Bursting Forth

Last cycle I published my blog in a period of relative quiet. The world in Pisces was turned  inward as it attuned to the messages of the collective and waited for the birth of the new.

It was wonderful for me to create this space as a womb for my re-entry into the world. Now the baby has been born and the cycle resumes, life starts again.

In a past cycle I had my daughter in a local birthing centre, a water birth.  As I went through the 17 hours of labour, I felt solid and grounded. Outside a huge storm was raging and the trees were bent over in wild winds as if echoing my every contraction. I was oblivious to the Earth’s echo of my process; in the calm centre of the storm all was quiet. Finally, I emerged out of my Pisces pool and as I stood on land, my daughter was born. In our open arms she screamed her victory cry.

We returned home the next day, the storm had passed and the landscape was altered. Trees were down and a local shop was burnt out. We came to our house and the big metal gate had been torn off its hinges and blown down the road. Our daughter was now born and our world had changed; we had expanded and were now exposed to a new life.

I was amazed how we were initiated into a world I had never seen. Neighbours we had hardly acknowledged, paraded in over the ensuing days with presents, welcoming; knowing far more than us about the continuous marathon of child rearing we were embarking on. Food was left on our doorstep to see us through.

And so it is with Aries. The birthing of Self or any creation takes an initial passage through the unknown, the transition from nothing to the all consuming effort of nurture and growth. You re-enter the normal world that you know and then some.

This is why Aries is associated with courage and the heroic quest. Aries just knows it needs to begin. It is driven to move from the comfort of the womb by a desire, an impulse, a knowing that without its movement all life will cease, there will be no incarnation and no creation. Aries doesn’t know of the terrain he will have to pass through or what that creation will cost. He just knows that it is important to embark on the journey because the future of the kingdom rests with him.

As the Moon and Sun move on, my own established life has recommenced along with the fresh beginning. I have had constant dealings with many new people and an expansion of my work. The people I am meeting are young and full of energy, mustering the courage and hope for the journey before them.

As the expedition begins the Collective rearranges to accommodate our quest and to realise our dream of fully becoming.  There is also another cry we hear from the dying past.  The fear of the furies pull at the coat tails trying to hold the hero in check. They know the knight’s success means the death of the old comfort even though it has already grown too tight. The old and established may be maintained as their final days are near but there is no sure survival for the young in that stagnant pond. The “one per cent” of the old order know the hero’s quest will alter all they have established. In one final fling, they throw up all the boogeyman stories that have kept the gates of the kingdom safely closed. When the hero closes his ears to their messages, they heap abuse as he pulls away. The old king is hoping our questing knight will become the outcast that will perish on dangerous ground rather than the saviour of the collective. However, there is always help available when assistance is required, his tentative steps to survive outside the womb will lead to success.

A seed grows, nourished in the soil formed from the decay of the old. Now, full of invincible energy, nothing can hold the fresh growth back.

Over the period since the New Moon what impulse have you been feeling? What is your birthing story? How have you felt the urge to move on with your quest? Where have you felt the raging of the furies? Remember in Aries, the fears are the ephemera that evaporate as you continue forward.

Image: I have found this delightful image for Aries that has been widely used on the internet but I have been unable to find the artist’s information. If anyone know who the creator is, I would love to credit them here.

Aries at the Starting Gate

“Feel appreciation for what is and eagerness for what is coming”

Abraham Hicks

 We are here jammed between two beginnings. The Sun has moved into Aries and the Moon is still in Pisces but about to start its cycle again.  A start and still a little finish.

The New Moon tomorrow is in Aries energy. This energy is full on with the co-joined Sun and Moon situated midway between Mercury retrograde and Uranus, they are all at the beginning of the zodiac and there is a sense of  anticipation at the starting line. I am feeling the power building in the muscles waiting for the gunshot to signal our blast off at full speed. This is good tension.

Anyone who knows me has reluctantly come to realise that I don’t do speed. As Glenn Ford, a movie star from the Golden Era said, “I have only two speeds and the other is slower.” So for me it is important to find some calm in the midst. My intention is to find ways to maintain balance and keep myself in the race when I find anxiety or overwhelm coming in. I am feeling the excitement of new things and want to play fully in this empowering energy. I have been developing a list of things that help me regain my equilibrium. I suggest we all keep our tools for peaceful restoration in our consciousness and apply liberally if we feel we are moving out of balance. Know the difference between driving at speed with full command of your vehicle and losing control and being thrown.

