Taurus Full Moon – Experiencing Exhilaration

Here we are in the grip of the Taurus Full Moon and it feels like a wild ride. Colonic irrigation comes to mind. This therapy clears the accumulated matter that remains stuck in our bowels, poisoning the bloodstream that carries our vitality. As a result great energy is released from a burden that no longer needs to be supported. A local therapist actually does a swift trade with brides. They come and get cleaned out and actually lose weight instantly ensuring a good fit for the white wedding dress and enough vivacity to ride the tumult of the wedding season. This last New Moon was in Libra, the sign of the wedding day and now with the Sun in Scorpio. This is a thrilling example of how signs interact in a positive manner. After the marriage vows are exchanged, witnessed and celebrated the couple retire behind closed doors. Scorpio moves in to consummate the bond beyond the airy romantic contract into the visceral depths where bodily fluids merge and blood binds us deeply.

In my environment the Full Moon season has been full on, requiring total dedication to the present moment in order to manage the ride. My house has been  filled with 18 year olds, coughing and wheezing with a flu that seems to be everywhere. They have merged together in a diligent effort to complete assignments and cram for their final exams. The education year ends before christmas in Australia and exams start in a fortnight. The state of high drama they are expressing is very apt for the Scorpio season. In a way it does feel like life and death for them as the next few weeks are vital. The exams loom large claiming to determine the outcome of their education and the direction of their future. The house then empties leaving silence and a messy chaos in its wake. No sooner is everything cleaned and order re-established than they return without warning. It is a welcome and infectious exuberance.

Personally, I have been busy as well, with an increase in consultations calling me into the local village where I work from. A couple of days ago the weather was crazy. Spring weather shifts suddenly into wild winds and torrential downfalls, even a hail storm that turned the landscape white for over an hour. Physically, the body mirrored the weather with aches and pains which were only relieved by soothing sleep.

This period culminated in an uncharacteristic hissy fit  where years of frustration and rage poured out of my surprised mouth and onto my shocked partner. Something vile was released in that Munch-like scream and then all sanity was dissolved in tears and wild sobbing, easing into sacred slumber. Whew! I emerged next morning feeling exhilarated. The weather now amazing, balmy winds and perfect warmth. Light and colour continuing to intensify all around. Are my eyes getting clearer or are we all being polished into glowing jewels?

I felt much better but I was not alone. During the wild weather people filled the cafes in town but the feeling wasn’t one of happy socialising. It felt more like a manic compacting into these spaces, in order to find desperately needed nourishment and nurture. Now, the energy has shifted from huddle to outflow. People seem ecstatic and openly generous. Spring has finally truly come with this full moon. In the gallery we were surprised after a long season of closely guarded wallets, customers were cavalier in filling their baskets with treasure, as if they were no longer concerned about where the next coin would come from. Taurus shows us what we love and people were valuing the creative efforts all around them. Conversation and laughter flowed. A loved one only had to admire a trinket and it was gifted to them. I am reminded that Scorpio is shared resources and finally we seem free to believe in abundance. Trust, appreciation, joy, flow; this is what we long for. I had released something evil in me and I wonder how many others have cleared some lurking ghoul?

As I step back from my personal experience of being carried by ebb and flow and view what is happening around the planet, the whooshing I am feeling all around me seems to have collected in one almighty mother! Hurricane Sandy is barrelling down on the city perceived as the centre of the world, and possibly affecting the US elections. A man-made city threatened by ‘Frankenstorm,’ as the media has christened it. Makes you wonder how much nature was involved in its birth!

Over the pond in the United Kingdom another Scorpio squall has been released with allegations exposing the late Jimmy Saville’s involvement in extensive child sexual abuse. It appears that if the stopper is removed and the investigation dives deep, a pedophile ring will be exposed with tentacles in many powerful places.

This Full Moon has flowing aspects to Pluto in Capricorn, this would allow for movement of the essential power in our society from where it has long been abducted and buried. I am reminded of the  poisonous Hydra of ancient Greece. She was a water beast with many heads whose stinking breath was toxic and polluted the environment all around. Every time our hero, Hercules cut off a head, two grew back. It was by sinking to his knees and raising her out of the muddy depths of her home that he was able to expose her to the light. It was then possible to cut off her weakened heads and cauterise each wound preventing the regrowth of her infection.

