Taurus Full Moon – Experiencing Exhilaration

Here we are in the grip of the Taurus Full Moon and it feels like a wild ride. Colonic irrigation comes to mind. This therapy clears the accumulated matter that remains stuck in our bowels, poisoning the bloodstream that carries our vitality. As a result great energy is released from a burden that no longer needs to be supported. A local therapist actually does a swift trade with brides. They come and get cleaned out and actually lose weight instantly ensuring a good fit for the white wedding dress and enough vivacity to ride the tumult of the wedding season. This last New Moon was in Libra, the sign of the wedding day and now with the Sun in Scorpio. This is a thrilling example of how signs interact in a positive manner. After the marriage vows are exchanged, witnessed and celebrated the couple retire behind closed doors. Scorpio moves in to consummate the bond beyond the airy romantic contract into the visceral depths where bodily fluids merge and blood binds us deeply.

In my environment the Full Moon season has been full on, requiring total dedication to the present moment in order to manage the ride. My house has been  filled with 18 year olds, coughing and wheezing with a flu that seems to be everywhere. They have merged together in a diligent effort to complete assignments and cram for their final exams. The education year ends before christmas in Australia and exams start in a fortnight. The state of high drama they are expressing is very apt for the Scorpio season. In a way it does feel like life and death for them as the next few weeks are vital. The exams loom large claiming to determine the outcome of their education and the direction of their future. The house then empties leaving silence and a messy chaos in its wake. No sooner is everything cleaned and order re-established than they return without warning. It is a welcome and infectious exuberance.

Personally, I have been busy as well, with an increase in consultations calling me into the local village where I work from. A couple of days ago the weather was crazy. Spring weather shifts suddenly into wild winds and torrential downfalls, even a hail storm that turned the landscape white for over an hour. Physically, the body mirrored the weather with aches and pains which were only relieved by soothing sleep.

This period culminated in an uncharacteristic hissy fit  where years of frustration and rage poured out of my surprised mouth and onto my shocked partner. Something vile was released in that Munch-like scream and then all sanity was dissolved in tears and wild sobbing, easing into sacred slumber. Whew! I emerged next morning feeling exhilarated. The weather now amazing, balmy winds and perfect warmth. Light and colour continuing to intensify all around. Are my eyes getting clearer or are we all being polished into glowing jewels?

I felt much better but I was not alone. During the wild weather people filled the cafes in town but the feeling wasn’t one of happy socialising. It felt more like a manic compacting into these spaces, in order to find desperately needed nourishment and nurture. Now, the energy has shifted from huddle to outflow. People seem ecstatic and openly generous. Spring has finally truly come with this full moon. In the gallery we were surprised after a long season of closely guarded wallets, customers were cavalier in filling their baskets with treasure, as if they were no longer concerned about where the next coin would come from. Taurus shows us what we love and people were valuing the creative efforts all around them. Conversation and laughter flowed. A loved one only had to admire a trinket and it was gifted to them. I am reminded that Scorpio is shared resources and finally we seem free to believe in abundance. Trust, appreciation, joy, flow; this is what we long for. I had released something evil in me and I wonder how many others have cleared some lurking ghoul?

As I step back from my personal experience of being carried by ebb and flow and view what is happening around the planet, the whooshing I am feeling all around me seems to have collected in one almighty mother! Hurricane Sandy is barrelling down on the city perceived as the centre of the world, and possibly affecting the US elections. A man-made city threatened by ‘Frankenstorm,’ as the media has christened it. Makes you wonder how much nature was involved in its birth!

Over the pond in the United Kingdom another Scorpio squall has been released with allegations exposing the late Jimmy Saville’s involvement in extensive child sexual abuse. It appears that if the stopper is removed and the investigation dives deep, a pedophile ring will be exposed with tentacles in many powerful places.

This Full Moon has flowing aspects to Pluto in Capricorn, this would allow for movement of the essential power in our society from where it has long been abducted and buried. I am reminded of the  poisonous Hydra of ancient Greece. She was a water beast with many heads whose stinking breath was toxic and polluted the environment all around. Every time our hero, Hercules cut off a head, two grew back. It was by sinking to his knees and raising her out of the muddy depths of her home that he was able to expose her to the light. It was then possible to cut off her weakened heads and cauterise each wound preventing the regrowth of her infection.

Everywhere forceful dynamics are on the loose. They are too intense for our human selves to contain or control. We proceed by combining our shared resources, supporting each other in riding it courageously. We face our Hydra, allowing her to dissipate her energy, healing the wounds and clearing the resulting debris. Our passion that was once siphoned off by unseen contamination can be reclaimed. The Taurus Moon can reveal our true talents hidden in the treasure trove of the water dragon.


Image: High Tide Coastal Flooding by Ellie Crystal

7 responses

  1. Your line “The Taurus Moon can reveal our true talents hidden in the treasure trove of the water dragon.” feels very powerful for me. Thank you for sharing the whole post of cleansing our inner hydras, but particularly this last line. I believe this is the Chinese year of the Water Dragon, which perhaps is culminating in these last few months, not sure if you were referencing that as well, but that feels true for me in my life too! Karen

  2. After telling the story of the Hydra I realised how she looks like a dragon and recognised the connection to Chinese Year. I love the way things layer like this. I figure she hints at the way to continue to access the promised treasure. Fun times! I like your perspective that the year is culminating. I hadn’t thought of it like this and it is very apt.

  3. Once again you give visual to the quagmire I have been muddling, mucking and now coming comfortably out of… There is a much needed clearness to assauge the healing of the now cleared, cleaned and cauterized old wounds…
    Wonderous words indeedy!

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