Just now, my writing has been interrupted by a lady doing a survey from the Bureau of Statistics. She was asking questions related to the  personal safety of women with emphasis on physical, mental or sexual abuse. This is the most extensive nationwide survey that has ever been tackled and marks a subject appropriate to the Aries- Libra polarity. Libra is the opposite sign to Aries, like picking up one end of a stick, the opposite end must be present as well. The opposites that these signs represent are male and female, war and peace. An examination of violence in relationships is an appropriate manifestation of the Aries energy. The interviewer was very excited that this was the first time such a comprehensive survey was being tackled. She hoped it indicates the beginning of a radical change in society. This shows the presence of Uranus in this new beginning, providing a visionary change at a collective level. Mercury retrograde represents that collection of past information to give a starting point for future transformation.

Today I noted the quote that begins this post. It seems to me to be a perfect attitude with which to approach this Aries time which will  speed life up.  Aries represents what is born in this moment and quickly races forward in a quest to experience the adventure of creating a powerful future. Life in the physical starts in Aries with full confidence in its powers of manifestation. Aries rules the head and sees no difficulty in identifying what it wants and then pursuing it fully. It has become impatient with the gestational time in Pisces and is ready to explode forth fully formed. Still strong in its consciousness is the sense that all is possible. It embarks courageously towards manifestation of its desires in this solid realm. There is a constant coming back to the present, only to quickly assess the terrain then rush forward on the heroic quest.

My task now is to adventure forward towards the dreams I have been incubating over Pisces. My desire is to recognise that anxiety and impatience are only side effects of excited  enthusiasm for the future. I know I have the powers of the universe behind me and can rush ahead to territory other aspects of myself would consider foolish.

The Sun has already entered Aries and the Moon will join it tomorrow in a forward thrust which I believe will mark the beginning of an extraordinary year. So pull yourself together, hold on to your hats, we are off on the ride of a lifetime.


I would love to hear any stories of your own experiences or ambitions.


Image: “Young girl winning chariot race, engraving from red-figure Greek vase”  www.amnh.org…


As the Earth Revolves Around the Sun

Tomorrow the Sun enters Aries and restarts the journey around the Zodiac. In my last post I suggested you look back over the year and see what ideas may have bloomed for you as the months elapsed. I have been doing this for myself and my review is the subject of this post.

I started in the present. What do I feel I have achieved? This is  easy as the intention this Moon cycle was to get my WordPress site up and here I am writing a post on this very blog.

By going back a year, we are looking at the Sun’s journey to this point. Does where you are now have anything to do with your Sun sign? My Sun sign is Gemini and  I am excited to see how this spiral has furthered my writing. Writing is associated with Gemini.

The Sun in our chart represents a heart’s desire. We are not born fully equipped with our zodiac sign’s qualities necessarily but an intention to explore the areas represented by the quality of our Sun sign. A sign carries much more than one quality or expression. There are many other ways of expressing Gemini but over this year my writing has been in focus.

I can look back over a lifetime which has faithfully led me to realising this particular aspect of Self.

As a child I wrote naturally and happily. In my teens this writing was formalised in chronicles that tracked my emerging independence. As I took on adult responsibility these journals were forever a refuge of my private yearning. I always felt I was a writer but never had a subject I felt worthy of sharing with others.

Later my notebooks developed some purpose as I wanted to keep a record of how the planets in the sky reflected my own experience or vice versa.  As I became interested in flower essences, my scribblings continued as a research tool documenting case studies of clients and myself.

After reading Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’ I took on the discipline of  ‘Morning Pages’, three pages of random writing a day. My spiral notebooks and fountain pen were my treasures as I  watched the words pour out and my bookshelves fill up.

I tried computer journalling but it wasn’t the same. That is until Christmas 2011, when my beloved gave me a macbook. This wondrous tool was no larger than my diaries and with a 10 hour battery just as portable. My time became split between my notebooks and my mac.

This leads us to the Pisces Sun period a year ago and the transition into our review year. My pages for the Pisces period of 2011 are full of joy and appreciation for the magnificent life I was living. I was aware that a period of my life had ended as my daughter entered college. Up to this point we had been home educating (another expression of Gemini). My longing now was to participate more fully in my world. I was aware that I was full and wanted to share more of myself.

As the Sun started its new journey through the signs, I was surprised to be drawn to an on-line journal, Per Se. It looked just like a moleskin diary. The pages turn like a book. I could experiment with different fonts. Best of all I could add images and articles off the net. I could track the news and other things that were not easy to copy so comprehensively in my paper journals. I could add audio and video. My last paper entry was at the end of Aries 2011 as the old was replaced with the new.  Funnily enough as I stored my last journal, it took the last space in my bookcase. An era had ended.

