Virgo Full Moon: Preparing for Pisces Potential

The period of the Virgo Full Moon has now past and my intention is to review what happened for me and to encourage you to ponder on how this energy is reflected in your ongoing story.

I often find Full Moons very hectic and this was no exception. Most of the busyness was mundane, full of everyday management issues.  I had work shifts serving in a local hotel cafe. It was a Labour Day long weekend and so very busy as many tourists were having their last holiday before the autumn/fall settles into wintry cold.  I enjoyed the big influx as I discovered how competent I have become in this new field of employment.

Virgo rules skill development, mundane work, labour, service, routine, competence.

The Full Moon fell on my Pisces partner’s birthday and was the first time in a couple of decades that I was taken away from him on his birthday. This was a perfect opportunity for a birthday season. I was unsure what to get him that was personal for his birthday. He had already purchased the main gifts he wanted. I ventured on a shopping expedition handing the finding of the perfect gift to the universe. I was immediately lead to a perfect pair of brown suede shoes. He has been desiring brown shoes for a long time but been unable to find the right pair. We had a wonderful pre-birthday celebration dinner at a new restaurant-bar. We also attracted free drinks something that has become a synchronistic regular on his birthday. In between my work shifts we have had lovely celebrations as a family and the birthday was joyous despite the separation.

Pisces rules allowing the universe to lead, shoes, separation, alcohol and in my case love for my partner as it falls on my house of partnership.

What started at the New Moon was ‘Astrology Mon Ami.’ Everyday I do something towards this, writing, planning, learning about managing a site. At the Full Moon I have listened to a few tutorials and seminars learning more about how to manage blogs. I find a large world opening up. I am excited about the potential and motivated to do the step by step actions and processes that will over time lead to a unique and magnetic presence in this virtual world. What was seeded at the New Moon is now starting to reveal its potential. I feel heavily pregnant with possibility, eager to greet my new creation. I am inspired by a huge vision that I sense but cannot as yet articulate. This is my Pisces potential and my Virgo discernment will allow me to acquire what is needed for successful delivery.

This reminds me of a dream I had on the night of the Full Moon. I was taken in the night to an unremarkable shack on the seashore. Once inside though, I was shocked to find a huge cathedral-like architecture space with all the luxury appointments one could desire. There were many people that welcomed me that were professionals in  their fields. I felt huge reassurance that I was going to be supported on my quest and felt great gratitude, wonder and love.

This Virgo/Pisces Full Moon is the last of the old zodiac cycle. When we reach the Aries New Moon, a new cycle will be birthed that will take us through the year and into the next. There are 11 days left of this transitional time. Nurture what you feel growing inside and let go of what no longer serves you. This period combined with other astrological indicators happening at this time will be the most introspective period of the year. Outward action may feel frustrated, so recognise it as a gift of time to better prepare for the coming arrival.

Image: ‘Super Moon Over Port Phillip Bay’ photographed by Lester Hunt. This wonderful photo was taken at last years Virgo Full Moon. I love how the moon is being fished out of the Pisces ocean.

5 responses

  1. I so love your post, and this fitted so well with the energy I have been feeling and noticing. Very much like acknowledgement from the Universe that I am so becoming in tune with the all of me. Love your ability to find such perfect pictures to match your post!

  2. The blog you have started is elegant, and you have a great opportunity to manifest the poetry of the energy of the birth of this blog. Please do stop by and visit from time to time!

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