Playing for the Future

I feel so bathed in loving energy and my heart is filled with appreciation.This cycle started with the loving Cancer New Moon urging retreat and self-care to balance the over-extended self. How grateful I am for the energies persuading me to rest and stay within.

Soon after this urging the Sun entered Leo and signalled the time to play fully. To lay our cares aside and replenish at the shining light of our Source. My Leo is in the hidden and withdrawn 12th House of the collective spirit. For me there can be no greater play than communing with myself and by so doing finding I have the whole and the many as my playmate. I took time out, to meditate, withdraw and let the cares fall away. I returned to my core to discover what truly matters to me. What do I value? Peace and joy. A beautiful expression of the happiness of the Sun-filled Leo child and the peace of the 12th house where we let go of all striving.

As each external requirement fell away I became clearer about how I wish to live in the world or without. As I breathed in this new freedom, meeting my responsibilities became easier. When there is peace in the heart, life just lifts you through its tumult and you go with the pleasure of the ride. This is preferable to occupying that mental space where, white knuckled, I sit on the very edge of the self, wide-eyed and fearful. Instead I employed that vigilant self to detect where I was receiving energy; to inform my consciousness and to celebrate the deliciousness. Whoosh! Let’s feel the flow.

Now the twelfth house is not necessarily a light place and over this cycle some events have been cause for jelly-like quivering . I have had to square up to some harsh realities. (Uranus and Pluto are still facing off, relentless in their demand for a changing of the guard.) Still my commitment to Leo exultation and the desire to remain at the centre of the universe allowed me to tackle serious threats to the wellbeing of my family with a smile. Happiness is a choice.

This is living in 3D, a co-creative space of continual expansion. How can I handle this complexity? How can we all handle this complexity? There is much in this universe and I am only beginning to learn to play with the pieces. I meet every moment with the fresh eyes of a child! This approach allows timeless space to surround every view. I sense the thrill as I must reach for ingenuity.  There is the realisation that every conundrum is an atom waiting to be split. Its power will be revealed as possibility untold.

The Moon is a couple of days past the Last Quarter and we are still in its evaluating energy. It is time to weigh up where we have been over the last three weeks or more. Recognise what has been achieved and what areas of life are now demanding attention.

I am finding the Leo Sun has been revealing where I really want to play in life. Shining its light into the heart of desire and whispering that maybe, I am the unique one that can bring this vision into being. Truly heartfelt ideas are coming through.

I am in awe of the grandness of my royal vision. My inner child has no doubt that when I grow up I will be Queen. My human self knows that I have to surrender what in my present life does not belong to this brilliance.

The New Moon in Leo is six days away and some of the possibilities that are now only being sensed will be conceived. When the Sun moves on to Virgo in about ten days we will be called to put away childish things and prepare ourself for the awesome changes this new babe will demand from us. Right now there is still time to dance with the magic fairy dust of fertilisation.


Image:The Crock of Gold’ by Thamas Mackenzie 1926

2 responses

  1. I too have felt these pulls and changes in finding, then allowing myself to step back, take a second look from an altogether different angle. Managing to then catch a glimpse of myself knee deep in someone else’s responsibilities, as I watched them thrash about in their myriad tales of “imagined” hurts and self-imposed traps of helplessness caught by the storm of first impressions, as one who has just now learned their own lessons of full responsibility to and for themselves.
    So aware of the old banshee cry of wolf, that I now allow to fall on my ears as recognition to see another as more capable than they see or know themselves. To then truly understand how God helps those who help themselves.
    So much connected feelings of awareness and appreciation though so many earth miles apart!

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