Sun in Taurus & Scorpio Lunar Eclipse- Grounding the Fire

cows-india-diwali_48268_990x742In my last post at the Aries New Moon, I relished the idea that I was creating my own world. Since then I have become a stunned spectator as I witness my intention cause a slipstream where universes collide. Soon after the New Moon, Pluto turned retrograde and I seemed to be internalising the activities of my outer environment. My mind would catch hold of someone else’s drama and have me play it over and over. This is an old sign that I have been externally focussed for too long and have become entangled in things that are not my concern. This is a valuable early warning signal. It is time to ground the fire or suffer burn out. My body responds to the intensity overload with nausea and I just have to sit quietly in the murkiness waiting for the invading parasite to recognise it no longer resides on fertile turf and allow it to dissipate.

Venus moved in to Taurus and allowed a peace to return. All the fun of Aries activity needs its balance in periods of Venusian ease. I recognised how long it was since I had had a break and how I didn’t want my passion to turn sour from being overdriven. I decided to distract myself with different activities and leave my astrology and work aside. ‘A change is as good as a holiday’ proved itself accurate and time and space became more expansive as my mind was relieved by the sensuosity of my body.

I’d wake with happiness and feel gratitude that there was no need for striving. Stretch and relax.  Autumn is well established here and as cold creeps over the windowsill, I linger a little longer in the warm comfort of my lover’s body before I am called to go out and seek the white egret that has appeared on my walks. In fine Taurean style, I milk it!

The Sun follows Venus into Taurus  and the diversionary rest has worked its magic. Mercury aligns with Uranus in Aries and new ideas and possibilities stimulate me now that Pluto has released some of the grit that was jamming the works. It has been intent  on allowing redundant concepts to leave, in order to keep that which truly serves me. There is now rich compost for the ideas of Aries to gain traction and grow.  A new world is being created with new physics. My mind is being blown in radical ways and I feel I am stepping off the reservation and rebuilding my perception of what is possible. My mind is undergoing a rewrite, a full operating system overhaul.

My body , rested and refreshed is exploding with energy. The desire to implement the revolutionary ideas of Mercury/Uranus is strong. I am keen to develop habits that support the manifestation and maintenance of this cutting edge consciousness. This doesn’t sound like Taurus’ unwillingness to change but it must be remembered that once committed, the bull takes the pioneering sensibility of Aries and then starts digging the foundations to ensure they have some substance that will last for the long haul.

I stumbled upon a quote from Buckminster Fuller that captured my imagination. ‘You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change things you must build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.’  When something like this captures me I paste it in every page of my journal, in order for the thought to become a part of my daily rhythm. At first this expressed the desire of Aries but now that we are in Taurus it strikes me that it is the beast of burden that will be responsible for the building the new reality.

Aries has certainly planted seeds. I have been itching for a fresh start, a new way. I have been inexplicably excited. Mars joined the Sun in Taurus and I received a text saying another offer had been made on our property. I look up from the phone and see the white Goshawk is staring down at me from the telephone lines.  As reluctant as my Taurus Moon is to leave the wonders of its home, we know that Aries fiery inspiration is beginning to take root on the material plane. The cows and sheep in the surrounding meadows, the hawk and I know we are witnessing the old at the fulcrum point where it shape shifts into a new endeavour. This convergence in nature reassures the bull that this is a safe universe and we can solidly put our weight behind this new creation.

Today is the Scorpio Full Moon eclipse and I am fully engaged in evaluating what will be committed to the bonfire that Aries has started and what form the future phoenix my take.

Image: Cows, India by Mariajoseph Johnbasco These cows took refuge from the noise of crackers exploding during the Diwali festival. They found peace on the road.

Aries New Moon- Creating the New World

Minnie Dibdin Spooner - The Land of Counterpane - The Golden Staircase - 1906-1I wrote this about ten hours before the Aries New Moon was exact. This was several days ago. I usually wait for the experience and then report my findings and therefore left this post aside to see what else would unfurl. I should have realised that Aries, always impatient, would rush on to the next adventure, never to return. I post it now belated but intact, an ode to all that this cycle is launching.

I awoke on the morning of the  New Moon and thought, ‘It is all me! This world I am participating in is all generated by me.’ Lying in the dark as the dawn light started to recreate the world around me, I pondered my recent experiences and felt sure I had put this world together piece by piece.

Every thought I have, every little desire  generated by my wondering, wandering imagination appears throughout my day in every form. Poof! A new acquaintance appears that I am sure I have known for eons, an old friend will provide me with manifestations of my perceptions, and a found object will lead me into a fresh chapter. This is my kind of life, I am a mere child, living and unravelling a world of treasure everyday.

There are so many theories of realities out there and I like to keep across them and play with the ideas and not worry too much about what is true. I am a Gemini, a scientist exploring, a journalist reporting and happy with the plethora of phenomena that I can wonder about without the need to pin down reality into a single truth. It is fun to tackle the part of the puzzle before me and allow another bit to come randomly when it will. This is  what keeps it play.

I report my experiences, filling my journals with vignettes. The more I engage and imagine, the more I find my medium doesn’t lie in hieroglyphs on the page but manifests like magic all around me. The stories are played out through people I meet by chance and dramas find their resolution and explode into original dioramas.

Observing all these idle musings coming to pass, I realise that somehow I do create my reality and I am loving how creative I am getting. From the matrix of my mind I am populating my Earth with flora, fauna, people and treasures. I set up grooves with problems I feel I must resolve and total surprises have me racing home to report the miracles I have stumbled across today.

