Mon Ami

I am naturally an optimist. Strangely, I have  spent much of my life toning this quality down or apologising for it. Somehow I had taken on the idea that being optimistic made me a lightweight. I was somehow deficient in feeling. As if with all the suffering and serious problems in the world I should be feeling depressed. I guess this logic is like the idea that we should finish the food on our plate as there are starving people in ‘Biafra’ … (insert the country that applies to your generation). Biafra doesn’t even exist any more. I am pretty sure that has nothing to do with  whether I ate my veggies, though.

Now this is a case in point. I cannot get worried about being an optimist for too long because something captures my curiosity, like Biafra and I am on to a whole different subject.

Astrology like all other subjects has many different schools, viewpoints and sub-disciplines. The most exciting and influential of my time has been the Psychological School of Astrology. This has been powerful in bringing astrology to the individual and the influences they encounter in their upbringing and their environment.

Psychological Astrology has allowed people to really get in touch with their own story and their individuality. It has been able to describe and evoke profound feelings. I love that this makes the individual the centre of their world. It has the ability to zero right into a problem or the issues the person has. This can be liberating by providing a great ‘aha’ at the right time.

Yet as skilled as it is in probing the depths, I couldn’t help feeling there develops a bloodlust;  like when we become mesmerised  passing an accident or revelling in the cathartic emotion of a violent movie.  I felt the effect at times was like picking the scab off a healing wound; too much focus on the past story leaves one feeling defeated and caught up in a cycle of victimhood. I hate that deflated feeling when you feel empowered to take off in some magical direction and someone points out …No, you are not ready.  You have to prepare yourself in blah, blah way.

I like to start from the point of view that we are magnificent creative creatures allowing our lives to unfold in the perfect way for us. My desire is to engage with that journey as a wondrous adventure and to understand that our past brought us perfectly to where we are now. This flawless NOW will take us to places we have barely conceived of desiring.

This blog intends to be an experiment in marrying astrology with our heroic journey and an optimistic outlook.  From this perspective all feelings or experiences, whether positive or negative are perfect for the present moment. I plan to consider astrological energy as providing one of the clues available as our story unfolds.  I expect to draw on the great thought we have available in areas like Law of Attraction, Personal Development, Vibrational Energy and others. Astrology is one symbolic language that illustrates a quality or concept at play. There are many others like tarot, myth, fairy tales, tribal totems and the abundance of  nature. I hope to use all of these as they present their perfect wisdom for the moment.

‘Mon ami’ is French for my friend and that is what astrology has been for me. I want to share my love for my friend by drawing on my own experiences. I am keen to offer observations of where energies are manifested in the world around us. Most of all I would like to illustrate how by trusting in our own journey and allowing its unfolding we can create the life of our dreams.


Image: ‘Dali at the Age of Six When He  Thought He was a Girl Lifting the Skin Off the Water to See the Dog Sleeping in the Shade of the Sea’ Salvador Dali 1950 Presently resides in a Privately Collection, Paris, France

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  1. Perianne, thank you. I sense you are in such a beautiful flow, having made the decision to stand in your essence and share. Your truth is shining bright, lighting up our worlds, and is a thing of beauty.

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