Sun In Scorpio: Yowchi Mama!

In Libra we emerged into the wider world and discovered other gorgeous people. We forgot ourselves and found heavenly bliss in the eyes of others. The princess gets her prince and lives happily ever after…right?

There is harmony and peace and all I want is a taste of the devil realms. Yowchi Mama!!! Desire, desire, desire; lead me astray.

Power, energy, sex, gimme! I feel ripe and ready to erupt. What is my choice? … to repress or let loose… implode or explode! Whatever – as long as life is being lived. This world has become hum drum. I am hum drum. I know how much better things can be. There is so much that we have accepted as “just the way things are.”  We can all see how illogical what exists has become. Every man and his dog could make a fist of a fairer system. I have lots of ideas but when faced with the mediocrity of living, my energy dies, I curl up and sleep in the hope of escaping to more exciting realms. What is, obscures what could be. What if we lived and were alive; vitally, powerfully alive!

Welcome to Scorpio. What stops this wanton desire from becoming all that it can be, greedily eating life?  The whispers of fear, of course. If we succumb and run wild with abandonment,  surely we will hurt and betray the ones we love. Those caring bonds of Libra are true and have led to this powerful experience of deep and potent joy.

I am fuelled with ecstatic energy. I can see how I could change things way beyond the generally accepted limitations. Instead I become overwhelmed. It appears I am afraid of my own power. Why? I do not know how to direct it. My vision is greater than the boundaries of my human self. I need to become bigger. I need to pool my resources with others. We need to merge.

Other fears arise. What if my vision is mistaken, people could invest and lose out because of my dreams. I could trample my loved ones by unleashing my potency. This need to merge everything creates the spectre of death. My passion for transformation somehow betrays our shared vows. The relationship could end. Others could lose by having faith in me. They could be hurt. There is so much at stake. Passion is often forbidden. We can pursue the alien inside us begging to be born, but the danger is that we destroy everything we now love.

Here we are caught in the dilemma of Scorpio. How do we put out the fires that lead to the destruction of all that is? Sex, drugs, rock and roll? Anything to mop up the unrealised energy. When I was younger I was a social smoker until I saw how sucking in smoke subdued me. I realised that intense social discourse led quickly to intimacy. Such powerful energy arises when we connect to another even momentarily. I didn’t know what to do within the appropriate rules of social behaviour. I could dance in the streets, lead charismatic revolts or inhale a cigarette and have another sip. It seemed safer to allow the energy to dissipate into incoherent ramblings everyone would forget.

In Pisces addiction is about escaping reality. The Scorpion displaying destructive behaviour needs to have their power harnessed.  We don’t want to lose an opportunity to have them transform the apparently irreconcilable problems that face us.

Scorpio demands we let go of attachment and throw the ballast that hinders us overboard. Our talents need to operate full throttle in tandem with others. Nothing can be resolved if we remain caught in our conditioned little self. In Scorpio we are called to unleash the being that we know is there but are afraid to reveal.

How often in flights of fantasy have you had a vision of what could be if only you weren’t squeamish about stepping fully into your power and breaking with the rules of convention. On some level you know how irresistible your vision, charismatically realised would be to others. It could change the world.

The energy gained from releasing this potential is as formidable and as destructive as splitting the atom. That means your loved ones and yourself will not survive in your current state. Everything will change and you are terrified that you may stuff it up, though not for your own sake. Death is a risk you are prepared to take. But you cannot ask someone you love to make that sacrifice. How could you live with that knowledge?

This is the crazy making choice of Scorpio. The chains of current life are stultifying but by instigating change all life could be destroyed. No wonder Scorpions often accept reputations as some out of control psychopath. It seems easier to create the required chaos wilfully and forcefully than to explain its necessity to the people you love. The egg is always broken in order to merge into the omelet.

2012 is in its final months. Uranus is demanding the freedom of the new in Aries. Pluto is undermining the outworn societal structures in Capricorn. Saturn in Scorpio is putting its weight behind the necessity of a shift. Now the Sun is adding our personal will for something more potent to emerge and calling us to dive deep into our desires.

Yowchi Mama, bring it on.


Image: Beluga White Whale. I chose this whale because of its extraordinary effort at self-transformation in an apparent attempt to communicate with humans. See the accompanying clip.


9 responses

  1. This information is relatable to me. In the last three weeks I have had a major release while having acupuncture and evaluated what make me happy and decided it was time for serious change. I decided to sell my home and move to a condo. In the last two weeks I have given away/ donated soooo much stuff. The energy just keeps flowing – today my house went on the market, clean, neat and ready to sell. I keep saying thank you spirit and keep going.

    • Wow!!! Huge changes and all that clearing, Clean, neat and ready to sell, feels great. You have really honoured your family home with your blog and perfect that you you are taking the next step by following your happiness. May your next adventure be abundant, joyful and fulfilling.

  2. Such a perfect post to re-read after I have cut the barge of my past memories “being the only thing to look forward to”. It is such a simple thing, yet took a lot of trusting the solid, slow, wonderfully stubborn bull of Taurus, to examine it all, carefully extracting the gems of how things really can be experienced for me….just in the now! As I light the match to watch the burning pyre of my past.
    Once again your post ring so true for where I find myself…
    Oh wonderous learned lady of the stars!!

  3. Your analyses are poetry, and I love your poetry! Keep up the good work! Each of the three water signs is a “death.” Cancer represents family but especially the death of childhood as we grow into individuals (Leo). Scorpio is the death of any given individual, particularly as someone isolated, and born into either an ambassador or a legend (the Chironic aspect of Sadge). And, Pisces, the most powerful of all, reflects our collective dreams and the death of an epoch, possibly a civilization, and birth of something fundamentally new (Aries).

    But, it is not Scorpio that is the most brutal sociopath. It is Algol, “the ghoul,” hidden yang-like in the yin of beautiful Taurus….

    • Thank you, Grant, I love your insight about the death associated with each water sign.
      I have not explored the fixed stars much. I have Mercury in Taurus in the 8th and always go for simplifying the elements I work with; diving deep with less. I note what you say about Algol and the coincidence that I refer to a ghoul in my next post. I will have to check out Algol in my chart. Thank you for the lead.

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