I was totally hooked on this new resource and spent much of the Taurus and Gemini months playing with its new multi-dimensionality. Through my journal notes in May the desire to be a writer was being whispered in the pages.

It dawned on me that it was just a step to taking my writings on line and I came up with a name, Astrology Mon Ami. Cancer saw things get bogged down as I tried to  get a WordPress.org site and faltered over the technical details. I was not yet ready to create this new home. My domain name was registered though.

I committed to a thousand words a day clarifying my ideas, learning to remain steady despite other commitments . Through Leo my creativity expanded and in Virgo I wrote through illness, travel and taking on more employment to get us through lean times. These are the crisis times and yet I still nurtured my love and expanded my ability.

In Libra my commitment became a knowing and contented waiting. I had become merged with my becoming. It changed how I interacted with the world. I was self assured, happy, radiant, confident. People responded to me differently and me to them.

In Scorpio the transformation was complete, the universe stepped in and I got an invite to the Boundless Living Challenge, a ning site that was being revived after a hiatus. What joy, I could  post my blogs in a safe community of the most generous and beautiful people. Not only was I able to have a space to write but miraculously I had the most fantastic audience to read and encourage me. My writing was published in Sagittarius. You cannot imagine how heart opening this experience has been for me. I added images. Through Capricorn I grew in confidence. In Aquarius I was celebrating my belonging to a new global community.

Finally in a pause between challenges I have reached this Pisces Moon Cycle and jumped out completely into the public sphere launching my blog, Astrology Mon Ami.

Now I feel that writing has become my profession. I maintain both blogs and enjoy participating in both communities. I love to read and comment on other peoples work and I love to write my own. I feel so fortunate. I love my life.

This has been the Sun’s passage through my year. When I look back at my tentative beginnings, wondering how I was going to expand into the world, I would never have dreamt of such perfect fulfilment.

How exciting to have another year before me now, where will it take us?

 Image: Louis XIV dans Lully’s Le Ballet de la Nuit 1653 

Cycles Drawing to a Close

We are now in the Dark Moon. This is the time we start to review where we have been over this cycle. Whatever came in with the New Moon has climaxed and is fast losing its energy. We may have achieved what we desired and are now ready to allow it to bubble along at this level for awhile. We may have pushed it as far as we can and need to leave it awhile to allow new inspiration to come in. We begin to feel a certain loss of traction for the focus we have had and are ready for the next phase.

My friend, Holly, gave a perfect description of this. Nothing feels right today. Nothing fits! It is true this dying Moon cycle doesn’t fit any longer. We are in a period of shedding our old skin, so we can expand with the new spiral.

We have been in Pisces and have been viewing the period as a time where we have been pregnant with a dream. Now we are restless to move on, make something happen. Paddling around in the collective unconscious is growing old.  We want to be birthing, holding the baby now. Tired of dreaming, we are rested and want to wake up.

And so these next few days that will take us through to the Vernal Equinox will be a time of completing this phase of our journey. There is a certain amount of letting go and creating space for the new to come through. We become aware of other aspects of our life that need focus, or of new things calling for our attention. The moon doesn’t rise until the wee hours of the morning and so our nights are dark. We have little access to light that can guide us. We have to wait sensing form being created in the darkness. And yet that sky with the moon absent is full of stars speaking their wonder and their magic. So many new shiny things calling us forth into a new cycle of manifestation.

Use this time to finish things up. Make sure that the things you want to take into the next cycle have processes that can be automatically followed when your attention gets taken up with the busyness of the new. Release whatever you don’t want to lug into the future.

This is not only the closing of a moon cycle; the sun is also completing her journey around the zodiac. Look back on what you started at the end of March 2011. What seed was planted and how have you nurtured and integrated it into your life.  What was birthed then, has become a chapter of your life that you will never lose. It has become a part of you.

Most of all take time out, rest, relax, free float.  Don’t  push anything that doesn’t happen naturally. There lies anxiety. Allow the starry night to whisper it’s new magic and inspirations will come to you. As your desires bubble up and seem as distant as those pricks of light in the sky, send them out and let the universe collect their dust to form a new gift for you.

Image: “Starry Night” Vincent Van Gough

I have always loved this image and as I tried to find something to illustrate my post I was reminded of it. Then I found this wonderful video that so illustrates my final words. Yay!!!



Virgo Full Moon: Preparing for Pisces Potential

The period of the Virgo Full Moon has now past and my intention is to review what happened for me and to encourage you to ponder on how this energy is reflected in your ongoing story.

