Perpetual Flux

One of my personal values is that we are all perfectly unique and constantly shaping a distinctive life through our individual journey. We can create what we desire through our own perceptions and if we allow ourselves to follow our bliss uninhibited, what we create may be beyond our wildest dreams. I see astrology as one of the languages we have to describe the qualities that are constantly available to us.

We have learnt that we are in a universe made up of loads of space and  constant pulsating vibration, always changing, always moving. Despite this we live in physical bodies with a range of senses. The main five senses we all accept as normal allows us to perceive ourselves and our environment as solid and definitive. Using these senses we have created a world we can generally agree upon and accept as reality. Although science tells us we live in a cosmic soup, we are less comfortable having an experience outside of our physical senses. We may believe we are defined by our shared physical reality but we have no difficulty accepting our unique individual talents that allow us to express our perceptions in valuable and different ways.

We may know that dogs can hear things that we can’t, snakes see thermal mass and bats use sonar to guide them. Elephants can communicate over immense distance through vibrations relayed via the earth and detected through their feet.

Astrology is one communication system that allows some of us to view the mass of energies in a different way to our senses. Instead of perceiving the environment as colour, line, shape, sound or mass. It describes different qualities of experience. An astrologer may be perceived as reading the stars. I am thinking that an astrologer is particularly sensitive to cycles of changing energy. They are particularly interested in the idea of gestation, birth, development, maturation, completion, decay, death, transition, review and perpetual rebirth into a new cycle. Each cycle unique and yet still following the same principles. An acorn grows into an oak, a sperm becomes a baby, an idea becomes an ipod, a theory becomes a worldview, a perception becomes a religion, a bang becomes a universe.

An astrologer develops the sensitivity to read the energy of the moment underlying the cycle and transfers this to the object of study. An artist doesn’t paint a picture with one colour as there is a whole spectrum  to choose from and each shade chosen influences and affects the others used in the composition. Overall we end up with one thing, a painting and yet that painting uses a myriad of elements from colour, texture, form, perspective, etc to create a unique and singular vision. An astrologer doesn’t describe just one quality at a particular point in the cycle. They know that there is an unlimited number of cycles and qualities being experienced by an individual at any point in time. Like an artist they select and choose from infinite possibilities a description that may communicate or reveal to the audience something that is meaningful at that moment. Like a flickering image on the screen this perception is ephemeral forever dissolving into the next image. An artist may steal a moment and freeze it on the canvas and so an astrologer may do the same in describing a point in time.

So why use planets? I don’t know. Maybe because they describe an isolated system with many parts that performs predictably. Maybe they are remote enough that we cannot influence them and thereby only observe. Sort of like a control is used in scientific experiments. We can observe a whole system of cycles interacting with one another but not pollute the outcome with our interference.

I started this blog with the intention of describing Pisces and instead have wandered off into the bigger picture of what astrology may be. As a mere mortal in a moment of time I have wandered into the ocean of the infinite and unknowable. This is what Pisces is. We are physical beings with five senses but look closer and everything dissolves into vibration and we can no longer discern what is real. Pisces is everything. It is formless and full of infinite potential. It is where we source the possibility of all creation. The rest of the zodiac signs deal with the journey of birth, growing, constant transformation till once again all dissolves back into Pisces, nothing and everything.

I have happened to start this blog when Pisces energy is strong. It is a time when  form dissipates into the unknown and gestation is hidden in the womb. Maybe it will give me access to the creative unconscious. One thing is for certain the journey begins before the form is known and these posts will unfold in their own way.


Image: ‘Europa Dawn’ by Robert A. Weingart (undertow)

2 responses

  1. What a wonderful description of several things that as of lately I have put on my list to know more about. I like the sense of an astrologer describing a point in time by their sensitivity to reading the energy of the moment. Thank you for enlightening me on that and the reminder of that all flows back into the every thing that is Pisces!

    • LOL, it is a very Piscean view of an astrologer’s approach. It would be interesting to see how it would be described under the influence of another sign. I am pleased to be the conduit to contributing information on your list. : )

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