Perpetual Flux

One of my personal values is that we are all perfectly unique and constantly shaping a distinctive life through our individual journey. We can create what we desire through our own perceptions and if we allow ourselves to follow our bliss uninhibited, what we create may be beyond our wildest dreams. I see astrology as one of the languages we have to describe the qualities that are constantly available to us.

We have learnt that we are in a universe made up of loads of space and  constant pulsating vibration, always changing, always moving. Despite this we live in physical bodies with a range of senses. The main five senses we all accept as normal allows us to perceive ourselves and our environment as solid and definitive. Using these senses we have created a world we can generally agree upon and accept as reality. Although science tells us we live in a cosmic soup, we are less comfortable having an experience outside of our physical senses. We may believe we are defined by our shared physical reality but we have no difficulty accepting our unique individual talents that allow us to express our perceptions in valuable and different ways.

We may know that dogs can hear things that we can’t, snakes see thermal mass and bats use sonar to guide them. Elephants can communicate over immense distance through vibrations relayed via the earth and detected through their feet.

Astrology is one communication system that allows some of us to view the mass of energies in a different way to our senses. Instead of perceiving the environment as colour, line, shape, sound or mass. It describes different qualities of experience. An astrologer may be perceived as reading the stars. I am thinking that an astrologer is particularly sensitive to cycles of changing energy. They are particularly interested in the idea of gestation, birth, development, maturation, completion, decay, death, transition, review and perpetual rebirth into a new cycle. Each cycle unique and yet still following the same principles. An acorn grows into an oak, a sperm becomes a baby, an idea becomes an ipod, a theory becomes a worldview, a perception becomes a religion, a bang becomes a universe.

An astrologer develops the sensitivity to read the energy of the moment underlying the cycle and transfers this to the object of study. An artist doesn’t paint a picture with one colour as there is a whole spectrum  to choose from and each shade chosen influences and affects the others used in the composition. Overall we end up with one thing, a painting and yet that painting uses a myriad of elements from colour, texture, form, perspective, etc to create a unique and singular vision. An astrologer doesn’t describe just one quality at a particular point in the cycle. They know that there is an unlimited number of cycles and qualities being experienced by an individual at any point in time. Like an artist they select and choose from infinite possibilities a description that may communicate or reveal to the audience something that is meaningful at that moment. Like a flickering image on the screen this perception is ephemeral forever dissolving into the next image. An artist may steal a moment and freeze it on the canvas and so an astrologer may do the same in describing a point in time.

So why use planets? I don’t know. Maybe because they describe an isolated system with many parts that performs predictably. Maybe they are remote enough that we cannot influence them and thereby only observe. Sort of like a control is used in scientific experiments. We can observe a whole system of cycles interacting with one another but not pollute the outcome with our interference.

I started this blog with the intention of describing Pisces and instead have wandered off into the bigger picture of what astrology may be. As a mere mortal in a moment of time I have wandered into the ocean of the infinite and unknowable. This is what Pisces is. We are physical beings with five senses but look closer and everything dissolves into vibration and we can no longer discern what is real. Pisces is everything. It is formless and full of infinite potential. It is where we source the possibility of all creation. The rest of the zodiac signs deal with the journey of birth, growing, constant transformation till once again all dissolves back into Pisces, nothing and everything.

I have happened to start this blog when Pisces energy is strong. It is a time when  form dissipates into the unknown and gestation is hidden in the womb. Maybe it will give me access to the creative unconscious. One thing is for certain the journey begins before the form is known and these posts will unfold in their own way.


Image: ‘Europa Dawn’ by Robert A. Weingart (undertow)

Mon Ami

I am naturally an optimist. Strangely, I have  spent much of my life toning this quality down or apologising for it. Somehow I had taken on the idea that being optimistic made me a lightweight. I was somehow deficient in feeling. As if with all the suffering and serious problems in the world I should be feeling depressed. I guess this logic is like the idea that we should finish the food on our plate as there are starving people in ‘Biafra’ … (insert the country that applies to your generation). Biafra doesn’t even exist any more. I am pretty sure that has nothing to do with  whether I ate my veggies, though.

