through the marvels of this virtual medium. Flesh and blood relationships that create a sense of belonging in my community that I hadn’t felt in the decade before. I feel accepted by the young and the well lived, all ages and persuasions. This feels so good.

Once I felt like I only had enough love for a few people and reluctantly had to be selective about who I gave my affections to. I was terrified of not being able to fulfil another’s expectations. My biggest fear was to over-promise and under-deliver. Something has shifted now. Love is not a transaction where one has to give until the other is full up. It is something that flows through and out infinitely, leaving me feeling wonderful. There is enough for everyone to enjoy. We are all clear channels of love and that is what binds us. We prime the pump by learning to appreciate ourself and then a geyser of abundance bursts forth, for all to share.

This Moon cycle began in Sagittarius taking us on a wild and slippery road through the birthing portal of 12-12-12. It was here my stoical step by step, moment by moment journey finally let go and I have since been slipping and sliding on a wild and joyous ride. Sagittarius is about encountering foreign environments and counter-intuitively, for me, is situated in my third house of familiar environments. Since releasing my grip on the side of the pool I have encountered the unknown in my own neighbourhood: the Sweat Lodge, the Emergency Room, luxurious Gold Class at the cinema, even the Pine Grove on our property became a launching pad for otherworldly experience. As Sagittarius has taken me on a mind expanding ride showing me what is possible, the Sun moving into Capricorn has ensured I have remained securely connected to Mother Earth. I may be free as a child in the unlimited moment but Capricorn has shown me that one can still meet one’s responsibilities without holding grimly to the edge.

It appeared like Christmas would be cancelled for lack of finances and yet all came together to create the most relaxed and joyous celebrations ever. One of the highlights being opening some strange shaped presents from my daughter. There were hoots of laughter when we unwrapped two exquisite turnips, a cache of iridescent snow peas, two rudely healthy zucchini and a bouquet of broccoli she had acquired from a friend’s garden. True gifts from the heart of the earth combined with a cheeky imagination.

In my life I have always been competent and planned for every contingency. I have recognised that in being so adult I have often missed out on the wild-eyed miracles that the child experiences when some other magic steps in and takes care. This release has allowed me to trust that somehow everything will not only be okay, but will be exhilarating.

And what happens when the constant second-guessing to ensure everyone is okay is released? I am freed from the weariness of vigilance to be present to all the wondrous people I encounter. Cancer Moon allows me to feel and to visit everyone in my dreams and in my life. Gossamer threads keep us gently connected, always. Now I get time and play.


Image: Full Moon Shines Through Mist of Erupting Geyser by Jeff Foott

The Elephant

Since I have started this blog we have shared a couple of Moon Cycles and the Sun starting its annual sojourn around the Zodiac. As Mercury and  Mars changed direction in the sky I introduced them. These planets are easy to relate to as they are involved in the stuff of our everyday life. I wish to connect with them and remain connected to them as these are the qualities we have clothed ourself with here on Earth. They are our allies that accompany us each step of he way. As humans we utilise our natural born talents that are represented by these and more planets that I have yet to introduce on our journey.

Now, it is time to address the elephant in the room. ‘Times are a changing’ and everyone can feel it in some way. Things have sped up and the ground appears to be moving beneath us. It feels like it may be more than normal fluctuations of the cycles. This is the work of the outer planets.

The outer planets lie beyond human eyesight and only came into our consciousness when we began to use technology to aid us to see the unseen. Up till then Saturn with its rings marked the boundary of human experience.  With the invention of the telescope, Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781 and that began an expansion of our awareness and a change to how we experienced life on Earth.

