Aries at the Starting Gate

“Feel appreciation for what is and eagerness for what is coming”

Abraham Hicks

 We are here jammed between two beginnings. The Sun has moved into Aries and the Moon is still in Pisces but about to start its cycle again.  A start and still a little finish.

The New Moon tomorrow is in Aries energy. This energy is full on with the co-joined Sun and Moon situated midway between Mercury retrograde and Uranus, they are all at the beginning of the zodiac and there is a sense of  anticipation at the starting line. I am feeling the power building in the muscles waiting for the gunshot to signal our blast off at full speed. This is good tension.

Anyone who knows me has reluctantly come to realise that I don’t do speed. As Glenn Ford, a movie star from the Golden Era said, “I have only two speeds and the other is slower.” So for me it is important to find some calm in the midst. My intention is to find ways to maintain balance and keep myself in the race when I find anxiety or overwhelm coming in. I am feeling the excitement of new things and want to play fully in this empowering energy. I have been developing a list of things that help me regain my equilibrium. I suggest we all keep our tools for peaceful restoration in our consciousness and apply liberally if we feel we are moving out of balance. Know the difference between driving at speed with full command of your vehicle and losing control and being thrown.

Just now, my writing has been interrupted by a lady doing a survey from the Bureau of Statistics. She was asking questions related to the  personal safety of women with emphasis on physical, mental or sexual abuse. This is the most extensive nationwide survey that has ever been tackled and marks a subject appropriate to the Aries- Libra polarity. Libra is the opposite sign to Aries, like picking up one end of a stick, the opposite end must be present as well. The opposites that these signs represent are male and female, war and peace. An examination of violence in relationships is an appropriate manifestation of the Aries energy. The interviewer was very excited that this was the first time such a comprehensive survey was being tackled. She hoped it indicates the beginning of a radical change in society. This shows the presence of Uranus in this new beginning, providing a visionary change at a collective level. Mercury retrograde represents that collection of past information to give a starting point for future transformation.

Today I noted the quote that begins this post. It seems to me to be a perfect attitude with which to approach this Aries time which will  speed life up.  Aries represents what is born in this moment and quickly races forward in a quest to experience the adventure of creating a powerful future. Life in the physical starts in Aries with full confidence in its powers of manifestation. Aries rules the head and sees no difficulty in identifying what it wants and then pursuing it fully. It has become impatient with the gestational time in Pisces and is ready to explode forth fully formed. Still strong in its consciousness is the sense that all is possible. It embarks courageously towards manifestation of its desires in this solid realm. There is a constant coming back to the present, only to quickly assess the terrain then rush forward on the heroic quest.

My task now is to adventure forward towards the dreams I have been incubating over Pisces. My desire is to recognise that anxiety and impatience are only side effects of excited  enthusiasm for the future. I know I have the powers of the universe behind me and can rush ahead to territory other aspects of myself would consider foolish.

The Sun has already entered Aries and the Moon will join it tomorrow in a forward thrust which I believe will mark the beginning of an extraordinary year. So pull yourself together, hold on to your hats, we are off on the ride of a lifetime.


I would love to hear any stories of your own experiences or ambitions.


Image: “Young girl winning chariot race, engraving from red-figure Greek vase”…


6 responses

  1. Once again, a superb analysis! The pause between the Vernal Equinox and the New Moon (and it does seem to be a pause) seems to be our final window to clearly visualize our dreams before we plunge into action!

  2. I have been quietly percolating, ideas thoughts and feeling. The last two years have been about regaining my health, moving to my new home, adopting a dog and doing planting as I was able. This spring the feeling is excitement of seeing each of the plants I have nurtured bring their energy above ground again. This year I feel more like a natural spring bubbling along with the knowledge that the spring rains will come and make my spring more a waterfall. There are so many places to put my energy and awareness- internally I feel the push to move, to dance, to sing, to do. Wisdom tells me to choose were my movements wisely, to not exhaust myself. I have made my home base, now is the time to meet the other folk that inhabit this region. And blog of course which is also new.

    • I love the sureness as you move forward knowing all that you have reaped and all that you have sown. I am looking forward to following where your spring flows out into your environment nourishing all around.

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