Saturn in Scorpio: Transforming the Unacceptable

I wrote this post after experiencing a day of Saturn in Scorpio. These were my first impressions of dipping my toe into the Scorpion’s depths. The words I heard around me as I ventured into my community were: ‘crazy’, ‘loss of relativity’, ‘somehow the context has changed’, ‘overwhelming’, ‘ I don’t know how to handle this?’,  ‘I don’t know how to make this work?’, ‘Help!’ In fact, over the days since I wrote this post I have come across the terms: ‘crazy’, ‘craziness’ and ‘crazy-making’ all over the place.

One situational snapshot of this opening day was sitting in a public space with a friend who was intensely and excitedly relating her vision of the future. As I listened I was also aware of a man sitting across from us. He was red-faced and looking very distressed. He kept clutching his heart. My companion’s story was reaching a crescendo and I felt torn between the two situations. Eventually, I apologised and interrupted her flow. I leaned over to the gentleman and asked whether he was okay. He stated that he knew what was happening and he was taking a moment to relieve the situation. “It is just a really bad day!” he muttered.

Earlier in the week, we experienced extreme winds that were constant for about 24 hours. The noise and incessant movement were relentless. The experience was irritating. There was a feeling of being unable to escape and a sense of losing my bearings. In the beginning, it was invigorating and exciting but by the end I felt shredded and was happy to escape into the quiet of sleep.

The entry of Saturn into Scorpio last Friday/Saturday had that same intensity for me. Like the man I encountered, a breather was required. I employed different methods of centring myself:  deep breaths, grounding myself in nature, and holding rose quartz to my heart. Ironically, I found a compass application on my phone. I love it and pull it out often to check the directions.

Despite the intense activity all around, I also dwelt outside of time, holding a detached, almost cold, consciousness of all that was playing out for others and for myself. I enjoyed physical activity, mundane problem solving and stepping into more technical conversations than those I have engaged in for awhile. I recognised another more practical, streetwise persona come to the fore. It has been some time since this aspect of myself has seen the light of day. I enjoyed tackling the challenge of the surrounding dramas with concentrated calculation and dispassionate impartiality.

The past cycle of Saturn in Libra now seems lighter and less in one’s face. Much of the time the work in this sign was an intellectual experience. It involved understanding a global shift and discovering ways to create harmony, peace and understanding for myself and others. This initial impression of Saturn in Scorpio is more visceral, not vibrating light but pulsating energy; a tactile experience of the invisible. Saturn is indicating the need to remain grounded and unperturbed whilst being immersed. I have the image of wearing rain hat, galoshes and macintosh with sleeves rolled up, whilst wading in to clean up the ocean depths.

Saturn in Libra taught us to appreciate beauty that could be discovered in colour and form; found by following the flight of a bird or falling into the eyes of another. It has attuned me to no longer tolerate feeling out of balance or heavy. A state of tranquility once known, insists on being maintained. Saturn in Libra taught us to survey the landscape and allow it to lift our mood. This desire translates into a longing for fairness and peace in our relationship with others.

Meanwhile Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, has been in Capricorn where it reveals how society is not functioning with values of integrity and harmony. As we become more committed to a state of peace and beauty, Pluto uncovers the endemic corruption. Saturn in Libra has given us a finely tuned sensor for discord. I believe Saturn in Scorpio will give us the wherewithal and resources to clean up what is not aligned with our new standards. What we tolerated as ‘just the way things are,’ we will no longer accept and Saturn in Scorpio will give us the insight and discipline to transform the unacceptable.

Image: Rage Against the Storm

10 responses

  1. Ahh the title so rightly describes the decision to right the out lining storms, that I have been actively (unknowningly) avoiding. Though now that I have uncovered the layer of brine that has accumalated, I wilst slowly allow the rain to soften, disolve, and watch as is all slowly melts away. You are so wonderfully timely… as usual!
    Love of the depths farther south.

  2. This is a fabulous article, Perianne. Your example of the compass is uplifting and grounding, all at the same time. Centering, we all need that.

    • Welcome cj,
      I am thrilled you like the compass. It only went in at the last minute as I reread about losing my bearings and saw how it related to my new toy. I love how life laughs and plays alongside us, always part of the conversation if we have ears to hear….”feeling lost, no way!” 😉

  3. I have been wondering about this move of Saturn into Scorpio, and having some trouble understanding what it means. As soon as I saw your title, I thought, this is a wonderful way of explaining this new energy. It sounds like a difficult task to transform the unacceptable, but perhaps this energy could actually lead to greater light than we can possibly imagine now.

  4. Saturn was a Titan, a forerunner (mythologically) of Olympus. It is the strong old man (or strong old woman) who has survived many things and sticks to the essentials. When it rummages around in secrets and sometimes unfair situations (Scorpio), it has a way of bringing things to light. This is particularly true with Neptune (the ultimate revealer of secrets) at home in Pisces (the sign of Revelations).

    Just maybe we have some hope for at least a bit of justice.

    I am glad that you took time to show the man some compassion. Sadly, that seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

    • I like the idea of ‘sticking to the essentials’ and ‘bringing things to light.’ You lead me to think of Saturn in Scorpio as a skeleton finally being exhumed and the incomprehensible finally has an explanation.
      Thank you for sharing your insight.

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