Where do I reside outside of the fantasy that I live within? I am not sure that I really care. I am happy here in the world of my illusion. As a child I was fascinated with Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem ‘The Land of Counterpane’. He was a sickly child and bed bound he built a world from his imagination on the quilt that kept him warm. This idea has become the way I live, redrawing my world, happy living my fantasy. I love living on this cutting edge as I allow my ideas to flow out of the ribbon of my imagination.

This year I have been playing with manifesting from my heart. Living with more love and joy, seeking a deeper intimacy that allows me to find that my centre can always get deeper and yet connect to the variety of magical creatures I meet in daily life. I am becoming tuned into this open vulnerable state and getting better at allowing myself to stay and trust in the present moment. I am recognising quicker when I have wandered off into anxiety and dis-ease. It is the mind which attempts to rush forward and see if the path ahead is safe, without realising that it alone is responsible for manifesting the possibility of failure and ruin at every turn. I reallocate the worrisome one to stand guard in case I slip into an old feeling state that forgets who is creating the delusion. In this faithful servant I have an early warning system of uneasiness before it creates serious damage. I can then wrap this runaway child in love and gentleness and find a new expression that allows us both to love the adventure of quelling the doubt. This universe is safe and perfect for us all to be who we are.

This is the new part that I am bringing in to play at the beginning of this zodiac year. The courage to trust in my perceptions, to claim my own authority, to recognise this world that I am living in is of my own creation and therefore I am the emperor here. There are no wild things that are not my wild things. The only punishing rulers who have power over me are my fears. Everything, the good, the bad and the ugly, is of my invention. Here I can discover quests and expeditions, enjoying that I sometimes forget  what I have orchestrated. I may stumble into a jungle filled with awesome beasts and appreciate the tremulous interactions with these renegade parts of my soul, as I rediscover how much fun it is to have daring adventures. My Aries Knight loves being ready, saddled up with courage to head in once more on his quest to find the holy grail.

And so as I woke on this Aries New Moon I knew I was heading out again on a journey of discovery into strange, as yet undiscovered lands of my imagination. I have a longing in my heart to establish a new kingdom where old and young are following their passions, revealing their talents and wowing me with possibilities. I have created this world and populated it with every thought and whim. With every passing revery when I have thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool?’ and ‘What if’, something has burst into being to surprise me when least expected, each individual whim has bought into being a possibility that never existed before. Now this is paradise to me. I am a tourist in my own land, learning that nothing is quite as it seems. Whatever dimension I have woken into and what pain and pleasure may befall me, I am thrilled once more to lift up my lance and rush forth into unfamiliar enchantments.

Image: Minnie Dibbin Spooner, ‘The Land of Counterpane’

Libra Full Moon – Displaying our Colours

tumblr_l991n1KEep1qda5qco1_500As I write the Sun is rising and filling the sky with a magnificent 360 degree show of lurid orange and fluffy pink. The Full Moon is the jewel in the crown, an iridescent pearl, leaving a ribbon of light on the river. A cacophony of birdsong celebrates this miracle until they cannot be contained and take flight to show off their exuberance with aerial antics. The roses are nodding happily like an appreciative audience, content that they will carry this colour throughout the waking hours for the sleepy heads that miss the celebration of daybreak.

Once again I write after the exact Full Moon whilst we still remain brewing in the energy of this celestial occurrence. The Aries Sun has been full of vigour as we race forward, impatient to honour the urge to create a world that is keen to be born through the hero’s heart. Every now and again our Aries knight pauses and notices the fair maiden, Libra. She is the perfect embodiment of his vision, contained within her are all the qualities that are worthy of the world he is creating.

Aries rededicates himself to his quest knowing he will be spurred on to mightier deeds when he remembers this Goddess who is deserving of a royal throne in the kingdom he is creating. He will build a world which reflects the qualities and creative potential that she somehow displays in present time.

Every Full Moon is a time of honouring what we are capable of and an intuition that our heroic journey is not only desirable but that our part is essential for its manifestation. It is the Libra Full Moon that shows us what we dream of is not only beautiful but possible. Aries knows that whatever can be conceived of already exists, it has only been eclipsed by the stagnancy of the old and stale. He loves that he is the one that can clear the debris, blaze the trail through the thorns and awaken a new kingdom for his Goddess to reside over.

Libra takes our breath away with her beauty. She melts us with her magnificence. She is grace and poise, intelligence, creativity and ease. What is most charming about her embodiment is her light, her iridescent and yet unconscious beauty. She appears to manifest with ease, a gentility that she offers to all around her. In her presence it is as if we all dwell in the same light-filled faerie realm where her magic is born.

My Aries heart has a vision that it is possible to follow my passion and have it provide the income that can sustain a good life for my family and myself. At this stage of my life I wish to prove this dream is possible. It is a value that I have held fast for most of my life. I believe we all have passions and talents and these are what we came here to contribute. The uniqueness of our special mix is our creative offering to a utopia where, if each person’s forte is honoured and valued, we can together create a life that exceeds what we can individually dream.

What to do when we grow up? We must do what we love and what we are drawn to play with. Where that focus doesn’t immediately appear to result in a shared usefulness, we continue to support the folly. In time it will reveal and display its perfect gift.

