Pisces Full Moon: Continuous Incarnation

I am very grateful that I have chosen astrology for the theme of my blog. Built within it is an innate timing. The heavens keep moving around our planet, the moon waxes and wanes, the Sun continues its journey through the zodiac; all this continuous movement triggers cosmic events that spur me to write. I am prompted to post again.

I go to sleep wondering what my subject will be. In the morning I emerge from the stupor of my dreams with words, concepts, and stories floating through my consciousness. I rise, jot a few notes and carry out the morning chores. Dressing, waking those that need to be places, preparing breakfasts, and driving to the bus stop. Returning home, preparing my own sustenance, setting up my space, opening the computer, and checking my networks while I eat. Then settling in to create.

Can I connect with my waking insights or will the writing go elsewhere? The words etched on my bedside pad are delusion and discernment, my brother dying, dolphins, reality, christianity, lying, the old king and the challenging hero.

Today there is a Pisces Moon, a relatively rare Blue Moon, which means it is the second Full Moon for the month. It is created by its opposition to the Virgo Sun.

We are the container (Virgo) of our dreams (Pisces). Pisces’  is the realm of infinite possibilities, the collective consciousness and other realms beyond our daily matrix. It is Virgo’s daunting task to capture some aspect of this boundless potential and integrate it into our life, somewhere between tilling the fields and doing the laundry. I am reminded of the Zen Proverb, ‘Before enlightenment- chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment- chop wood, carry water.’ It is Virgo doing the heavy lifting here. Can the wisps of ephemera that occupy the fringe of our awareness be conjured into the space found amongst the density of our chores?

This Full Moon is a doozie! It forms a matrix with the astrological aspect that is signifying the relentless process of global insecurity and change we are experiencing.  Pluto in Capricorn is slowly dismantling all that we thought was set in stone whilst Uranus is continuously darting around, impatiently trying to liberate us from the old with eureka insights about what could be possible. Meanwhile Chiron in Pisces has hooked into the pattern and is offering us the opportunity to heal our wounds. It is tending to the existential trauma of being disconnected from the whole and the alienation we experience by squeezing our vast inner self into what masquerades as reality. All that has happened to our species is held within the genetic memory. Can we let go of the tyranny of history that has left fears that keep us imprisoned in the conformity of a mundane life? Chiron in Pisces is allowing some awareness of these memes to replay and be released.

The Moon in Pisces aligns with Chiron and prompts memories of our origins within the hearts of stars, giving hope for healing from beyond the physical sphere. The Sun in Virgo sits opposite this cosmic pairing and from its earthbound vantage point can catch glimpses of  otherworldly capabilities. It awakens the Virgin  to the possible glitches in the detailed facts she has accepted as true. She knows the limited reality that she is immersed in doesn’t quite make sense. Why would we poison our bodies? Why would we pollute the Earth? Why do we succumb to wage slavery? There is so much we accept as the inevitable human condition. She sees the  perfection of our beautiful and abundant home planet and desires to harness it for everyone’s benefit.

The realm of Pisces is considered an illusion, to dwell there is delusional. It is Virgo’s task to remain impervious to the Siren’s call, bring through dreams and with discernment transmute them into practical solutions. She provides the bridge that allows the spirit world to become manifest in our lives. While she is providing food for the table, anointing feet and cleaning the house, our Virgin remains the pure receptacle to bring through continuous improvement and the abundance of Pisces.

Have I succeeded in bringing through all the stories and possibilities that came from my overnight access to Pisces’ realm? No. My encounter with dolphins, memories of my brother and my early impressions of christianity remain in the collective consciousness. We tried to express them but they were unwieldy and confusing. Virgo edited them out. We trust that Chiron and the Moon have done all that was required to release them from the body. Not everything needs to be made conscious.  Their existence is complete within the mysterious realm of Pisces.

Image: ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights, exterior’ Hieronymus Bosch, c. 1480-1490

Virgo Sun: Our Unique Gift

Can you feel it?…the luscious joy?… the good vibrations coming down and filling your body? I am feeling so good lately. Yes, I have aches, anxiety and fear but on the whole I just get distracted by the overwhelming feeling of wellbeing. Am I insane? Probably. Do I care? Not one iota.

