Virgo Sun: Our Unique Gift

Can you feel it?…the luscious joy?… the good vibrations coming down and filling your body? I am feeling so good lately. Yes, I have aches, anxiety and fear but on the whole I just get distracted by the overwhelming feeling of wellbeing. Am I insane? Probably. Do I care? Not one iota.

Mmmm, this doesn’t sound like the energy of Virgo that gets such a bad wrap. Critical, complaining, disempowered Virgo, lying prostrate. No, this Virgo feels great and wonders why you don’t. Virgo is the Earth. The container for everything manifest and potentially manifest on this wonderful planet of ours. She lies embraced by her lover, the universe. Everything is possible. Virgo adores this latency and is devoted to it. She offers up her virgin body to take that potential and make it visible. She is not interested in the laws of man or even the laws of the pantheon of gods. Her path is to take the inspiration that she has conceived, carry it and give birth. It is her passion play to take this unmanifest and find the wherewithal to gift it to anyone that will appreciate the brilliance of her conception. This is tricky. It has never been done before. There are no guidelines; no ‘how to’s.’  Still she is determined to find a way. She needs time to solve this conundrum. She experiments and makes mistakes. She analyses the shortcomings of her results. She cares for the fledgling idea, protecting it and using unorthodox methods until she is able to achieve her end.  She serves all beings with the providence of her creation. If she appears irritable at your questioning or your well meaning advice, it is because only she knows the importance of the tiny notion growing inside her. She is impatient with the distraction from her purpose.

Virgo is the Goddess, Demeter, who allows the Earth to become barren while she grieves for the loss of her daughter. She will not accept that her progeny will no longer reside on the surface for everyone to enjoy. Demeter retires from the world whilst she finds a way to resurrect and redeem this situation. She will not obey the judgement of Zeus. No one on Earth needs to accept the loss of their progeny, their gift to eternal life. Demeter withdraws from the company of the gods whilst she seeks the path to be reunited with her offspring and thereby allowing immortality for everyone. As she struggles with her dilemma everyone experiences the grief of her loss because it affects them all. Eventually a solution is found, she claims her power and is able to deliver Persephone from the underground realm of death.  In celebration of her success everyone benefits. The planet is clothed in spring. Harmony is restored.

In the Southern Hemisphere, Virgo stands as the portal between winter and spring. By the time we reach Libra the balance has been regained. The earth is once again fertile. In the Northern Hemisphere the summer is drawing to an end and Virgo offers Libra a plentiful harvest that will provide sustenance for the winter. In each passage through Virgo we develop more skills, we open more paths to abundance, and we build more rainbow bridges between the unmanifest non-physical realm and the world that we occupy.

That joy that I am experiencing at this time is the feeling of light entering my fecund body, fertilising me with new energy. Externally, there may appear to be no resolutions to our insistent problems, however I can feel the sap rising. How exciting to be honoured once again with the seed of the new. I have no idea yet how we will deliver this new resolution, bountiful and beautifully realised. My work is to be the container of this light. Ensure that is finds its way through to delivery. Then it becomes a sacrament available to all.

Last cycle we had the Sun passing through Leo and reminding us of who we really are beyond these earthly raiments of obligation. The New Moon at the beginning of this present cycle was also in Leo and we had our, ‘Excuse me… while I kiss the sky’ moment. Now we have moved into Virgo and are pregnant with our personal desire.

Whatever, apparently irresolvable problems that are plaguing you, remember they are just for you. Embrace them with expectation. Out of the power and generosity of Leo, this is your personal endowment. Allow it to be, carry it with pride, ignore the naysayers and watch it grow. Be gentle with yourself and rest often. You are creating something that has never existed. This quandary that you carry is the diamond seed that will light the way to a better world.

Image: ‘Breath of Gaia’ by Josephine Wall


6 responses

  1. ohhh… ! – the virgin rebel protecting the fledgling idea from angry gods. My Virgo stuff just visualizes the heck outta this ! (V. Sun/ Ura/Plu)
    “Impatient with distraction from her purpose” – absolutely !
    Fabulous ! Is Virgo approved, love ! 🙂 x

  2. The “apparently irresolvable problems that are plaguing you” had me held at bay as I thoroughly dug throught the layers of many years in my believed servitude to pleasing of others… frozen, waiting till the warmth of insights finally thawed my ability to move, heal and allow the all of me to emerge from a cocoon of waiting!
    I read your post and the words pour forth..thank you!

    • Felicia,

      you have totally lifted the good vibrations down here. A great way to start our Southern spring.

      May you have a wonderful birthday, if you haven’t already.

      [[Hugz]] Perianne

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