Everywhere forceful dynamics are on the loose. They are too intense for our human selves to contain or control. We proceed by combining our shared resources, supporting each other in riding it courageously. We face our Hydra, allowing her to dissipate her energy, healing the wounds and clearing the resulting debris. Our passion that was once siphoned off by unseen contamination can be reclaimed. The Taurus Moon can reveal our true talents hidden in the treasure trove of the water dragon.


Image: High Tide Coastal Flooding by Ellie Crystal

Sun In Scorpio: Yowchi Mama!

In Libra we emerged into the wider world and discovered other gorgeous people. We forgot ourselves and found heavenly bliss in the eyes of others. The princess gets her prince and lives happily ever after…right?

There is harmony and peace and all I want is a taste of the devil realms. Yowchi Mama!!! Desire, desire, desire; lead me astray.

Power, energy, sex, gimme! I feel ripe and ready to erupt. What is my choice? … to repress or let loose… implode or explode! Whatever – as long as life is being lived. This world has become hum drum. I am hum drum. I know how much better things can be. There is so much that we have accepted as “just the way things are.”  We can all see how illogical what exists has become. Every man and his dog could make a fist of a fairer system. I have lots of ideas but when faced with the mediocrity of living, my energy dies, I curl up and sleep in the hope of escaping to more exciting realms. What is, obscures what could be. What if we lived and were alive; vitally, powerfully alive!

Welcome to Scorpio. What stops this wanton desire from becoming all that it can be, greedily eating life?  The whispers of fear, of course. If we succumb and run wild with abandonment,  surely we will hurt and betray the ones we love. Those caring bonds of Libra are true and have led to this powerful experience of deep and potent joy.

I am fuelled with ecstatic energy. I can see how I could change things way beyond the generally accepted limitations. Instead I become overwhelmed. It appears I am afraid of my own power. Why? I do not know how to direct it. My vision is greater than the boundaries of my human self. I need to become bigger. I need to pool my resources with others. We need to merge.

Other fears arise. What if my vision is mistaken, people could invest and lose out because of my dreams. I could trample my loved ones by unleashing my potency. This need to merge everything creates the spectre of death. My passion for transformation somehow betrays our shared vows. The relationship could end. Others could lose by having faith in me. They could be hurt. There is so much at stake. Passion is often forbidden. We can pursue the alien inside us begging to be born, but the danger is that we destroy everything we now love.

Here we are caught in the dilemma of Scorpio. How do we put out the fires that lead to the destruction of all that is? Sex, drugs, rock and roll? Anything to mop up the unrealised energy. When I was younger I was a social smoker until I saw how sucking in smoke subdued me. I realised that intense social discourse led quickly to intimacy. Such powerful energy arises when we connect to another even momentarily. I didn’t know what to do within the appropriate rules of social behaviour. I could dance in the streets, lead charismatic revolts or inhale a cigarette and have another sip. It seemed safer to allow the energy to dissipate into incoherent ramblings everyone would forget.

In Pisces addiction is about escaping reality. The Scorpion displaying destructive behaviour needs to have their power harnessed.  We don’t want to lose an opportunity to have them transform the apparently irreconcilable problems that face us.

Scorpio demands we let go of attachment and throw the ballast that hinders us overboard. Our talents need to operate full throttle in tandem with others. Nothing can be resolved if we remain caught in our conditioned little self. In Scorpio we are called to unleash the being that we know is there but are afraid to reveal.

How often in flights of fantasy have you had a vision of what could be if only you weren’t squeamish about stepping fully into your power and breaking with the rules of convention. On some level you know how irresistible your vision, charismatically realised would be to others. It could change the world.

The energy gained from releasing this potential is as formidable and as destructive as splitting the atom. That means your loved ones and yourself will not survive in your current state. Everything will change and you are terrified that you may stuff it up, though not for your own sake. Death is a risk you are prepared to take. But you cannot ask someone you love to make that sacrifice. How could you live with that knowledge?

This is the crazy making choice of Scorpio. The chains of current life are stultifying but by instigating change all life could be destroyed. No wonder Scorpions often accept reputations as some out of control psychopath. It seems easier to create the required chaos wilfully and forcefully than to explain its necessity to the people you love. The egg is always broken in order to merge into the omelet.

