Cancer: Birthing New Life

I feel I have been expanding forever. Topping up my energy levels with light. Writing my blog. Servicing my clients. Getting out into the world. It has been a wonderful ride and yet I am feeling a little giddy and wondering what I want. This really focussed process has been going since last November. Scorpio to Cancer. That sounds like a gestation cycle to me. Lets see…yep, nine months by the end of Cancer. Time to bear the babe that Cancer is carrying. Come Leo, a new life will be revealed.

Anyway, I am feeling the impulse to birth myself. It is all feeling and no substance, just an aching desire. What am I nurturing? No idea?  Is it a yearning for me or my inner child? Life feels too much: too much stuff, too much Gemini, too much out in the world, overwhelm and a desire to leave things behind. I wish stuff would clear out and leave only the pure.

Then the security needs of Cancer make themselves felt. I wish much to begone and yet that in itself makes me feel insecure. It is possible that my current life will fall away. My egg will break and I will have to emerge…fragile, innocent and unknowing.

The self is expressed in Leo. Whew! I have a month to remain in my cocoon. I pull around the warm ‘now’ and let myself just be. I ask what do I need? I am preparing myself for nakedness. I feel the Weird Sisters gathering around me and into their cauldron they throw decaying bits. The bacteria and enzymes will dissolve all attachments and let me form in another way.

I have been following this journey since November and I have created much; following each lead with a certainty. I have been feeling for the first time in a long while the fulfilment of congruence. As that alignment becomes evident, the dross falls by the wayside. The detritus of fevered activity, the rank by-product that creation has discarded is lying around putrefying. You should see my home at the moment. My Virgo Ascendant has abandoned it for other foci and now it is dusty with cobwebs and the stench of dead rats in the ceiling. This is all on the periphery as I concentrate on the centre making sure that my creations are getting the nurture that they need.

Now we are being pulled tightest by the Uranus-Pluto square. Whatever is happening and whatever we are feeling now is our call from the collective to participate in the changes. I know things need to be shifted and that I can’t drag old stench into a new life. What cannot be sustained, needs a radical shift. All this must go.

The cry of the old calling out to be saved is obscuring the new vision. But I have no answers, they are beyond me, I am being held tight in the tension of the wire. I love it all, the past and the future. I sense the wonder of the new birth. Many of us are feeling impatient for a shift, reckless in our yearning for release. “Bring it on!” we shout with bravado. Give me the final orgasm to sweep away the past and make the future clear. We crave freedom from our conundrums.

The energy is here! All that decaying activity of Pluto burning off the debris held in hell. Within the cocoon we have the witch’s soup, that swampy goop that is awaiting the lightning spark of Uranus to ignite and bring forth new life. We are transmuting and nurturing from the humus of the ages; waiting for that force that allows the new to emerge fully formed and beautiful. Like Botticelli’s Venus, love, beauty and passion comes from the sea of her father’s castrated loins.

And so back to me- mere mortal, wondering how to feather my nest, pulling around my cocoon, overwhelmed by helpless emotions; caught up in this cosmic play.

Yesterday the pressure urged me to break up the stultifying and intractable patterns of my life. What to do? I needed movement. Out of the familiar habits of our life I wanted to somehow shake up the routines. We had a prescription to fill, errands to run, our daily walk to do. Just to break with the monotony we piled into the car and drove miles to a different chemist, posted the mail in a different box and walked in a different neighbourhood. We paused at a cosy bar and were fed free sausages surrounded by different people. We connected with my daughter and joined a birthday celebration with people from the past, now becoming adults. Lovely! We returned home to a house without a fire. Our final radical act against the familiar was to sleep in our daughter’s double bed. She has an electric blanket.

There is some satisfaction that even in our familiar environment we can muster some spunk to shake up and alter our mind numbing routine. We slipped into another dimension, the same but different. There is joy and adventure in such little side steps into alternative reality. He he.