Mmmm, this doesn’t sound like the energy of Virgo that gets such a bad wrap. Critical, complaining, disempowered Virgo, lying prostrate. No, this Virgo feels great and wonders why you don’t. Virgo is the Earth. The container for everything manifest and potentially manifest on this wonderful planet of ours. She lies embraced by her lover, the universe. Everything is possible. Virgo adores this latency and is devoted to it. She offers up her virgin body to take that potential and make it visible. She is not interested in the laws of man or even the laws of the pantheon of gods. Her path is to take the inspiration that she has conceived, carry it and give birth. It is her passion play to take this unmanifest and find the wherewithal to gift it to anyone that will appreciate the brilliance of her conception. This is tricky. It has never been done before. There are no guidelines; no ‘how to’s.’  Still she is determined to find a way. She needs time to solve this conundrum. She experiments and makes mistakes. She analyses the shortcomings of her results. She cares for the fledgling idea, protecting it and using unorthodox methods until she is able to achieve her end.  She serves all beings with the providence of her creation. If she appears irritable at your questioning or your well meaning advice, it is because only she knows the importance of the tiny notion growing inside her. She is impatient with the distraction from her purpose.

Virgo is the Goddess, Demeter, who allows the Earth to become barren while she grieves for the loss of her daughter. She will not accept that her progeny will no longer reside on the surface for everyone to enjoy. Demeter retires from the world whilst she finds a way to resurrect and redeem this situation. She will not obey the judgement of Zeus. No one on Earth needs to accept the loss of their progeny, their gift to eternal life. Demeter withdraws from the company of the gods whilst she seeks the path to be reunited with her offspring and thereby allowing immortality for everyone. As she struggles with her dilemma everyone experiences the grief of her loss because it affects them all. Eventually a solution is found, she claims her power and is able to deliver Persephone from the underground realm of death.  In celebration of her success everyone benefits. The planet is clothed in spring. Harmony is restored.

In the Southern Hemisphere, Virgo stands as the portal between winter and spring. By the time we reach Libra the balance has been regained. The earth is once again fertile. In the Northern Hemisphere the summer is drawing to an end and Virgo offers Libra a plentiful harvest that will provide sustenance for the winter. In each passage through Virgo we develop more skills, we open more paths to abundance, and we build more rainbow bridges between the unmanifest non-physical realm and the world that we occupy.

That joy that I am experiencing at this time is the feeling of light entering my fecund body, fertilising me with new energy. Externally, there may appear to be no resolutions to our insistent problems, however I can feel the sap rising. How exciting to be honoured once again with the seed of the new. I have no idea yet how we will deliver this new resolution, bountiful and beautifully realised. My work is to be the container of this light. Ensure that is finds its way through to delivery. Then it becomes a sacrament available to all.

Last cycle we had the Sun passing through Leo and reminding us of who we really are beyond these earthly raiments of obligation. The New Moon at the beginning of this present cycle was also in Leo and we had our, ‘Excuse me… while I kiss the sky’ moment. Now we have moved into Virgo and are pregnant with our personal desire.

Whatever, apparently irresolvable problems that are plaguing you, remember they are just for you. Embrace them with expectation. Out of the power and generosity of Leo, this is your personal endowment. Allow it to be, carry it with pride, ignore the naysayers and watch it grow. Be gentle with yourself and rest often. You are creating something that has never existed. This quandary that you carry is the diamond seed that will light the way to a better world.

Image: ‘Breath of Gaia’ by Josephine Wall


Leo New Moon: Keys to the Asylum

The Sun has been in Leo for a while and now the Moon has joined the Sun to start a new cycle. As I mentioned in my last post my Leo is buried in the 12th House. Today as I sit to write I pause to rush ahead and see when it will re-emerge into my First House. This is my personal New Year where the Sun begins a new spiral around my chart. I discover this won’t happen till next New Moon.

Phew… I am surprised. It feels like I have already been here for so long.  The rest of the chart is dedicated to our experience on Earth and this incarnation. This house takes us outside of time and space into a realm of what is possible beyond the veil. I happily dwell in this infinite space beyond time.

Whilst here I have been immersed in a tarot. My extended conversation with the cards has been providing me with clear insights that I have found valuable to clarify where I am. Recognising how many thoughts I was getting on paper I had the idea of sharing it with you.  It is too voluminous for a post so I am considering making it available as a document I can send to anyone interested. I just need to get my head around mechanics. This may be an outcome of this next cycle.

The New Moon is the time we birth something into our experience. In the last week I have been committing to a regular meditation process where I open myself to the higher realms in a less ad hoc way than previously.  It resonates with the expanded self I wish to integrate with more in my daily life. Whilst exploring this otherworldly terrain I am preoccupied with the much touted Ascension process that many believe the planet is undergoing. If what we think about is what becomes manifest then a 5D world is a shoo-in.