2012 is in its final months. Uranus is demanding the freedom of the new in Aries. Pluto is undermining the outworn societal structures in Capricorn. Saturn in Scorpio is putting its weight behind the necessity of a shift. Now the Sun is adding our personal will for something more potent to emerge and calling us to dive deep into our desires.

Yowchi Mama, bring it on.


Image: Beluga White Whale. I chose this whale because of its extraordinary effort at self-transformation in an apparent attempt to communicate with humans. See the accompanying clip.


Libra New Moon: Clear and Connected

On the day of the Libra New Moon I had set aside time for writing and posting on these pages. I felt grounded and ready for the task ahead of me. Since Saturn has moved into Scorpio, I have felt delightfully centred and uncharacteristically ready for whatever job is before me. It has been great to feel this concentrated focus. I had a few notes jotted down, my pen poised and then the phone rang. There were people at ‘Cobweb Designs,’ the gallery I work from, that have a pressing desire to have consultations with me. Wonderful! I drop everything and slip into town to make lovely new connections.

Now, a couple of days later I return to task. My life has been a whirlwind of consultations, social engagements, phone calls, quality time with my partner, my daughter, friends and the community. Welcome to Libra New Moon. It is not a time for musing alone in your room but a time of connection to others. Even when we had a free moment, the real estate agent had someone to show through our home. We would evacuate the premises and find somewhere luscious to sit in the sun with beverage in hand.

At the last New Moon in Virgo I spoke of it being my personal New Year, as the Sun emerged into my First House and began a new cycle around my chart. I felt like I could expect the unexpected. When the Sun moved into Libra I spoke of us all emerging from our personal journey and looking around to discover we were in an exquisite garden full of other beings. In Libra we are thrilled by the beauty all around and are happy to take time out to discover another person with different experiences and therefore, another perspective on life.

It is a time to fall in love. Libra rules aesthetics and freed from our own concerns it is a thrill to see the beauty in another. I have been talking for a while about us raising our vibrations by bringing more light into our life. Libra has been fulfilling this promise as the landscape has been putting on an extravagant display. I swear there is more light which is experienced as many rainbows and  intense colours in the panorama. As I drive around on outings I often feel moved to pause and drink it all in. Who can help but fall in love with life?

When the Sun and Moon are fused together at a  New Moon, the Moon is obscured by the radiance of the Sun. This time is always the beginning of a new monthly chapter. It is, however, unclear what will emerge from this joining, as we are so blinded by the light, we have yet to see what will be born. There is always something conceived that will grow rapidly and be revealed fully at the Full Moon.

Each cycle is born out of the last. In the Virgo cycle our house was put on the market. Everything was cleaned and fixed in order to be presented well. Libra is about making decisions and once made we are freed up. We no longer have to carry the burden of both sides of the choice.  A commitment is made and our work is halved.

As we resolved the issue of putting our house on the market there were unexpected Libran payoffs. Our home is de-cluttered, spruced up and beautifully presented. We are enjoying living in a calm and harmonious environment. The decision was made, the work done and there is splendour to be enjoyed. It is like being on holiday; we are able to dwell in the now.

This liberty has allowed the freedom to focus on being myself with others. The stress of choice gone I have the space to fully enjoy whatever connection comes my way.  The more joy and peace I experience the more I love what I do and the more I commit to my vocation.  I am feeling the clarity that comes from resolution. I am able to devote myself to connection, fully immersed in engagement with another.

This New Moon has introduced a faster pace of life which has been facilitated through the good work of the last six months. At night I arrive home, tired but fulfilled. I am looking forward to seeing how this new chapter unfolds.


Image: Thomas Cole’s ‘The Picnic’


Saturn in Scorpio: Transforming the Unacceptable

I wrote this post after experiencing a day of Saturn in Scorpio. These were my first impressions of dipping my toe into the Scorpion’s depths. The words I heard around me as I ventured into my community were: ‘crazy’, ‘loss of relativity’, ‘somehow the context has changed’, ‘overwhelming’, ‘ I don’t know how to handle this?’,  ‘I don’t know how to make this work?’, ‘Help!’ In fact, over the days since I wrote this post I have come across the terms: ‘crazy’, ‘craziness’ and ‘crazy-making’ all over the place.