Have I lived this vision? Often, and with great success, but then I have also second guessed that my offerings are only worthwhile for me. That no-one else could possibly find value from my fanciful perspective. Many times I have taken other work to ‘make ends meet’ for which I have no natural aptitude and although I get a wage for average work, the money never quite seems to sustain. In fact, being divorced from my true love has caused me injury and the money earned seemed to disappear in an attempt to fill the wounds that result from a lack of fulfilment.

For sometime now I have vowed to follow my heart without concern for the consequences. This is the life I have come to live and as Aries knows it is better to fail and follow your passion than live a half-life of inactivity and idle frustration. It is remarkable how much pleasure one gets from being continually engaged with what one loves. Time and effort have no meaning as one dwells happily in an alternative reality.

This Libra Full Moon I have been busy with bookings for my services. I have had the most delightful time with the most amazing people who are finding ways to live true to themselves, whilst I live true to me. There have been tears and laughter, great loss to be grieved alongside excitement as new possibilities are magically unfolding. Most of all there is so much love for life, for others, for children, for partners and for the world we are devising together. Libra shows us that the quest we have set upon is actually possible. We catch a glimpse of what we are creating. Like a chivalrous Knight, soak your love’s handkerchief in the promise made manifest over the Full Moon and wear its colours on your breast as a reminder of why you have embarked on this journey.

Image: Walter Crane “Elves and Fairy Painters, from ‘The Snowman’ 1899

Sun into Aries – Creating New Possibilities

5615801606_bf01c7e7f2_bThere is a…’ finally we are here feeling’ to this Equinox.  We have been swimming deep in Pisces ocean for so long there is a sense of  joy at the prospect of coming up for breath and emerging into a fresh round of the Sun moving through the zodiac. I know I am excited and enthusiastic to begin a new quest; a new journey around the signs. I have been dreaming this moment since the Cancer Full Moon when the Sun was at the top of the Capricorn mountain, content after his climb; looking forward and wondering what to begin at the years’s new birth in Aries.

Aries is the point where we start to create our world. No wonder there is excitement. Here we are at the beginning of our journey and now it is up to us. We can see the path laid out before us and we have the thrilling anticipation of pulling a rabbit out of the hat.  This is the time of birthing something that has never existed before. Whoo hoo! I am all of a sudden jumping into the physical ‘here and now’ of action rather than the sleepy dreamlike space I have been in for some time. I am ready to finally step up and take care of some physical realities in order to embark on this journey of creation. It is lovely to get my hands dirty in some practical tasks. Mercury has gone direct again, Mars is happy moving forward in its natural home of Aries. The mind is clear and the will is engaged. My schedule is full of work to do. Can I pull it off?… I feel capable and psyched to try.

This is birth energy and of course with each new birth is a separation. No more cruising in a watery womb, reflecting on the cosmos. We are committed. It is the time for action that propels us forward. We have had the luxury of dreaming up what could be possible and now in Aries we have become aligned with that possibility and have the thrill of seeing it manifest as we journey around the zodiac.

This will be a daring adventure as we create what hasn’t existed before. We may embark on concrete things like a change of residence or a plan to travel, a new job or start an exercise program. It may be something quite nebulous like the opening of our heart, the birthing of an idea or a new behaviour. We are talking about having a year to create something. We have an appointment at the end of December to once again sit on our mountain and feel content viewing how far we have come. A moment to celebrate what we have achieved. Whether large or small we know that it will be an accomplishment mastered along the path of our life. We now have the opportunity to enter this process deliberately, conscious of what we would like to manifest.

In my Astrology Group we have been playing with the Ascendant since the Pisces New Moon and have been getting some interesting insights.  The Ascendant in our Natal Chart, (also known as the rising sign), is that part of our sky which is coming over the Eastern horizon  at our birth. It is the lens through which we view life and with which others see us. It is the way we approach things and therefore how we start our projects. Its energy is naturally akin to Aries, the beginning of the zodiac.

This is the point of change and in this time in our history we are wondering what change means. I recognise for the first time that the word Ascendant has the same root as ascension. Ascension according to my on-line dictionary is the process of rising to an important position or a higher level and comes from the Middle English referring to the ascent of Christ.

Each time we touch on our Ascendant energy we are undergoing a shift in dimension. According to the Law of Attraction, what we focus on and believe to be real is exactly what we create. As the Ascendant describes the world as we see it, it is setting up our playground and therefore the world as we experience it. As we approach others, so they respond to us. Our Ascendant is the starting point on the game board of life. Each time we pass go we have the opportunity to change the way we play the game.

I love that in tracking astrology we have so many new beginnings. There are new moons, new signs and birthdays. We have many planets at different stages in their cycle. When two or more planets occupy the same degree of the zodiac, they are in conjunction and are embarking on a new phase in their relationship. Whenever anything passes the Ascendant, a new cycle starts. Life is always beginning, shifting, having a makeover. These are intoxicating times when we can turn on the head of a pin and devise a whole new MO for our life.

As we shift from Pisces into Aries we are carrying our dreamtime into the physical dimension which we create as we go.  We can allow the way we perceive reality to create our environment for us and respond accordingly…. or we can shift our perception and generate a new world. The choice is ours.

Over the last year I have taken my introverted self out of my journals and shared my experiences with the world. I have been writing my blog for over a year now and my whole life has changed. I have started my astrology group. I have always been the listener, keeping private my own stories, now I relish sharing them. Where I once feared ridicule, I have now discovered the delight of being accepted by others. What a miracle!