As the Sun travels through Leo, its natural home, I question once again, “Who am I?”…I am woman. I am mother, I am a partner. I am an astrologer, a counsellor, a healer. I am an introvert. I am a loner. I am a writer, a poet. I am a liberationist and also, a libertarian. I am a sensualist, a scholar, a thinker. I am a historian, a scientist, a futurist. I am a child, a star-seed, a light being. I am Pleiadian. I am Demeter. I am mercurial.  I am a Gemini, a Taurus and a Virgo. I am irreverent and irrelevant, a non-believer. I am one small spark in the chaos of infinity. I have many bodies and they each have their own identity. There are so many possible answers that ricochet around providing many ways to play.

The twelfth house is often referred to as the House of our Undoing. My 3D life is being unpicked. I should be scrambling to find solutions to our financial conundrum. This New Moon will see us surrendering. We will put our beloved property on the market. The Sun and the Moon are lining up with my natal Pluto and triggering the sacrifice that Pluto, transiting my 4th House of Home, appears to be demanding. It feels totally unreal. We have no sense of the future or where this action will take us.

I sometimes wonder about the pain of violent death: witches burnt at stake, torture. How can they endure? (Remember the Sun and Moon are lined up with my Pluto, the dark God of the Underworld.) I wonder if they get to escape the bounds of the body and dwell in a pain-free space. Tucked away in the hidden realm of the Twelfth House I feel deliriously happy, maybe delusional. I can do no more but surrender and trust. I feel wonderful. Energy floods my soul, sparks of light crack open my dense carapace. I dream in the arms of angels.

I wonder about who I am and what is happening in this world. Is it true we are really awakening from Plato’s cave and emerging into a new level of existence? When I was studying to be a Flower Essence practitioner, a friend said that she didn’t know whether it was possible for flowers to work in this way.  She went on to say it did not matter. The idea is beautiful and such ideas need to be supported.

That insight opened a space for me that I have called up many times. I wish to live in a world of peace, love and joy. I have chosen to believe that we are all perfect and that we all have magical powers. What we have to offer is what we love. The Twelfth House represents the asylum. That place where we keep hidden those that are living in another reality. I may be insane, but like Julian Assange, I seek asylum, a safe respite from this dense matrix. Julian is a player, messing with the powers that keep us belief bound in a reality that we dislike.

I tend to keep my own rebellion hidden in the Twelfth House. This is after all the House of Martyrs. There is another Leo myth of Phaeton, the human son of Apollo. He pleaded with his father for the keys of the chariot. Apollo used this fine vehicle to carry the Sun across the sky. Phaeton was an inexperienced driver. First, he drove too low and burnt the Earth and then correcting his course drove too high and the ground began to freeze. Zeus,the God of Law saw the havoc this teenage driver was causing and struck him down with a thunderbolt. This is another cautionary tale warning us not to go beyond the well worn tracks of those in charge.

The fear of being insane and making mistakes tends to cause my human self to remain in the accepted stultifying structure. I retreat into introversion because I don’t accept the dominant reality but do not have the courage to defy it. Uranus in Aries is challenging us to try something new. Maybe what is being born in this Lunation Cycle is a time of shedding the confines of the human machine and embracing the chariot of my star-being. There are so many crazy, brave people propounding other possibilities. Next New Moon when I step across my Ascendant into the House of Identity I may be wearing shiny new robes.

Playing for the Future

I feel so bathed in loving energy and my heart is filled with appreciation.This cycle started with the loving Cancer New Moon urging retreat and self-care to balance the over-extended self. How grateful I am for the energies persuading me to rest and stay within.

Soon after this urging the Sun entered Leo and signalled the time to play fully. To lay our cares aside and replenish at the shining light of our Source. My Leo is in the hidden and withdrawn 12th House of the collective spirit. For me there can be no greater play than communing with myself and by so doing finding I have the whole and the many as my playmate. I took time out, to meditate, withdraw and let the cares fall away. I returned to my core to discover what truly matters to me. What do I value? Peace and joy. A beautiful expression of the happiness of the Sun-filled Leo child and the peace of the 12th house where we let go of all striving.

As each external requirement fell away I became clearer about how I wish to live in the world or without. As I breathed in this new freedom, meeting my responsibilities became easier. When there is peace in the heart, life just lifts you through its tumult and you go with the pleasure of the ride. This is preferable to occupying that mental space where, white knuckled, I sit on the very edge of the self, wide-eyed and fearful. Instead I employed that vigilant self to detect where I was receiving energy; to inform my consciousness and to celebrate the deliciousness. Whoosh! Let’s feel the flow.

