Leo New Moon: Keys to the Asylum

The Sun has been in Leo for a while and now the Moon has joined the Sun to start a new cycle. As I mentioned in my last post my Leo is buried in the 12th House. Today as I sit to write I pause to rush ahead and see when it will re-emerge into my First House. This is my personal New Year where the Sun begins a new spiral around my chart. I discover this won’t happen till next New Moon.

Phew… I am surprised. It feels like I have already been here for so long.  The rest of the chart is dedicated to our experience on Earth and this incarnation. This house takes us outside of time and space into a realm of what is possible beyond the veil. I happily dwell in this infinite space beyond time.

Whilst here I have been immersed in a tarot. My extended conversation with the cards has been providing me with clear insights that I have found valuable to clarify where I am. Recognising how many thoughts I was getting on paper I had the idea of sharing it with you.  It is too voluminous for a post so I am considering making it available as a document I can send to anyone interested. I just need to get my head around mechanics. This may be an outcome of this next cycle.

The New Moon is the time we birth something into our experience. In the last week I have been committing to a regular meditation process where I open myself to the higher realms in a less ad hoc way than previously.  It resonates with the expanded self I wish to integrate with more in my daily life. Whilst exploring this otherworldly terrain I am preoccupied with the much touted Ascension process that many believe the planet is undergoing. If what we think about is what becomes manifest then a 5D world is a shoo-in.

As the Sun travels through Leo, its natural home, I question once again, “Who am I?”…I am woman. I am mother, I am a partner. I am an astrologer, a counsellor, a healer. I am an introvert. I am a loner. I am a writer, a poet. I am a liberationist and also, a libertarian. I am a sensualist, a scholar, a thinker. I am a historian, a scientist, a futurist. I am a child, a star-seed, a light being. I am Pleiadian. I am Demeter. I am mercurial.  I am a Gemini, a Taurus and a Virgo. I am irreverent and irrelevant, a non-believer. I am one small spark in the chaos of infinity. I have many bodies and they each have their own identity. There are so many possible answers that ricochet around providing many ways to play.

The twelfth house is often referred to as the House of our Undoing. My 3D life is being unpicked. I should be scrambling to find solutions to our financial conundrum. This New Moon will see us surrendering. We will put our beloved property on the market. The Sun and the Moon are lining up with my natal Pluto and triggering the sacrifice that Pluto, transiting my 4th House of Home, appears to be demanding. It feels totally unreal. We have no sense of the future or where this action will take us.

I sometimes wonder about the pain of violent death: witches burnt at stake, torture. How can they endure? (Remember the Sun and Moon are lined up with my Pluto, the dark God of the Underworld.) I wonder if they get to escape the bounds of the body and dwell in a pain-free space. Tucked away in the hidden realm of the Twelfth House I feel deliriously happy, maybe delusional. I can do no more but surrender and trust. I feel wonderful. Energy floods my soul, sparks of light crack open my dense carapace. I dream in the arms of angels.

I wonder about who I am and what is happening in this world. Is it true we are really awakening from Plato’s cave and emerging into a new level of existence? When I was studying to be a Flower Essence practitioner, a friend said that she didn’t know whether it was possible for flowers to work in this way.  She went on to say it did not matter. The idea is beautiful and such ideas need to be supported.

That insight opened a space for me that I have called up many times. I wish to live in a world of peace, love and joy. I have chosen to believe that we are all perfect and that we all have magical powers. What we have to offer is what we love. The Twelfth House represents the asylum. That place where we keep hidden those that are living in another reality. I may be insane, but like Julian Assange, I seek asylum, a safe respite from this dense matrix. Julian is a player, messing with the powers that keep us belief bound in a reality that we dislike.

I tend to keep my own rebellion hidden in the Twelfth House. This is after all the House of Martyrs. There is another Leo myth of Phaeton, the human son of Apollo. He pleaded with his father for the keys of the chariot. Apollo used this fine vehicle to carry the Sun across the sky. Phaeton was an inexperienced driver. First, he drove too low and burnt the Earth and then correcting his course drove too high and the ground began to freeze. Zeus,the God of Law saw the havoc this teenage driver was causing and struck him down with a thunderbolt. This is another cautionary tale warning us not to go beyond the well worn tracks of those in charge.

The fear of being insane and making mistakes tends to cause my human self to remain in the accepted stultifying structure. I retreat into introversion because I don’t accept the dominant reality but do not have the courage to defy it. Uranus in Aries is challenging us to try something new. Maybe what is being born in this Lunation Cycle is a time of shedding the confines of the human machine and embracing the chariot of my star-being. There are so many crazy, brave people propounding other possibilities. Next New Moon when I step across my Ascendant into the House of Identity I may be wearing shiny new robes.

7 responses

  1. What you said here resonates so soundly with the experience of my life that I could feel the musical vibration within my body. You woke something that was sleeping within me. thank you my Beautiful friend for sharing yourself so openly.

    • Thank you Robin, for your thrilling words. Your affirmative makes every tentative step to expose my self worthwhile. Of course this is just a reflection of the value I have received from your sharings. xx

  2. I too feel the birthing of a newness coming from shedding this cocoon of spidery threads that woven over a lifetime of listening to others first and canceling out the feelings that so boldly would come out of my mouth to be squashed, hush-hush, and then swept back under the carpet of “not now”. To find that NOW is here as I find and listent to my body, my connection to source, the sanity of my own saneness as I fully become me, no longer chained to fitting in as I loose these earthly bonds I used to be convinced had total power over me. I appluad your following the seeming path of insanity to embrace your beautiful shiny new shoes!

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