Gemini Lunar Eclipse: Vision Quest

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Such is my self-talk during this wild ride I find myself on. The current cycle started with the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio  and signals an intense time. The Sun has moved into Sagittarius and I hear the universe, like a demanding audience, calling out…more! more! more! No wonder Sagittarius is all about riding, whether it is horses, roller coasters or thermal currents as we fly across the ravine. So yes…Whoa! Not the… Whoa! of ‘slow down please’ (although I could get my breath), but the stoner Whoa! of ‘How about that, man! Wicked sick!’

Sagittarius is about expansion and speed as we ride into foreign lands. Scorpio is about death and the transformation of the old. It demands release, prising our white knuckled grip from the edge of the cliff creating free fall. There is nothing that can be done, except have faith that Sagittarius can carry us forth into the unknown land. Be optimistic and trust that all will be okay.

There is an aspect of terror in Sagittarius’ exhilarating ride. Everything is changing and we know not what to. I am reminded of the brilliant BBC series, “The Ascent of Man’ by Jacob Bronowski. He depicts the shift of man from nomad into agricultural settlements. We can imagine the peaceful farmer looking across quiet plains noting a ball of dust in the distance. It expands into a marauding horde of invaders descending on his village. The shock and noise of the hooves, the speed and the action were unknown until horse-riding was mastered. The  rural settlement is helpless against the inevitable progress of change. Horses have aided us ever since, transforming what we have been able to achieve. However, for the reluctant settler, it is little wonder that end times are represented by ‘The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.’

Tonight is the Gemini Lunar Eclipse. Unlike the red of  a total eclipse this is a subtle penumbral eclipse where the radiant Moon is only slightly shaded as the shadow of earth falls across its surface. The Sun, Earth and Moon are all aligned. The Sagittarian Sun is shining its life-giving vision on the Earth which is in Gemini, illuminating and communicating what is possible in our current experience of life. For a moment this insight is able to quell the chattering anxiety of fixed beliefs that our subconscious Moon has hoarded as true facts. At this full moon our conscious Gemini mind has the opportunity to discern new knowledge.

One thing that I have become aware of over the last week is how bloated I feel. Bloated with a sudden weight gain, bloated with too much to do and bloated with much information that I do not know how to digest. Sagittarius is known for expanded girth but I believe that happens before its promptings are acted upon. The sheer movement, fire and energy must soon use all that stored fuel. It is all just grist for the journey ahead. Tonight and over the following days of the Full Moon, look out for that breakthrough idea that gives clarity to all the randomness that Gemini has collected in its learning journey.

In the north you have harvest festivals and Thanksgiving celebrations. In Australia, school is out for the holidays. My daughter and her friends are no longer gathering in study groups. Now the newly freed hordes are lighting bonfires of celebration. It is holiday time. Freedom and travel is possible now before they feel the need to settle into Capricorn’s realities.

Sagittarius is generally goal orientated. It is searching for a truth and meaning for life. When people asked where we are going once we sell our house I have not had an answer. I have been aware that one doesn’t know what is on the other side of the ravine. I have been content with this not knowing, trusting the future will arrive in its own time.  Now I feel this lack of direction is part of the overall bloat. We are in Sagittarius and it is time for a vision quest. I am the warrior brave going alone into the wilderness in order to find the soul’s course. Listen to the whispers of the Earth’s guidance as it reawaken’s consciousness that has been stored deep within. As the Luminaries line up with our planet, seize the knowledge when it comes. The gift that you receive may yet be symbolic and still require deciphering. Even so clasp it to your heart, polish it tenderly and place it in the night sky. Sagittarius is the story teller. Let your vision take the diverse treasure that Gemini’s curiosity has revealed to you and weave it into your personal tale.

As you imagine and visualise and verbalise your new story, in time you will believe the new story, and when that happens, the evidence will flow swiftly into your experience.


This Gemini Full Moon is the smallest of the year. How apt when Sagittarius’ target is found in the distance. Gemini gives us an opportunity to gain clarity and become conscious. Mercury, its ruler has now turned direct adding to our ability to see clearly. The vision we receive at this time is the star that will light our way through a mysterious landscape to the promise that will make this journey worthwhile.