This year I intend to maintain what I have started, finding ways to remain at ease as I am carried by my always faster flowing stream. As I have been more out in the world, I have neglected some of the mundane earthly pleasures. I am returning to practical activities and rediscovering the joys of taking care of hearth and home.  Also over the last year I have found my relationship with nature has expanded in ways I didn’t think was possible. This year I aspire to let myself pierce the secure shell of my perceptual reality and allow more experiences of otherworldly possibilities.

There is an idea that every time we make a choice, parallel universes spring up. An aspect of ourself takes the alternate routes and explores the other possibilities. On some level, perhaps in our sleeping state we commune with the myriad versions of us that are constantly expanding the multi-verses.  What an opportunity to co-create and develop constantly a more magnificent and magical realm.

Image: Pan’s Balls by The Prince of Centraxis

New Moon in Pisces – A Creation Story

Flight_to_Home_webYesterday’s Pisces New Moon introduces the last stage of pregnancy where we are heavy with the potential of the impending newborn. The heavenly maternity room is very crowded this year, the Sun and Moon are sharing their birthing stool with a retrograde Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron; all in Pisces chamber, waiting to be transmuted for another voyage round the zodiac.  This is the time of waiting. We are tuned in to the inner dimensions, wondering what the new will be. Are we ready? Have we prepared? Everything from the old annual cycle that will not survive the transition needs to be wound up and released.

Pisces has no boundaries and if we are very quiet we can feel the new life stirring within us. So far it is unseen, however, we know intimately this new life that is being conjured; we requested this  when weary of the old ways. Now there is a growing excitement and impatience to finally meet our creation in the material dimension. Each year we go through the ritual of this shift.  We disappear into Pisces’ womb, dissolving all we know to be us, in order to be resurrected  for another spiral around the zodiac.

The passage is always the same, yet different like we have entered a parallel universe. I keep getting the image and music from the film, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ where the gorilla discovers he can use a bone from a dinosaur’s skeleton to break things down. Pisces has been breaking down all that is old and redundant in us. Once the gorilla has completed his task he flings the bone away and it spirals into the sky where it becomes transformed into a space station, existing in another millennia. Each new discovery takes us irrevocably forward and we create the future.

This line up in Pisces has been building for several weeks. I have been getting insights and intuitions about what I am birthing and what I will eventually manifest. When I am alone I am having fun, ‘chilling’ and dreaming up how things could be. Enjoying reveries as I stand in the peaceful waters of the river, just being here now. Allowing… then I fall into an old mistake; I feel that in order to birth this beautiful vision I have to make something happen. I need to go out and take action to change my environment and to involve others in the change.

Hah! As if going and talking to the midwife is going to have any influence on when and who my baby is? Old beliefs come up that it is my responsibility to make the new happen. If I can get the midwife on board with my vision then the baby would appear- just as I  have seen her in my dreams. Such a sense of urgency and anxiety. Surely if I am unable to convince the midwife then my creation won’t manifest.

When we are faced with a lot of Pisces it is an automatic reaction to find a way to contain it and try and make sense of it. It is easy to crossover to the fish’s opposite sign and harness some Virgo qualities. There is a temptation to take vague ephemera and try to pin it down and turn it into discrete chunks that we can order and manage.  Virgo often suffers from feelings of inadequacy when faced with the cosmic visions of Pisces. She feels her job is critical. She must tackle the present in order to manifest the future. She gets anxious and starts to micro-manage the inevitable. Time and time again she learns that like a virgin, her job is to do nothing.

My dream is already a seed in the womb. It has its own life. I am merely the host, the container. The birth will happen all in good time. The creation will grow in its own way. I can sweat it all I like, but such activity is redundant. Now is the time to detach from what has been growing the last few months. The baby has been conceived. It now has it’s own life. The laws of nature will take its course and we need only enjoy allowing the alchemy to unfold. Pisces dreamlike state is a solitary trance and it is a joy to be present at the delivery of something that has never existed before. This is a magic time to attune to what is within.

The Moon and Mars move into Aries today. As the old drifts away we begin to get a little clarity.  We can use energy to prepare the nursery. The Sun will join Mars in eight days and that will be the point of separation from the cosmic waters we have been floating in, sometimes drowning. The next cycle will be the time of action when the new babe and its commands will be the centre of our world. Then all our energy will go to meeting its needs as it thrusts itself into the physical. Born again into activity, there will be little time then for reflection. Luckily the heroic quest of manifestation is infectious. We will be infatuated, hypnotised by love and not begrudge the demands the mewling infant makes of us.


Image: ‘Transformation’ Robin de Lavis. I recommend visiting her exquisite site to see more of her creations.


Virgo Full Moon: Containing Light

Hp7part1Most days since the Sun has entered Pisces there has been a fog lying on the river. It must be a fog of humidity because the river is warm and the days are hot. Immersing myself in that water has been sweet surrender for a tired body. It is a quiet realm, three black cygnets float nervously in the mist and my trusty heron sits sentinel on the log. Such peace and silence as my soul finds rest in this nebulous space that could carry me to Avalon. The walk home is full of birds leading me here and there, off my usual track. I am pioneering a wieldy trail of trees that I visit and pay my respects. This time before everyone is fully awake is for living between worlds. How gracious and resplendent is a life amongst the spheres!

