As the Earth Revolves Around the Sun

Tomorrow the Sun enters Aries and restarts the journey around the Zodiac. In my last post I suggested you look back over the year and see what ideas may have bloomed for you as the months elapsed. I have been doing this for myself and my review is the subject of this post.

I started in the present. What do I feel I have achieved? This is  easy as the intention this Moon cycle was to get my WordPress site up and here I am writing a post on this very blog.

By going back a year, we are looking at the Sun’s journey to this point. Does where you are now have anything to do with your Sun sign? My Sun sign is Gemini and  I am excited to see how this spiral has furthered my writing. Writing is associated with Gemini.

The Sun in our chart represents a heart’s desire. We are not born fully equipped with our zodiac sign’s qualities necessarily but an intention to explore the areas represented by the quality of our Sun sign. A sign carries much more than one quality or expression. There are many other ways of expressing Gemini but over this year my writing has been in focus.

I can look back over a lifetime which has faithfully led me to realising this particular aspect of Self.

As a child I wrote naturally and happily. In my teens this writing was formalised in chronicles that tracked my emerging independence. As I took on adult responsibility these journals were forever a refuge of my private yearning. I always felt I was a writer but never had a subject I felt worthy of sharing with others.

Later my notebooks developed some purpose as I wanted to keep a record of how the planets in the sky reflected my own experience or vice versa.  As I became interested in flower essences, my scribblings continued as a research tool documenting case studies of clients and myself.

After reading Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’ I took on the discipline of  ‘Morning Pages’, three pages of random writing a day. My spiral notebooks and fountain pen were my treasures as I  watched the words pour out and my bookshelves fill up.

I tried computer journalling but it wasn’t the same. That is until Christmas 2011, when my beloved gave me a macbook. This wondrous tool was no larger than my diaries and with a 10 hour battery just as portable. My time became split between my notebooks and my mac.

This leads us to the Pisces Sun period a year ago and the transition into our review year. My pages for the Pisces period of 2011 are full of joy and appreciation for the magnificent life I was living. I was aware that a period of my life had ended as my daughter entered college. Up to this point we had been home educating (another expression of Gemini). My longing now was to participate more fully in my world. I was aware that I was full and wanted to share more of myself.

As the Sun started its new journey through the signs, I was surprised to be drawn to an on-line journal, Per Se. It looked just like a moleskin diary. The pages turn like a book. I could experiment with different fonts. Best of all I could add images and articles off the net. I could track the news and other things that were not easy to copy so comprehensively in my paper journals. I could add audio and video. My last paper entry was at the end of Aries 2011 as the old was replaced with the new.  Funnily enough as I stored my last journal, it took the last space in my bookcase. An era had ended.

I was totally hooked on this new resource and spent much of the Taurus and Gemini months playing with its new multi-dimensionality. Through my journal notes in May the desire to be a writer was being whispered in the pages.

It dawned on me that it was just a step to taking my writings on line and I came up with a name, Astrology Mon Ami. Cancer saw things get bogged down as I tried to  get a site and faltered over the technical details. I was not yet ready to create this new home. My domain name was registered though.

I committed to a thousand words a day clarifying my ideas, learning to remain steady despite other commitments . Through Leo my creativity expanded and in Virgo I wrote through illness, travel and taking on more employment to get us through lean times. These are the crisis times and yet I still nurtured my love and expanded my ability.

In Libra my commitment became a knowing and contented waiting. I had become merged with my becoming. It changed how I interacted with the world. I was self assured, happy, radiant, confident. People responded to me differently and me to them.

In Scorpio the transformation was complete, the universe stepped in and I got an invite to the Boundless Living Challenge, a ning site that was being revived after a hiatus. What joy, I could  post my blogs in a safe community of the most generous and beautiful people. Not only was I able to have a space to write but miraculously I had the most fantastic audience to read and encourage me. My writing was published in Sagittarius. You cannot imagine how heart opening this experience has been for me. I added images. Through Capricorn I grew in confidence. In Aquarius I was celebrating my belonging to a new global community.

Finally in a pause between challenges I have reached this Pisces Moon Cycle and jumped out completely into the public sphere launching my blog, Astrology Mon Ami.

Now I feel that writing has become my profession. I maintain both blogs and enjoy participating in both communities. I love to read and comment on other peoples work and I love to write my own. I feel so fortunate. I love my life.

This has been the Sun’s passage through my year. When I look back at my tentative beginnings, wondering how I was going to expand into the world, I would never have dreamt of such perfect fulfilment.

How exciting to have another year before me now, where will it take us?

 Image: Louis XIV dans Lully’s Le Ballet de la Nuit 1653 

12 responses

  1. OOh another whole day behind you, so wonderfully ahead of me in Australia. You have given me food for thought in the next 24 hours to re-visit the last year and its 12 signs. As usual you have amazed, delighted and inspired me to more!

  2. I am awed by 1,000 words a day-a goal not yet mine. I feel like I am shedding a cacoon and being able to show my true self and moving past the fear of “speaking” aloud and here online. My scorpio sun is ‘reborn” (in the non-religious way.) My daughter graduated college 2 years ago- the time for me has arrived- I started this blog (first of it’s kind for me) just 2 wks ago. I look forward to your astological musing as the days go by here in 2012.

    • Do not be awed, most of it is stream of consciousness drivel whilst waiting for the muse. Rest assured there will not be too many posts this long. I found it difficult to encapsulate my year in less. You have done in 2 weeks what has taken me all year. Scorpio Suns have the ability to move mountains.

  3. I love your writing and reading of the journey of your writing as well. I keep saying lyrical, but it is true, the words tumble out like smooth, well-worn river pebbles, each plinking and clanking it’s own ploink on the way down. It is so comforting to read. I am amazed by how 2 Libra ruled Mercury people vibe so differently while communicating through the written word. I am savoring your archived posts like shortbread wafers… :O)

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