Hi ho…and may we all be happy campers.

Image:  Galloping Horse

Series: The Ascent of Man Jacob Bronowski

Sun in Sagittarius: Heading into an Unseen World

I give up. I let go of all resistance. Scorpio has bought me here and I release trying any more. It is no longer up to me. I turn myself over to allow some other vehicle to get me across the ravine. Nothing is appropriate anymore. I have gone beyond the bounds of my control. This is a foreign land and it seems I have no means to pay the ferryman.

I am reminded of the Carolyn Joyce Carty quote:

I love you and I would never leave you.

During your times of trial and suffering

when you see only one set of footprints,

it was then that I carried you.

Something higher than my little self must take the reins now. I really do not know. Please guide me in this new land.

So what is my ‘Waterloo?’ The usual boogeyman. The cash coming in no longer covers the bills demanding payment. Our shuffling dance with a collapsing financial strategy is now exhausted.This is our time of reckoning. Our mortgage is due next week and as our options run out, our imagination takes a darker turn.

It is an anathema to me to talk about such realities on these pages.  Sagittarius is about truth and it seems remiss to deny the practical realities of the moment. And yet what the Centaur seeks is something far away. The goal they pursue is not in the familiarity of everyday. With boundless enthusiasm they follow the unknown over all terrains, having faith that they will capture their target. Every day I don this wisdom and allow knowing to be revealed to me. I get regular assurance of this magic formula. It is in my nature to have faith in a utopian future. I believe in the good that resides within all those I meet, despite the trouble they may feel finding it for themselves.

Sagittarius is perceived as half human, half horse.  We rely so much on the natural instincts of the  animal to carry us to the promised land. It is up to that beast of burden to bear the load of everyday realities and to survive the journey. The human aspect urges us on, always believing in a better place.

Right now that our financial solutions are elusive, it is difficult to determine what the future holds. What we hoped to avoid, but feared, is here now. The animal appears paralysed in the glare of headlights. The bills cannot be paid by moths in the purse. It is surreal how the habitual self just expects everything to go on. As we use what is in the pantry, the items are transferred to the shopping list with full expectation that they will be replaced. I am reminded of when we kept horses; it always baffled me that Spring was the starvation season. All the fields are locked up for the green grass to transform into hay. If the planning has not covered unexpected  emergencies, the winter stores are depleted and the horses start looking skeletal. Likewise, growing vegetable patches are not producing and the blossoming trees have not yet produced fruit. When the landscape appears the most abundant there is no food.

As the Sun leaves Scorpio, the sign of Death and enters Sagittarius, the sign of Unknown Lands, it trines Neptune in Pisces.  Truly, all I seem to be able to do now is sleep. This is not quite accurate because when I arise from slumber, I feel amazing; cleansed and bubbling with energy.  I have been infused with high spirits and appreciation for the moment. I am grateful for the ever present now which is full of the beauty of Gaia and the pleasure of gorgeous people. I have the soothing peace of a dog at my feet. I feel love profoundly. The lushness of Spring is reflected in my life. After a while fear of lack creeps in and once again I allow myself to float off into Neptune’s realm escaping Saturn’s boundary for a little time in respite care.

Sagittarius is part animal and right now I feel its primal call. I wish to fly away with the ravens that are all around me. They soar, majestically around my home and are still cawing in the town where I work. Even in the city I follow their flight across the facade of the buildings and watch them roost on the roof. The Raven is considered a shapeshifter carrying healing energy from distant lands. They represent the potent magic that lies in the void where all knowledge resides. This bestows on us a responsibility to walk in the light, maintaining our integrity and holding the highest intentions for all whom we serve.

We are currently in the magical time between worlds that was heralded by the Scorpio Solar Eclipse and now without coin for Charon I follow the Sun into the new territory that Sagittarius is pioneering. I know that here in the Southern lands, Spring holds the promise of harvest. In the Autumnal North the bounty is being laid down for the winter months. Though there is much that I am ignorant of, I do know that anything is possible in the New World.