It is the Virgo Full Moon which, at its best can be the container of this other space, pregnant until the time is right to birth the Christos light. I find myself lost in suggestions of meaning. It then emerges so crystal clear that I feel like the shell of a bell; just happy to be struck and to follow the sound as it resonates and ripples like the water when I enter it. I am reaching out to unseen worlds and holding them in the hope that they can be birthed and survive in a land of contrasts.

I have been watching all the Harry Potter movies lately. Pisces rules movies. They provide a space of magic and creativity in a dreamlike world where we can escape our daily toil. J.K. Rowling has four planets in Virgo in the 12th house including the Moon and Venus. Perfect for creating form from the fantasy of Pisces.

As a baby, Harry receives a lightning shaped scar on his forehead  inflicted by the evil Voldemort. This is reminiscent of the insight we received in Aquarius of a potential that we can nurse into being. In Pisces this promise remains gestating; unconscious in the mundane world of Virgo. The muggle world and the magic world has redemption in its midst but must rely on Harry’s dangerous journey through seven books to realise the promise of his birth. Meanwhile, he is caught between the ignorance of the muggles  and the malicious intent of the Dark Lord .

Each of us is left alone to develop the skill and consciousness that will realise our dream. We can rely on goodwill and assistance from our allies in the magical realms. They can help but are impotent in actually fulfilling the task that is our special mission.

At the Virgo Full Moon we become conscious of the undertaking before us and recognise some of the magical tools we have to assist us on our mission. Invisibility cloaks, marauder’s maps, allies and animal messengers are all useful but essentially it is up to us to develop the consciousness and wit to achieve our goals. Like Harry we are the seeker and that path remains ours alone.

But essentially we are getting ahead of ourself. We can glimpse the elation and the peace that comes from the promise of redemption whilst we contemplate the possibilities of Pisces. Often though, as we recognise the enormity of the task, we experience the contrast of our vision with the reality of the mundane world. We feel as if a dementor has consumed our joy and left us in a state of depression. This is the danger of becoming lost in the formless world of Pisces. We need to remember our Patronus, created by the positiveness within and conjure it into our days to survive the passage through Pisces with our sanity intact.

As we were approaching the Full Moon last night I participated in my annual ritual of watching the Academy Awards. This is the one time of the year that I watch TV, a look in at the muggle world. I have always loved this event as it reminds me of a childhood  sharing in my father’s joyous love of movies. Like the ‘Mirror of Erised’ in Harry Potter it transports me to a happy time. I generally am able to ignore what the reality of the awards may be, to share in the glamour of the film industry and their glorious fulfilment in having their creative projects appreciated.

Last night, however, I was able to recognise how much I have dwelt in my own magical world since last year. My original glee at the novelty of network TV and their commercials soon wore thin as I became impatient with how little appeared to have changed. The main event itself seemed to have retrograded into the 50’s. I have always had a political sensibility and yet I have become so conscious of this time being a transitioning point in the affairs of the planet that I experienced shock at the austerity of the programming fed to the masses. I felt the lacklustre fare that was offered was straight from the McCathy Era, a propaganda machine for rattling sabres of a hidden power base. I have seen this before but have also seen the courage of some within this circle to deliver a different message. I perceived this was sadly missing from yesterday’s awards.

I felt the despair of a dementor’s attack which was leading me to paranoia. That is the other energy of Pisces touched on in my last post. This is the dissolving. Tears of grief or sensitivity can come up at any time to wash away the remnants of the past. These sudden cutting moments of Virgo’s critical acuity are painful but are to be embraced. It is only by knowing what you don’t want with such clarity that we become committed to the heroic journey of change. Only then can the enchanted domain we yearn for be created. Sometimes it is good to hollow out that old shell so we can fill it with the resounding call of our Patronus. The beautiful light made manifest in the etheric will banish the dark and we receive another tool, a visionary torch that will light our way.


Image: El Patronus de Snape



Sun in Pisces: Dissolving

Fish-headYesterday the Sun moved into Pisces. I have been feeling the Pisces energy for some time as Neptune, Chiron, Mars and Mercury are already swimming through these intuitive waters. The Sun is ready to be carried down the river, floating into the timeless ocean.

In Aquarius there was a sense of being outside of the world, watching and seeing the new come together. This was a new Earth unrelated to the familiar structures that mark out the boundaries of what has been known and mastered.  The reality of the old had no hold on my attention. Remnants of the past slipped away as I  focussed on how things could be and how I trust they are, if I could just release my attachments to what has always been. Alone like the fool it is easy to occupy this transcendent realm. Happy and unconcerned whether others see what is hidden in the shimmery dominion of the faerie. I have felt cool and unattached as the universe does its rearranging, allowing it to be.

Still there were jagged vibrations and barely understood suggestions that caused an underlying anxiety. I have spoken of the unsureness of footing as I could not determine quite where the ground lay. My feet seemed so far away as I occupied celestial realms. I was Alice in her Wonderland trying to understand the new physics and my body became foreign and unreliable. Wounds festered, and what was solid seemed to dissolve. Daily there seemed to be body parts going through strange transitions. I felt as if I had committed toa distant world and my body hadn’t quite altered enough to walk in another dimension. All those planets in Pisces had pre-empted a chrysalis state and yet I was conscious as everything dissolved. Today as the Sun aligns, there is relief as I return to a feeling state. I am no longer a distant observer to my body but one with it. Calmly cocooned and feeling nurtured and cared for.

