The Gemini Eclipse – Ascension Anyone?!!

I am a Gemini. Does anyone else smart at the qualities that people throw at you when they discover your sun sign? I feel offended when I am accused of being fickle and two faced. I have Sun, Venus and Ceres in Gemini with Saturn, the planet of authority, responsibility and limitation, opposing them from the third house. It seems I have taken on Saturn’s approbation and disapproval of my Mercurial nature. My Virgo Ascendant and Taurus Moon weigh in to ground some of that Gemini whimsy. It may feel more comfortable but not always so merry. I have been horrified to be thought of as a party girl, social butterfly or light weight…no way! I am one of those that will get defensive for other notorious Gemini’s like Marilyn Monroe. ‘She is a great comedienne! You need intelligence to pull such timing and wit!’

I remember when I was first with my partner, I started playing the fool, pulling faces and generally mucking around. I was shocked and amazed at my levity and very delighted. I think at that point I knew I had found a safe haven with someone I could frolic with irreverently.

Still, no matter how often I indulged in childlike behaviour, I always felt it would not be condoned by the ‘real world.’ My core qualities were those I could not openly value causing a rift between my private and public self. Gemini is after all a sign of duality. Therein lies a feeling of alienation from my neighbours, of not belonging, because of my naturally errant ways.

My Gemini Sun has therefore, always felt eclipsed, which brings me to the subject of this post- the Solar Eclipse in Gemini. We have a day more in the Taurus energy before quite suddenly the New Moon and the Eclipse coincides at zero degrees Gemini. Anyone who has been reading my posts over the last Sun/Moon cycle through Taurus would have witnessed and likely felt for themselves, my ‘sinking into the earth’ sensation, slowing down almost to a standstill. Over the last few days my sleep has been very heavy and when I wake I have experienced my consciousness as almost physical, taking effort to pull my awareness up through my body where it had been captured by slothful slumber. Everything has been very sensate. Now the Sun will move into the bright light of Gemini and the Moon will shift from its dark slumber and will embrace the golden orb so enthusiastically, that for a time it will blot out the Sun’s bright light allowing the dross to be burnt off in a ring of fire.

Mercury, the God of the mind, is the only planet that can dart around and go safely to places where the other gods cannot. He can enter the underworld and negotiate for the release of those held there. He is capable of tricks that allow him to conceal his whereabouts by appearing to turn backwards. My Gemini self is much amused as her ruling planet displays these antics during this eclipse. Mercury’s trickster qualities come in when the path of the full eclipse can be viewed over Southwest China and Japan on the 21st of May. It then travels over the Pacific crossing the International Dateline so it arrives in the USA on the day before on 20th May. (Much mirth at mercurial magic :D) It enters the USA at the California/Oregon border and travels in full fire through to Texas. And so the Messenger God does double duty going back in time to rescue us from whatever paralysing dilemma we have been experiencing in the underworld during the Dark Moon in Taurus.

As I matured I began to really appreciate the value of my Sun sign. What I was judging as lightweight and bubble-headed, I now perceive as de-light-ful. What I perceived as feather-brained I, now see as nonjudgemental, more like the feather that is used to measure the purity of the heart in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I appreciate and engage curiously with whatever I encounter, allowing it to be the perfection that it is, no matter how contradictory. I am curious to know, and without preconceptions allow the paradox to lead me into further discovery. I have learnt to value my lightness and know that it is a gift I have to share with others. At my best I become the light-bearer bringing good vibes and the tinkle of joy wherever my essence may shine.

This Gemini Eclipse promises to bring light to our underworld wanderings, illuminating the path of ascension to our rightful place amongst the stars.

Image: FredericLeighton-The Return of Persephone (1891) Here we see Mercury/Hermes returning Persephone to her mother, Demeter on the surface after her abduction into the underworld. A perfect echo of this eclipse.

17 responses

  1. Your posts are great! I would love to share them on my website. I would give you a special page…something like ‘Star Talk with Perianne’ let me know how u feel about that. Have a great day 🙂

    • I would love to have my posts appear on another platform. 🙂
      I have not been able to find your website again. Your gravatar doesn’t link me. I think I have accessed it before via Jean’s site ‘2012: What is the Real Truth.’

  2. I celebrate that you have found in and for yourself the beauty of gemini. I love your posts, usually I save it on my desktop because it takes 2 or 3 readings to glean all that you say. I’ll be outside watching this day. Thank you for all you share.

  3. Miffed about star sign descrip. ?
    *Raises hand !*
    My sign gets persnickety – fussbudjets, virginal, anal retentive sourpusses ?!
    haha Guess – !?
    Ah well, I suppose it is all a start until one dives into the deep end of the astrology pool and realizes we are are a blend of many many things.

    You are de-light- ful ! I love the way you think and I definately get the Toro moon vibe.
    I changed my mind about something I was fairly certain about just this am. The Gemini energy is manifesting all around me lickety-split ! Very playful which suits my Leo stuff.
    Saturn in aspect to Gem energy is heavy, I feel your pain – but is is also a great funnel, dontcha think ? Good for writing !
    Happy solar return month too ! 🙂

  4. I love your personal spin on Gemini and I so hear you about when people discover your Sun Sign! When I tell people I’m a Taurus, I’m automatically stubborn, boring, and possessive. Sigh lol. There is so much bad astrology out there.

    I have great affinity for Gemini as I spent the last two years with my progressed Sun and Moon in the sign (intercepted by House Twelve). It has taught me the value of flexibility and bestowed me with a great hunger to always continue learning and exploring.

    • I am enjoying and learning from your observations about your progressed Sun.
      Through the Taurus in my chart I have grown to love what others perceive as stubborn. There is an honouring of the true self and knowing that there is no point committing to something until fully aligned, otherwise resources are wasted on half-arsed attempts. I love Taurus 🙂

      • I am glad and you are indeed correct! I greatly value the depth of self-worth and the innate talents I have been blessed enough to experience in this life and the ability to remain constant in today’s world is more powerful than many people may realize 🙂

  5. I am once again re-reading your post, as I had to wait the delay in time from my hemisphere to yours. I so love having the notifications of these energies I find playing around with me, or at times burying me deep in the muck.
    I especially love your reference to how another percieves you when they learn of your sun sign as a Taurus…being told I am slow, plodding, boring, and stubborn especially with my fun Gemini Mercury and Venus… ah so one lives and learns. As always in such honor of your artful ways of teaching and expressing the stars! “.”

    • It is great to have a few companions that understand the inner dynamic between Taurus and Gemini. I think it gives us a sound base from which to explore, play and learn.

  6. The way you approach this reminds me a little of the way another friend thinks about this…she’s gemini too, and an astrologer.That might say something about sun signs too. Well done! Astrology is a bit too detailed for my Pisces self, so will bookmark you and Joy for the times when I am curious about more. Thanks, too for stopping by The Vampire Diet…glad you liked the quotes. 🙂

  7. Thank you for dropping by. I would be interested to read your friend, Joy’s blog, if you will share the link with me. You have activated my Gemini curiosity. 😉

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