Image: Raven


Scorpio Solar Eclipse: Standing on the Brink

Sometimes I get asked where my writing comes from and how long I ponder it. There is a part of me whispering sweet thoughts and lovely words all the time. Composing their exquisite little explosions in my mind. Often this murmuring happens in that delicious state between sleep and waking. The schedule for my posts is set by the movements in the heavens. Sometimes my mortal self writes down the words and other times it makes breakfast and drives the daughter to public transport. My Mercury Retrograde post rode the bus into Hobart. Isn’t that just like Mercury?

This morning I lay in bed naked, spooning with my sleeping partner. Oh my! My back against his solid chest, my bottom comfortable in the seat he proffers, my thighs weightless against his, my calves hanging from his knees and my feet find rest on his footstools. Bliss! I think of giant stone pharaohs in the warm desert sun sitting on their thrones through the millenniums. Not such a bad fate.

There is nothing calling me to get up. I reflect over the last hectic month. It started with a Libra New Moon, I was happily making connections with others, enjoying being taken out of myself. As the Sun moved into Scorpio and the Moon grew full, the weather got wilder and life became an exhilarating ride. Scorpio likes to know it is alive and by living on the edge, knowing all could soon be finished, makes each breath exquisite. Libra connects us to others via relationships whilst Scorpio merges completely, not knowing where one begins or the other ends.

Mercury is now retrograde and retracing its steps over the path it has trodden since October the 18th and the Moon is waning into Darkness before it eclipses the Sun tomorrow. I find myself reviewing what I have merged with over the years, trying to unpick the seams to discover who I am now.

In Scorpio there is always a release of the redundant or the outgrown. There is much that is completing at this time, some stuff just has to go in order to move forward. Death, transformation, quantum shifts, evolutionary jumps; this is what is demanded of us. Trouble is that standing in this world we cannot grasp what lies ahead. We just have to jump and trust our instincts.

For me, everything is shifting. A week ago my daughter turned 18 and is now legally an adult, or in her words:

 I can legally sue someone, adopt a child, change my name, rent a port-a-potty, get a divorce, purchase R rated movies and go to jail. Oh and pubs.

My Scorpio Princess has become a Queen. She is now sitting her final exams and will be free to design her own life, here on in.

In Libra I was so happy being out in the world with others that I began to wonder whether I had satisfied the needs of my introverted self and was free to socialise with ease. Scorpio with its deep emotion disabused me of that notion. I had a period of feeling very space deprived as the moon was waning. I longed for time living alone. I realised that at this juncture with Kafka, all grown up and  our home on the market, anything was possible.

John and I entertained the possibility of living apart. We have been together for 34 years, maybe it is time to experience something else. It was amazing to discuss this so calmly. There was no rejection of what is, just consideration of what could be.

Somewhere within me this conversation was taboo. It was a boundary, an inner ring-pass-not. Magically, with this discussion, an inner space opened and I felt completely free. Together we were able to discuss our needs and yearnings more honestly, allowing more to be put on the table. We are unlikely to go our separate ways, still it is good to know that we can be open to anything.

The Sun, Moon and Saturn are currently in Scorpio. Saturn defines the limits of the reality we have agreed to accept in this incarnation. The Uranus square Pluto that defines our current time are urging us to break with pre-existent boundaries. I personally feel like I am standing at the edge of my current life ready to jump off the cliff. I have no idea what lies ahead but I am prepared to embark on the adventure.

Many feel this call for a new world. Tomorrow is the Scorpio New Moon. Normally, the Sun is so bright that the Moon is not visible when they are joined. The seed of the cycle is obscured till it is displayed at the full moon. This time there will be an eclipse where the Moon will overshadow the Sun. This will be visible over much of the east coast and top of Australia as well as across the Pacific to Chile. Whatever we birth tomorrow we are capable of seeing it for a moment when the Sun’s glare is obscured by our lunar satellite.

Mercury has regressed back to the Sagittarius/Scorpio cusp. It is possible that as we stand, hand in hand with the Sun, Moon and Saturn at the edge of the Scorpio abyss that Mercury can relay a message back from our future.

Meanwhile my present moment is exquisite. Gaia is resplendent all around me. My daughter, is still my beautiful daughter and this will never change. I lie in my lover’s arms. This is utopia, the New World is right here. Time may go on but the present is eternal.

Image: My Scorpio Princess, Kafka.