The eve of the Pisces ingress was unbearably hot. We sat outdoors, late into the night and watched the pregnant quarter moon set. Jupiter was dancing with her and as the night moved on, the Moon slowly consumed the golden planet, carrying it safely below the horizon. I was thrilled. I have never actually witnessed a conjunction in action.

Later asleep in my bed dissolving in a pool of perspiration, I was woken by a roaring noise. I felt the end had come and surely the poles were shifting, maybe a meteorite exploding overhead or at least the river had risen to wash us all away. I wished I had remained asleep, I didn’t want to be conscious during any such events.

Pisces likes to play with  illusions. Show us the anxieties that lay in the unconscious. Soon I realised the noise must have been rolling thunder as the heavens had opened and let loose a pounding fall of water. The lightning of Aquarius was greeting the deluge of Pisces as the gods changed their dominion over the planet. I am reminded of how the signs beyond Capricorn are strange fictional environments beyond the range of mere mortals. These belong to other creatures much closer to the heavens. I hopped out of bed and soaked my burning body in the rejuvenating waters that poured from the sky. Crazy with the excitement of lightning bolts, I paddled in the pond my garden had become.  I could feel the ground was grateful for replenishment after the searing heat.

As the Sun moves into Pisces, Saturn turns retrograde for the first time since it moved into Scorpio last October. It has been helping dismantle and transform the structures of life that we have always taken as solid. It has maintained our sanity right through the shift of the ages, maintaining the facade of the external environment in its familiar guise. Saturn turns retrograde, whilst we feel cocooned in our inner world and we have the opportunity to explore what is beyond its facade. We are in the year of the Snake and when the snake is ready to shed its old skin there is a period when he sees poorly, as scale caps cover his eyes. We are incubating in Pisces womb, with Saturn withdrawing its hold on the external and in a few days Mercury will turn retrograde and turn our mind inwards. All those bright possibilities we have witnessed from the mountaintop will now work themselves out in our dreams. We have committed to a new world and must slough off the old. As we shed the familiar, we remain like the Snake with tender skin. This is the time for allowing the waters to carry us gently, of gestating, and resting deeply in preparation for a new life.  When we reach the equinox, we will find ourselves birthed into a new world. Till then we need to sit with the life growing within us, allowing ourselves to be still, whilst we let angels renew and refresh us.


Image: Fish Head Illusion by Nick Kelly

New Moon in Aquarius: The Fool on the Hill

Fool On The Hill - Beatles Songbook Vol.1Now the seed is planted in the sign of Aquarius for the Moon’s next spin around the planet. The Capricorn King of the last post had sat, well grounded on the top of his mountain, with a 360 view of the Aquarius perspective. He could see it all: his story, the past he had tread, all the possible destinations he could embrace… these formed a tapestry at his feet. In a moment of well earned repose, everything was available, everything was known.

As this cycle moved into its dark moon phase the forests across our river burst in to flame. The river is two kilometres wide. We could still sit safely as we watched the past being swept away. It was dramatic, our usual silence broken by sirens and water carrying helicopters which poured liquid on the blazing earth. A new view for the king, not so clear anymore. All eyes on the sky as smoke obscured our sight.

The new age has now arrived. The King has morphed into the fool on the hill. In this new kingdom I am no longer sure of my body. Aquarius sees very far, its intuitive perception entering new realms where the body is unable to follow. I have consistently injured myself. I stubbed my toe. I fell. I got bitten and burnt. It seems I have lived in some other dimension and my sweet body is the loyal dog that keeps calling me back. All my injuries are on my left, tethering me in place lest I slip away completely.

In the wider world as if to confirm my King’s new foolish status, crippled King Richard III’s skeleton is verified as genuine through DNA testing. It had been retrieved from his final resting place underneath a car park in the English Midlands! A reminder that corrupt and evil elites do have an end.

My morning walks in nature are magical and mediative affairs; they are full of flights of fancy. I play with my compass, checking directions. I am regularly shocked to find that North, which usually points to ‘Sleeping Beauty’, now has moved to the Southwest and points to the Hartz Mountains. How could this be? I am convinced that when I commune with the outdoors at this time I have actually stepped into another world that sits across ours like a Vesica Piscis. When my mind intervenes I can swirl my compass around  in an infinity sign, again and again until it finally returns to the established coordinates of my 3D reality. I feel the choice is available to live in either realm. I can remain asleep like the princess or go with my heart. No wonder foolish me keeps losing her footing.

My Capricorn King thought he was safe watching the fires from his amphitheatre on my verandah. Next morning with fires still smouldering I did my usual walk. I found the dry summer grass around the house scattered with burnt black leaves. The long slender blades of the gums, and the fine filigree of bracken and fern; perfectly formed and so fragile that when picked up they fall apart. Treasures from the heart of the inferno flung out via the thermals to land in my space, messengers from distant dramas.

As I follow this marvellous trail of black, a vivid orange Monarch butterfly takes flight around me. When she lands and closes her wings she disappears, morphing into a grey leaf. I walk towards her and again she takes flight. This butterfly is often called the Wanderer because of her remarkable migratory patterns. They are known to take journeys of thousands of miles, laying eggs en-route ensuring several generations become involved in their odyssey.

