The Flowering

It is fortuitous that I start my blog at the verge of a New Moon. This New Moon is in boundless Pisces and conjunct the modern ruler of this sign, Neptune. Neptune has only just started its 13 year journey through its natural home, Pisces.  And so it seems an appropriate moment for me to emerge from my introspective space and enter the nebulous realm of the world wide web.

My first engagement with astrology was when I was ten years old. Its appeal was instant and we became fast friends. This lifelong companion has accompanied me through all the different phases of my life. It has provided a lens through which I have viewed my journey and shared insights with family, friends and clients.

Alongside astrology has been a longing to write. Many decades of private journalling have filled a variety of notebook systems. Only recently have I set aside the sensual experience of watching words flow from my fountain pen and found a home for my pages in a book-like journal on my computer;  a step I knew would finally lead to posting on-line. Over the past year I have taken the steps required to arrive at this moment in time when I take my musings and present them to others in this public sphere.

I intend to share my insights and stories as they reflect the energies that I experience on my adventure through time.  I love observing what I attract into my life and how it reflects where I am and where the energies of the collective may be. Like a hologram I see each part reflects the whole and vice versa. A book read, a bird seen, a fairy tale, a flower blooming and chance events; all adding to the tapestry of life experienced through the dream catcher of the astrological cycle.

Before each New Moon I have various processes that I will  share with you from time to time. These tend to indicate what the theme of this m(o)onth may be.

One of these processes is to randomly pick a Flower Essence mix. For this coming Pisces Moon Cycle the flower, Fawn Lily, will accompany me. In perfect synchronicity the Fawn Lily allows the  delicate introverted self to become involved with the world in order to disseminate her unique gift with others.

As the planets align in Pisces, as ethereal as a sign can be, a flower offers a vessel for safe passage into the world.

Image Credit: ‘All is Spirit and Part of Me’ illustrated by Harry Clarke 1920

6 responses

  1. Fantastic, you have me now desiring and going to find the pertinant information of when each new moon is due. I love the colors, the words, the description and the information. Marvelously done!

  2. Thank you, Cat!
    Yay!!! I am no longer a virgin. I have my first comment 😀
    Working with the Moon energy is fun and tracking each cycle really allows you to see your life unfold, in spirals rather than in a straight line.

  3. I am delighted to “see” you here in public, and excited to get to know more about astrology. I have dabbled myself, but have LOTS more to learn. I have come to know my own chart, and deciphering it has assisted me on my path….making it easier to love myself as I realize what challenges I set up for myself this time around!
    I used to make flower essences, but haven’t done that in ages….although I love the idea of having a cycle in which to track the ‘whispers’ with a very particular focus and intention. What a great idea! Me thinks I’m going to give that a whirl myself….now to find the essences.
    How appropriate that you are working with Fawn Lily… about synchronicity….here you are disseminating your gift with the public here, knowing that you are an introvert to boot. LOVE IT, could it get any more perfect? Now I can’t wait to see what I will choose.
    This blog is the beginning of something mysteriously magical! More will be revealed (that’s the name of an essence Marcie and I made together) I’m going to get some of the mother essence when I’m back in ‘CA!

    • I love that you have made up your own essences and would like to hear about “More Will Be Revealed” When I lived in Melbourne I worked with a group of practitioners to run “The Flower Gathering” out of my home. We would get together and share stories of the experiences we have collected on each essence. Then we would write up a definition on each one. We usually worked with essences that had little known about them. It was a very special time for us all.
      Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog.

  4. I find myself frequently mentally disorganized and marvel at people who are able to keep track of even the simplest things like associating a flower with a current new moon. I feel accomplished when the full moon doesn’t catch me by surprise. I love your flowering and look forward to reading more.

    • Observing the New Moon has become a chosen ritual over decades and so has become part of my natural process. Funny I perceive you to be incredibly organised to accomplish all you do in life. Thank you for reading my blog, Robin.

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