Now the twelfth house is not necessarily a light place and over this cycle some events have been cause for jelly-like quivering . I have had to square up to some harsh realities. (Uranus and Pluto are still facing off, relentless in their demand for a changing of the guard.) Still my commitment to Leo exultation and the desire to remain at the centre of the universe allowed me to tackle serious threats to the wellbeing of my family with a smile. Happiness is a choice.

This is living in 3D, a co-creative space of continual expansion. How can I handle this complexity? How can we all handle this complexity? There is much in this universe and I am only beginning to learn to play with the pieces. I meet every moment with the fresh eyes of a child! This approach allows timeless space to surround every view. I sense the thrill as I must reach for ingenuity.  There is the realisation that every conundrum is an atom waiting to be split. Its power will be revealed as possibility untold.

The Moon is a couple of days past the Last Quarter and we are still in its evaluating energy. It is time to weigh up where we have been over the last three weeks or more. Recognise what has been achieved and what areas of life are now demanding attention.

I am finding the Leo Sun has been revealing where I really want to play in life. Shining its light into the heart of desire and whispering that maybe, I am the unique one that can bring this vision into being. Truly heartfelt ideas are coming through.

I am in awe of the grandness of my royal vision. My inner child has no doubt that when I grow up I will be Queen. My human self knows that I have to surrender what in my present life does not belong to this brilliance.

The New Moon in Leo is six days away and some of the possibilities that are now only being sensed will be conceived. When the Sun moves on to Virgo in about ten days we will be called to put away childish things and prepare ourself for the awesome changes this new babe will demand from us. Right now there is still time to dance with the magic fairy dust of fertilisation.


Image:The Crock of Gold’ by Thamas Mackenzie 1926

Aquarius Full Moon: Igniting the Future

On the day of the full moon I was out walking along the wide Huon River. The water was so still it had disappeared in the reflection of the sky. The dead trees drifting down from the forests upstream formed strange symbolic shapes with their reflection. I looked down from the bank and felt a part of an alien universe where all things fly through the landscape.

This was the perfect culmination point of my month, adrift in a new world after falling in love with my reflection. I took the advice of my New Moon post and took time out to form a sheath to protect my sensitivity. As I go back and reread the Cancer New Moon post I am amused that the image I chose to illustrate it is of a shelter made of driftwood at the water’s edge. Now at the Full Moon the universe chuckles as my shoreline cave has opened up to float in another dimension. I love the magic mirror of our world. It is constantly filled with messages of joy and reassurance from our awakened being to our somnambulant self.

I feel returned to me. I have been vigilant about what I engage with and whether it comes from a ‘should’ space or a ‘personal desire’ state. It has been important for me to get back to my own essence. I love Mercury retrograde times for they really allow me to stop focussing out there and just bathe in the delicious energy of being myself.

I have spent my time alone revising my values and reviewing my goals. This has been a wonderful experience of rediscovering what is important to me. Venus in Gemini has been trine Saturn in Libra and this energy has supported a personal time and motion study. I have been observing the structure of my days and measuring where my energy goes; keen to relinquish the automated tasks that provide little respite from anxiety. I seek to replace habit with more meaningful activities based on what is truly important to me.

Leo is the sign of the individual ready to step out from the shadow of the family and allow their unique individuality to shine brilliant talents into the world. My constant companion over this time has been Venus asking the question, “Does this activity come out of an appeasement to some external anxiety or does it arise from my passion to embrace life?”  I have been able to scan my body and note the holding points where tension hides and feel the thrill as I let the concern go. My being is flooded with relief and euphoria as I step into activities with a child’s pleasure. Each activity becomes a new and fresh adventure.

Life is fantabulous when lived like this. It requires a strange type of consciousness. I am reminded of Narcissus who saw his reflection in a pool and fell in love with it. He drowned. First, there is the awareness of who you are and then you lose yourself by becoming one with your reflection. No longer self-conscious, just being.

Now, at the Full Moon in Aquarius from high up on the banks of the river I see the strange shapes of a new world float by. I do not understand what this future world will be. I am aware of new possibilities being discovered every day. I have enjoyed listening to the wonderful ideas that are spreading through mediums like TED.  As each individual assumes the Leo crown of their divine purpose we are creating something totally new. I have great faith in the future of our shared humanity. The light in the child’s eyes may need external help to illuminate their gifts, however the gold of our destiny is within us all and I can feel the flames of awareness being ignited right across the planet.



Image: from The Little King and I