I often find Full Moons very hectic and this was no exception. Most of the busyness was mundane, full of everyday management issues.  I had work shifts serving in a local hotel cafe. It was a Labour Day long weekend and so very busy as many tourists were having their last holiday before the autumn/fall settles into wintry cold.  I enjoyed the big influx as I discovered how competent I have become in this new field of employment.

Virgo rules skill development, mundane work, labour, service, routine, competence.

The Full Moon fell on my Pisces partner’s birthday and was the first time in a couple of decades that I was taken away from him on his birthday. This was a perfect opportunity for a birthday season. I was unsure what to get him that was personal for his birthday. He had already purchased the main gifts he wanted. I ventured on a shopping expedition handing the finding of the perfect gift to the universe. I was immediately lead to a perfect pair of brown suede shoes. He has been desiring brown shoes for a long time but been unable to find the right pair. We had a wonderful pre-birthday celebration dinner at a new restaurant-bar. We also attracted free drinks something that has become a synchronistic regular on his birthday. In between my work shifts we have had lovely celebrations as a family and the birthday was joyous despite the separation.

Pisces rules allowing the universe to lead, shoes, separation, alcohol and in my case love for my partner as it falls on my house of partnership.

What started at the New Moon was ‘Astrology Mon Ami.’ Everyday I do something towards this, writing, planning, learning about managing a site. At the Full Moon I have listened to a few tutorials and seminars learning more about how to manage blogs. I find a large world opening up. I am excited about the potential and motivated to do the step by step actions and processes that will over time lead to a unique and magnetic presence in this virtual world. What was seeded at the New Moon is now starting to reveal its potential. I feel heavily pregnant with possibility, eager to greet my new creation. I am inspired by a huge vision that I sense but cannot as yet articulate. This is my Pisces potential and my Virgo discernment will allow me to acquire what is needed for successful delivery.

This reminds me of a dream I had on the night of the Full Moon. I was taken in the night to an unremarkable shack on the seashore. Once inside though, I was shocked to find a huge cathedral-like architecture space with all the luxury appointments one could desire. There were many people that welcomed me that were professionals in  their fields. I felt huge reassurance that I was going to be supported on my quest and felt great gratitude, wonder and love.

This Virgo/Pisces Full Moon is the last of the old zodiac cycle. When we reach the Aries New Moon, a new cycle will be birthed that will take us through the year and into the next. There are 11 days left of this transitional time. Nurture what you feel growing inside and let go of what no longer serves you. This period combined with other astrological indicators happening at this time will be the most introspective period of the year. Outward action may feel frustrated, so recognise it as a gift of time to better prepare for the coming arrival.

Image: ‘Super Moon Over Port Phillip Bay’ photographed by Lester Hunt. This wonderful photo was taken at last years Virgo Full Moon. I love how the moon is being fished out of the Pisces ocean.

Midwife to the Full Moon

This is a short post for those following their Pisces Moon Cycle. We are nearing the Virgo Full Moon. The Sun is still in Pisces and is day by day, step by step building the dream we conceived at that time. Meanwhile, the Moon has moved through the Zodiac signs and now reaches Virgo, the opposite sign to Pisces.  Pisces is the womb of the gestating dream emerging out of the unconscious. Virgo is the midwife that will help bring the dream into manifestation.

Virgo seeks to create order out of the chaos of the Pisces unconscious.  Each sign has its opposite that is the other end of the stick. Where Pisces is the unconscious, Virgo is conscious. Where Pisces is aware we are all connected, Virgo discerns the discrete detail. While Pisces is everything, Virgo is contained. It is Virgo’s role to take the dream and make it a practical reality. Virgo serves the dream by taking care of its needs so it will survive in our everyday existence.

We are now in the energy of the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon and you may wish to reflect on what you felt was bubbling up at the New Moon. See what ideas you want to contain and nurse into your everyday reality. What routines are you setting up? Are there systems that you are rearranging to accommodate this new desire? How are you preparing for the birth of this dream? What new skills do you wish to develop in order to support it? As we observe our journey we will hear the whispers that answer these questions.

Virgo has a reputation for being critical when in reality it is trying to create the safest environment to birth the delicate and vulnerable. At this Full Moon it is worth being aware of that inner critic without succumbing to despair at the enormity of the task.