And so we find ourself now in the next cycle with the Aquarius New Moon that took place last Saturday or Sunday. The King got a clear view of the possible journeys and a variety of timelines. He was old. A new generation will be there to fulfil the potential of the future. He tied a swag on to his staff for the Fool to carry. It is full of objects from the past that one day will be useful. He led me to the edge and whispered, ‘Go forth!’ I see the promise from my perch at the ravine. Is it possible to fly like the blackened leaves, the butterfly and the birds? To just ride the thermals to the other side. I feel unsure. We are still in Aquarius. Can’t I just stay and sort these ideas out awhile? Maybe if I polish them they will shine and like Aladdin’s lamp a genii will do the work for me. A magic carpet will appear to take me where I know I am going.

This New Moon marks the opening of the Chinese Year of the Snake. The snake speaks of new knowledge and hidden power. Already the visions seen from the mount are beginning to appear in my life. What was latent is starting to coalesce. Can’t I sit and conjure longer? No, life goes on, the King’s mature breadth of vision belongs to the past. I feel so ignorant, stumbling as I descend. My magic carpet is the snake and I slip and slide down the mountainside. The world is rearranging around me. I need time to get comfortable with the old world dissolving. Still this child that I am, knows of the promise. Soon snake and I will be ready to shed our skin and allow the fresh, new world to emerge for all to see.


Image: The Fool on the Hill, Cover of Beatle’s Songbook Volume 1

Leo Full Moon- Contact

We have been walking for a while; up hill and down dale. With the Capricorn New Moon we have just taken that last little climb to the peak of the mountain. Welcome. Sit down. This place is very comfortable. Rest your staff across your knees. At the New Moon I had the opportunity to recognise my work had value and it felt wonderfully fulfilling. It is good to take pause from the journey and see all that has been achieved on the road. My! How far we have come.

Over this time and particularly at the full moon I have met several Kings of Pentacles. These are men and women who have mastered their domain. They are confident and easy. They have no doubt about their ability and have nothing to prove. No need to boast or sell their mastery. They know what they can do and they love it. Prosperity comes naturally, they have fulfilled their promise. Life is good and they are content. Now they pause, firmly planted on their mountain throne, surveying the scenery.

What a view it is! At this height there is nothing to impede our vision. We can see 360 degrees laid out all around; where we have come and what lays before us. There are many great mountains, some with other masters viewing their realm. Before us lies kingdoms we have yet to travel; heroes climbing unknown peaks, rivers, oceans, people residing in valleys contemplating what path may best serve their talent. From here we can consider the cosmos and choose a star to follow next. Before us lies all the potential and as yet uncreated possibilities.

At this radiant Full Moon we can sit at leisure and let the Leo light allow full awareness of our true and abundant power. The eagles soar at this great height; their clarity offers glimpses of exquisite detail in the tapestry that extends in every direction.

The voyager that has laboured up this mountain over the last  year can feel secure in their achievement. It took courage, faith and perseverance to get this far. Now as we rest up in the firmament, we are participating in the dreaming. The Aboriginal people respect the Rainbow Serpent that lies before them and through participation in the dreaming they honour the laws of creation.

This last weekend at the Leo Full Moon we have engaged in a community dreaming, We are delighted in the panorama we have called up. This snake forms the rainbow bridge that links us to next year. There is no need for tarot or astrology, tell yourself the story of your weekend. This dreaming contains all the decisions, directions and guidance to follow the path of your tribe as you conjure up the heights that will become your next mastery. This weekend was the wormhole that leads to the future. Remember the movie, Contact, when Jodie Foster entered her Merkaba-shaped contraption and visited with another dimension. No-one at home base saw her leave, she bi-located into another time and space but only she knew the journey she had taken.No-one noticed she had left. Like Alice down the rabbit-hole, you also visited another place.

Now you have a crystal ball in your hand. What dreams did you have? Who did you see, contact or think about? Who thought of you? These are your travelling companions. What are the stories that played out around you? Alan used an ancient wooden ladder and climbed its apex to change the globes, bringing light into new parts of our cosmos previously dark. Susan and I excavated layers of fabric to discover a cedar hexagon table. A two dimensional Merkaba on which we created a diorama of the Mad Hatter’s tea party, whilst an unknown King told us of his passion for the mathematical language of financial management. Visitors were drawn to our creation but as in ‘Contact,’ the people with us didn’t notice the transformation that dominated the landscape. Stained glass treasure boxes arrived, worthy of a priestess of Avalon. Bec shared an abundant vision of a world that provided healthy produce for everyone and stunned us with how much she had already mastered. We farewelled the French couple that shared our lives over the last nine months, creating new Ley lines between worlds.

A crystal ball actually did arrive and I looked into it expecting to see my future.This weekend we were given sight. Look into that clear orb and see what you have created and what you are manifesting. You have a view of all that is before you. Take the prescience, see the details, play with it, polish the jewels and the path forward will be well lit. This is an opportunity to become conscious of your vision. Write it, paint it, anchor it, whatever is your way; make a touchstone. It will be capstone that will hold your new castle in place.We are going to have the most amazing year and be stunned by our creation.

Soon we will need to descend from our lofty height. We will begin pruning, ploughing, planting and tending. The work is ahead of us but at this moment we already hold the harvest in our hands. We are watching the worker ants toiling in the valley. The candle that lit the flame in your heart has become a phallus impregnating the land.

To all of those who participated in my life over the last year, those that have been sharing this Moon cycle and people who I have touched and who have touched me over the last 48 hours; you are my comrades on this journey. Thank you for being part of my life and this vista we are calling into being.