Now this is a case in point. I cannot get worried about being an optimist for too long because something captures my curiosity, like Biafra and I am on to a whole different subject.

Astrology like all other subjects has many different schools, viewpoints and sub-disciplines. The most exciting and influential of my time has been the Psychological School of Astrology. This has been powerful in bringing astrology to the individual and the influences they encounter in their upbringing and their environment.

Psychological Astrology has allowed people to really get in touch with their own story and their individuality. It has been able to describe and evoke profound feelings. I love that this makes the individual the centre of their world. It has the ability to zero right into a problem or the issues the person has. This can be liberating by providing a great ‘aha’ at the right time.

Yet as skilled as it is in probing the depths, I couldn’t help feeling there develops a bloodlust;  like when we become mesmerised  passing an accident or revelling in the cathartic emotion of a violent movie.  I felt the effect at times was like picking the scab off a healing wound; too much focus on the past story leaves one feeling defeated and caught up in a cycle of victimhood. I hate that deflated feeling when you feel empowered to take off in some magical direction and someone points out …No, you are not ready.  You have to prepare yourself in blah, blah way.

I like to start from the point of view that we are magnificent creative creatures allowing our lives to unfold in the perfect way for us. My desire is to engage with that journey as a wondrous adventure and to understand that our past brought us perfectly to where we are now. This flawless NOW will take us to places we have barely conceived of desiring.

This blog intends to be an experiment in marrying astrology with our heroic journey and an optimistic outlook.  From this perspective all feelings or experiences, whether positive or negative are perfect for the present moment. I plan to consider astrological energy as providing one of the clues available as our story unfolds.  I expect to draw on the great thought we have available in areas like Law of Attraction, Personal Development, Vibrational Energy and others. Astrology is one symbolic language that illustrates a quality or concept at play. There are many others like tarot, myth, fairy tales, tribal totems and the abundance of  nature. I hope to use all of these as they present their perfect wisdom for the moment.

‘Mon ami’ is French for my friend and that is what astrology has been for me. I want to share my love for my friend by drawing on my own experiences. I am keen to offer observations of where energies are manifested in the world around us. Most of all I would like to illustrate how by trusting in our own journey and allowing its unfolding we can create the life of our dreams.


Image: ‘Dali at the Age of Six When He  Thought He was a Girl Lifting the Skin Off the Water to See the Dog Sleeping in the Shade of the Sea’ Salvador Dali 1950 Presently resides in a Privately Collection, Paris, France

Pisces Possum

(Previously part of a post on The Boundless Living Community)

The energies of the New Moon are ushered in and have played out in my life as illustrated in the following story.

I had a fitful night full of dream messages, not recalled.

Driving to the college bus with my daughter, we find a Ringtail Possum sitting in the middle of the road. It is upright and licking itself with no intention of moving. We find she has an open wound on her head but is otherwise unhurt. We bundle her into the car as she would have been in danger of being hit by another car or being preyed on by ravens or eagles.

As we drive to the bus, the oil light comes on. At the same time my daughter exclaims in panic that she has lost the shark tooth she wears around her neck. Her boyfriend loaned this to her as a love token. It is very precious to him and has ancestral significance. My daughter is horrified she may have lost it. She asks me to search for it.

We are overwhelmed; daughter, possum and I. The oil light turns off averting the need to stop before we get to the bus. My daughter leaves and I breathe for a moment. I know this is the beginning of a new story even without the Pisces elements of dreams, oil, tending to the suffering, holding too much in my consciousness, sea animals, loss and ancient ancestral stories.

What to do? I have a possum bleeding over my car and I am not unaware that it could panic and do damage to me as I drive. No, I believe it is calm. I figure I will return it where it was found. There is an old overgrown quarry on our property that I believe is her territory. If I can find shelter there she may be able to recover. I try to coax her out of the car but she is too much for me to handle. I leave the door open while I look for the shark’s tooth. It is not there. I realise it is findable wherever else it may be; we can search later.

