Pisces Full Moon: Continuous Incarnation

I am very grateful that I have chosen astrology for the theme of my blog. Built within it is an innate timing. The heavens keep moving around our planet, the moon waxes and wanes, the Sun continues its journey through the zodiac; all this continuous movement triggers cosmic events that spur me to write. I am prompted to post again.

I go to sleep wondering what my subject will be. In the morning I emerge from the stupor of my dreams with words, concepts, and stories floating through my consciousness. I rise, jot a few notes and carry out the morning chores. Dressing, waking those that need to be places, preparing breakfasts, and driving to the bus stop. Returning home, preparing my own sustenance, setting up my space, opening the computer, and checking my networks while I eat. Then settling in to create.

Can I connect with my waking insights or will the writing go elsewhere? The words etched on my bedside pad are delusion and discernment, my brother dying, dolphins, reality, christianity, lying, the old king and the challenging hero.

Today there is a Pisces Moon, a relatively rare Blue Moon, which means it is the second Full Moon for the month. It is created by its opposition to the Virgo Sun.

We are the container (Virgo) of our dreams (Pisces). Pisces’  is the realm of infinite possibilities, the collective consciousness and other realms beyond our daily matrix. It is Virgo’s daunting task to capture some aspect of this boundless potential and integrate it into our life, somewhere between tilling the fields and doing the laundry. I am reminded of the Zen Proverb, ‘Before enlightenment- chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment- chop wood, carry water.’ It is Virgo doing the heavy lifting here. Can the wisps of ephemera that occupy the fringe of our awareness be conjured into the space found amongst the density of our chores?

This Full Moon is a doozie! It forms a matrix with the astrological aspect that is signifying the relentless process of global insecurity and change we are experiencing.  Pluto in Capricorn is slowly dismantling all that we thought was set in stone whilst Uranus is continuously darting around, impatiently trying to liberate us from the old with eureka insights about what could be possible. Meanwhile Chiron in Pisces has hooked into the pattern and is offering us the opportunity to heal our wounds. It is tending to the existential trauma of being disconnected from the whole and the alienation we experience by squeezing our vast inner self into what masquerades as reality. All that has happened to our species is held within the genetic memory. Can we let go of the tyranny of history that has left fears that keep us imprisoned in the conformity of a mundane life? Chiron in Pisces is allowing some awareness of these memes to replay and be released.

The Moon in Pisces aligns with Chiron and prompts memories of our origins within the hearts of stars, giving hope for healing from beyond the physical sphere. The Sun in Virgo sits opposite this cosmic pairing and from its earthbound vantage point can catch glimpses of  otherworldly capabilities. It awakens the Virgin  to the possible glitches in the detailed facts she has accepted as true. She knows the limited reality that she is immersed in doesn’t quite make sense. Why would we poison our bodies? Why would we pollute the Earth? Why do we succumb to wage slavery? There is so much we accept as the inevitable human condition. She sees the  perfection of our beautiful and abundant home planet and desires to harness it for everyone’s benefit.

The realm of Pisces is considered an illusion, to dwell there is delusional. It is Virgo’s task to remain impervious to the Siren’s call, bring through dreams and with discernment transmute them into practical solutions. She provides the bridge that allows the spirit world to become manifest in our lives. While she is providing food for the table, anointing feet and cleaning the house, our Virgin remains the pure receptacle to bring through continuous improvement and the abundance of Pisces.

Have I succeeded in bringing through all the stories and possibilities that came from my overnight access to Pisces’ realm? No. My encounter with dolphins, memories of my brother and my early impressions of christianity remain in the collective consciousness. We tried to express them but they were unwieldy and confusing. Virgo edited them out. We trust that Chiron and the Moon have done all that was required to release them from the body. Not everything needs to be made conscious.  Their existence is complete within the mysterious realm of Pisces.

Image: ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights, exterior’ Hieronymus Bosch, c. 1480-1490

12 responses

  1. Insightful and educational as always, Perianne. I will need to read it a couple more times to digest the current matrix and I so enjoy good food! love Susan

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  3. From my Pisces feet, I so acknowledge all of the above as ringing so true to the journey I have experienced in this last month of aligning with my inner me, allowing all the “learned truths” to just be here for me to sort through and find my connections to the words, ideas and beliefs that are true to “all” of me. Wilst be interesting words that continue to flow from this tightly contained vessel of thought, that has finally tipped over in a balance of my so wonderful eternal me!.
    Much love oh Mistress of the Down Under

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  5. “…somewhere between tilling the fields and doing the laundry . . .”
    You have touched on the moments of magic in this Virgos life – the walking meditation as I circle the yard, the silent blessings as home is cleared and cleaned in (wax on / wax off)housewitchery.
    These empty vessel moments are when I get the Most Neptunian insight . . . in these magical ‘ in-between ‘ thoughts places.
    wonderful thank you Perianne x

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