Sun into Libra: Emerging into a New World

It is now six months since the Sun started its new cycle in Aries at the last Equinox. Its heroic journey began as it emerged, a seed from the other-dimensional womb of Pisces.

Each year the Sun presents us with a new incarnation to be birthed. Its journey begins in the dark below the horizon of the astrological chart. In the beginning we are only conscious of this earthly realm and like the seed need to follow our inner instincts to grow and fulfil the promise of the potential contained within Aries. In Taurus, the seed appears to remain intact and solid but way beneath the surface, it drops roots into the soil, knowing that that it cannot survive unless securely established. Gemini explores the environment, gathering variety and nutrients from the soil. Cancer takes in the nutrients and nurtures the softening seed not allowing anything to alter until the life inside is strong enough for the journey ahead. Finally, in Leo the call to the light is strong and the shoot breaks out of its seed home and issues forth leaving the shell behind. After the initial flourish, it is up to Virgo to push the shoot through the layers of soil, gathering experience and strength for the journey ahead, ensuring  the plant has all it needs to manifest into the glare of the wider world, the garden. Ta dah!

In Libra the bud lifts its head above the horizon of the astrological chart and opens to the world around. Here we forget the underground kingdom and the journey we have taken. We lose ourself in the abundance of beauty and creation all around. This is no longer the journey of the single seed but the awareness that the garden is full of other growing specimens. All around beings abound in all their amazing, beautiful diversity. In Libra we fall in love with the beauty in the bounty of colour, light, shape, and smell. Who knew there was so much to appreciate beyond our inner world?

The Sun has moved into Libra marking the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere and the Autumn Equinox in the North. This is the beginning of our full participation in an external world.

We emerge after our six month inner journey of self-awareness. Survival and self-definition completed, we are able to become conscious of others. Ready to blossom we now lose ourself in the new world of possibility that is opening up. At this half yearly point, we want to join the party, let our fragrance be shared. It is time for some wooing and some co-creation, forgetting ourselves in the joy and the celebration of finding others. We are the beholder of beauty. Finally, with some confidence in who we are, there is no longer need to hold our ground and resist difference until we feel secure. We can now look at another without concern for our own survival. We fall in love with the assurance that we are alive and have something to offer and something to receive.

Secure in our uniqueness we can meet another in their different perfection and agree to work together.  No longer looking at our environment to divine who we are in its midst. Now we can see the other objectively and just appreciate them as they are.  This is where polarities become most conscious and allow us to step on the bridge and meet another in the middle.  There is fun to be had in  sharing. We have wonderful conversations as we explore, magnify, and affirm the glory of our companions. Together we can gift our talents to the whole.

It is now that we are ascending. It is time to show the hidden self that we have been nurturing. There is no need for self-assertion because we are self-assured. Forget about ourselves and celebrate the beauty we see in another; we no longer journey alone. There is no resistance. Beware of the media that tells you how to fear with its reports of constant unrest outside your domain. Check in with your heart. Rely on the logic of your personal observations and intuition. Trust the appreciation and the admiration that you feel for another. It is now time to support peace. The “I” has become “We”.  Viva la difference!

Gaia has shifted into another peaceful dimension and is asking us to join her. We are celebrating the sacred marriage. There is compassion for all that we are and the ability to step gracefully into this new open dance. Have faith the Virgin Goddess has completed her work, she has delivered perfection, and hands us on to Aphrodite to be mesmerised by the magnificence of other creations. Our heart is full and we yearn to connect.

7 responses

  1. Ahh, so much the journey written well by your words of the many months since beginning my writing aspirations here, all now showing me falling in love with me. What a wonderful thought as I now align myself with coming back fully into the world to show this love with others. You do such a wonderful job of putting my hindsight together as I tidy these last few chords of wood into the wonderous foundation I now find myself upon!
    Ah the words from down under drawing forth from thine, oh wonderous muse!

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  3. Polarities evident ! Yes so true with Sun in Libra, so much going on in my world – and I don’t even have the idiot box on. (movies yes, tv no)
    I LOVE that you check in with nature on your walks, your life cycles of the heart as reflected in the skies.
    I am still learning that – I plunder ahead – chaotic force of Sun/Ur/Plut at my back – Sag Mars swinging. Feels unstoppable when coupled with the necessity of completing a task I have set my sights to in a certain amount of time. My heart pauses for breaks when my cards call me … yet even that is filled with study. oy and my solar return is predominately cardinal and filled with square. yipe.

    • It is the lovely strength of a Taurus Moon to keep insisting I stop and take a breath and notice where I am. It use to frustrate my Gemini Sun but Gemini can always find a million things to entertain her even in a quiet moment.

      Still I do know the constant push to move forward and complete. Lol, I recognise the pattern of retiring with the cards some personal space which then becomes a pleasure filled study and then a new project. 🙂

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