Co-incident with the discoveries of the new bodies in the Solar System our experience of what was possible changed. It seemed that humanity and the individual started taking a momentous journey together. Uranus was discovered in the  Age of Enlightenment. The human experience was altered by science, revolutions, the discovery of the New world, industrialisation, electricity, the splitting of the atom, individual expression, world wars, space flight, social consciousness and the computer chip. Before this relentless change, the quiet of an agrarian lifestyle  defined the days for generation after generation. Religion or the monarchy managed or caused whatever occurred to disrupt daily life. The boundaries that Saturn marked have been forever changed as there has been a continuous push to expand our consciousness to accommodate greater and greater possibilities.

The names of the planets come from the Roman version of the gods in the Greek pantheon. Greek mythology is a  rich source of stories which astrologers like to utilise in describing our experiences of life. In these tales the  heroes were the offspring of  kings, queens and gods. They went on adventures which transformed the individual and changed the world they belong to.

I like to think that as humans we are all heroes; unique, perfect offspring of the gods and well equipped for grand adventures. As we move into unpredictable territory we create, with courage, each step into the unknown. The fruits of our experience seed grand new worlds. Our stories are told in the news, inspire films, feed gossip, fill our blogs and are bequeathed to our children. Each of us has an original tale that makes up the tapestry of life on this planet.

We are born with our individual talents and predispositions exactly as we desire. We are offered reflections of our quest everywhere. My personal favourite is the birth chart which shows in symbols all our resources and a map of the terrain. The Sun through to Saturn’s gifts,  we can easily pull around us. Beyond Saturn the outer planets provide the whispers of the unknown, our quest, the game that will pull us out of a static and mundane life into adventure. Here we use our inner knowing to access new consciousness that comes with every step we create.

Astrologers watch the solar system beyond Saturn with bated breath trying to divine how this new experience will play out for the individual and for humanity.

Enter the current elephant in the room. Eccentric Uranus is the planet whose discovery in 1781 opened the portals for a shift in consciousness which allowed us all equal and free access to sudden insights of genius. Any individual regardless of the privileges of birth could harness their potential and change the world. This planet that takes 84 years to move through the zodiac started a new cycle in Aries last year indicating the beginning of a radical change for us all.

Pluto was discovered in 1930 and heralded in the nuclear age with the splitting of the atom and the horrors of WW2. Pluto, made an entrance into our consciousness worthy of the Lord of the Underworld. For the first time in recorded history we became aware of our ability to destroy the planet we live on, and to wipe out life as we know it.  As a species, we acquired a new level of power and the task has become to wield it responsibly. The game had totally changed.

Between 2012 and 2015 there will be seven dynamic face offs (exact squares- in astrologese) between Uranus and Pluto. We have been feeling this energy build up since late 2008. The first square will happen in June this year. I expect I will post many thoughts on this duo as time unfolds.

Many traditions have references to the power of these times and I suspect we all feel something has shifted that is making the future uncertain and up for grabs. As heroes, we all signed up for this adventure and each of us are creating new stepping stones that will provide pathways into a new world. The outer bodies in the solar system are forever calling us forward and we are on the leading edge of this consciousness.

The stakes are high and I believe we are creating a world like we have not known before. During this time it is unwise to live our lives externally without access to our own knowing. That is an old way of playing the game where we hand our power over to the authority of government and church.The anxiety we hear from these voices will leave us in the middle of a stampede of fear.

So far, my posts have been on smaller and more personal cycles. The purpose is not to ignore the elephant but to remind us of our personal power. We need to have faith in our own ability and remain centred in our stories. We can trust that we have what we require in the present moment. This is our adventure and we are creating the steps that will make a brave new world. Each of us has a splendid role to play. As we make each move, we will call up the allies of our knowing and trust the messages we hear whispered from within.

I think elephants are a perfect symbol of Uranus and Pluto. There is no doubt about their majestic power and their longevity. Elephants have an amazing ability to communicate, apparently telepathically, over great distances. One group senses another many miles away through vibrations (Uranus) that run through the ground(Pluto). One herd stamps a foot and the other picks up the message through their own wide feet. We all have many unique senses, seen and unseen, by remaining grounded and open like the elephant, we will tune into the correct response at the correct time.