Going to Ground

At the Pisces New Moon I began writing Astrology Mon Ami.  Despite the diffuseness of Pisces I managed to communicate with the collective psyche and get my words on-line. Then we had the pioneering Aries cycle. I was taken outside myself in an exciting way, full of new inspiration, energy and ideas. Now, we are in Taurus, the sign of my Moon, my home, in the eighth house of transformation and zilch! I have nothing to say. My Mercury, the planet of communication is here, tied to my Moon. Together, in fine Taurean fashion, they have decided to have a little lie down. Just sit around and smell the flowers.

Now, this brings to mind my favourite Greek myth. My ‘go to’ myth whenever I need guidance or understanding, the story of Demeter and Persephone.  In Homer’s ‘Hymn to Demeter’ we start with Persephone, ‘the one with the delicate ankles’ out picking flowers in her field when Hades, god of the underworld abducts her, taking her to his underground kingdom. Usually in this myth I associate with Demeter, her mother, ‘she who glories in the harvest’. Today I recognise that when I have my Taurean ‘lie down’ in the Eighth House (ruled by Pluto/Hades) the ground shifts below me and I sink deep into the nether regions. I am Persephone, claimed by the Earth.

Mercury, the ruler of my chart also gets pulled down into the depths. And so I lose my voice. This can happen literally as in laryngitis. More often I see it play out as a symptom of introversion. Recently I have been celebrating that with the discovery of writing this blog; I have found a way to communicate with others, without the need to find words in the moment of conversation. Now I feel time’s weight as I find no inclination to post. Still,  I feel an urgency to maintain contact with the outer world, in order to honour my commitments. I have journaled extensively but found that the script is too unpicked to make any coherent sense to another. Demeter’s role is to keep the Earth fertile providing food for its inhabitants. In her grief stricken search for her missing daughter she is unable to maintain her creative role and the ground becomes barren.

The strength of Mercury in this position is the capacity for research as the mind goes deep. It follows questions to the bowels of a subject, always seeking the thread that will lead it to mine treasure, and bring to the surface a gem of polished insight. This I have been doing as well; excavating, following the vein that may lead me to Pluto’s treasure chest. There is so much pure potential down here, awaiting discovery.

In Greek Myth, Hermes/Mercury is the only God who can go into the realm of the dead and return to the surface. Cutting to the final scenes of our story, this messenger is sent from the Gods above to negotiate with Hades for Persephone’s return. My Mercury is not yet there. Maybe at the full moon there may be some light, meanwhile the First Quarter Moon in Leo will happen in the next day or two and maybe I will gain some light from this Sun.

As I lie here with laptop on knees I look out over our field which climbs a hill. I can see the trees growing on the horizon. I realise I am far below them. My environment echoes my musings. Here I am, comfortable in my repose below the roots; seeking under~ standing.

This post reflects my personal journey because of the unique position of my Taurus Moon and Mercury in my chart. It may or may not have resonances for you. In a Taurus Moon we can see where we have slowed to rest. What seeds are you tending that were born in the last cycle? What are you valuing? What is important to you that you do not want to lose? How are you claiming your value in the world around you? This is where you identify what is yours and how much your talents are worth. There is treasure where your Taurus is found, waiting for you to utilise it.




Image: I have not been able to find the artist for this image. The link I offer here is of a beautiful site with art and writings associated with the subject of myth and Persephone


10 responses

    • Perianne~~ You follow my Blog at CelestialReadings.wordpress.com. I gather, from a few of your posts, that you may have a Libra Asc., 9th house Gemini Sun? Your Taurus Moon, is an exalted Moon, very grounding, Very interesting! The Taurus Moon in evident in your writing. Quite Nice. Is your Mercury in Taurus or Aries? Just Curious…~ Blessings of Light! ~ Leah Zegouros

  1. Wonderful….I indeed have some resonance with this as in the part where you speak of losing your voice…this happened to me several times over the previous days. Laringitus here and there…I found the humor and stated outloud-‘ok fine, then I will type…’ (smiles)

  2. So lovely your description of the 8th house Toro Moon and the depths of feeling Mercury dives to to find answers from within. Lovely post Perianne and I see now why your posts read so penetratingly insightful yet calm. Love the root connections, mine are presently under scrutiny as well…

  3. I so love the picture it reminds me of where the planets have me currently, bending, tending, searching for the gems I need to continue on my journey. Once again you have laid out so much of the patterns I feel that glistens and beckon me to continue forward as the path unfolds before me. Interested in the next moments as I find the ground firmly beneath my tread.

  4. Ahh….this morning I have created the time to read through your blogs here on Mon Ami…..I love the way you follow the thread of your life through the different astrological cycles, as it does help me to put my life in more of a perspective….like I can say, “Oh, so that’s what’s been going on. Astrology is a wonderful tool to frame your experiences with.
    I have just returned from California, and have my essence “More will be revealed”, and will start to take it today, to see what is revealed!
    I, like you have been enjoying some downtime, just languishing in a vacation, spending time with people that I love, relishing in too much food, staying in bed as late as possible, and basically practicing for retirement!!!!
    I am wondering what is most important for me to bring to the table for New Beginnings.

    • Linda, thank you for catching up with my posts. It is always wonderful to be read by you. I am looking forward to what your essence reveals and where your New Beginnings take you.

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