Image: Illustration by Virgil Finlay appeared in Famous Fantastic Mysteries, March 1943 in the story “Arc of Fire” by John Hawkins

Gemini: The Alpha and Omega

Gemini shows once again how she does things in two’s as we have another New Moon in this sign. This time it is opposite the centre of the Milky Way. We can see how this foray through Gemini, the lightest of signs, has been all about aligning with the light. We have been constantly  bombarded with radiance from the cosmos. The Sun has been featured over this cycle with two eclipses and the rare Venus transit. Also there have been large amounts of Solar flare activity. So much so that here at the bottom of the world in my Tasmanian neighbourhood we have been experiencing the Aurora Australis which is the southern equivalent to the Aurora Borealis.

What does light do? It releases the dark. As we have been completing the last Moon cycle I have felt emotions, old behaviours and physical symptoms come up in me. I tell myself they are emerging in order to disappear in the comfort of a shining embrace.

To aid this process of casting the old into a cleansing bonfire Chiron, the wounded healer has turned retrograde allowing the buried pain and trauma of the past to re-emerge into our awareness. At the same time Jupiter moved into Gemini for its year long sojourn through this sign, expanding the light further to support the clearing of the wounds we offer up via Chiron.

Another pairing of light and dark is the Uranus/Pluto square whose arrival we have sensed for so long. It is finally becoming exact for the first of seven contacts. As Pluto is exposing all the hidden frailties and corruption in our financial and government systems, Uranus is eagerly opening them up to the masses to see what was once hidden. Over the next few years more and more secrets and shortcomings will be brought into the light of day and everyone will get the opportunity to intuit sparkling ideas that resolve age-old problems.

Gemini loves patterns and I see the two new moons, one at the beginning of the sign and another at the end, being echoed in our global environment. The fate of our economy seems to lie with the outcome of the Greek election. Funny given how Greece is considered the birthplace of democracy and the beginning of Western Civilisation. Is this just a co-incidence? Are we being presented with the Alpha and Omega of our current age.

Another example  is 9/11. This event was hailed as world changing from the moment it happened and ushered in our current era. Astrologers consider this a Gemini /Sagittarius event symbolised by the Twin Towers. At this time Pluto was in Sagittarius opposing Saturn in Gemini. Now 2012 is much prophesied as being another turning point in history. Now Pluto has moved on to Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn. In 2001 there was a physical attack on the World Trade Centre, a symbol of the financial system.   Today we are not certain that the Global Economy can survive the current woes without radical transformation. More and more we ask if our world is sustainable. Ironically there is more and more data being exposed about the facts surrounding  9/11. This in itself triggers a loss of faith in the ruling elites.

Mercury, the God of information is trawling the underworld for the buried secrets of accepted history in many areas. What is being uncovered challenges what has been considered inviolable truths of the ages.

Many of us are experiencing this on a personal level. Aspects of life that we have considered permanent are coming to an end. We seem to be standing in a place of total unknowing. What will the future bring? The problems are beyond us. We do not have the answers.  We have to trust that, as we dismantle what is old and no longer working, radical new solutions will appear from  outside our familiar world. We are offering ourselves for a makeover and we do not yet know what will be required. Gemini is full of questions and happily tolerates that the answers are awaiting discovery.

Tomorrow is the Solstice. Here in the Southern Hemisphere we experience our shortest day and in the North you experience the longest. Once again we are tied together by our duality, twins reflecting each other. The Solstice marks the Sun moving into Cancer. Cancer rules our tribe, our family and where we are rooted. Here we are born and nurtured in the nest. We create our haven and eventually we die taking our place amongst the ancestors allowing the  next generation to sustain the race. In Cancer we have ‘the cradle of civilisation’. Here is the Alpha and the Omega.

In Gemini I felt more congruent with myself and happily expanded out into my environment. I connected and communicated with an array of people and  am now feeling scattered by too much activity.  I woke one morning with the image that I was no longer a body but instead just cells, all vibrating in a random pile. I was both excited and awed.