One situational snapshot of this opening day was sitting in a public space with a friend who was intensely and excitedly relating her vision of the future. As I listened I was also aware of a man sitting across from us. He was red-faced and looking very distressed. He kept clutching his heart. My companion’s story was reaching a crescendo and I felt torn between the two situations. Eventually, I apologised and interrupted her flow. I leaned over to the gentleman and asked whether he was okay. He stated that he knew what was happening and he was taking a moment to relieve the situation. “It is just a really bad day!” he muttered.

Earlier in the week, we experienced extreme winds that were constant for about 24 hours. The noise and incessant movement were relentless. The experience was irritating. There was a feeling of being unable to escape and a sense of losing my bearings. In the beginning, it was invigorating and exciting but by the end I felt shredded and was happy to escape into the quiet of sleep.

The entry of Saturn into Scorpio last Friday/Saturday had that same intensity for me. Like the man I encountered, a breather was required. I employed different methods of centring myself:  deep breaths, grounding myself in nature, and holding rose quartz to my heart. Ironically, I found a compass application on my phone. I love it and pull it out often to check the directions.

Despite the intense activity all around, I also dwelt outside of time, holding a detached, almost cold, consciousness of all that was playing out for others and for myself. I enjoyed physical activity, mundane problem solving and stepping into more technical conversations than those I have engaged in for awhile. I recognised another more practical, streetwise persona come to the fore. It has been some time since this aspect of myself has seen the light of day. I enjoyed tackling the challenge of the surrounding dramas with concentrated calculation and dispassionate impartiality.

The past cycle of Saturn in Libra now seems lighter and less in one’s face. Much of the time the work in this sign was an intellectual experience. It involved understanding a global shift and discovering ways to create harmony, peace and understanding for myself and others. This initial impression of Saturn in Scorpio is more visceral, not vibrating light but pulsating energy; a tactile experience of the invisible. Saturn is indicating the need to remain grounded and unperturbed whilst being immersed. I have the image of wearing rain hat, galoshes and macintosh with sleeves rolled up, whilst wading in to clean up the ocean depths.

Saturn in Libra taught us to appreciate beauty that could be discovered in colour and form; found by following the flight of a bird or falling into the eyes of another. It has attuned me to no longer tolerate feeling out of balance or heavy. A state of tranquility once known, insists on being maintained. Saturn in Libra taught us to survey the landscape and allow it to lift our mood. This desire translates into a longing for fairness and peace in our relationship with others.

Meanwhile Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, has been in Capricorn where it reveals how society is not functioning with values of integrity and harmony. As we become more committed to a state of peace and beauty, Pluto uncovers the endemic corruption. Saturn in Libra has given us a finely tuned sensor for discord. I believe Saturn in Scorpio will give us the wherewithal and resources to clean up what is not aligned with our new standards. What we tolerated as ‘just the way things are,’ we will no longer accept and Saturn in Scorpio will give us the insight and discipline to transform the unacceptable.

Image: Rage Against the Storm

Saturn in Libra: Celebrate Your Story

Tomorrow Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline, moves into Scorpio. That is 5th-6th October depending on where in the world you reside. This planet describes the boundaries of our personal world and takes two and a half years to move through a sign. The journey begins with a sense of inadequacy as Saturn points out one’s shortfalls and demands a commitment to a process of continuous improvement. It aims to build solid foundations and  develop competencies to fulfil the purpose we feel compelled to contribute to society. Saturn is a stern taskmaster but if obeyed provides the exquisite satisfaction that comes from overcoming daunting challenges.

Astrology tends to push us forward into the future, there are always new energies to assimilate. With Saturn there are new tasks to fulfil and burdens to carry.  As Steven King wrote “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Saturn does lighten up as he matures. The beginning of his journey may seem overwhelming but once he achieves what he set out to do, he becomes a supportive and playful ally.  Now there is a unique opportunity to pause and survey the landscape as Saturn completes his sojourn in Libra.

Saturn rules the past and it is worthwhile seeing what you have been focussing on over this time. Where has your attention been? What has been your work? What have you been disciplining yourself to do? What skills and competencies have you developed to progress your life? What have you been aiming at?

Over this time you have become disciplined in some area that has been well integrated into your routine. It has been offering its own inherent satisfaction. Some of the examples I have been hearing from others are strict adherence to musical practise, discovering a love for Pilates bodywork, acquiring new work responsibilities, and adjusting to a changed relationship.  Joy is experienced at the thrill of a new level of mastery. “I did this!” Even so the satisfaction is tentatively expressed as Saturn is always aware of how much still needs to be done. Looking back you see how far you have come in shifting previous obstacles.

