Libra New Moon: Clear and Connected

On the day of the Libra New Moon I had set aside time for writing and posting on these pages. I felt grounded and ready for the task ahead of me. Since Saturn has moved into Scorpio, I have felt delightfully centred and uncharacteristically ready for whatever job is before me. It has been great to feel this concentrated focus. I had a few notes jotted down, my pen poised and then the phone rang. There were people at ‘Cobweb Designs,’ the gallery I work from, that have a pressing desire to have consultations with me. Wonderful! I drop everything and slip into town to make lovely new connections.

Now, a couple of days later I return to task. My life has been a whirlwind of consultations, social engagements, phone calls, quality time with my partner, my daughter, friends and the community. Welcome to Libra New Moon. It is not a time for musing alone in your room but a time of connection to others. Even when we had a free moment, the real estate agent had someone to show through our home. We would evacuate the premises and find somewhere luscious to sit in the sun with beverage in hand.

At the last New Moon in Virgo I spoke of it being my personal New Year, as the Sun emerged into my First House and began a new cycle around my chart. I felt like I could expect the unexpected. When the Sun moved into Libra I spoke of us all emerging from our personal journey and looking around to discover we were in an exquisite garden full of other beings. In Libra we are thrilled by the beauty all around and are happy to take time out to discover another person with different experiences and therefore, another perspective on life.

It is a time to fall in love. Libra rules aesthetics and freed from our own concerns it is a thrill to see the beauty in another. I have been talking for a while about us raising our vibrations by bringing more light into our life. Libra has been fulfilling this promise as the landscape has been putting on an extravagant display. I swear there is more light which is experienced as many rainbows and  intense colours in the panorama. As I drive around on outings I often feel moved to pause and drink it all in. Who can help but fall in love with life?

When the Sun and Moon are fused together at a  New Moon, the Moon is obscured by the radiance of the Sun. This time is always the beginning of a new monthly chapter. It is, however, unclear what will emerge from this joining, as we are so blinded by the light, we have yet to see what will be born. There is always something conceived that will grow rapidly and be revealed fully at the Full Moon.

Each cycle is born out of the last. In the Virgo cycle our house was put on the market. Everything was cleaned and fixed in order to be presented well. Libra is about making decisions and once made we are freed up. We no longer have to carry the burden of both sides of the choice.  A commitment is made and our work is halved.

As we resolved the issue of putting our house on the market there were unexpected Libran payoffs. Our home is de-cluttered, spruced up and beautifully presented. We are enjoying living in a calm and harmonious environment. The decision was made, the work done and there is splendour to be enjoyed. It is like being on holiday; we are able to dwell in the now.

This liberty has allowed the freedom to focus on being myself with others. The stress of choice gone I have the space to fully enjoy whatever connection comes my way.  The more joy and peace I experience the more I love what I do and the more I commit to my vocation.  I am feeling the clarity that comes from resolution. I am able to devote myself to connection, fully immersed in engagement with another.

This New Moon has introduced a faster pace of life which has been facilitated through the good work of the last six months. At night I arrive home, tired but fulfilled. I am looking forward to seeing how this new chapter unfolds.


Image: Thomas Cole’s ‘The Picnic’


5 responses

  1. Beautiful, Perianne! Beautiful and radiant with resolve and light, moving forward with clear, clean steps, sparking quiet, thundering certainty with every step. Chapeau, Madame. Chapeau. Our world lies at your feet.

  2. Perianne, this is so perfect 🙂 you are in-tune and in the flow of an ideal state. In Joy, Peace, and Love, the world of beautiful experience and opportunity expand in magnificent wonder! You are So Gifted and Blessed!

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