Aries Full Moon: The Intention to Connect

I have not yet posted anything on the recent Aries Full Moon, my Virgo Ascendant and Taurus Moon say it is necessary…there is always a Full Moon post. I blame Libra Sun for this tardiness. Why lock myself away in introspective thought when there is so much fun to be had relating to others and the beauty all around me.

I am loving the shift from the personal world that lies below the horizon, as we emerge into a new realm as described by my last post. It is delightful to take my place in the garden and discover the variety of other inhabitants. My intention (Aries) has been to connect (Libra), to drink in the moment and celebrate my companions.

I am seeking (Aries) places of beauty (Libra) and finding them all around me. Falling in love with life is not unusual for me. What is out of the ordinary is that I am not feeling the urgency to push on to all that needs doing. I am at peace, just being with another, allowing the time and the space to be fully present. It is not that the Aries desire to move forward and pioneer new ground has been stifled. The knight is basking in the inspiring presence of his lady. She gives him her fragrant handkerchief, he breathes in her scent and discovers wondrous new lands to explore. Lands of peace and plenty revealed by her kisses. This attention stirs his heroic heart to journey forth and bring the promise of splendour back to the kingdom where his paramour resides.

This Full Moon is even more potent by being aligned with the Uranus/Pluto square that has been dominating the heavens for so long and bringing an urgent desire for change. Pluto in Capricorn is revealing how our system is not working and exposing its intrinsic corruption. It is urging us to claim our power and no longer tolerate what undermines our communities. Uranus in Aries is throwing thunderbolts of insight, showing the possibilities of freedom that can come from implementing radical new ways.

The Moon is fused with Uranus in Aries. The overwhelming energies of these distant planets become personal. By experiencing harmony with another, the hero in all of us, has become motivated to make this way of living the basis of all existence. This Aries Full Moon is a rallying call to allow heaven to reside on earth. Let our intention be to make a true connection with all life, human or otherwise. The potency of this coupling galvanises our innate power to create paradise.


Image: Photograph by Shikhei Goh, ‘Dragonfly in the Rain’


4 responses

  1. Oh . . . I LOVE that you mentioned heroes !
    I recently had this ephiphany about heroes while watching The Avengers (awesome btw). I definately have this superhero(ine) ‘thing’ scruff/ smuggler/ sword/ adventure etc.. while until recently I did not id myself as one. Like your avoidance of direct competition, my Mars (11th) is in my 12th house sign, Sag, so the exploratory mystic vibe outlooking more so than navel gazing about the active state of being heroic. All this square with my Sun /Ura/Plu stellium stuff and moon to boot (which trines it) and I am claiming my Master of Wands carrying card. I say master because I still show up as Queen or 9 of Pents most often – but yeah sometimes the King is ME ! ! me ME ME ! 😀 lol
    Good friends like you on my adventure make it all the more worthwhile ~ x

  2. The need to relax, draw it all in, take things slowly, feeling the energy of each thought and allowing it to come full cycle, alive, well, nourished, looked at then understood…

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