The possum hasn’t left of her own accord. I try to push her out. She ends up suspended by her tail out the door. She has wrapped her tail around the lever under the seat and will not be moved. I decide she doesn’t want to return back to the wild and return her to the car.  Besides  all I can hear are the cries of predatory birds and wonder if they can sense the wounded. When I returned home she is still entrenched. I get water, rescue remedy fruit and leave them for her. I go on with my day, returning regularly. She is curled up asleep as if it was her nest. So very cute.

Evening comes and it is time to pick my daughter up. It is also time for hibernating possums to awaken. No way am I driving a car with a frisky possum. My partner and I manage to get her out and put her in an old animal shelter. I check the oil, as good as empty. I notice the brake fluid is very low. A wire disconnects which affects the car starting. The garage is 8 km away. I reconnect the line. The car starts. The oil light doesn’t come on, the brakes are okay and so I risk it. We arrive safely and easily take care of the car.

The possum is okay overnight and shows signs of eating, drinking and moving around. We decide to leave it another night till the wound is on the mend. By evening, however the possum is spritely but absolutely tormented by flies. We have nothing to deter flies. I light incense all around having some vague idea, this may repel them. It seems to work a little.

Calls to vets are unsuccessful. We find a wildlife carer who fortuitously happens to be visiting the area and arrives soon after. They are excited that we have a Ringtail as their numbers are dwindling. The incense puzzles them. I suspect they think I have been practising some arcane ritual, (cackle, cackle!!!)  They secure the possum in a cloth pouch and rock her until she settles and is peacefully asleep. She will be taken to a hermit vet that cares for wildlife. If she survives she will be returned here to be released into the wild.

As this Pisces Moon cycle goes on I will reflect and uncover how this possum story plays out in my life. My conscious intention this cycle is to nurture this blog into the world. I am sensing that as I open up to the moment more experience becomes available to me. It is all glorious, if sometimes challenging. I am going with the expansion, welcoming each moment and step by step allowing myself to co-create with ease as I follow my dreams.



Possum image:  A ringtail possum, Pseudocheirus peregrinus. Photo by Ester Beaton.

The Flowering

It is fortuitous that I start my blog at the verge of a New Moon. This New Moon is in boundless Pisces and conjunct the modern ruler of this sign, Neptune. Neptune has only just started its 13 year journey through its natural home, Pisces.  And so it seems an appropriate moment for me to emerge from my introspective space and enter the nebulous realm of the world wide web.

My first engagement with astrology was when I was ten years old. Its appeal was instant and we became fast friends. This lifelong companion has accompanied me through all the different phases of my life. It has provided a lens through which I have viewed my journey and shared insights with family, friends and clients.

Alongside astrology has been a longing to write. Many decades of private journalling have filled a variety of notebook systems. Only recently have I set aside the sensual experience of watching words flow from my fountain pen and found a home for my pages in a book-like journal on my computer;  a step I knew would finally lead to posting on-line. Over the past year I have taken the steps required to arrive at this moment in time when I take my musings and present them to others in this public sphere.

I intend to share my insights and stories as they reflect the energies that I experience on my adventure through time.  I love observing what I attract into my life and how it reflects where I am and where the energies of the collective may be. Like a hologram I see each part reflects the whole and vice versa. A book read, a bird seen, a fairy tale, a flower blooming and chance events; all adding to the tapestry of life experienced through the dream catcher of the astrological cycle.

Before each New Moon I have various processes that I will  share with you from time to time. These tend to indicate what the theme of this m(o)onth may be.

One of these processes is to randomly pick a Flower Essence mix. For this coming Pisces Moon Cycle the flower, Fawn Lily, will accompany me. In perfect synchronicity the Fawn Lily allows the  delicate introverted self to become involved with the world in order to disseminate her unique gift with others.

As the planets align in Pisces, as ethereal as a sign can be, a flower offers a vessel for safe passage into the world.

Image Credit: ‘All is Spirit and Part of Me’ illustrated by Harry Clarke 1920