One element that emerges is the present difficulty in maintaining the discipline. The motivation is no longer there. Saturn rules fear and loss. As determination starts to dissipate, the individual expresses concern that they will lose hard won ground if they do not continue. This is two and a half years of effort and no-one wants to throw it all away. Perhaps a plateau has been reached since it has been a while since there has been a good return on investment.

I propose that this dwindling interest is the completion of the Saturn in Libra task. It doesn’t mean that this will disappear from our life, just that it becomes a more balanced part of our daily routine. We have achieved what we needed and  a new challenge will be identified as Saturn enters Scorpio. If we wish to move forward in life some other aspect will require our unwavering attention.

There is a moment between cycles where we can stand upright and celebrate what we have achieved. Tomorrow we will need to pick up a new rock and develop new muscles as we identify our task for the period ahead.

Cronus is the Greek god that is equated with Saturn. His father, Ouranos, was dissatisfied with the children he created with Gaia and in disgust hid them away in the womb of the Earth. Gaia found it painful containing all her babies forever. She was disturbed that her offspring could never emerge and live life. She  entreated Cronus to overthrow his father and free his siblings. The son castrated Ouranos with a sickle and became the ruler of a Golden Age with his wife, Rhea.

Given his history Cronus was acutely aware that one day he would be overthrown by his offspring. To overcome this fate he took to consuming his children and containing them safely within his own body. Rhea, like Gaia before her was distressed by the loss of her children and tricked him by wrapping a boulder in swaddling clothes. He promptly accepted the rock as his son and swallowed it whole. When this boy, Zeus, had grown into a young man he returned to his father’s domain and forced Cronus to regurgitate his brood. Cronus was banished from the kingdom and Zeus took his place as the new father of the Gods.

This multi-generational myth is rich with meaning that we can apply to the story of  our life. Today I am interested in how history tends to repeat itself. Saturn rules the past and karma; it has an acute understanding of this dynamic.  We can see that as the events rerun there are some alterations. Ouranos was castrated and died, Cronus was overthrown and banished, a more lenient fate. With each turn of the wheel, the plot is similar but also improved. Things evolve.

In our personal journey, the planet Saturn takes about 29.5 years to travel around the Zodiac. For those of us who have been hanging around this “mortal coil” for some time, we will have experienced Saturn in Libra more than once. I have been having some fun with my clients, seeing how our own history has played out.

This has been the second time around for me. The last time I met my partner (Libra). We were fully committed (Saturn) to our relationship. Before this I was living a gypsy-style life. Now I had to face reality and find a place in the mainstream. I found myself trapped in a dead end  and demeaning job as a telephonist in a basement shared with many other women. My self-esteem took a major hit and like the mythical offspring, I felt trapped. My partner had his own issues and I realised that I would have to engineer my escape from the dungeon alone. I became the Union Rep and had to learn all the conditions of service. I realised I was entitled to study leave and returned to university. As my confidence increased I became more of an authority in the environment. Later when the exchange was being closed down, I was able to step into my power and negotiate new jobs with greatly improved conditions for the other telephonists and myself.

This time around I am coming out of a period tucked away in the country, where I home-educated my daughter. As Saturn re-entered Libra I needed to return to society and find a new role. The world of work has greatly changed in my absence. I have been faced with taking low paid manual work that is no reflection of my skills. My true desire has been to establish my own practice as a life coach using astrology, tarot and flower essences. I have a long history in these areas but since the environment has changed I have undergone further study to establish mainstream credibility. Step by step, I have extended my reach establishing this blog, giving lessons, providing consultations and expanding my client base.

The stories are very similar. The first time around I am a young adult finding a role for myself in the world. This time I emerge again after motherhood with a renewed desire to share my talents with others. Reviewing these journeys gives me clarity and a firm foundation for moving into Scorpio.

I recommend you look at your passage through Libra and congratulate yourself for how far you have come. Soon new demands will distract you as your nose returns to the grindstone.

The dates for Saturn in Libra are:

November 2009- April 2010, August 2010-October 2012

If you have been around the block before the previous dates are:

December 1950-November 1953

October 1980-August 1983


Happy sleuthing. I would love to hear about your discoveries.



Image: California Storm: Sisyphus Gives Up by Damian Dovarganes