Cycles Drawing to a Close

We are now in the Dark Moon. This is the time we start to review where we have been over this cycle. Whatever came in with the New Moon has climaxed and is fast losing its energy. We may have achieved what we desired and are now ready to allow it to bubble along at this level for awhile. We may have pushed it as far as we can and need to leave it awhile to allow new inspiration to come in. We begin to feel a certain loss of traction for the focus we have had and are ready for the next phase.

My friend, Holly, gave a perfect description of this. Nothing feels right today. Nothing fits! It is true this dying Moon cycle doesn’t fit any longer. We are in a period of shedding our old skin, so we can expand with the new spiral.

We have been in Pisces and have been viewing the period as a time where we have been pregnant with a dream. Now we are restless to move on, make something happen. Paddling around in the collective unconscious is growing old.  We want to be birthing, holding the baby now. Tired of dreaming, we are rested and want to wake up.

And so these next few days that will take us through to the Vernal Equinox will be a time of completing this phase of our journey. There is a certain amount of letting go and creating space for the new to come through. We become aware of other aspects of our life that need focus, or of new things calling for our attention. The moon doesn’t rise until the wee hours of the morning and so our nights are dark. We have little access to light that can guide us. We have to wait sensing form being created in the darkness. And yet that sky with the moon absent is full of stars speaking their wonder and their magic. So many new shiny things calling us forth into a new cycle of manifestation.

Use this time to finish things up. Make sure that the things you want to take into the next cycle have processes that can be automatically followed when your attention gets taken up with the busyness of the new. Release whatever you don’t want to lug into the future.

This is not only the closing of a moon cycle; the sun is also completing her journey around the zodiac. Look back on what you started at the end of March 2011. What seed was planted and how have you nurtured and integrated it into your life.  What was birthed then, has become a chapter of your life that you will never lose. It has become a part of you.

Most of all take time out, rest, relax, free float.  Don’t  push anything that doesn’t happen naturally. There lies anxiety. Allow the starry night to whisper it’s new magic and inspirations will come to you. As your desires bubble up and seem as distant as those pricks of light in the sky, send them out and let the universe collect their dust to form a new gift for you.

Image: “Starry Night” Vincent Van Gough

I have always loved this image and as I tried to find something to illustrate my post I was reminded of it. Then I found this wonderful video that so illustrates my final words. Yay!!!



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  1. All of this brings such understanding to today and the fluctuations I felt in my finding and then releasing many interesting feelings, that had extraordinary memories. Thank you for the confirmation of the steps I have been taking to let go of the old and carefully arrange the pieces on my next stepping stone.

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