Aquarius Full Moon: Igniting the Future

On the day of the full moon I was out walking along the wide Huon River. The water was so still it had disappeared in the reflection of the sky. The dead trees drifting down from the forests upstream formed strange symbolic shapes with their reflection. I looked down from the bank and felt a part of an alien universe where all things fly through the landscape.

This was the perfect culmination point of my month, adrift in a new world after falling in love with my reflection. I took the advice of my New Moon post and took time out to form a sheath to protect my sensitivity. As I go back and reread the Cancer New Moon post I am amused that the image I chose to illustrate it is of a shelter made of driftwood at the water’s edge. Now at the Full Moon the universe chuckles as my shoreline cave has opened up to float in another dimension. I love the magic mirror of our world. It is constantly filled with messages of joy and reassurance from our awakened being to our somnambulant self.

I feel returned to me. I have been vigilant about what I engage with and whether it comes from a ‘should’ space or a ‘personal desire’ state. It has been important for me to get back to my own essence. I love Mercury retrograde times for they really allow me to stop focussing out there and just bathe in the delicious energy of being myself.

I have spent my time alone revising my values and reviewing my goals. This has been a wonderful experience of rediscovering what is important to me. Venus in Gemini has been trine Saturn in Libra and this energy has supported a personal time and motion study. I have been observing the structure of my days and measuring where my energy goes; keen to relinquish the automated tasks that provide little respite from anxiety. I seek to replace habit with more meaningful activities based on what is truly important to me.

Leo is the sign of the individual ready to step out from the shadow of the family and allow their unique individuality to shine brilliant talents into the world. My constant companion over this time has been Venus asking the question, “Does this activity come out of an appeasement to some external anxiety or does it arise from my passion to embrace life?”  I have been able to scan my body and note the holding points where tension hides and feel the thrill as I let the concern go. My being is flooded with relief and euphoria as I step into activities with a child’s pleasure. Each activity becomes a new and fresh adventure.

Life is fantabulous when lived like this. It requires a strange type of consciousness. I am reminded of Narcissus who saw his reflection in a pool and fell in love with it. He drowned. First, there is the awareness of who you are and then you lose yourself by becoming one with your reflection. No longer self-conscious, just being.

Now, at the Full Moon in Aquarius from high up on the banks of the river I see the strange shapes of a new world float by. I do not understand what this future world will be. I am aware of new possibilities being discovered every day. I have enjoyed listening to the wonderful ideas that are spreading through mediums like TED.  As each individual assumes the Leo crown of their divine purpose we are creating something totally new. I have great faith in the future of our shared humanity. The light in the child’s eyes may need external help to illuminate their gifts, however the gold of our destiny is within us all and I can feel the flames of awareness being ignited right across the planet.



Image: from The Little King and I 

7 responses

  1. As always such a delight to read, encompass, roll around in, to relive and relish each word. So much so that in my early morning browsing of your post, it allowed me to finalize my realization of the spell I had almost allowed myself to be drawn into. Cept for your wonderous words of Mercury’s retrograde and my stopping to check our whence it started. Matching dates to the ensueing understanding of my current expansion into the more of me. You are such a wonderfully talented weaver of information to help expand my connection to wordly consciouness! Oh marvelous lady from down under!

  2. Lovely ! I have been thinking of where my body holds stress as well – in addition to past relationships and synastry that can ignite or relieve physical pains… Fascinating to consider !
    Thanks Perianne & glad you are relaxed 🙂

  3. Hello Perianne, I was referred to you by a friend from Gippsland I would like to look at my birth chart can you please contact me with details at the email address attached to this email thanks Tan

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