Taurus New Moon- Delighting Times

Today, the Moon and the Sun come together in Taurus for the  next chapter of our story. The Aries seed has begun sprouting. Towards the end of the Aries cycle I found myself exploring more and more energy work. I was on fire with the potential of higher vibrations and the thrill of where they could take me. I found myself exploring the promise of new territories in opening up our human potential.

Whilst pioneering this joyous energy I found I was continually being called back to earth to deal with the mechanics of my environment, which didn’t seem to be coping as well with the increasing energy. I mean this literally. My watch stopped, no it hasn’t, yes it has. Not the battery, it needs a mechanical overhaul. I have lost all sense of time. My car, supposedly all fixed, seems to be having trouble recharging the battery and so regularly needs a jump start. Fridge fan going crazy. Water pump thumping and spurting. Electricity pulsing. Computer cords powering up only sometimes. Blender… internet connection….showers…Too many things to take seriously. I keep needing to go outside to ground myself and ramp up my energy to maintain my equilibrium.

I have had the pleasure of meeting lots of cheery Aries or Mars in Virgo types; men that fix things! I am in awe of their clear rational explanation of how things work as they proceed to make them better. However I have had to resort to a more esoteric explanation of why things… don’t work, do, don’t work …all at once. Speedy Mercury has returned to Fiery Aries and has been moving closer to Electric Uranus whilst forming a tense aspect (inconjunct) with direct Mars, taking deliberate steps forward in Fix It Virgo. As I am developing my own ability to have more and more energy vibrating through me, the mechanics of my world seem to be dealing with the same challenges. Lots of recharging required.

How does all this relate to our Taurus New Moon? Today we start on a new journey. Taurus feels the need to slow down. It knows all those Aries energies may be wasted; spurted out on barren ground. Taurus will ensure they remain fertilised. She desires to ground, maintain and make certain nothing is lost. Taurus is not interested in always focussing forward, she wishes to engage the present moment. She knows that craziness lies in forever rushing  without stopping to smell the roses, lie on the grass and fully indulge the senses. Taurus asks us to take some time out, assess where we are, celebrate all that we have and ensure that what was planted is growing. Everything has its own energy and its own will to fulfil it’s potential. Time to take pleasure in letting things be.

Aries was the time for activations. Taurus is the time for allowing what was born to become.  Everything has been born for a reason and has worth and value in the scheme of things. They need to find a home in our body and in our life.

I find myself wanting to explore energy in more concrete forms. I feel drawn to play with crystals and essential oils. I want to enjoy flowers and the beauty of nature. Colour. Birdsong.  It is time for massages and some sweet loving. Naps. Time to re-acquaint myself with delicious food and drink. To breathe and sigh…ahhh…mmm. Yum.

I am creating beautiful music with the earth, here now!




Image: This illustration “Satellite” by David Burk illustrates the straddling of energy beautifully.


11 responses

  1. Once again oh wonderous Miss of the Stars, much to think about, relate to, and allow all of me to understand, feel and find my way with a better understanding of the pulls, pushes, and prods from the Universe. Fascinating 😉

  2. Hi !
    I was just thinking of you ! Used mars squ mars to pull 4 waist high garbage bins full of weeds for the start of my garden. I am * covered* in mud … Actually contmplated a free mud spa with some Illinois dirt . HA
    Then I thought of your toro moon and wondered if you garden. Then laughed because the seasons are different for you of course. : )
    Just wondering … ? I have all sorts of tomatoes, a few peppers.
    Have a great day Perianne

    • Thank you for your thoughts, they are much appreciated.
      I have felt buried in the Earth in other ways this cycle triggered by the Full Moon and entry into the underworld. Nothing overtly too dramatic but I have a great sense of the inner earth and all that may dwell there. Venus retrograde will prove very interesting because her first traverse over this ground has been very potent for me. I relate very well to your mud spa and if it wasn’t so cold I would love to indulge in such antics.
      My Toro Moon does indeed love gardens. I wouldn’t call myself a gardener as I am too lazy to be consistent and my Gemini Sun keeps me well occupied with cerebral pursuits. I do, however, have the good fortune of always having a beautiful garden. In my current location I am surrounded by an old rambling garden full of towering trees now full of Autumn colour, roses and green pastures. It is set on the banks of a mighty river and has the simplicity and beauty of the country scenes in the Waite-Rider tarot deck. My Moon is well content. 😀

      • Sounds lovely with trees and a river…I live near water too, just love it ! Moon in 4 and biggie Neptuner do well here and in a ‘7’ house, so very spiritual intellectually for me too. Was thinking also as Venus is Rx I will likely migrate to my basement to escape the heat, so I will be going to the underworld too…
        Be well my friend 🙂

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