I have been touched by so many wonderful people lately and I now welcome the opportunity to move into Cancer. I feel the need to nest and nurture all who I gathered around me. In all my activity I have acquired an expanded family in which I would love to secure my sense of belonging.

As we have utilised the light to clear out the falsehoods and dysfunction of the old we have expanded to see Gaia as our home and  the Solar System, even the Galaxy, as our neighbourhood. We  are seeing how tenuous economies and governments are.  We are becoming brothers and sisters of the light who are working to secure a sustainable environment for all. This next cycle is about securing that safe nest in our personal lives and for our global family in this evolving world.

Image: Luis Falero, Twin Stars, 1881.

The Owl

Dave WattsYesterday I was tired, feeling a contraction from too much going on, invading my body and laying a heavy apathy over my emotions. Later I was returning home in the dark when I saw something in the middle of the road. I pulled up beside it. It was an owl, less than a metre away.  It didn’t move. I wound down my window and spoke lovingly to it. It turned its head and locked its penetrating eyes on me. It felt like forever, as our orbs exchanged light and my heart stirred from numbness to aching presence. My monkey mind became concerned the owl may be injured and as if in answer the bird took flight. As it flew away all the clarity of feather and colour disappeared and it seemed that a black owl shape was rent through the fabric of reality as it moved across the dark landscape.

Today is the Last Quarter Moon, a time of review before we enter the next cycle. During this time the Moon starts to disappear from our night sky.  At the moment the darkness is made even more potent by the Uranus/Pluto square which is almost exact. After being held in it’s thrall for so long we are finally looking the foreboding beast in the eye. What is darkness if not a perfect foil for seeing the light?

This Gemini cycle started with the Solar Eclipse and its ring of fire. Record numbers took to the streets in the Northern Hemisphere and gazed at the sky, bringing the cosmos into the consciousness of all.  Those of us without a front row seat gobbled up the stunning pictures flooding our networks. Gemini has to do things in two (or more) and the skies didn’t fail us following this stunning spectacle with  the rare Venus transit across the Sun. Once more millions tuned in as Venus, the radiant jewel, turned dark against the brightness of our Solar source of energy and life. It seems both our feminine principles of Moon Mother and Venus Lover have taken a bath in the light to wash clean the debris that has soiled our Earthly perceptions of the passive, intuitive feminine polarity of all things. (Personally I have experienced toxins coming out through my skin marring my Venus beauty. 😉 )

Many of us have gathered together to enjoy these global events, laying aside our concerns and allowed ourselves to be taken up with joyful curiosity for things that lay outside our familiar environment. This month we recognised our neighbourhood of the inner Solar System.

Gemini rules the local environment, neighbours, communication and learning. After Taurus we have learnt our worth and feel secure to turn our focus outward to find  what exists beyond us. I found I challenged my introverted self this month to be continually out and about in my local environment meeting and interchanging with lots of people. The marketplace is a Gemini environment where we exchange our value through interaction. I put myself on the market in an effort  to redress the financial shortfall that presented itself insistently during the Taurus cycle. I went for interviews and increased the astrology and tarot I do in the local community. I finally got around to starting an Astrology Gathering in my town where people can come together to learn, share and exchange ideas on my favourite subject. My Gemini is in the 9th House and so my desire is to exchange of thoughts and ideas with the world. The wonderful world wide web has been such a gift for me. I am thrilled to have people from 55 countries visit my blog. I am finding so many international neighbours that share my interests and I get to have so many scintillating conversations, sparking ideas with a growing number of people who are taking residence in my heart. I even embraced Facebook this month, updating my static site and expanding my friends. I am also attracting more on-line astrology consultations participating in a global marketplace.. Everything is expanding.