We are singing up a new world with every step, following the song we have written in our heart. Next year we will meet on that peak, way over there, feeling fulfilled and ready to take a new flight of fancy.

A stranger came in for a reading. I learnt nothing of her life. As she left she stated warmly and confidently, ‘I will see you next year.’ Something about her authority surprised me, my heart flew open and my body shivered in excitement.  Yes, my loves, I will see you next year!

Image: A Generation of Vipers’ By Lindsey Carr 

Sun into Aquarius: Shifting

800px-Jheronimus_Bosch_023Last night I dreamt that I was at Cobweb Designs, the gallery in our local village where I do consultations and help out in the shop. Of course being a dream it has metamorphosed into a different reality; I have visited this place before in nightly sojourns. It is a bigger store, more open to a cobbled street, full of people. This is a prosperous venue with a bevy of paid staff.

This transformation is not reflected in my space which in reality is a beautifully appointed room. I am directed to my clients who are twin boys with a physical disability that makes there bodies wasted, twisted and weak. They are young men probably about 18 years old and have been ushered into one of two egg shaped modules where I apparently do my readings. I look in on them and it is a stale, green felt environment, musty with mildew. Disgusted, I usher them out planning to use the other egg which evaporates and so we settle on a bed to do the tarot reading. These young men are eager even when I haven’t got my usual deck and have to struggle with large unfamiliar cards which I choose randomly. The designs are very intricate and colourful. It takes me time to translate them from my old deck and discuss the meaning. The twins have no trouble identifying them as we excitedly explore their potential. Our location constantly changes. Sometimes we are surrounded by their peers who jeer at their weirdness, sometimes we are around a campfire lost in time or amongst the trees on my property. We lose ourselves in the possible world we are creating via the mind expanding promise of the cards.

On waking I recognise that these twins, represented the Aquarian portion of my Gemini self. This is the so called higher mind: alien, genius, visionary – not quite physically grounded in our present world, connected to a different drum beat and inventing the future that in time will become manifest and accepted as normal. These are the folk that whisper to us in Elvish or deliver alien messages from their journey around the cosmos. They pour the electrified water from their urn which kickstarts us into a better world.

Since 21-12 I have felt the energy shifting from the downloads we have received over recent years to a solid grounding in the energy of the earth. I have never felt as rooted and held by the mother as I have over this last month. This has provided a grounding, a solid security of belonging and a desire to serve the planet and an  awareness that the work of Capricorn is to serve our connection to the changing earth. Now in Aquarius we are more likely to perceive the waterfall of light energy pouring over us from  the Aquarian urn, which must be located in the galactic centre.

Sometime during the Capricorn cycle I stumbled upon a Youtube clip which presented a new theory of the Earth. This has fascinated me, regularly playing over in my mind. It rejects the idea of continental drift, proposing instead that the earth is expanding. That the earth started out as a solid marble of land and as it grew the land broke apart forming the continents and the gaps filled with water that became our oceans. I must say I rather like the idea of the heavy denseness being magically filled with transparent glistening water. The solid reality becomes looser, more flexible and iridescent with shine and shimmer. Water absorbs everything, taking the form of whatever it comes in contact with. It is where life is conceived and born. It takes the imprint of light and is able to bring potential to full term. It is this light-seed that Aquarius implants in the next sign. Pisces watery womb carries the Aquarian imprint and nurtures matrixes of other dimensions and unknown futures.

Towards the end of Capricorn, Venus triggered the Uranus/Pluto square by first squaring Uranus and then joining Pluto. This has been a strange time of sudden events and intense and erratic changes of the energy. I have noticed environments being full and alive with celebration, quickly empty, as if all the air has been sucked out and the streets turn into a ghostly town. These shifts happen during the day, turning on a dime. People describe losing inspiration, feeling empty, deciding to give up. They are puzzled because they have shifted from being so connected and uplifted. Then its all gone, a mere memory.

I see Pluto is working away in his underground kingdom clearing more and more of what holds us to our known reality. It is doing the emptying like a deep vortex sucking out all that is old and decayed. Uranus is now reinforced by Aquarius filling the space with high pulsating light, still a little out of reach for the vibrational range of our senses. Together they are creating a void in our normal range of perception and yet we are birthing new senses that can still detect what is happening all around us. The egg that has contained us like in my dream has become too small and putrid – we need to break out into new visions and new surroundings.

During Capricorn I have sat with the mother amongst the Pine trees connecting to the rhythm of her heartbeat. The last few days since the Sun has moved into Aquarius I have walked on waking. A gumtree called to me, alive with flowers, bees and ants. This tree alone amongst a grove of upright companions was in full bloom. Like the twins in my dream it was different; it had twisted its natural upright shape to form an almost horizontal spiral, angling itself away from the shade of its companions and out into the light.

On the river beach I close my eyes in meditation and when I open them I feel giddy. The expanse of water in front of me reveals its underwater world in patches, the changeable surface reflects dancing light in different ways and are sometimes fully eclipsed by the misty clouds.  The sand forms many tidal patterns and pebbles flow out in different directions. So many worlds exposed all at once is disorientating. I can feel everything moving, altering, shifting. My feet are no longer on solid ground as everything re-arranges. Whilst we are inundated with the light energy of this sign we have a window into the new world. Let yourself  be immersed in possibility,  you are being seeded by the light that will create its own reality as we birth and grow throughout the year.


Image: ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ Heronimus Bosch