Scorpio Full Moon- The Bare Essentials

Tomorrow is the Full Moon in Scorpio and we are packing and flying to Melbourne.  My partner’s mother is having a minor operation and we will be there to offer  moral support and care. In my case, the Moon in Scorpio will take me away from our comfortable Taurean setting in the countryside and have three people squeezed into a one bedroom flat, sleeping on the floor. All routines will be broken. Scorpio does like to break things up, releasing the familiar and provide an intense experience of the unknown.

Over the last year I have established very comfortable routines. I have the mornings to myself to write, to read and to generally meditate. I nurture myself with a delicious breakfast, my dog snores at my feet. I was sent a lovely quote the other day.

“My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.” – Edith Wharton.

The epitome of grounded Taurean comfort. Bliss!

I learnt that introverts need solitude to recharge their energy, and have since claimed the mornings as mine, guilt-free. I emerge in the afternoon with great energy to honour appointments and participate in the world. This form of self-care has made me ‘one contented babe’ and my general effectiveness has risen accordingly.

Scorpio likes to shake things up a little and take away your crutches to show you what you are really made of . This travel is a perfect manifestation of ripping away my securities and seeing how I fare. I will get the opportunity to live life as it comes to me, rejuvenating my energy in the moment. It is true, I have become too attached to my habits, feeling as if they are essential to my wellbeing. Life is about change and my future is unknown. This Moon will be a gentle reminder of what I am capable of and will allow me to see what treasures may be available if I allowed myself to shake up my cocoon a little.

My mother in law and I have in common my lovely man – her son, and also a Taurus Moon. Both of us will be breaking our regular pattern and merging to find a new form of nurture. She is the perfect hostess and has always generously fed us and taken care of our needs as much as we allow. This time I have the opportunity to return her abundant hospitality and make her comfortable in a situation that is challenging. An operation no matter how minor and liberating is not something we welcome. Scorpio rules surgery.

This will be the first time we will travel without our daughter. This was unconsciously foreshadowed in my last post when I discussed the myth of Persephone’s abduction. Now here we are at the Full Moon with Demeter, the mother being separated from her daughter. I love how everything is reflected in life.

Visiting this myth over the last week had me researching (also ruled by Scorpio) other underworld myths. One has been Inanna’s descent into the underworld to visit her sister, Ereshkigal, who was mourning her  husband’s death. On her journey, there were seven gates to pass through.  At each gate something was taken away from her so that she eventually arrived completely naked.

What can be released this Full Moon that allows you to become more authentically you?

On the plane we are only taking carry-on luggage. Inanna took: turban, wig, necklace, dress, pectoral, mascara, ring and measuring rod.  Mmm, I need to go and decide, what are the bare essentials for my trip to another world.



Image: Full moon rising… by Michael Ward –


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  1. Your posts are always so insightful and timely. Today I am a reflection of Inanna. And my Scorpio self is tumbling naked through the changes of the Scorpio moon. I so appreciate your writing and the window it gives me into the wider world and larger patterns. It assures me that it isn’t just me, this is a “thing that is real”.

    • I always hope my posts offer something that other people can recognise and is therefore, somehow reassuring. So thank you for your affirmation.
      After I wrote this post about Inanna, John’s mother told me to not be shocked at her appearance. “My hair is pure white because I have stopped dying it. I no longer wear jewellery or make up. I am completely naked.” That took my breath away.
      Good luck with your tumbling, rebirth is guaranteed.

  2. And once again you have so amazingly foretold the exact script of my few days under that very moon. Much to be opened, looked at, examined, tossed and discarded, till I found myself at the bottom of the stairwell with a door beckoning to the pasture just beyond. One of freedom, and decadence for the life I feel bubbling up inside of me, much like a witch’s brew, a new chapter free from all of that which has served its purpose, so well informed of the possibilities by having your road map of probabilities to assist me! “.”

  3. Absolutely!
    I also see from a comment on Gneiss Moon’s site that we both share Saturn in Sag opposite our Sun. That triggered my Gemini desire to see if I could figure out a puzzle, your birthdate. I thought I remembered your Pluto was in Leo. I haven’t checked my facts, my memory could be playing tricks. I am thinking you would be born 9th June, 1957, give or take. Is it so? I hope your Gemini Sun understands my curiosity. 😉

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