The Gemini quality has saturated my month. I have been fuelled with the child-like delight of so much joyous contact and exploration. I have been immersed in all kinds of writing, learning, listening, driving, sharing, playing; all Gemini. Now as the Moon enters its dark period of review I am beginning to feel the giddiness of the ride I have been on and desire to slow down. My awareness this month has been about light. I have been able to fill myself with high vibrations and sense in my body where there has been resistance and sound it out. It has been exciting maintaining a speed that I have not experienced for some time. Now I know a new energy will be knocking on our doors as we move into Cancer. The one thing about light is that everything grows. After awhile we feel we have to clear the weeds to make  our new garden. The question is how can I maintain this new expanded level of operating when it is no longer my focus? The contraction I started to feel yesterday comes from a growing anxiety about how I can  go on participating in my expanded environment.

As we move into this Last Quarter Moon, Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, triggers the Uranus/Pluto square by opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus. It is turning away from the distractions we have had in our inner solar system back to the heavyweight game of the slower planets that are here for the long haul through our changing times. Mercury is questioning once more, after much needed light relief, “How do we solve the problems of the old in order to bring a new more enlightened way of being for all that share this planet?” We know Uranus will bring many sparks of  unseen possibilities into the dark backdrop Pluto is providing. Mercury, faster, sharper and delighted by new playmates is waiting by to catch and bring out the ideas in a way we can articulate and share..

At the same time Jupiter is embarking on a year long journey through Gemini giving hope that we can run with the expanded environment and benefit from the sharing of our discoveries.

The owl can see in the dark. With those deep penetrating orbs of eyes he reveals the energy that resides there, plenty of electricity to maintain all our circuits. As he freely flies away, the blackness of his form reveals how tenuous this surface reality is and how much wisdom is available if we are prepared to go beyond known form into the darkness from whence everything emerges. For all of us that seem to be facing  a fearful future, take heart, we have been bathed in light and as we keep stepping bravely into the unknown, the light is always with us.


Image: ‘Southern Boobook Owl’ photographed by Dave Watts

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse and Venusian Solar Transit: Re-accessing the Heart’s Desire

Full Moon Over Venus by Martin MaddoxLets face it, the Goddess of Love, whatever her title, is a whore! She is ruthless and gets what she wants. The heart wants what the heart wants. She doesn’t honour wedding vows. She is the hidden mischievous one who causes wars.

In Greek mythology Paris was given the task to judge the fairest Goddess of all. Aphrodite/Venus offered him the love of the most beautiful woman in the world. She failed to mention that this woman, Helen, was married. Paris chose Aphrodite as the fairest goddess and Helen’s infidelity caused the Trojan War which rent asunder the ancient world. This war destroyed his homeland and caused death and mayhem for everyone involved.

Venus is about what we love, what we value and yet we usually feel we are not deserving or worthy enough and inhibit the access to our true desire. Somehow what we value is not quite kosher. No wonder the Christian Church has made the Virgin Mary their primary female deity. She of the pure and peaceful blue robes representing heaven can never be tainted. What hope for Magdalene with her green robes and her earthly passions. Whore!

Helen left her husband for a pretty toy boy and caused a war. Whore!

Eve listen to the snake and got us all thrown out of paradise. Whore!

Hephaestus caught Aphrodite breaking her marriage vows with Ares. Whore!

We have given the Goddess of Love such a bad rap. A  judgement has been made about our strongly felt passions; they must surely be the whisperings of the devil. In doing so we condemn desire, love and passion to the shadow realm of our souls, our dirty secret. We have attached shame to heart felt love because we fear the chaos that will be unleashed from the power and ecstasy we feel. Our joy will surely bring pain and devastation to those we love. We want happiness for ourselves and for our children and yet we fear what achieving success could bring. To temper the power of the feminine we have fragmented her into many facets from which we have to choose. In fact our problems start when we select  just one archetype to whom we will swear allegiance.  We are presented with a Virgin Goddess to nurture the pure Christ who will die on the Cross for our suffering.  We renounce true yearnings whilst we struggle to contain ourselves in passionless half lives.