Virgo is witnesses the nebulousness of the Pisces domain. She knows the power of a small shift that  allows a whole new reality to manifest as the story unfolds. She is the facilitator of discrete moments that deliver you the outcome you desire. When you look back  you can see how seemingly random actions provide perfect steps to the present. The Full Moon is the time to answer the prompting that calls you take up a new skill, clear out a space, integrate a new habit or set up a daily schedule. You are now preparing the nursery for the birth of your dream.


Image:  ‘Scheherazade’ Brigid Marlin 
Today I was lucky enough to discover the beautiful work of artist, Brigid Marlin. The image perfectly displays the Virgo energy bringing the Pisces creativity into the world we are familiar with. Scheherazade told stories that delighted a King, saved a sister and live on in the imaginations of generation after generation.
See more of Brigid’s work  http://www.brigidmarlin.com/index.html

Incubating a Dream

We are now a few days away from the Full Moon of our Pisces New Moon Cycle and it is timely to reflect on some of my experience this cycle. As appropriate for the amorphousness of Piscean energy, experience is  too strong a word. What transpires is internal and the surface provides little hint of what is happening under the water. In reflecting on your Pisces cycle you are looking for deep unarticulated resonances. 

At the New Moon I had a dream. Dreams at this time are always great indicators of the cycle and as Pisces also rules dreams it is a double banger. In my dream I was totally focussed on dealing with what was before me – writing and my blog. There was a level of anxiety as there seemed too many details so I just focussed on my writing. Then, like in a movie the dream panned back from above and the scene around me slowly came into focus. I was sitting comfortably on a huge deck with space all around me. As the perspective continued to expand I was able to see I was a small dot on this huge ship that was slowly but surely carrying me forward. 

I felt a flood of reassurance and safety. I knew that as I focussed on what I loved there was no need for anxiety as much greater forces were moving me in the same direction. I needed only to enjoy my play. I was a particle doing my perfect work as the whole moved effortlessly forward. If I made a mess of things it would not matter to the ship. This is a huge relief to one who always feels responsible. Big breath.

Astrology Mon Ami was born at this time and has been the main focus of my thoughts and energies. It has been an intention for a long time to start a blog and I felt I no longer wished to procrastinate.  With a delightful flourish of focussed energy like the girl on the ship I threw the site together and published. 

It felt magical and that was reflected in my experience with the possum. Things happened around me and although beyond my normal scope they were handled effortlessly. This was an adventure and I was in the flow. This has been so exciting for me. I am very grateful to you who have read my posts.

Pisces is a time of gestation. It is hidden and in the womb. A strange time to launch something. The possum is a perfect symbol of what I have done. She is a marsupial and as such gives birth to a tiny fetus-like offspring which instinctively climbs up the mother’s belly and enters the dark safety of the pouch where it is further nourished and grown. Come to think of it, the mother possum is like the ship carrying the fragile life safely forward. Pisces  contains everything and is the incubator of our dreams, allowing them to grow in an environment that ensures they are safe till ready. You may like to reflect what dream you are nourishing till it is ready to stand alone.

It has been 10 days since I have embarked on this creation. As the camera has panned back I have been exploring the environment that I have entered. I have been defining the space. First, I concentrated on getting some material in the form of posts. Ideas flooded my consciousness and then I had to make some sense of what my mission is with the site. Practical considerations like how many posts, how often. Maybe once a week, maybe two. 

My view expanded as my first post was completed, ideas and desires tumbled in and the reality of manifestation in time became apparent. This medium is huge. Patience! Allow the moments to unfurl, allow my everything to reveal with perfect timing. I have claimed a New Moon to start and this journey will go through each sign with its unique offerings before it returns to Pisces in a year and be ready for another spiral. So many adventures ahead.

The Full Moon is approaching and we can see it revealed in the greater light of consciousness. The Sun has maintained its steady journey through Pisces like the ship gliding through the deep  waters of this oceanic sign. The Moon meanwhile moves rapidly through the signs seeding the creation with the feelings that it will meet again and again as it flows through the cycle of birth to maturity and beyond. 

As the Moon has grown from invisibility to lighting up the night landscape, I have started to explore the world of blogs. I claimed a space in this virtual reality as effortlessly as becoming pregnant can be and now I realise I am a part of a world that is as unfamiliar to me as parenthood was when I held my baby in my arms. I must say I am excited. The world I have encountered as an idle consumer looks quite different through the eyes of this mother who wants her baby to become a magnificent expression of her potential.


Image: The Dream Ship

“Within the New Moon’s Silver Boat on Slumber Sea”
From an Irish Lullaby by Alfred Perceval Graves
Painting by Robert Lawson. Designer magazine, March 1921