Virgo New Moon in a Changing World

I haven’t written much as I have felt the desire to stay contained. I have been learning heaps but am not ready to release it or reveal it. The containment of Virgo combined with the fact that the 12th House is a hidden realm has meant that what I experience has been too ineffable to communicate. I am still finding ways to register what I am experiencing let alone expressing it to others.

I was beginning to wonder whether I would write a post again. Contained and hidden is not a good recipe for maintaining a blog.

Thankfully time moves on and the Sun has re-emerged into the first house and the Moon has moved into Libra. I can now present myself (First House) to others (Libra). I am very grateful to all those that check my site for a new post and thank you for your patience.  My commitment is to follow the energy and sometimes that disappears into an inner rabbit-hole or in keeping with the current energy perhaps a wormhole is a better description.

On the 18/19th of September we have the second exact square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Are y’all feeling it? On one hand, there are the blissful downloads of insights, filling the body with hope of the possibility that something wonderful is beginning. This is a brave new world unlike anything that we have seen before. Everyday there are whispers of new technologies, new movements that can resolve our impossible problems. One can feel the courage, the insight, the power before us to create a reality that is beneficial for us all. On the other hand, we have the rug pulled from under us as nothing seems to change. Our problems are still here and seem insurmountable. The Masters of War are rattling their sabres, unrest is in the winds and the ‘powers that be’ are holding on with a vice-like grip. This is the stress of two realities. Am I going to stand up for a shiny new idealistic realm where all can be free? Or am I going to bunker down and take defensive action to protect my family in a crumbling world? Do we accept the established but flawed status quo, known as reality, or do we stand up for something that supports the value of each individual and their unique contribution?  It can be extreme but squares, especially ones as powerful as this, feel intense and irresolvable. It seems each position is demanding decisive action and we have to appease both the mighty God of the Underworld with a sacrifice and the Sky God with his call for heroic action.

I have been learning heaps but have not been ready to release it.  I am still finding ways to register what I am experiencing let alone conveying it to others.  I regularly feel the energy and the joy carousing through my body which feels expanded and huge. I feel as if I sit above the experiences of life, my consciousness held in another dimension. I love this state and commit to maintaining it as much as possible. I set the intention at the last New Moon to practise  daily meditation.  Setting up new daily routines and habits are a good use of Virgo energy. I look forward to this time because I know how good I feel afterwards. Daily dwelling in these realms make them more real for me. One of the Virgoan tasks is to take some of the ethereal otherworldly realms of Pisces and anchor it into daily reality.

Part of this process for me has been to become conscious and aware of energy and light in my environment. With my expanded sense of self I am aware of more. Time and space transform and with practise it becomes easier to fully inhabit a moment without losing consciousness. As a result I have increased my awareness of the different dimensions, the structure of the earth, and our role within it. Some of this is learnt but more than this is the new sureness of inner knowing. Neptune is currently in its natural home of Pisces making this otherworldly energy more available to everyone. I have been devoted to making the nonphysical realms more conscious. Virgo rules the cognitive state and given the current strength of the outer planets we can make what is normally hidden from a mundane world, more accessible.

This awareness of light energy has altered the way I view our material situation, however that situation still exists and becomes a polarity in its own right. As one appears to be feeling quite full bodied within a nonphysical realm, one also experiences great density on the physical realm. We have put our house on the market, taking one step into the unknown after another. The movement towards something long resisted, provides its own release and flows easily resulting in a satisfying sense of achievement. Meanwhile, everything about our home glistens. The river and its environs are magnificent as we take our daily walk. The winds of the Equinox have started, creating wonderfully wild weather. Everything is in flux and oh, so beautiful.

All my journeying through Virgo and now with the New Moon I have emerged into my  personal New Year as the Sun begins a new journey around my chart. This annual cycle will contain two exact hits of the Uranus Pluto square, now and in May 2013. There will be a radical (Uranus) transformation (Pluto) of life as we know it. I feel as if I am in the grip of this global process. There seems to be no way to see beyond the present as the changes that we are experiencing are inevitable and unknown. We are undergoing a paradigm shift and it is difficult to divine what may happen when you are still within the old paradigm. Anything is possible. Expect the unexpected. While the changes are emerging as the Sun crosses my natal ascendant, I can expect that this time next year everything will have changed for the world and for me.

Image: Earth and the Moon seen from the stratosphere. Nasa

12 responses

  1. I too feel the energy, noticing it well in the shifting of my circumstances in the old type of clientelle either actually shifting themselves or leaving making way for the new. Old issues have been brought to the light in observing others now discussing the very changes I have longed for, unaware until the words past through my fingers on to the keys!
    Enjoy the wildness of the energy of the wild wonderful weather! Oh marvelous mystic from below!

    • It is interesting what you are saying about your clientele changing over. I was listening to a Peggy Black interviewed over this period and she said, “Send those to me I can serve by being who I am.” This phrase was such a load off for me and I have been working with it since. I actually had a paragraph in this post about it but deleted it so my post wasn’t too long. As a result I have seen a great change in the ease of my work with clients; more fun, more laughter and more insights.

      • Funny how you should edit your blog so it won’t be too long (for who) I catch myself doing that then realize I am not honoring myself in saying all that I mean to say…for me!

  2. Thank you for sharing your gift. You have such an amazing ability for deep introspection. You have a perfect way of expression. It’s so valuable and beautiful, again thank you so much. It’s so nice to have the energies expressed here for us to view and relate to. Mark

    • Mark, I really appreciate your affirmation. It is such a joy to have this medium to express myself. For much of my life I have regarded my inner thoughts as only being of interest to me. It means so much when others find them valuable. It has given me confidence to trust the process and to know that we are all connected in many ways. ♥

  3. Love your descriptions of journeying between realms while in quietude. You do have many changes swirling around you, all the better to appreciate your moments near your water and earth. Best of luck rolling softly with your new adventures . . .

  4. The Uranus Pluto square has been pretty crazy for me too. I’ve had Uranus oppose my Pluto, then Pluto came along and squared my Uranus, and now Uranus has joined the fun and is opposing itself. There isn’t anything in my life that has stayed the same over the last couple of years. I feel like I’m in a vortex, chaos everywhere, goodness knows where I’ll end up! But it’s all a great opportunity to remake my life the way I want it to be, with more space, more vision, more imagination. Best advice for navigating Big Change? Let go and enjoy the ride!

  5. I’ve definitely been feeling the energy of change for a while. I do believe the more we let go of our past, both individually and collectively, and ride the waves of change with joy, the more light we can allow into our lives. It’s not easy when the changes are so intense and require a total change of our life, whether we feel ready for it or not.
    I do believe the Pluto/Uranus interactions in astrology reflect the enormous changes and pressures happening in the world very well. This last event wasn’t tough for me, but maybe that’s because I’ve let go of so much, and see the benefits of doing so. There are more to come, so I’ll see what happens then. Thanks for sharing your perspective on all of these transits and changes.

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