Remember the story of the goddess,Demeter and her daughter, Kore. The maiden is in her sexual prime when she is abducted by a lustful Hades and becomes Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. Here their sexual union becomes another buried secret. Demeter, the nurturing mother nature, is bereft by the loss of  her young, vital daughter. She is now barren. Disempowered by her grief she takes domestic work and attempts to nurture immortality for the babe in her care. She  becomes recalcitrant, not pliable or pure enough, she is later culturally superseded by the Virgin Mary.

Today we have a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Neptune turns retrograde and tomorrow Venus will be visible moving across the face of the Sun. This transit will not be repeated for over one hundred years. For a day Sleeping Beauty will awaken and join with her prince.

Noble Sagittarius is the seeker of the truth in our society. He desires to know the one truth that he can then codify into laws, that uphold a standard that can deliver us from evil. This can then become the code we all live by. He is Moses coming down from the mountain with the commandments that he has received from his conversations with God. These are the wisdoms that dictate the possible dangers of following our passion. Sagittarius is certain of the value of his truth and enforces it as  law so we can create a civil society. However, for every wise and law abiding centaur there seems to be a herd that follow their animal passions and wreak havoc with rape, pillage and drunken violence in order to satisfy their repressed lust..

Gemini is the child that learns the values of her society. We curiously meet the neighbours and discover how they live. This is where we learn the facts of our community. We see how others are coping with the laws of the land. It is fascinating to go into our friends houses and see that everyone interprets the rules in different ways. We investigate the differing interpretations in our neighbour’s houses, often witnessing the centaurs partying around the barbecue. We are taught the judgements of the society and the secrets of lapsed rules. We see how every person finds ways to accommodate or suppress their innate desires with a wide variety of methods. Sometimes we gasp in horror at the perceived perversions of others and at other times we giggle joyfully at the harmless misdeeds.  The way things are done in our own home is different. All this variety is thrilling. We are relieved by the many transgressions from the norms drummed into us by pious authority and moral sterility. Gemini listens to the stories of the people and witnesses the many ways the regulations are bent. These little amoralities are the hidden deals between the agreed values attributed to the good of the nation and the Venusian desires that play out behind closed doors.

Gemini is the child who learns the facts of his world. He absorbs the  incongruence between the espoused values and the contradictory actions of everyone around. Gemini understands this duality and hence the symbol of two pillars. As children we learn to present the face the world demands. The face that is closer to the truth is role played in the backyard games with the other kids.These peers become the next generation that will adapt the laws to accommodate a broader perspective to the despair of the elders who perceive a loosening of morals.

The children understand that when we are exhorted to follow our bliss, the hidden message is to do that after we take care of the expectations of the society. It is at this point we recognise the necessity to conform to a norm when we walk out the front door. What floats our boat is kept for the bad twin to indulge in after hours.

Now the Sun, the Moon and Venus are lining up with the centre of the galaxy. There is a desire for change. We really do wish to line up with the truth. This truth is not the truth of the 1% that we have been conforming to for so long. We now wish to align with the truth of the 99%. We know our value has been all tied up and creamed off by rules that are neither fair nor truthful. We know that everyone is unique and that love cannot be homogenised. We are feeling the love for the individual and we no longer wish for everyone to relegate their love to the cesspool of shame. As a society we are embracing love which is not confined to gender, race, religion or lifestyle choice. Gemini loves the variety and knows that it is all valuable and infinitely more interesting. It wants to celebrate the truth in everyone’s stories not just the chosen mouthpieces of an old code. Venus knows ‘the heart wants what the heart wants’. When we recognise this is possible without condemning each other to shame then maybe we will allow the virgin and the lover to co-exist and accept the amazing creativity that can be born of this alignment. We do not have to choose one goddess to worship but can embrace our multifaceted selves and align with our true value.

As Venus retrogrades over the face of the Sun in full view, she is allowing us the opportunity to resurrect our desires, gather up our loves and live a life full of value and passion.

Image: Full Moon Over Venus by Martin Maddox